The Angband Ladder: Bane, Dradan Druid by UglySquirrell

  [FAangband 1.3.3 Character Dump]

 Name    : Bane            Age                    12 STR         18
 Sex     : Male            Height                 65 INT         10
 Race    : Dr�adan         Weight                185 WIS      18/40
 Class   : Druid           Social Class            9 DEX         17
                                                     CON         17
                                                     CHR         14

 Max Hit Points      272   Level                30   Max SP (Mana)        43
 Cur Hit Points      272   Experience       136101   Cur SP (Mana)        43
                           Max Exp          136101
        (Fighting)         Exp to Adv.      144000          (Shooting)
 Blows/Round           3   Gold              32657   Shots/Round         1.0
 + to Skill            1   Score             16172   + to Skill            9
 Av. Damage/Blow      34   Base AC/+ To AC  30/ 15   Deadliness (%)       39
                           Game Turn       1443520

 Fighting   :Excellent(80) Stealth    :Excellent(10) Disarming  :Good(46)
 Bows/Throw :Good(53)      Perception :Good(31)      MagicDevice:Very Good(49)
 SavingThrow:Excellent(76) Searching  :Fair(26)      Infravision:0 feet

                            (Character Background)
          You are one of several children of a adan Warrior.  You
          have glowing red eyes, plaited black hair, and bronzed skin.

  [Recent locations]

 Current Location : Nargothrond Level 32
 Previous Location: Nargothrond Level 31

  [Resistances, Powers and Bonuses]

      abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@
 Acid:......+.+....  67% Confu:.............   0%
 Elec:......+......  45% Sound:.............   0%
 Fire:..+...+.-....  59% Shard:......+......  40%
 Cold:......+......  45% Nexus:......+......  40%
 Pois:.............   0% Nethr:.............   0%
 Lght:.............   0% Chaos:.............   0%
 Dark:.............   0% Disen:...+.........  50%

      abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@
S.Dig:...+.........      M-Mas:.............
Feath:.............      Stea.:...1...2.....
PLght:.............      Sear.:.............
Regen:.............      Infra:.............
Telep:............+      Tunn.:.............
Invis:.............      Speed:.............
FrAct:......+...++.      Shots:.............
HLife:.............      Might:.............

  [Specialty Abilities]

Power Strike 

  [Stat Breakdown]

Stat Intrnl Rce Cls Oth Actual Currnt     abcdefghijkl
Str:     17   2  -2   1     18            ..1.........
Int:     11  -2  -2   3     10            ....1....2..
Wis:     16   2   3   1  18/40            ..1.........
Dex:     17  -1   1   0     17            ............
Con:     13   2   0   2     17            ......2.....
Chr:     17  -4   1   0     14            ............

  [Character Equipment]

b) a Sling (x2) (+8,+7)
     Bought from a store in Khazad m Town.

c) a Pewter Ring of Basic Resistance <+1>
     Dropped by a Black ogre in Amon dh Level 22.
     1 strength, 1 wisdom. 
     Provides resistance to fire(30%). Sustains strength. Cannot be harmed
     by fire. When aimed, it produces a blinding ball of light for 50
     light damage and 10 confusion damage.
     Takes 250 turns to recharge.
     Your chance of success is 94.1%

d) a Pewter Ring of Utility <+1 to stealth>
     Dropped by an Illusionist in Amon dh Level 28.
     1 stealth. 
     Provides resistance to disenchantment(50%). 
     Powers:  Slows your metabolism. 

e) a Chalcedony Amulet of Mental Strength <+1> {@w0!d!v!k}
     Found lying on the ground in Hithaeglir Level 14.
     1 intelligence. 
     Sustains intelligence. When activated, it identifies an item.
     Takes 31 to 60 turns to recharge.
     Your chance of success is 95.4%

f) The Lamp of Gwindor
     Found lying on the ground in Hithaeglir Level 3.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, electricity, fire, cold. When activated, it
     illuminates the surrounding area, dealing 2d15 damage to
     light-sensitive monsters.
     Takes 11 to 20 turns to recharge.
     Your chance of success is 95.8%
     Radius 3 light forever.

g) The Chain Mail (Dwarven) of the Mormegil (-2) [19,+15] <+2>
     Dropped by a Black pudding in Amon dh Level 26.
     2 constitution. 
     Provides resistance to acid(50%), electricity(45%), fire(45%),
     frost(45%), shards(40%), nexus(40%). 
     Powers:  Prevents paralysis. 

h) a Cloak of Stealth [1,-1] <+2 to stealth>
     Found in a chest from Amon dh Level 20.
     2 stealth. 

i) a Small Leather Shield (Coated) [3,+7]
     Dropped by a Black pudding in Amon dh Level 26.
     Provides resistance to acid(33%). Makes you vulnerable to fire(10%).

j) a Hard Leather Cap of Intelligence [2,-2] <+2>
     Found lying on the ground in Amon dh Level 25.
     2 intelligence. 

k) a Set of Mail Gauntlets of Free Action [2,-2]
     Dropped by a Cave ogre in Amon dh Level 23.

     Powers:  Prevents paralysis. 

l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Free Action [3,-3]
     Found lying on the ground in Amon dh Level 16.

     Powers:  Prevents paralysis. 

n) 32 Lead Shots of Electricity (2d4) (+5,+5)
     Dropped by an Ogre in Amon dh Level 22.
     Branded with lightning. 
     Av shooting dam. 34 against non lightning resistant creatures, 16
     against other monsters. 

o) 14 Lead Shots of Acid (2d4) (+4,+4)
     Dropped by a Lost soul in Hithaeglir Level 8.
     Branded with acid. 
     Av shooting dam. 33 against non acid resistant creatures, 15 against
     other monsters. 

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Stones of Nature Lore [Call of the Wild]
b) 3 Stones of Nature Lore [Communion with Nature]
c) 4 Stones of Nature Lore [Gifts of Nature]
d) a Stone of Nature Lore [Book of Combat]
     Bought from a store in Khazad m Town.

e) 9 Furry Mushrooms of Cure Paranoia
     Nourishes for around 250 turns.

f) 16 Grey Mushrooms of Cure Confusion
     Nourishes for around 250 turns.

g) 7 Metallic Purple Potions of Speed
h) 10 Red Speckled Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
     Nourishes for around 50 turns.

i) 8 Vermilion Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
     Nourishes for around 50 turns.

j) a Gold Speckled Potion of Healing
     Dropped by a Hashishin in Nargothrond Level 31.
     Nourishes for around 100 turns.

k) a Silver Speckled Potion of Restore Strength
     Dropped by a Shadow drake in Amon dh Level 30.

l) 2 Sea-blue Potions of Restore Dexterity
m) 14 Scrolls titled "de indam quer" of Phase Door
n) 8 Scrolls titled "lae ventio" of Teleportation
o) 5 Scrolls titled "tassus ex pero" of Teleport Level
p) 5 Scrolls titled "macum subso" of Recharging
q) a Scroll titled "mer hunusy" of Protection from Evil
     Dropped by an Algroth in Nargothrond Level 31.

r) a Gold Rod of Slow Monster
     Found lying on the ground in Nargothrond Level 32.

s) 2 Bronze Wands of Shrapnel (13 charges)
t) a Galvorn Ring of Basic Resistance
     Dropped by a Bat of Utumno in Nargothrond Level 31.
     Provides resistance to fire(35%), frost(35%), nexus(55%). Cannot be

u) 2 Malachite Amulets of Insight

     Powers:  Grants the ability to see invisible things. 

Bane the Dr�adan Druid

|   TURN  |      LOCATION        |LEVEL| EVENT
      2888      Khazad D�m Town    1     Gained the Power Strike specialty.
      4174      Khazad D�m Town    1     Killed The Complainer
     30913       Hithaeglir   1     5    Reached level 5
     48392       Hithaeglir   2     6    Found The Dagger 'Narthanc'
     57951       Hithaeglir   2     7    Killed Pongo the Devious
     76977       Hithaeglir   3     8    Found The Lamp of Gwindor
    126846       Hithaeglir   4    10    Reached level 10
    262797       Hithaeglir   7    15    Reached level 15
    274153       Hithaeglir   7    15    Killed Mugh�sh the Kobold Lord
    278941       Hithaeglir   7    15    Destroyed Quenish, the Skeleton
    299994       Hithaeglir   8    16    Killed Balcmeg, the Cave Orc
    307022       Hithaeglir   8    16    Killed The Ickiness
    324195       Hithaeglir   9    16    Killed Ulfast, son of Ulfang
    343436       Hithaeglir   9    17    Destroyed Robert Ruehlma, the 
   continued...                          Skeleton 
    377969       Hithaeglir  10    18    Destroyed Antoine, the Skeleton
    416506       Hithaeglir  11    18    Destroyed Quen, the Skeleton
    455891       Hithaeglir  12    19    Killed Orfax, Son of Boldor
    490994       Hithaeglir  13    20    Reached level 20
    525075       Hithaeglir  14    20    Killed Brodda, the Easterling
    581799       Hithaeglir  15    22    Killed Boldor, King of the Yeeks
    603890       Hithaeglir  15    22    Killed Lug, the Hill Orc
    675153       Amon R�dh  17    23     Killed Ulwarth, son of Ulfang
    827161       Amon R�dh  19    25     Reached level 25
    831691       Amon R�dh  19    25     Destroyed Courtney Campb, the 
   continued...                          Spirit 
    843421       Amon R�dh  20    24     Destroyed Nick, the Spirit
    877159       Amon R�dh  20    25     Destroyed Pete Mack, the Spirit
    913465       Amon R�dh  21    25     Killed Othrod, Lord of the Orcs
   1033260       Amon R�dh  23    27     Found The Filthy Rag Gurador
   1152282       Amon R�dh  25    28     Killed Orcogar, Son of Orcobal
   1193920       Amon R�dh  26    28     Destroyed Spider, the Mummy
   1220487       Amon R�dh  26    29     Found The Chain Mail (Dwarven) of 
   continued...                          the Mormegil 
   1237686       Amon R�dh  27    29     Killed Kh�m, Son of M�m
   1285914       Amon R�dh  28    29     Destroyed Bahman Rabii, the Mummy
   1321961       Amon R�dh  29    29     Killed Ibun, Son of M�m
   1350915       Amon R�dh  30    29     Killed M�m, Betrayer of Turin
   1350920       Amon R�dh  30    29     Gained the Meditation specialty.
   1390636      Nargothrond  31    30    Reached level 30
   1443520      Nargothrond  32    30    Still alive


Adult: No selling to stores                      : no  (adult_no_sell)
Adult: Never return to less danger               : yes (adult_ironman)
Adult: Start as a thrall at the gate of Angband  : no  (adult_thrall)
Adult: View and spell distances halved           : no  (adult_small_device)
Adult: Play with no wilderness                   : yes (adult_dungeon)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts            : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Generate levels with disconnected stairs  : no  (adult_no_stairs)
Adult: Monsters exploit players weaknesses       : no  (adult_ai_cheat)
Adult: Auto-scum for good levels                 : no  (adult_auto_scum)
Adult: Use smaller wilderness map                : yes (adult_compressed)
Score: Peek into object creation                 : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation                : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation                : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else                  : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info                : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death               : no  (score_live)

Posted on 6.6.2013 15:19
Last updated on 7.6.2013 05:04

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On 6.6.2013 15:34 UglySquirrell wrote:
Another try at Ironman. Chose Dr???adan for the telepathy, Druids are really fun and have great spells but don't seem to get a teleport one. So being able to pick were to fight helps a lot on preserving consumables.

I really love the magic amulets/rings in this game, they are 90% trash in Vanilla until the end, and even then only a few are useful. In this game my first amulet activated to map the dungeon, second one to identify (so helpful in ironman) and the most amazing one +3 con, charisma and casts elemental brand on my ammo :)

Rings are cool as well, instead of just boring sustain ones these have other cool abilities. I'm still not sure about the "Pewter Ring of Fickleness <+1>" Wearing this ring wil put you at the mercy of the whims and chances of fate. Not sure if this is flavor, or if something horrible might occur if i wear it :)

On 6.6.2013 17:09 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Wow. All three things make me cringe. Druid. Druadan. Ironman. That's some tough stuff, I think! But, it does sound fun. It's fun watching you play, anyway, I certainly couldn't hack it.

On 6.6.2013 21:26 UglySquirrell wrote:
Thanks Hallucinationmushroom, iv'e only really played V Ironman so its a learning experience but lots of fun. After winning a few times Ironman i feel like i'm cheating when i play normally :)

Croaker the Dervish by the way, is my very favorite Angband character. Your writing is really entertaining and descriptive. Summoning ghosts, and singing well launching Flying kicks, has been never done with so much style before :).

On 6.6.2013 21:40 HallucinationMushroom wrote:

On 6.6.2013 22:51 Nick wrote:
Fickleness will always have at least one curse (but not usually the sticky curse), and usually more than one, but often some quite nice properties too.

On 7.6.2013 00:04 UglySquirrell wrote:
Thanks, curses are interesting in this game. I must have been tired last night, the reason i posted this guy, i realized something astounding (at least for me) i made it to CLV 28 Dlv 25 without using 1 speed potion and only 3 teleportation scrolls. The only reason i managed this, is status effects actually work in this game!!

This makes everything a lot more fun and interesting, speed is still the number 1 of course but cuts its lead down a lot. Using confusion, slow and frighten to give yourself some breathing room or finish off a unique is both fun and tactically rewarding.

On 7.6.2013 01:06 clouded wrote:
I did a mage with beguiling and it was pretty fun. Later on all of the winged dragons and most uniques are still immune to sleep/confusion, but I think you can slow them sometimes (though I'm not sure it's worth the effort). I remember Krotus being especially susceptable however, I confused the hell out of him.

On 7.6.2013 05:17 UglySquirrell wrote:
Sounds like fun, i might take beguile as my 3rd specialty ( if i get that far) Or roll a mage after i manage to get this guy killed. Mages are my all around favorite class.

Managed to kill Mim, and found a really nice suit of armor with resist base, Shards and nexus. It's too heavy and i get a penalty for wearing it, but nexus resist is too hard to pass up.

Most annoying level as my first Superb feeling. It was an animal themed one and i had cleared out most of it. When i started clearing the centre part i saw an Abyss worm mass killed it and went on my way not realizing they were invisible and i only saw that one through telepathy and by chance. Needless to say by the time i realized my mistake, they had destroyed pretty much everything in the vault and i lost about a level experience trying to exterminate them before having to flee the level.

On 7.6.2013 08:56 UglySquirrell wrote:
Woops one too many rounds with a Corrosive drake, didn't save the dump properly. Had fun got to Clv 32 and Dlv 37 was slowly clearing out a corrosive dragon pit.

One thing i noticed as i was fighting higher level monsters was the very large variety of damage from my unarmed strikes. This wasn't too bad earlier, but my attacks against the dragons wouldn't take off a single star for sometimes four turns even though i'd hit, then all of the sudden would take off 3 stars or even more.

Not sure how feasible this would have been against a serious breather or especially a dangerous unique. I'm thinking playing a caster with a bit of melee is the way to win with this class. Maybe i'll give a mage or even a rogue a shot now, i remember traps were pretty fun.

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