The Angband Ladder: elliptic, Sindar Doriath no-class by elliptic

  [Sil 1.1.1-mpa Character Dump]

 Name   elliptic      Age    1,579       Str   0
 Sex    Female        Height   5'6       Dex   2
 Race   Sindar        Weight   153       Con   3
 House  Doriath                          Gra   7 =  6          +1

 Game Turn    5,808   Melee   (+1,3d5)   Melee        1 =  0  +2  -2  +1
 Exp Pool     1,271   Bows    (+3,1d8)   Archery      3 =  0  +2      +1
 Total Exp   23,271   Armor  [+1,4-10]   Evasion      1 =  0  +2  -1
 Burden        65.8                      Stealth      0 =  0  +2  -2
 Max Burden   100.0   Health     -9:34   Perception   7 =  0  +7
 Depth         750'   Voice     40:143   Will         7 =  0  +7
 Min Depth     300'                      Smithing     7 =  0  +7
 Light Radius     2                      Song        27 = 19  +7      +1

 You are the only child of a Sindar bard. You have light grey eyes,
 straight black hair, and a fair complexion.

  [Last Messages]

> You have been further poisoned.
> The Greater werewolf flees in terror!
> You miss it.
> It lets out a terrible cry.
> You are terrified!
> It bites you!
> The Emerald serpent breathes poisonous gas.
> You hear thrashing about.
> You hear a strange grunt.
> You have been badly poisoned.
> You begin a song of mastery and command.
> You are too afraid to attack it!
> You end your song.
> It breathes darkness.
> You die.




a) a Bastard Sword of Gondolin (-2,3d5) [+1] 4.0 lb
   It slays orcs and trolls.  It does extra damage when wielded
   with both hands.  
b) a Shortbow of Doriath (+0,1d8) 1.5 lb
   It slays wolves and spiders.  It can shoot arrows 12 squares
   (with your current strength).
c) (nothing)
d) a Marble Ring of Dexterity <+0>
   It increases your dexterity by 0.  It sustains your dexterity.
e) an Obsidian Amulet of Grace <+0>
   It increases your grace by 0.  It sustains your grace.  
f) a Brass Lantern (with 448 turns of light)
g) Leather Armour [-1,1d4]
h) a Cloak of Warmth [+1]
   It provides resistance to cold.  
i) (nothing)
j) a Great Helm of Clarity [-2,1d4]
   It provides resistance to confusion, stunning, and 
k) a Set of Gloves [+0,1d1]
l) a Pair of Boots [+0,1d1]
m) (nothing)
n) (nothing)


a) a Grey Herb of Rage
b) 3 Fragments of Lembas
c) a Milky White Potion of Quickness
d) an Ebony Staff of Light (6 charges)
e) an Ebony Staff of Light (2 charges)
f) a Ruby Ring of Hunger
   It increases your hunger.  
g) 3 Wooden Torches (with 2000 turns of light)
h) a Cloak [+1]
i) a Round Shield [+0,1d3]
j) a Helm [-1,1d3]
k) a Dagger (+0,1d7) 0.5 lb
   It can be thrown effectively (8 squares).  
l) a Longsword (+0,2d6) [+1] 4.5 lb
m) a Longbow of Nargothrond (+0,2d5) [-1] 3.5 lb
   It slays dragons and raukar.  It can shoot arrows 15 squares
   (with your current strength).


Song of Elbereth
Song of Mastery
Unwavering Voice


The Dagger of Azaghal 
The Dagger 'Angrist' 
The Shortsword 'Dagmor' 
The Shortsword of Galadriel 
The Longbow 'Wyrm's End' 
The Set of Gloves of Celebrimbor 


elliptic of the Sindar
Entered Angband on 30 Nov 2013

    Turn     Depth    Note

       0     50 ft    (Song of Elbereth)
     974    250 ft    Fell through a crumbling stair.
   1,076    250 ft    Encountered Gorgol, the Butcher
   1,611    200 ft    Fell through a crumbling stair.
   2,389    250 ft    Fell through a crumbling stair.
   2,937    450 ft    (Song of Mastery)
   3,008    450 ft    (Unwavering Voice)
   3,203    450 ft    (Grace)
   3,609    450 ft    Encountered Uldor, the Accursed
   3,808    450 ft    Fell through a crumbling stair.
   5,651    750 ft    Fell through a crumbling stair.
   5,743    750 ft    ugh

   5,808    750 ft    Slain by an Amethyst serpent.
   5,808    750 ft    Died on 30 November 2013.

  ['Score' 015094192]

Posted on 30.11.2013 11:47

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On 30.11.2013 11:47 elliptic wrote:
An attempt at song-only. Using Elbereth to survive to Mastery doesn't seem that bad, but I wasn't sure what to do after that... maybe getting Silence and trying to play it stealthy would have been a better try than continuing to be noisy with Elbereth/Mastery. Eventually got sandwiched between two serpents and had no hope of killing either of them even though Mastery was effective at staying alive for a while.

On 30.11.2013 14:59 Thraalbeast wrote:
Kind of fun but difficult. I did this too for a while but never even reached 750'. If you had just found Gorlim ...

On 1.12.2013 19:35 taptap wrote:
I tried something similar with song + evasion. But how you made it that far? I know that Elbereth works, but how you get past the unintelligent enemies in the low depth before you had mastery? Hugging the stairs?

On 1.12.2013 20:06 elliptic wrote:
Just running away and closing doors, mainly. Most stuff that isn't affected by Elbereth also can't open doors, so most of the time when you see something bad you can just close a door on it and explore elsewhere. Sometimes you do have to run to the stairs with stuff on your heels, of course. My first attempt was a Finarfin who died when still a bit short of Mastery, which is why I switched to Doriath to get Mastery 1000 xp cheaper... having 1 less grace is a bit annoying though.

Next time I might try song+perception... basically the same build as my crown of command song+perception+smithing win, but without the smithing. Song+melee also sounds sort of doable.

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