The Angband Ladder: DieIDGame, Noldor Fingolfin no-class by debo

  [Sil 1.2.0 Character Dump]

 Name   DieIDGame     Age    2,846       Str   3
 Sex    Male          Height    7'       Dex   4 =  3  +1
 Race   Noldor        Weight   166       Con   7 =  5  +1      +1
 House  Fingolfin                        Gra   4 =  3  +1

 Game Turn   22,743   Melee  (+24,3d6)   Melee       24 = 22  +4      -2
 Exp Pool       376          (+24,3d6)   Archery      5 =  0  +4      +1
 Total Exp   75,676   Bows    (+5,2d9)   Evasion     20 = 16  +4
 Burden       131.2   Armou [+20,5-15]   Stealth      7 =  7  +4  -4
 Max Burden   172.8                      Perception  11 =  7  +4
 Depth         950'   Health     -8:71   Will        17 = 12  +4      +1
 Min Depth       0'   Voice      41:41   Smithing     4 =  0  +4
 Light Radius     7                      Song        14 = 10  +4

 You are one of several children of an archer from the house of
 Fingolfin. You have light blue eyes, wavy black hair, and a fair

  [Last Messages]

> You leap aside as his great hammer slams into the floor.
> The ground shakes violently with the force of the blow!
> You are pummeled with debris!
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness misses you.
> You feel yourself speed up.
> You see a Shovel (-2,2d2) <+1> 6.0 lb.
> You hit Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> You hit Morgoth, Lord of Darkness!
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness hits you.
> Low hitpoint warning!
> You miss Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> You hit Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness hits you.
> You die.




a) The Greatsword of Saithnar (+0,3d5) [+1] {@w3} 7.0 lb
   It slays undead.  It cuts easily through armour.  It grants
   you the ability to see invisible creatures, but it also draws
   wraiths to your level.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
   It requires both hands to wield it properly.  
b) a Longbow of Nargothrond (+0,2d5) 3.5 lb
   It slays dragons and raukar.  It can shoot arrows 20 squares
   (with your current strength).
c) a Silver Ring of Frost
   It provides resistance to fire.  
d) a Sapphire Ring of Damage <+1>
   It improves your damage sides by 1.  
e) a Driftwood Amulet of Preservation
   It sustains your constitution and grace.  It reduces your
   need for food.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
f) a Silmaril
   It sustains your grace.  It grants you the ability to see
   invisible creatures.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
g) a Mail Corslet of Resilience [-3,2d4] <+1>
   It increases your constitution by 1.  It cannot be harmed by
   the elements.  
h) a Cloak of Warmth [+2]
   It provides resistance to cold.  
i) (nothing)
j) a Crown of Grace <+1>
   It increases your grace by 1.  It cannot be harmed by the
k) The Set of Mithril Gauntlets 'Silverhand' [+0,1d2] <+1>
   It increases your dexterity by 1.  It cannot be harmed by the
   elements.  It grants you the ability: Jeweller.  
l) a Pair of Mithril Greaves [+0,1d3]
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
m) 61 Arrows (+3)
   They can be shot 20 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) 28 Arrows (Poisoned)
   They are branded with venom.  They can be shot 20 squares
   (with your current strength and bow).


a) a Wrinkled Herb of Rage
b) 2 Fragments of Lembas
c) 4 Clear Potions of Miruvor
d) 2 Cloudy Potions of Healing
e) an Emerald Potion of True Sight
f) 3 Milky White Potions of Slow Poison
g) 2 Brown Potions of Quickness
h) 5 Vermilion Potions of Elemental Resistance
i) 4 Dark Blue Potions of Grace
j) a Beech Staff of Majesty (5 charges)
k) a Beryl Ring of Protection [+0,1d2]
l) a Brass Lantern of True Sight (with 3000 turns of light)
   It provides resistance to blindness and hallucination.  It
   grants you the ability to see invisible creatures.  
m) a Feanorian Lamp
n) a Shadow Cloak [+4] <+2>
   It improves your stealth by 2.  It creates an unnatural
o) The Kite Shield of Fingolfin (-2) [+0,1d8] <+1> {@w2}
   It increases your constitution by 1.  It provides resistance
   to fear.  It sustains your constitution.  It cannot be harmed
   by the elements.  
p) The Kite Shield of Hador (-1) [+0,1d6]
   It provides resistance to cold and fire.  It cannot be harmed
   by the elements.  
q) a Crown of Defiance [+0,1d1] <+1>
   It improves your will by 1.  It provides resistance to fear.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
r) The Longsword 'Orcrist' (+2,2d5) [+2] <+2> {@w1} 3.0 lb
   It improves your perception by 2.  It slays orcs and trolls.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
s) a Longsword of Nargothrond (+0,2d5) [+1] 2.5 lb
   It slays dragons and raukar.  
t) 4 Spears (-1,1d9) {@t2} 12.0 lb
   It can be thrown effectively (6 squares).  It does extra
   damage when wielded with both hands.  It counts as a type of
u) a Shovel (-3,2d3) <+1> 8.5 lb
   It improves your tunneling by 1.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  


DieIDGame of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 4 Jan 2014

   Turn     Depth   Note

      0     50 ft   (Lore-Keeper)
      0     50 ft   (Lore-Master)
  1,735    150 ft   nice horn of terror
  1,772    150 ft   "zomg wolves"
  3,922    250 ft   AAAAAAARGH
  4,728    300 ft   Found The Pair of Boots of Irime
  4,733    300 ft   nice
  5,177    300 ft   (Finesse)
  5,508    350 ft   wow feanorian lamp
  5,514    350 ft   (Dodging)
  5,514    350 ft   (Flanking)
  7,029    400 ft   nice stack of 5 axes from a spy
  7,088    400 ft   enchanted forge :(
  7,471    400 ft   Fell into a chasm
  7,557    500 ft   (Inner Light)
  7,818    500 ft   othrod?
  7,819    500 ft   Encountered Othrod, the Orc Lord
  7,819    500 ft   haha
  7,828    500 ft   fuck he fled down stairs :(
  7,835    500 ft   Encountered Gilim, the Giant of Eruman
  7,837    500 ft   wow what the hell
  7,906    500 ft   he's back!
  7,973    500 ft   fuck shit fuck
  7,979    500 ft   gondolin weapons are the worst
  7,984    500 ft   Encountered Orcobal, Champion of the Orcs
  7,985    500 ft   ok maybe i can get you instead
  8,077    500 ft   Slew Orcobal, Champion of the Orcs
  8,085    500 ft   what kind of champion spends all this time running
  9,255    500 ft   Found The Kite Shield of Fingolfin
  9,258    500 ft   ummmmmmmmmm
  9,304    500 ft   Found The Longsword 'Orcrist'
  9,306    500 ft   whaaaaaaat
  9,307    500 ft   good timing???
  9,307    500 ft   -2 fingolfin, +2 orcrist
  9,525    500 ft   hi billion giants
  9,542    500 ft   and billion violet flies
  9,681    550 ft   Found The Kite Shield of Hador
  9,681    550 ft   ummmm
  9,721    550 ft   (Hardiness)
  9,783    550 ft   (Zone of Control)
  9,873    550 ft   first 1.2 shadow spider down
 10,025    550 ft   Othrod: Part 3
 10,118    550 ft   Slew Othrod, the Orc Lord
 10,119    550 ft   FINALLY
 10,445    550 ft   Encountered Ulfang the Black
 10,447    550 ft   oh shit
 10,527    550 ft   Slew Ulfang the Black
 10,528    550 ft   good slap fight
 10,894    600 ft   gilim again
 10,894    600 ft   hrm
 10,904    600 ft   Slew Gilim, the Giant of Eruman
 10,983    600 ft   Encountered Delthaur, Balrog of Terror
 10,983    600 ft   shit
 11,007    600 ft   fuck my life
 11,038    600 ft   Destroyed Delthaur, Balrog of Terror
 11,048    600 ft   I didn't want to have to do that
 11,882    650 ft   Encountered Duruin, Least of the Balrogs
 11,882    650 ft   for fuck suake
 11,932    650 ft   ok fuck this
 11,972    650 ft   Destroyed Duruin, Least of the Balrogs
 13,951    700 ft   (Constitution)
 14,556    750 ft   Encountered The Deathblade 'Delmereth'
 14,777    750 ft   Encountered Scatha the Worm
 14,797    750 ft   Encountered Umuiyan, the Doorkeeper
 15,069    750 ft   Slew Umuiyan, the Doorkeeper
 15,176    750 ft   Slew Scatha the Worm
 16,251    750 ft   what the fuck this level is massive
 16,251    750 ft   i quit
 16,252    800 ft   Found The Greatsword of Saithnar
 16,253    800 ft   OH HO HOOOO
 16,469    800 ft   (Song of the Trees)
 17,671    800 ft   (Song of Slaying)
 17,775    800 ft   (Song of Sharpness)
 17,818    800 ft   Fell through a false floor
 17,888    850 ft   Encountered Dagorhir, the Elfbane
 17,900    850 ft   Slew Dagorhir, the Elfbane
 17,939    850 ft   rip
 17,966    850 ft   where were you troll guards when dagorhir needed you
 18,154    850 ft   Fell through a false floor
 18,308    900 ft   turkano
 18,308    900 ft   i think maybe i don't have patience for this right now
 18,351    900 ft   (Crowd Fighting)
 18,716    950 ft   Encountered Maeglin, Betrayer of Gondolin
 18,759    950 ft   fled upstairs :(
 18,993    950 ft   Encountered Oikeroi, Guard of Tevildo
 18,993    950 ft   oh right i forgot about you guys
 19,159    950 ft   Found The Shortsword of Galadriel
 19,171    950 ft   (Follow-Through)
 19,171    950 ft   (Opportunist)
 20,423    950 ft   Encountered Turkano, Balrog of the Hosts
 20,448    950 ft   Destroyed Turkano, Balrog of the Hosts
 20,448    950 ft   Found The Set of Mithril Gauntlets 'Silverhand'
 20,455    950 ft   oh cool!!!
 20,458    950 ft   p.good 1.2 experience so far
 20,862    950 ft   uhhhhh
 21,180    950 ft   argh
 21,371    950 ft   Encountered Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves
 21,371    950 ft   .........
 21,499    950 ft   Slew Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves
 21,499    950 ft   Found The Wolf-Hame of Draugluin
 22,440    950 ft   (Rapid Attack)
 22,441  1,000 ft   Entered Morgoth's throne room
 22,444  1,000 ft   Encountered Morgoth, Lord of Darkness
 22,454  1,000 ft   Encountered Ungoliant, the Gloomweaver
 22,454  1,000 ft   hi V, welcome to 1.2
 22,495  1,000 ft   Encountered Gorthaur, Servant of Morgoth
 22,500  1,000 ft   Slew Ungoliant, the Gloomweaver
 22,510  1,000 ft   Found The Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth
 22,514  1,000 ft   Slew Gorthaur, Servant of Morgoth
 22,589  1,000 ft   Cut a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown
 22,597  1,000 ft   well this is way harder now
 22,605  1,000 ft   also, lock this
 22,612  1,000 ft   I sing of "go fuck a rake"
 22,613    950 ft   yay the ascent! I'm so excited
 22,613    950 ft   (Exchange Places)
 22,666    950 ft   sigh
 22,688    950 ft   Encountered Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger
 22,714    950 ft   ............................
 22,717    950 ft   Slew Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger
 22,717    950 ft   Found The Bat-Fell of Thuringwethil
 22,717    950 ft   (Sprinting)
 22,733    950 ft   what the .... seriously

 22,743    950 ft   Slain by Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
 22,743    950 ft   Died on 05 January 2014.

  ['Score' 021177257]

Posted on 4.1.2014 18:05
Last updated on 5.1.2014 22:50

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On 4.1.2014 18:05 debo wrote:
More fun in Chasmband

On 4.1.2014 18:08 debo wrote:

On 4.1.2014 18:09 debo wrote:
You can't throw items down a chasm, right? They'll just show up on some adjacent floor tile?

On 4.1.2014 18:32 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I love how bats fly up out of the chasm... that is a really nice touch.

On 4.1.2014 20:41 Philip wrote:
My favorite has to be how monsters interact with them if they can't fly. I tried to shoot an orc champion, but he hid.

On 5.1.2014 02:26 debo wrote:
Standard fingolfin sword-and-board brawler. Time to see how song of sharpness nerf works out.

On 5.1.2014 02:27 debo wrote:

On 5.1.2014 02:27 debo wrote:
There we go

On 5.1.2014 03:27 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Song of Sharpness nerfed?!

On 5.1.2014 06:55 debo wrote:
My plan to test out song of sharpness was blindsided a bit by Saithnar, which was also changed in 1.2. Getting it this deep doesn't matter much since I think it just summons unmourned, and I don't believe they entrance?

(Nerfing saithnar by removing fract was very nice, thanks. The -1 melee I guess was OK too :)

Kemenrauko are noticebly less annoying to fight now, but they are still as annoying before when they flee. I had to take several deep breaths in mixed encounters before when I crippled and scared off the same kemenrauko 7 times before finally lucking out and killing him.

Consumables have been a problem so far, stat boosters are few and far between. I had to fully buff up when an OOD delthaur trapped me with 5 buddies, but those are the only pots (a !Con, a !Dex, a !Quick) I've used other than herbs of rage, which have been more plentiful.

Dagorhir wasn't really any different, he died quickly to Orcrist mostly because flanking him about meant he only got 2 hits off.

I was strength-drained by a grave wight at 200' and was only just now able to restore it.

I guess I'll slum around 950' a bit. I hope I can do enough damage to kill big serpents, although with this much Con I can probably wack them with Saithnar with no resists on and still be OK.

On 5.1.2014 07:35 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Grave wights drain STR?! That's something...

On 5.1.2014 07:57 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
FYI: The Unmourned don't entrance. They just cause hunger. The Oathwraiths, on the other hand, entrance + cause hunger!

On 5.1.2014 17:23 debo wrote:
Just got my staff of treasures popped on 950' so i'm probably just going to ragequit into the throne room soon. Still no free action though.

This has been very awkward with the new song of sharpness, which is sort of interesting I guess. I wanted to get momentum + gloves of str and hopefully use that with the old strategy of "weave sharpness and slaying" just to see how it goes, but that is clearly not going to work here.

I think what I might try instead is going for rapid attack (most of the way there) and then just using song of slaying in the throne room. I've seen very little in the way of statboosting potions all game, so it will probably be a close one.

I don't think I can do it without free action, though, unless I spend quite a bit more on will.

On 5.1.2014 17:26 debo wrote:
I keep finding singular Kemenrauko at 950', expecting it to be Turkano's brood. Did they have their depth changed, or is it more likely that Turkano is just finding parenthood overwhelming?

On 5.1.2014 17:47 half wrote:
I don't understand the Kemenraukar. Are you sure they are not from Turkano?

Why would you need Song of Sharpness? Our plan was to make it no longer an uber-song, but just for people who need it. You have Saithnar already...

The reduction in stat potions is quite deliberate. People often had way too many of them hoarded for the throne room...

On 5.1.2014 18:35 debo wrote:
I just assumed the Kemen were Turkano's, but haven't yet seen him. I'll keep an eye on this.

I didn't need song of sharpness, I was merely going to play the game thru using my "old boring stable 1.1.1 style" just for the sake of comparison, and then had a change of heart.

The stat potion thing should be interesting, because it also means that I'll avoid fighting uniques as much as I did before. I already ran in the opposite direction when i saw those kemen, bc i didn't want to waste reserves on Turkano.

Trawling 950' seems like it will be much harder now, so might be good to observe how over/underprepared other folks are when they get to 1000'.

Maeglin's riposte was super nasty, by the way. I wouldn't want to meet him in a pack of other dudes for sure. I like that change, he is going to be awful for low-con dudes now.

On 5.1.2014 22:42 debo wrote:
Uh, Morgoth is no joke anymore. Will write up a better report after I die on the ascent.

On 5.1.2014 22:50 debo wrote:
Well that was quick. I'm going to write up a thread on my impressions of this. TL;DR the throne room is really cool now, but the ascent needs some minor work IMO.

On 5.1.2014 23:05 Scatha wrote:
Good work getting that far, and I look forward to reading your thread.

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