The Angband Ladder: Sose X, Gnome Mage by Sose

  [Angband 3.5.1 Character Dump]

 Name   Sose X       Age             65          Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Sex    Male         Height        3'9"   STR:     17  -1  -3  +5     18
 Race   Gnome        Weight     6st 9lb   INT:     17  +2  +3  +0  18/40
 Class  Mage         Turns used:          WIS:     11  +0  +0  +0     11
 Title  Spellbinder  Game        414978   DEX:     10  +2  +0  +1     13
 HP     108/108      Standard     40132   CON:     14  +1  -2  +0     13
 SP     31/31        Resting      16510

 Level                 22    Armor      [23,+39]    Saving Throw     62%
 Cur Exp            12104                           Stealth       Superb
 Max Exp            12104    Melee        4d5,+9    Disarming        55%
 Adv Exp            13020    To-hit        19,+8    Magic Devices     89
                             Blows      1.0/turn    Perception   1 in 12
 Gold               11577                           Searching        27%
 Burden         108.5 lbs    Shoot to-dam     +6    Infravision    40 ft
 Speed             Normal    To-hit       21,+11
 Max Depth     950' (L19)    Shots        1/turn

 You are the only child of a Gnome Warrior.  You are a credit to the
 family.  You have brown eyes, curly red hair, and a dark complexion.

rAcid:........+.... Nexus:.............
rElec:....+........ Nethr:.............
rFire:+..+......... Chaos:.............
rCold:...+......... Disen:.............
rPois:............. Feath:.............
rLite:............. pFear:.............
rDark:............. pBlnd:.........+...
Sound:............. pConf:.............
Shard:.......+..... pStun:.............

Light:.....+....... Tunn.:.............
Regen:............. Speed:.............
  ESP:............. Blows:.............
Invis:.........+... Shots:.............
FrAct:............+ Might:.+...........
HLife:............. S.Dig:.............
Stea.:..+.......... ImpHP:.............
Sear.:.........+...  Fear:.............
Infra:............+ Aggrv:.............

  [Character Equipment]

a) an Executioner's Sword of Flame (4d5) (+6,+10)
     Dropped by Shagrat, the Orc Captain at 950 feet (level 19).
     Branded with flames.
     Provides resistance to fire.
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     Combat info:
     1.0 blow/round.
     With +11 STR and +0 DEX you would attack a bit faster
     With +0 STR and +4 DEX you would attack a bit faster
     With +11 STR and +4 DEX you would get 1.1 blows
     With +0 STR and +7 DEX you would get 1.1 blows
     Average damage/round: 49.3 vs. creatures not resistant to fire,
     and 23.1 vs. others.
b) a Sling of Extra Might (x3) (+9,+6) <+1>
     Found lying on the floor at 450 feet (level 9).
     +1 shooting power.
c) a Ring of the Mouse (+0,-7) <+1, +4>
     Found lying on the floor at 700 feet (level 14).
     +1 dexterity.
     +4 stealth.
d) a Ring of Resist Fire and Cold
     Bought from a store.
     Provides resistance to fire, cold.
     Cannot be harmed by fire, cold.
e) an Amulet of Resist Lightning
     Dropped by a Dark elven priest at 900 feet (level 18).
     Provides resistance to lightning.
     Cannot be harmed by electricity.
f) a Lantern of Brightness (15000 turns) <+3>
     Bought from a store.
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     Radius 3 light.
g) a Robe [2,+5] {!d, squelch}
     Bought from a store.
h) a Cloak of Protection [1,+10]
     Found lying on the floor at 100 feet (level 2).
     Provides resistance to shards.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, electricity, fire, cold.
i) a Large Metal Shield of Resist Acid [12,+8]
     Dropped by Boldor, King of the Yeeks at 650 feet (level 13).
     Provides resistance to acid.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
j) a Metal Cap of Seeing [3,+8] <+1>
     Found lying on the floor of a special room at 950 feet (level 19).
     +5% to searching.
     Provides protection from blindness.
     Grants the ability to see invisible things.  
k) a Set of Leather Gloves of Power (+1,+4) [1,+7] <+5>
     Found lying on the floor of a special room at 850 feet (level 17).
     +5 strength.
l) a Pair of Iron Shod Boots [4,+1]
     Dropped by Farmer Maggot in town.
     Cannot be harmed by fire.

  [Character Quiver]

n) 8 Iron Shots (1d4) (+5,+4) {=g}
     Dropped by a Red naga at 850 feet (level 17).
     Combat info:
     Hits targets up to 120 feet away.
     Average damage/round: 37.8.
     25% chance of breaking upon contact.

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Magic Spells [Magic for Beginners] {@m1}
b) a Book of Magic Spells [Conjurings and Tricks] {@m2}
c) a Book of Magic Spells [Incantations and Illusions] {@m3}
d) 2 Mushrooms of Clear Mind
e) 3 Flasks of oil
     Branded with flames.
f) 12 Potions of Cure Light Wounds
g) 8 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
h) 11 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
i) 2 Potions of Speed
j) 3 Potions of Heroism
k) 2 Potions of Resist Heat
l) 5 Potions of Resist Cold
m) a Potion of Resist Poison
n) 12 Scrolls of Phase Door
o) 4 Scrolls of Magic Mapping
p) 5 Scrolls of Word of Recall
q) a Wand of Magic Missile (11 charges) {@a1}
r) a Wand of Stone to Mud (5 charges)
s) a Staff of Teleportation (9 charges)

  [Home Inventory]

a) a Dagger of Slay Troll (1d4) (+3,+6)
     Dropped by a Snaga at 500 feet (level 10).
     Slays trolls.
     Combat info:
     1.0 blows/round.
     With +2 STR and +0 DEX you would get 1.1 blows
     With +0 STR and +4 DEX you would get 1.1 blows
     Average damage/round: 13.4 vs. trolls, and 8 vs. others.
b) a Battle Axe (Blessed) (2d8) (+5,+10) <+3>
     Dropped by Orfax, Son of Boldor at 650 feet (level 13).
     +3 wisdom.
     Provides protection from fear.
     Blessed by the gods.  
     Combat info:
     1.0 blow/round.
     With +7 STR and +0 DEX you would attack a bit faster
     With +15 STR and +0 DEX you would get 1.1 blows
     With +0 STR and +4 DEX you would attack a bit faster
     With +7 STR and +4 DEX you would get 1.1 blows
     With +0 STR and +7 DEX you would get 1.1 blows
     Average damage/round: 19.2.
c) 21 Bolts of Slay Dragon (1d5) (+6,+6)
     Dropped by Smagol at 950 feet (level 19).
     Slays dragons.

[Player history]
      Turn   Depth  Note
         0      0'  Began the quest to destroy Morgoth.
       883     50'  Reached level 2
      1925    100'  Killed Grip, Farmer Maggot's dog
      1925    100'  Reached level 3
      2245    100'  Reached level 4
      3252    100'  Reached level 5
      4666    150'  Reached level 6
      5530    200'  Reached level 7
      6277    200'  Reached level 8
      7785    200'  Reached level 9
     10288    300'  Reached level 10
     12211    400'  Reached level 11
     12425    400'  Killed Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman
     13112    400'  Killed Bullroarer the Hobbit
     13112    400'  Reached level 12
     14076    450'  Reached level 13
     15909    450'  Reached level 14
     16885    450'  Killed Brodda, the Easterling
     18120    500'  Killed Grishnákh, the Hill Orc
     18142    500'  Reached level 15
     20724    550'  Reached level 16
     22337    650'  Killed Orfax, Son of Boldor
     22824    650'  Reached level 17
     24067    650'  Killed Boldor, King of the Yeeks
     25174    700'  Reached level 18
     26109    700'  Killed Ufthak of Cirith Ungol
     27201    750'  Reached level 19
     29296    800'  Reached level 20
     32186    850'  Reached level 21
     34950    900'  Killed Fang, Farmer Maggot's dog
     37438    950'  Reached level 22
     38475    950'  Killed Sméagol
     39579    950'  Killed Shagrat, the Orc Captain
     40029      0'  Killed Farmer Maggot


  [User interface]

Use the roguelike command keyset             : no  (rogue_like_commands)
Use old target by default                    : no  (use_old_target)
Automatically clear '-more-' prompts         : yes (auto_more)
Always pickup items                          : no  (pickup_always)
Always pickup items matching inventory       : no  (pickup_inven)
Notify on object recharge                    : no  (notify_recharge)
Show flavors in object descriptions          : no  (show_flavors)
Center map continuously                      : no  (center_player)
Disturb whenever viewable monster moves      : yes (disturb_near)
Show damage player deals to monsters         : yes (show_damage)
Highlight target with cursor                 : yes (show_target)
Color: Illuminate torchlight in yellow       : yes (view_yellow_light)
Color: Shimmer multi-colored things          : no  (animate_flicker)
Color: Player color indicates % hit points   : yes (hp_changes_color)
Color: Show unique monsters in purple        : no  (purple_uniques)
Show walls as solid blocks                   : no  (solid_walls)
Show walls with shaded background            : no  (hybrid_walls)
Allow mouse clicks to move the player        : no  (mouse_movement)
Use sound                                    : no  (use_sound)


Randomise the artifacts (except a very few)  : yes (birth_randarts)
Use previous set of randarts                 : no  (birth_keep_randarts)
Monsters learn from their mistakes           : no  (birth_ai_learn)
Force player descent                         : yes (birth_force_descend)
Word of Recall has no effect                 : no  (birth_no_recall)
Halve view and spell distances               : no  (birth_small_range)
Restrict creation of artifacts               : no  (birth_no_artifacts)
Don't stack objects on the floor             : no  (birth_no_stacking)
Lose artifacts when leaving level            : no  (birth_no_preserve)
Don't generate connected stairs              : no  (birth_no_stairs)
Don't show level feelings                    : no  (birth_no_feelings)
Increase gold drops but disable selling      : yes (birth_no_selling)
Start with a kit of useful gear              : yes (birth_start_kit)

Posted on 6.2.2015 13:55
Last updated on 8.2.2015 00:51

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On 6.2.2015 13:55 Sose wrote:
Trying a randart/forced descent character. Beginning is slow for mages! The sling helps a lot.

On 8.2.2015 00:51 Sose wrote:
Couple of interesting finds are making me ponder the possibility of meleeing stuff. Executioner's Sword of Flame (4d5) (+6,+10) from Shagrat and Gloves of Power <+5 str>.

I do lose 10 SP with the gloves but I *need* them to be able to carry a weapon that weighs 26lbs without being really slow all the time.

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