The Angband Ladder: Shunya, Human Druid by <>

  [TomeNET 4.6.0 @ Character Dump]

 Name        : Shunya           Age                 15       STR:     17       

 Sex         : Male             Height              76       INT:     12       

 Race        : Human            Weight             165       Wis:     16     17

 Class       : Druid            Social Class        49       DEX:      9       

 Body        : Multi-hued hound                              CON:     10       

                                                             CHR:  18/10       

 Mode        : Normal (3 lives)                                                


 +To MHit           67      Level             30    Hit Points      -50/ 260   

 +To MDamage        48      Experience     77378    MP (Mana)        43/  43   

 +To RHit            5      Max Exp        77378    Sanity             Sound   

 +To RDamage         0      Exp to Adv.   100000                               

 Total AC           50      Gold            1519    Status              DEAD   


 Fighting    : Legendary    Perception  : Excellent    Blows/Round:  5         

 Bows/Throw  : Good         Searching   : Fair         Shots/Round:  1         

 Saving Throw: Superb       Disarming   : Fair                                 

 Stealth     : Superb       Magic Device: Fair         Infra-Vision: 0 feet    


          You are at -400 ft in The Helcaraxe.                                 



          You are the illegitimate but acknowledged child of a                 

          Guildsman. You are a credit to the family. You have brown            

          eyes, straight brown hair, and a fair complexion.                    


  [Skill Chart]

Skills (points left: 0)
 - Combat                                         10.000 [1.000]
     . Martial Arts                               30.250 [0.650]
     . Interception                               01.000 [-----]
         . Sling-mastery                          00.000 [0.300]
         . Bow-mastery                            00.000 [0.250]
         . Crossbow-mastery                       00.000 [0.250]
     . Boomerang-mastery                          00.000 [0.350]
 - Magic                                          06.900 [1.000]
         . Water                                  26.000 [1.000]
         . Air                                    00.000 [1.000]
         . Earth                                  00.000 [1.000]
         . Nature                                 00.000 [1.100]
         . Arcane Lore                            28.600 [1.200]
         . Physical Lore                          13.000 [1.200]
     . Mimicry                                    01.000 [-----]
     . Magic device                               01.000 [1.000]
 - Sneakiness                                     03.460 [0.600]
     . Stealth                                    00.000 [0.600]
     . Dodging                                    30.000 [0.600]
     . Calmness                                   00.000 [0.800]
 - Health                                         02.000 [1.100]
     . Swimming                                   00.000 [0.050]
     . Climbing                                   00.000 [0.050]
     . Digging                                    01.000 [1.200]

  [Character Equipment]

a) (weapon)
b) (weapon / shield)
c) (shooter)
d) a Jet Ring of Slaying {+,17} (+9,+11)
e) a Corundum Ring of Protection {+,2} [+10] {on sale}
f) (amulet)
g) a Brass Lantern {+,1} (with 0 turns of light) {on sale}
h) Elven Leather Scale Mail {+,21} (-1) [11,+11] (+2 to stealth)
i) (cloak)
j) (hat)
k) a Set of Gauntlets {+,?} [2] {good}
l) (boots)
m) (quiver)
n) (tool)

  [Character Inventory]

a) an Elementalist's Handbook {+,13}
b) a Flask of Oil {+,1}
c) 5 Manly Potions of Heroism {+,1} {@q2}
d) 5 Scrolls "fuerk whonsef" of Word of Recall {+,1} {@R}
e) a Scroll "agnes cre" of Recharging {+,8} {on sale}
f) a Scroll "xuxumon wergit" of Magic Mapping {+,5}
g) a Scroll "flitshu mican" of Satisfy Hunger {+,1} {50% off}
h) a Copper Rod of Door/Stair Location {+,5} {@/1}
i) a Dogwood Staff of Perception {+,?}
j) a Sycamore Staff of Starlight {+,?}
k) a Hickory Staff of Enlightenment {+,?}
l) a Redwood Staff of Object Location {+,1} (4 charges) {@g1}
m) an Ironwood Staff of Curing {+,?}
n) a Topaz Ring of Fire Resistance {+,5}
o) a Ruby Amulet of Teleportation {+,4} {@x0}
p) a Silver Amulet of the Moon {+,13} (+5,+5) (+7 to infravision)
q) Metal Lamellar Armour {+,?} [23]
r) a Dark Sword {+,?} (2d7) {good}
s) a Sling {+,?} (x2)

  [Last Messages]

You dodge its attack! (x2)
There is a wall blocking your way.
You dodge its attack! (x3)
it hits you for 58 damage.
You feel a wall blocking your way.
You dodge its attack! (x3)
You feel very good.
You have a Chartreuse Potion of Cure Critical Wounds {+,1} {@q1}.
You dodge its attack!
You are covered with frost!
it claws you for 1 damage.
You feel a wall blocking your way.
it hits you for 43 damage.
You dodge its attack!
It points at you and curses horribly.
You resist the effects!
it hits you for 37 damage.
it hits you for 31 damage.
It magically summons help!
It points at you, incanting terribly!
it bites you for 13 damage.
it bites you for 5 damage.
it claws you for 4 damage.
You dodge its attack!
You feel very good.
You have no more Chartreuse Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {+,1} {@q1}.
it breathes nexus for 50 damage!
Your body starts to scramble...
it bites you for 12 damage.
You dodge its attack! (x5)
it hits you for 35 damage.
It points at you and curses horribly.
You resist the effects!
You feel a wall blocking your way.
it breathes nexus for 55 damage!
You resist the effects!
You die.
**You have been killed by a Nexus hound.**
Blood will follow blood, dying time is here.
Character dump successful.
Killed by a Nexus hound (89858 pts) ...Press '0' key to proceed












                      Level: 30                                                

                     Exp: 77378                                                

                      AU: 1519                                                 

             Died on -400ft of [49, 34]                                        



              Thu May 07 14:10:54 2015                                         




          Killed by a Nexus hound (89858 pts)                                  


ESC to quit, 'f' to dump the record or any other key to proceed                























  [Unique Monsters]

You have slain Freesia.
You have slain Grip, Farmer Maggot's dog.
You have slain Wolf, Farmer Maggot's dog.
You have slain Fang, Farmer Maggot's dog.
You have slain Smeagol.
You have slain Bullroarer the Hobbit.
You have slain The disembodied hand that strangled people.
You have slain Lagduf, the Snaga.
You have slain Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman.
You have slain The Borshin.
You have slain Grishnakh, the Hill Orc.
You have slain Orfax, Son of Boldor.
You have slain Golfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief.
You have slain Boldor, King of the Yeeks.
You have slain Ulfast, Son of Ulfang.
You have slain The Rat King.
You have slain Bolg, Son of Azog.
You have slain Ugluk, the Uruk.
You have slain Khim, Son of Mim.
You have slain Khufu, the Mummified King.
You have slain Castamir the Usurper.

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Raped by chaos tile.

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