The Angband Ladder: Elnaria, Sindar Doriath no-class by wobbly

  [Sil 1.2.1 Character Dump]

 Name   Elnaria       Age    3,062       Str   0
 Sex    Female        Height  5'10       Dex   3
 Race   Sindar        Weight   153       Con   4 =  4  +1  -1
 House  Doriath                          Gra   5

 Game Turn    5,480   Melee   (+5,1d9)   Melee        5 =  1  +3      +1
 Exp Pool       136   Bows    (+7,2d5)   Archery      7 =  3  +3      +1
 Total Exp   21,136   Armor [+12,5-12]   Evasion     12 =  7  +3  +2
 Burden        89.6                      Stealth      8 =  7  +3  -2
 Max Burden   100.0   Health     41:41   Perception  15 =  8  +5  +2
 Depth         650'   Voice      49:49   Will         8 =  3  +5
 Min Depth     250'                      Smithing     9 =  4  +5
 Light Radius     2                      Song        10 =  4  +5      +1

 You are the only child of a Sindar bard. You have light grey eyes,
 wavy black hair, and a fair complexion.


a) a Shortsword of Fury (+0,1d8) [+1] {cursed} 2.0 lb
   It enrages nearby creatures and is cursed.  It grants you the
   ability: Whirlwind Attack.  
b) a Longbow (+0,2d5) 3.5 lb
   It can shoot arrows 15 squares (with your current strength).
c) a Sapphire Ring of Perception <+2>
   It improves your perception by 2.  
d) a Bloodstone Ring
e) a Ruby Amulet of Constitution <+1>
   It increases your constitution by 1.  It sustains your 
f) a Brass Lantern (with 318 turns of light)
g) Leather Armour [-1,1d4]
h) a Cloak [+2]
i) a Round Shield [+0,1d3]
j) a Helm [-1,1d2]
k) a Set of Gauntlets [+0,1d2]
l) The Pair of Boots of Irime [+1,1d1]
   It sustains your dexterity.  It lights your path behind you.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
m) 90 Arrows
   They can be shot 15 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) 60 Arrows
   They can be shot 15 squares (with your current strength and bow).


a) 3 Black Herbs of Rage
b) 2 Fragments of Lembas
c) a Flask of oil
d) a Golden Potion of Healing
e) a Dark Blue Potion of Slow Poison
f) a Brilliant Blue Potion
g) an Ivory Horn of Terror
h) a Tapered Horn
i) a Ruby Ring of Sustenance
   It reduces your need for food.  
j) a Turquoise Ring of Free Action
   It grants you freedom of movement.  
k) an Ivory Amulet
l) a Cloak [+2]
m) a Kite Shield (-2) [+0,1d7]
n) a Helm [-1,1d2]
o) a Pair of Boots of Softest Tread [+0,1d2] <+3>
   It improves your stealth by 3.  
p) a Pair of Greaves of Free Action [+0,1d3]
   It grants you freedom of movement.  
q) a Longsword (+1,2d5) [+1] 2.5 lb
r) a Throwing Axe (+0,2d5) {Nargothrond, special} 1.5 lb
s) a Battle Axe (-3,3d4) 4.0 lb
   It does extra damage when wielded with both hands.  
t) a Shovel (-3,2d2) <+1> 6.0 lb
   It improves your tunneling by 1.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  


Elnaria of the Sindar
Entered Angband on 16 May 2015

   Turn     Depth   Note

      0     50 ft   (Power)
      0     50 ft   (Dodging)
      0     50 ft   (Song of Elbereth)
    227    100 ft   (Jeweller)
    658    100 ft   Made an Ivory Horn of Terror  1.0 lb
    749    100 ft   Made a Turquoise Ring of Free Action  0.1 lb
    792    100 ft   (Armoursmith)
    948    100 ft   Made a Mail Corslet (-1) [-3,2d4]  15.5 lb
  1,342    200 ft   (Channeling)
  1,860    300 ft   (Keen Senses)
  2,054    400 ft   (Disguise)
  2,186    400 ft   (Precision)
  2,357    450 ft   (Song of Silence)
  2,555    450 ft   Encountered Uldor, the Accursed
  2,743    400 ft   (Sprinting)
  3,760    450 ft   (Exchange Places)
  5,268    600 ft   (Listen)
  5,341    600 ft   Found The Pair of Boots of Irime
  5,476    650 ft   (Song of Freedom)

  ['Score' 013094520]

Posted on 16.5.2015 00:07

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On 16.5.2015 00:07 wobbly wrote:
I wonder how long I can get away with this sword of fury on a stealth character. I do have sprinting/exchange places/listen/fear.

On 16.5.2015 10:14 taptap wrote:
Fear + fury? Does fear still work on enraged enemies or just way slower?

On 16.5.2015 10:18 wobbly wrote:
Similar to trolls & song of elbereth, they'll run then turn around, it wasn't too bad with sprinting to grab distance. I found sanctity eventually but had too many hostiles around. Nan, a shadow, lurking horror, Ulfang, Uldor, didn't grab the dump.

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