The Angband Ladder: Melehta Pineh, High-Elf Ranger by wobbly

  [Angband 4.0beta Character Dump]

 Name   Melehta PinehAge            129          Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Race   High-Elf     Height        6'6"   STR:     17  +1  +0  +0     18
 Class  Ranger       Weight    11st 9lb   INT:     15  +3  +2  +2  18/40
 Title  Courser      Turns used:          WIS:     10  -1  -2  +1      8
 HP     138/149      Game        117414   DEX:     16  +3  +1  +0  18/20
 SP     9/35         Standard     11696   CON:     11  +1  -1  +0     11
                     Resting         54

 Level                 20    Armor      [29,+42]    Saving Throw     69%
 Cur Exp            11538                           Stealth         Good
 Max Exp            11538    Melee        2d5,+9    Disarming        53%
 Adv Exp            12420    To-hit       42,+17    Magic Devices     75
                             Blows      1.1/turn    Perception   1 in 15
 Gold                7166                           Searching        32%
 Burden         157.3 lbs    Shoot to-dam     +9    Infravision    40 ft
 Speed                 -2    To-hit       62,+12
 Max Depth    1150' (L23)    Shots        2/turn

 You are Melehta Pinehtar, the mighty bugslayer. Go forth and conquer.
 And don't forget to complain about how everything will be ruined

rAcid:............. Nexus:.............
rElec:...++........ Nethr:.............
rFire:............. Chaos:.............
rCold:........+.... Disen:.............
rPois:............. pFear:+............
rLite:............+ pBlnd:.........+...
rDark:............. pConf:.............
Sound:............. pStun:.............
Shard:............. HLife:.............

Regen:............. Stea.:.............
  ESP:............. Sear.:.........+...
Invis:+........+..+ Infra:............+
FrAct:...........+. Tunn.:.............
Feath:............. Speed:.............
S.Dig:............. Blows:.............
ImpHP:............. Shots:.+...........
 Fear:............. Might:.+...........
Aggrv:............. Light:.....+.......

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Pike (Holy Avenger) (2d5) (+14,+7) [+4] <+1>
 Found lying on the floor at 1100 feet (level 22)
 +1 wisdom.
 Slays evil creatures, undead, demons.
 Provides protection from fear.
 Sustains constitution.
 Blessed by the gods.  Grants the ability to see invisible things. 
 Combat info:
 1.1 blows/round.
 With +2 STR and +0 DEX you would get 1.3 blows
 With +0 STR and +2 DEX you would get 1.3 blows
 Average damage/round: 26.2 vs. evil creatures, 33.6 vs. undead,
 33.6 vs. demons, and 18.7 vs. others.
b) a Light Crossbow of the Haradrim (x4) (+9,+9) <+1>
 Dropped by Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman at 700 feet (level 14)
 +1 shooting speed.
 +1 shooting power.
 Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
c) a Ring of Intelligence <+2>
 Bought from a store
 +2 intelligence.
 Sustains intelligence.
d) a Ring of Lightning [+9]
 Found lying on the floor of a special room at 1100 feet (level 22)
 Provides resistance to lightning.
 Cannot be harmed by lightning.
e) an Amulet of Resist Lightning
 Found lying on the floor at 600 feet (level 12)
 Provides resistance to lightning.
f) a Lantern (Everburning) <+2>
 Found lying on the floor at 1050 feet (level 21)
 Cannot be harmed by fire.
 Radius 2 light.  No fuel required.
g) Leather Scale Mail (-1) [20,+5]
 Found lying on the floor at 1150 feet (level 23)
h) a Cloak [1,+2]
 Bought from a store
i) a Small Metal Shield of Resist Cold [5,+6]
 Dropped by a Half-orc at 1050 feet (level 21)
 Provides resistance to frost.
j) a Hard Leather Cap of Seeing [2,+10] <+1>
 Dropped by Boldor, King of the Yeeks at 1100 feet (level 22)
 +1 searching skill.
 Provides protection from blindness.
 Grants the ability to see invisible things.  
l) a Pair of Leather Sandals of Free Action [1,+4]
 Bought from a store
 Prevents paralysis.  

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Books of Magic Spells [Magic for Beginners]
b) a Book of Magic Spells [Conjurings and Tricks]
c) a Book of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes]
 Cannot be harmed by fire.
d) 2 Mushrooms of Second Sight
e) 2 Mushrooms of Emergency
f) 3 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
g) a Potion of Speed
h) 2 Potions of Resist Poison
i) 2 Scrolls of Teleportation
j) 3 Scrolls of Word of Recall
k) a Rod of Treasure Location
l) a Rod of Door/Stair Location
m) a Rod of Curing
n) a Rod of Healing
 Cannot be harmed by lightning.
o) a Staff of Confuse Monsters (6 charges)
p) 2 Staves of Mapping (14 charges)
q) 3 Staves of Teleportation (26 charges)
r) a Ring of Resist Fire and Cold
 Bought from a store
 Provides resistance to fire, frost.
s) a Ring of the Mouse (+0,-7) <+3, +4>
 Found lying on the floor at 1000 feet (level 20)
 +3 dexterity.
 +4 stealth.
t) a Pair of Steel Shod Boots [7,+2]
 Found lying on the floor at 1150 feet (level 23)
 Cannot be harmed by fire.
u) a Shovel of Digging (1d2) (+3,+5) <+3>
 Found lying on the floor at 300 feet (level 6)
 +3 tunneling.
 Branded with acid.
 Combat info:
 1.3 blows/round.
 With +1 STR and +0 DEX you would get 1.6 blows
 With +0 STR and +2 DEX you would get 1.6 blows
 Average damage/round: 15.6 vs. creatures not resistant to acid,
 and 11.5 vs. others.

  [Character Quiver]

a) 10 Bolts (1d5) (+2,+4)
 Combat info:
 Hits targets up to 140 feet away.
 Average damage/round: 129.2.
 25% chance of breaking upon contact.
b) 37 Arrows (1d4) {excellent}
 You do not know the full extent of this item's powers.
c) 29 Rounded Pebbles of Frost (1d2) {splendid}
 You do not know the full extent of this item's powers.
 Branded with cold.

  [Home Inventory]

a) 5 Mushrooms of Emergency
b) a Potion of Restore Mana
c) a Lucerne Hammer of Slay Giant (2d5) (+7,+6)
 Bought from a store
 Slays giants.
 Combat info:
 1.1 blows/round.
 With +1 STR and +0 DEX you would get 1.3 blows
 With +0 STR and +2 DEX you would get 1.3 blows
 Average damage/round: 31.9 vs. giants, and 17.1 vs. others.
d) 2 Flasks of oil
 Branded with fire.
e) a Mushroom of Debility
f) 7 Rations of Food
g) a Book of Magic Spells [Magic for Beginners]
h) 4 Books of Magic Spells [Incantations and Illusions]
i) 4 Scrolls of Satisfy Hunger
j) 9 Scrolls of Word of Recall
k) 2 Potions of True Seeing
l) a Scroll of Recharging
m) 36 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0)
n) 2 Mushrooms of Vigor
o) a Sling of Extra Might (x3) (+6,+15) <+1>
 Found lying on the floor at 550 feet (level 11)
 +1 shooting power.
p) a Potion of Berserk Strength
q) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Conjurings and Tricks]
r) a Ring of the Dog <-2>
 Found lying on the floor at 650 feet (level 13)
 -2 stealth.
 Provides protection from fear.

[Player history]
      Turn   Depth  Note
         0      0'  Began the quest to destroy Morgoth.
        94    100'  Reached level 2
       416    150'  Reached level 3
       615    250'  Reached level 4
       766    250'  Reached level 5
       880    250'  Killed Fang, Farmer Maggot's dog
       937    250'  Reached level 6
      1240    300'  Reached level 7
      1512    350'  Reached level 8
      1936    400'  Reached level 9
      2543    450'  Reached level 10
      3169    450'  Reached level 11
      3400    500'  Killed Bullroarer the Hobbit
      3937    500'  Reached level 12
      4990    600'  Reached level 13
      6196    700'  Reached level 14
      6631    700'  Killed Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman
      7257    700'  Reached level 15
      7347    700'  Killed Grishnákh, the Hill Orc
      7421    700'  Killed Golfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief
      7869    700'  Reached level 16
      7876    700'  Killed Mughash the Kobold Lord
      8720   1000'  Reached level 17
      9189   1050'  Killed Ulfast, Son of Ulfang
      9270   1050'  Reached level 18
     10329   1100'  Reached level 19
     10562   1100'  Killed Orfax, Son of Boldor
     10602   1100'  Killed Boldor, King of the Yeeks
     10924   1100'  Reached level 20
     11015   1100'  Reached level 20


  [User interface]

Use the roguelike command keyset             : no  (rogue_like_commands)
Use sound                                    : no  (use_sound)
Show damage player deals to monsters         : no  (show_damage)
Use old target by default                    : no  (use_old_target)
Always pickup items                          : no  (pickup_always)
Always pickup items matching inventory       : yes (pickup_inven)
Show flavors in object descriptions          : no  (show_flavors)
Highlight target with cursor                 : yes (show_target)
Disturb whenever viewable monster moves      : yes (disturb_near)
Show walls as solid blocks                   : no  (solid_walls)
Show walls with shaded background            : no  (hybrid_walls)
Color: Illuminate torchlight in yellow       : no  (view_yellow_light)
Color: Shimmer multi-colored things          : no  (animate_flicker)
Center map continuously                      : no  (center_player)
Color: Show unique monsters in purple        : no  (purple_uniques)
Automatically clear '-more-' prompts         : no  (auto_more)
Color: Player color indicates % hit points   : yes (hp_changes_color)
Allow mouse clicks to move the player        : yes (mouse_movement)
Notify on object recharge                    : no  (notify_recharge)


Randomise the artifacts (except a very few)  : no  (birth_randarts)
Word of Recall has no effect                 : no  (birth_no_recall)
Restrict creation of artifacts               : no  (birth_no_artifacts)
Don't stack objects on the floor             : no  (birth_no_stacking)
Lose artifacts when leaving level            : no  (birth_no_preserve)
Don't generate connected stairs              : yes (birth_no_stairs)
Don't show level feelings                    : no  (birth_no_feelings)
Increase gold drops but disable selling      : yes (birth_no_selling)
Use previous set of randarts                 : yes (birth_keep_randarts)
Start with a kit of useful gear              : yes (birth_start_kit)
Monsters learn from their mistakes           : no  (birth_ai_learn)
Force player descent                         : no  (birth_force_descend)

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Last updated on 22.5.2015 19:35

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