The Angband Ladder: Blorf, Hobbit Mindcrafter by <>

[Gumband 2.2.0 Character Dump]

 Name        : Blorf            Age                 23       STR: 18/180       
 Sex         : Male             Height              34       INT: 18/***       
 Race        : Hobbit           Weight              58       WIS: 18/***       
 Class       : Mindcrafter      Social Class        28       DEX: 18/140       
                                Score           2997021      CON: 18/190       
                                                             Chr:     13  18/50
 + To Hit           85      Level             44    Max HP       720           
 + To Damage        54      Experience   2987321    Cur HP       720           
 + To AC            70      Max Exp      2987321    Max SP       397           
   Base AC          31      Exp to Adv.  3360000    Cur SP       397           
   Speed            30      Gold          151987    Max Dlv     4850           
                         (Miscellaneous Abilities)                             
 Fighting    : Godly    383 Perception  : Good     31  Blows/Round:  5         
 Bows/Throw  : Godly    405 Searching   : Good     34  Shots/Round:  1         
 Saving Throw: Godly    111 Disarming   : Heroic   117 Wpn.dmg/Rnd:  10d4+270  
 Stealth     : Godly    18  Magic Device: Godly    112 Infravision:  60'       
                         (Character Background)                                
          You are one of several children of a Hobbit Burglar.  You            
          are the black sheep of the family.  You have brown eyes,             
          straight black hair, and an average complexion.                      

[Miscellaneous information]

 Maximize Mode:      ON
 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           OFF
 Small Levels:       ON
 Arena Levels:       OFF
 Recall Depth:       Level 97 (4850')

 You have defeated 2528 enemies.

 Your opponents are behaving stupidly.
 You began the game as an astral being.
 You're an amateur mycologist.


 You can feel the danger of evil magic.

[Character Equipment]

a) The Cleaver of Fendilo (2d4) (+14,+8) (+4)
c) The Ring 'Narya' (+15,+15) [+5] (+1)
d) The Ring 'Nenya' (+10,+10) [+5] (+2)
e) The Amulet of Ingwe (+3)
f) The Arkenstone of Thrain (+3 to speed)
g) The Mithril Chain Mail 'Belegennon' (-1) [28,+19] (+4)
h) The Cloak 'Holcolleth' [1,+1] (+2) (25 turns)
j) The Golden Crown 'Orion's Belt' (+7,+5) [0,+18] (+4)
     It affects your strength.
     It affects your constitution.
     It provides resistance to sound.
     It cannot be harmed by the elements.
k) The Set of Gauntlets 'Lawbringer' [2,+10] (+4)
     It affects your strength.
     It affects your stealth.
     It sustains your strength.
     It provides immunity to paralysis.
     It makes you skilled with magical devices.
     It cannot be harmed by the elements.

[Character Inventory]

a) 3 Rations of Food
b) 3 Potions of *Healing*
c) 4 Potions of Restore Mana
d) 4 Scrolls of *Remove Curse*
e) 2 Scrolls of Genocide
f) 2 Rods of Curing
g) a Rod of Drain Life
h) a Staff of *Destruction*
i) a Ring of Speed (+10)
j) The Ring of Tulkas (+4)
k) The One Ring (+20,+20) [+20] (+5) {cursed}
l) The Dagger 'Sting' (1d4) (+7,+8) (+2 attacks)
     It can be activated for...
     detect orcs every 10 turns
     ...if it is being worn.
     It affects your strength.
     It affects your dexterity.
     It affects your constitution.
     It affects your attack speed.
     It is especially deadly against orcs.
     It is especially deadly against trolls.
     It is especially deadly against giants.
     It fights against evil with holy fury.
     It provides immunity to paralysis.
     It provides resistance to light.
     It provides resistance to shards.
     It provides permanent light.
     It allows you to see invisible monsters.
     It cannot be harmed by the elements.
m) The Glaive of Pain (11d5) (+0,+29)

Posted on 25.4.2002 07:00
Last updated on 25.4.2002 09:55

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On 25.4.2002 07:00 wrote:
What the hell? Two swords of the dawn?

On 25.4.2002 09:55 wrote:
Just felt like seeing how I was doing on the ladder.. :P

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