The Angband Ladder: Nigel, German Anarchist by <>

  [Steamband 0.3.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Nigel                                    Self  EB    Best
 Sex    Male              Age        14   Mus:    289  +4    324
 Race   German            Height     70   Agi:    259  -1    247
 Class  Anarchist         Weight    216   Vig:    174  +2    182
 Title  Frondeur          Status     47   SCH:    229  +4    269
 HP     -7/158                            Ego:    391  +4    430
 SP     46/57             Preserve    Y   CHR:    250  +0    250

 Level           13       Armor     [15,+34]     Saving Throw         Superb
 Cur Exp       2378       Fight      (+3,+5)     Stealth                Fair
 Max Exp       2378       Melee      (+3,+5)     Fighting          Tolerable
 Adv Exp       3080       Shoot      (+3,+0)     Shooting                Bad
                          Blows     1+2/turn     Disarming              Fair
 Gold          1948       Shots       0/turn     Magic Device      Tolerable
                                                 Perception          Abyssal
 Burden    90.6 lbs       Infra         0 ft     Searching           Abyssal

     You are one of several children of a Ship Captain. You are
     a credit to the family. You have blue eyes, straight blond
     hair, and a fair complexion.

   Disarming Traps  1
     Using Devices  1
      Saving Throw  8
           Stealth  2
         Searching  1
           Digging  1
 Ransack & Plunder  6
   Neophyte Combat  5
   Standard Combat  1
 Neophyte Firearms  1
          Throwing  1
             Latin 15
       Occult Lore 15
  Adv. Occult Lore  6
      Ritual Magic 14
    Thaumic Energy 14
      Spirituality  4
    Lesser warding  1
     Tempered will 14
 Clockwork Carbine 14

  [Last Messages]

> You feel very sickly.
> It is suddenly very hot!
> It crushes you.
> It is suddenly very hot!
> It bites you.
> It is suddenly very hot!
> It turns into a pile of ash.
> It Shocks you.
> It is suddenly very hot!
> It mumbles.
> You are hit by lightning!
> It mumbles.
> You hear something appear nearby.
> It Shocks you.
> You die.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Broad Sword (2d5) (+0,+0)
b) (nothing)
c) (nothing)
d) (nothing)
e) (nothing)
f) a Brass Lantern (with 11007 turns of light) {10% off}
     It provides light (radius 2) when fueled.
g) a Leather Waistcoat and Vest [5,+0]
h) a Cloak [1,+0]
i) a Small Metal Shield of Inviolability to Fire [3,+5]
j) (nothing)
k) a Set of Work Gloves of Free Action [3,+3]
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Shoes [3,+0]

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Arcane Incantations [Liber AL vel Legis]
b) an Enigmatic Device [Clockwork Carbine]
c) 5 Rations of Food
d) 3 Flasks of oil
e) a Happy Home Blood Purifier and Health Tonic of Berserk Strength
f) a The Imperial King of all Tonic of Sleep
g) a "Whirring Heliophone" Mechanism of Light
h) a "Steel-Plated Phonopan" Mechanism of Blessing
i) a Platinum Apparatus of Trap Location
j) a Copper-Plated Ray Gun of Photic Beam (14 charges)
k) a Gold Ray Gun of Wonder (16 charges)
l) a Gold Ray Gun of Wonder (18 charges)
m) a Turquoise Ring of Hunger Deterrent
n) a Small Leather Shield of Inviolability to Cold [2,+2]
o) a Set of Gloves [2,+3]
p) a Dagger of Slay Animal (1d4) (+2,+2)
q) a Dagger (1d4) (+4,+2)
r) a Billy Club (1d3) (+3,+3)
s) a Spear (1d6) (+0,+0)
t) a Spear (1d6) (+0,+0)
u) a .32 Revolver of Velocity (x2) (+7,+13)
v) 32 Hollow-point pistol bullets (2d13) (+0,+0)


Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts (beta): no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 31.7.2003 17:43
Last updated on 22.8.2003 00:45

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274. on the Steamband Ladder (of 313)
31. for this player (out of 33)


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On 31.7.2003 17:43 wrote:
Figured I should try something else... What skills are actually used for the Qabalist? Qabala and Hebrew don't actually seem to do anything

On 31.7.2003 18:26 wrote:
See the skills spoiler on the steamband homepage. The qabalist class features are not implemented yet.

On 1.8.2003 16:43 wrote:
I lost this guy...forgot to dump him so he's actually dead. Starved trying to get back to town after worm farming a bit too long.

On 7.8.2003 17:47 wrote:
I call this YAWTFD. Tooling along lookin for PT Barnum when my guy got smoked by an a. This was a 2 round death so in all fairness if he had a SoT he coulda got away even blinded as he was. He didna have one though. Damn, wanted to get a magic user up there.

On 7.8.2003 21:29 wrote:
I have been trying to get a decent oculus dei character going for a while. So far no luck beyond char lev 8 or so. Congratulations on getting one this far. Those automatons are really dangerous in the early levels.

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