The Angband Ladder: Edhelain, Noldor Finarfin no-class by wobbly

  [Sil 1.3.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Edhelain      Age    2,766       Str   0
 Sex    Female        Height    6'       Dex   8 =  4          +4
 Race   Noldor        Weight   163       Con   6 =  3          +3
 House  Finarfin                         Gra   8 =  6  +1      +1

 Game Turn   11,591   Melee  (+8,1d10)   Melee        8 =  1  +8  -1
 Exp Pool     1,755   Bows   (+10,2d6)   Archery     10 =  0  +8  +1  +1
 Total Exp   49,255   Armor [+19,6-21]   Evasion     19 =  7  +8  +4
 Burden        86.4                      Stealth     22 = 14  +8
 Max Burden   100.0   Health     59:59   Perception  26 = 10  +8  +7  +1
 Depth           0'   Voice      45:85   Will        21 = 13  +8
 Min Depth       0'   Song     Silence   Smithing     8 =  0  +8
 Light Radius     8                      Song        13 =  5  +8

 You are one of several children of an archer from the house of
 Finarfin. You have light grey eyes, straight golden hair, and a fair

  [Last Messages]

> You whisper a song of silence.
> You have found a trap.
> Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger comes up the stair, forcing a Hithrauko
out of the way!
> Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger flees down the stairs.
> You end your song.
> You feel yourself moving faster!
> You have no more Green Potions of Quickness (k).
> You feel more resilient.
> You have a Black Potion of Constitution (m).
> You feel more agile.
> You have 2 Dark Blue Potions of Dexterity (l).
> There is a flutter of wings from high above.
> You whisper a song of silence.
> You have found a trap. <4x>
> You feel yourself slow down.




a) a Spear of the Vanyar (-1,1d9) <+1> 3.0 lb
   It increases your grace by 1.  It can be thrown effectively
   (4 squares) and lights the dungeon around you.  It does extra
   damage when wielded with both hands.  It counts as a type of
b) a Longbow of Radiance (+1,2d6) 4.5 lb
   It fires shining arrows.  It can shoot arrows 18 squares
   (with your current strength).
c) a Silver Ring of Perception <+3>
   It improves your perception by 3.  
d) a Silver Ring of Perception <+4>
   It improves your perception by 4.  
e) (nothing)
f) a Silmaril
   It sustains your grace.  It grants you the ability to see
   invisible creatures.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
g) Galvorn Armour of Protection [-1,1d9]
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
h) a Shadow Cloak of Protection [+4,1d1] <+2>
   It improves your stealth by 2.  It creates an unnatural
   darkness.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
i) a Mithril Shield of Deflection [+2,1d6]
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
j) a Jewelled Crown of Brilliance [+0,1d1]
   It lights the dungeon around you.  It cannot be harmed by the
k) a Set of Gloves of Swordplay [+0,1d1]
   It grants you the ability: Parry.  
l) The Pair of Greaves of the Helcaraxe [-1,1d3]
   It provides resistance to cold.  It sustains all your stats.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
m) 37 Arrows (Poisoned)
   They are branded with venom.  They can be shot 18 squares
   (with your current strength and bow).
n) 21 Arrows of Piercing
   They cut easily through armour.  They can be shot 18 squares
   (with your current strength and bow).


a) a Yellow Herb of Healing
b) 4 Black Herbs of Restoration
c) 3 Fragments of Lembas
d) 3 Clear Potions of Miruvor
e) a Murky Brown Potion of Orcish Liquor
f) a Sky Blue Potion of Clarity
g) 9 Sparkling Potions of Healing
h) a Bright Orange Potion of Voice
i) 2 Yellow Potions of True Sight
j) 7 Violet Potions of Slow Poison
k) 2 Copper Speckled Potions of Elemental Resistance
l) 2 Dark Blue Potions of Dexterity
m) a Black Potion of Constitution
n) an Engraved Horn of Terror
o) a Yew Staff of Revelations (0 charges)
p) an Aspen Staff of Foes (5 charges)
q) an Oak Staff of Slumber (2 charges)
r) a Runed Staff of Majesty (7 charges)
s) a Walnut Staff of Warding (1 charge)
t) a Twisted Staff of Recharging (0 charges)
u) The Shortsword of Galadriel (+0,1d8) [+3] 2.0 lb
   It sustains your grace.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.
   It grants you the ability: Riposte.  


Edhelain of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 28 Feb 2016

   Turn     Depth   Note

      0     50 ft   (Keen Senses)
      0     50 ft   (Listen)
      0     50 ft   (Dodging)
    864    250 ft   (Disguise)
  1,231    200 ft   Fell through a crumbling stair
  1,265    300 ft   (Song of Elbereth)
  1,374    350 ft   Encountered Gorgol, the Butcher
  2,206    350 ft   Fell into a chasm
  2,206    450 ft   (Lore-Keeper)
  2,206    450 ft   (Lore-Master)
  2,219    450 ft   (Song of Silence)
  2,488    400 ft   Fell into a chasm
  2,693    550 ft   Encountered Duruin, Least of the Balrogs
  3,003    700 ft   Encountered Nan, the Giant
  3,035    800 ft   (Sprinting)
  3,035    800 ft   (Vanish)
  3,363    950 ft   (Dexterity)
  3,496    950 ft   (Song of the Trees)
  4,168    950 ft   Encountered Smaug the Golden
  4,373    950 ft   (Power)
  4,527    850 ft   Encountered Turkano, Balrog of the Hosts
  4,553    850 ft   (Channeling)
  5,042    950 ft   60 turns in that web
  5,135    950 ft   Entered the Hoard of the Worm of Greed
  5,187    950 ft   Encountered Glaurung, the Deceiver
  5,187    950 ft   Found The Great Spear of Melkor
  5,187    950 ft   (Majesty)
  5,219    950 ft   Damn Urakuo
  5,792    950 ft   Encountered Ancalagon the Black
  6,623    900 ft   Found The Pair of Greaves of the Helcaraxe
  7,474    950 ft   Encountered Gostir, the Dread Glance
  7,703    950 ft   Found The Crown of Dark Secrets
  8,533    850 ft   Found The Greatsword of Saithnar
  8,537    850 ft   Time
  8,676    950 ft   Found The Shortsword of Galadriel
  8,761    950 ft   Encountered Tevildo, Prince of Cats
  8,762    950 ft   Encountered Oikeroi, Guard of Tevildo
  9,047  1,000 ft   Entered Morgoth's throne room
  9,115  1,000 ft   (Grace)
  9,132  1,000 ft   Encountered Morgoth, Lord of Darkness
  9,134  1,000 ft   Encountered Ungoliant, the Gloomweaver
  9,143  1,000 ft   Found The Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth
  9,149  1,000 ft   Cut a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown
  9,221  1,000 ft   Encountered Gothmog, High Captain of Balrogs
  9,959    850 ft   potion
 10,056    850 ft   Encountered Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves
 10,119    800 ft   (Leaping)
 10,207    800 ft   Entered the Cat Fortress
 10,223    800 ft   Insert Angry shoveling noises
 10,676    450 ft   (Song of Freedom)
 10,692    450 ft   Encountered Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger
 11,461     Gates   Entered The Gates of Angband
 11,578     Gates   Encountered Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst

 11,591     Gates   You escaped the Iron Hells on 28 February 2016.
 11,591     Gates   You brought back a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown!

  ['Score' 041188409]

Posted on 28.2.2016 03:53
Last updated on 28.2.2016 13:47

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On 28.2.2016 03:53 wobbly wrote:
1st pacifist so unsure whether I over spent by grabbing loremaster, though there's a heap of weapons I'd never get the id xp without so I assume it's ok.

I think I'll start grabbing raw stealth now I'm in Warg depth.

On 28.2.2016 04:14 wobbly wrote:
Lantern would be nice, wonder if I can afford trees

On 28.2.2016 04:20 wobbly wrote:
[950'] Well that part is not to bad, but what now?

On 28.2.2016 04:36 wobbly wrote:

On 28.2.2016 05:02 wobbly wrote:
Ukk.. Either a 3d5 battle axe with power is enough & I'm good to go or it's not & I have to keep searching for a sharpy or str gauntlets.

On 28.2.2016 05:08 wobbly wrote:
Guess I'll need a couple of str potions, so scum for them, try not to die & see what turns up. If nothing I'll try the axe.

On 28.2.2016 13:47 wobbly wrote:
Fairly straight forward pacifist. Dual roosts on the surface were annoying but majesty assured they were fleeing

On 28.2.2016 19:01 Scatha wrote:

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