The Angband Ladder: Guina, Edain Haleth no-class by wobbly

  [Sil 1.3.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Guina         Age       19       Str   2
 Sex    Female        Height   5'8       Dex   5
 Race   Edain         Weight   129       Con   0
 House  Haleth                           Gra   0

 Game Turn    5,100   Melee  (+7,1d15)   Melee        7 =  4  +5  -2
 Exp Pool       353   Bows    (+4,1d9)   Archery      4 =  0  +5  -1
 Total Exp   15,653   Armor   [+9,3-4]   Evasion      9 =  3  +5  +1
 Burden        97.7                      Stealth     18 = 11  +5  +1  +1
 Max Burden   144.0   Health     -3:20   Perception   8 =  8
 Depth         450'   Voice      20:20   Will         4 =  4
 Min Depth     250'                      Smithing     3 =  0      +3
 Light Radius     0                      Song         0 =  0

 You are one of several children of an archer. You are a credit to the
 family. You have brown eyes, straight brown hair, and an average

  [Last Messages]

> You can see clearly again.
> The Warg makes a low howl.
> The Orc warrior looks around.
> The Orc warrior notices you.
> The Warg notices you.
> The Orc warrior shouts a warning.
> The Orc warrior notices you. <2x>
> The Warg bites you!
> Low hitpoint warning!
> The Warg misses you.
> The Orc warrior shouts a warning.
> The Orc warrior notices you. <2x>
> It batters you.
> You die.


  #### # 
  o  CC# 
  ### ## 


a) a Great Spear (-1,1d13) [+1] 5.5 lb
   It requires both hands to wield it properly.  It counts as a
   type of polearm.  
b) a Shortbow of Doriath (+0,1d7) 2.0 lb
   It slays wolves and spiders.  It can shoot arrows 13 squares
   (with your current strength).
c) (nothing)
d) (nothing)
e) a Silver Amulet of Adornment {adornment}
f) a Brass Lantern of Flickering Shadow (1111 turns) {cursed}
   It creates an unnatural darkness and is cursed.  
g) a Filthy Rag of Stealth <+2>
   It improves your stealth by 2.  
h) a Cloak [+1]
i) (nothing)
j) a Helm [-1,1d2]
k) a Set of Gauntlets of the Forge (-1) [+0,1d1] <+3>
   It improves your smithing by 3.  
l) a Pair of Boots [+0,1d1]
m) 10 Arrows (+3)
   They can be shot 13 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) (nothing)


a) a Dark Green Herb of Sustenance
b) a Russet Herb of Terror
c) 3 Pieces of Dark Bread
d) 2 Fragments of Lembas
e) 4 Yellow Potions of Slow Poison
f) a Milky White Potion of Strength
g) a Rosewood Staff of Imprisonment (6 charges)
h) an Aspen Staff of Self Knowledge (3 charges)
i) a Twisted Staff of Entrapment (10 charges) {no foe, not sanctity, freedom}
j) 2 Wooden Torches (2999 turns)
k) Studded Leather of Venom's End [-2,1d6]
   It provides resistance to poison.  
l) a Longsword (Defender) (+0,2d5) [+2] 3.5 lb
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
m) a Longsword (+1,2d5) [+1] 3.0 lb
n) a Bastard Sword (-2,3d3) [+1] 3.0 lb
   It does extra damage when wielded with both hands.  
o) a Battle Axe (Vampiric) (-3,3d4) 4.0 lb
   It drains life from your enemies.  It increases your hunger.  
   It does extra damage when wielded with both hands.  
p) 98 Arrows
   They can be shot 13 squares (with your current strength and bow).
q) 99 Arrows
   They can be shot 13 squares (with your current strength and bow).


Guina of the Edain
Entered Angband on 8 Aug 2016

   Turn     Depth   Note

      0     50 ft   (Disguise)
      0     50 ft   (Assassination)
      0     50 ft   (Keen Senses)
  1,657    200 ft   Encountered Gorgol, the Butcher
  2,847    350 ft   Encountered Boldog, the Merciless
  2,948    400 ft   (Listen)
  3,856    400 ft   Encountered Othrod, the Orc Lord
  4,267    400 ft   flickering shadow
  4,792    450 ft   (Curse Breaking)

  5,100    450 ft   Slain by a Sulrauko.
  5,100    450 ft   Died on 08 August 2016.

  ['Score' 009094900]

Posted on 8.8.2016 14:46
Last updated on 8.8.2016 15:21

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On 8.8.2016 14:46 wobbly wrote:
I noticed taptap has a 0 con edain, thought I'd have a try. Unpleasant moment with Gorgol where a murky brown only healed 4 hps

On 8.8.2016 15:21 wobbly wrote:

On 9.8.2016 07:50 seraph wrote:
they are the reason i take wolf-bane.

On 9.8.2016 10:23 wobbly wrote:
May have been an idea. I thought I had enough stealth but I'd usually have wolfbane on a sneaker, so the numbers in my head are possibly a bit out.

On 9.8.2016 21:14 seraph wrote:
looking at your character again, 18 stealth [i]should[/i] be enough to sneak by almost anything at this depth; wargs are currently the exception. plus they are everywhere and they alert everything else on the level.

perhaps they need a nerf of some kind. even an indirect nerf like making them appear less frequently would be welcome.

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