The Angband Ladder: Snork, Half-Troll Rogue by Voovus

  [Angband 4.1.2 Character Dump]

 Name   Snork        Age             28          Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Race   Half-Troll   Height        8'1"   STR:  18/41  +4  +0  +2 18/101
 Class  Rogue        Weight    20st 5lb   INT:  18/81  -4  +1  +2  18/71
 Title  ***WINNER*** Turns used:          WIS:     16  -2  -3  +5     16
 HP     291/328      Game         76169   DEX:     14  -4  +3  +0     13
 SP     53/82        Standard     11957   CON:     10  +3  -1  +2     14
                     Resting        181

 Level                 37    Armor      [45,+90]    Saving Throw     59%
 Cur Exp           825688                           Stealth    Excellent
 Max Exp           825688    Melee       2d5,+21    Disarm - phys.   95%
 Adv Exp           840000    To-hit       73,+15    Disarm - magic  100%
                             Blows      2.3/turn    Magic Devices     66
 Gold            10046183                           Searching        70%
 Burden          183.5 lb    Shoot to-dam     +0    Infravision    30 ft
 Overweight        3.6 lb    To-hit        55,+3    Speed      32 (3.9x)
 Max Depth   5000' (L100)    Shots      0.0/turn

 Your mother was a Stone-Troll Warrior.  You have green eyes, a cute
 fringe, and smooth white skin.

rAcid:.......++.... Nexus:........+....
rElec:+.......+.... Nethr:.............
rFire:....+.+.+.... Chaos:.............
rCold:........+.... Disen:.............
rPois:............. pFear:.............
rLite:+...+........ pBlnd:.............
rDark:+...+........ pConf:.............
Sound:............. pStun:.............
Shard:............. HLife:....+........

Regen:............+ Stea.:.......++....
  ESP:.........+... Sear.:.............
Invis:+............ Infra:............+
FrAct:+.........+.. Tunn.:.............
Feath:............. Speed:+.++..+....+!
S.Dig:............. Blows:+............
ImpHP:............. Shots:.............
 Fear:............. Might:.............
Aggrv:+............ Light:+...++.......

  [Last Messages]

> You have 2 charges remaining.
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness bellows in rage.
> You have 39 Scrolls of Phase Door (g).
> You have 6 charges remaining.
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness is targeted.
> You have 17 charges remaining.
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness looks more slowed.
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness is targeted.
> A magical staircase appears...
> You have won the game!
> You may retire (commit suicide) when you are ready.
> You have 1 charge remaining.
> Morgoth, Lord of Darkness dies.
> Character dump successful.

Killed by Ripe Old Age.

  [Character Equipment]

a) the Long Sword 'Anguirel' (2d5) (+12,+12) <+2, +3, +1>
     Dropped by Bullroarer the Hobbit at 250 feet (level 5)
     +2 strength.
     +2 constitution.
     +3 speed.
     +1 attack speed.
     +1 light.
     Slays demons, evil creatures.
     Branded with poison.
     Provides resistance to lightning, light, dark.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
     Grants the ability to see invisible things.  Prevents paralysis. 
     Aggravates creatures nearby.  
     Combat info:
     2.3 blows/round.
     With +1 STR and +0 DEX you would get 2.6 blows
     With +0 STR and +4 DEX you would get 2.6 blows
     Average damage/round: 95.9 vs. creatures not resistant to poison,
     95.9 vs. demons, 81 vs. evil creatures, and 66.1 vs. others.
c) a Ring of Speed <+9>
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4900 feet (level 98)
     +9 speed.
d) a Ring of Speed <+9>
     Found lying on the floor at 4950 feet (level 99)
     +9 speed.
e) an Amulet of Devotion <+3, +1>
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4300 feet (level 86)
     +3 wisdom.
     +1 light.
     Provides resistance to fire, light, dark.
     Sustains wisdom.
     Sustains your life force.  
f) the Phial of Galadriel <+3>
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 3650 feet (level 73)
     +3 light.
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     Radius 3 light.
     When activated, it lights up the surrounding area, hurting
     light-sensitive creatures.
     Takes 46 to 84 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 94.8%
g) Red Dragon Scale Mail of Speed (-2) [24,+27] <+2>
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4900 feet (level 98)
     +2 speed.
     Provides resistance to fire.
h) the Cloak 'Holcolleth' [1,+4] <+2, +3>
     Found lying on the floor of a special room at 4700 feet (level 94)
     +2 intelligence.
     +2 wisdom.
     +3 stealth.
     Provides resistance to acid.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     When activated, it puts to sleep the monsters around you.
     Takes 231 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 94.8%
i) a Leather Shield of Elvenkind [8,+21] <+1>
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4700 feet (level 94)
     +1 stealth.
     Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, cold, nexus.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
j) a Metal Cap of Telepathy [3,+11]
     Bought from a store
     Grants telepathy.  
k) a Set of Caestus of Free Action (+0,+3) [5,+10]
     Dropped by an Easterling champion at 4450 feet (level 89)
     Prevents paralysis.  
l) a Pair of Iron Shod Boots of Speed [4,+17] <+10>
     Found lying on the floor in a pit at 4950 feet (level 99)
     +10 speed.
     Cannot be harmed by fire.

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Books of Magic Spells [Practical Spells] {@m1}
     You can read this book.
b) 22 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
c) a Potion of Healing
d) a Potion of *Healing*
     It can be thrown at creatures with damaging effect.
e) 5 Potions of Restore Mana
f) 3 Potions of Speed
g) 40 Scrolls of Phase Door
h) 30 Scrolls of Phase Door
i) 4 Scrolls of Teleportation
j) a Scroll of Mass Banishment
k) 3 Scrolls of Word of Recall
l) 2 Rods of Speed (1 charging)
     Cannot be harmed by lightning.
m) 3 Wands of Slow Monster (17 charges)
n) a Wand of Stone to Mud (8 charges)
o) 2 Wands of Teleport Other (6 charges)
p) 2 Wands of Drain Life (2 charges)
q) a Wand of Annihilation (1 charge)
     Cannot be harmed by lightning.
r) 2 Staves of Earthquakes (7 charges)
s) a Staff of *Destruction* (3 charges)
t) 4 Staves of Mapping (2 charges)
u) 4 Staves of Teleportation (11 charges)
v) a Staff of the Magi (4 charges)

  [Character Quiver]

  [Home Inventory]

a) a Book of Magic Spells [Book of Trickery] {@m2}
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     You can read this book.
b) 5 Mushrooms of Second Sight
c) a Mushroom of Vigor
d) 2 Scrolls of Banishment
e) 2 Scrolls of *Destruction*
f) a Wand of Dragon's Flame (0 charges)
     Cannot be harmed by lightning.
g) a Staff of Earthquakes (7 charges)
h) a Staff of Teleportation (5 charges)
i) a Ring of Intelligence <+5>
     Found lying on the floor of a labyrinth at 4350 feet (level 87)
     +5 intelligence.
     Sustains intelligence.
j) the Cloak of Thorongil [1,+10]
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 1250 feet (level 25)
     Provides resistance to acid.
     Provides protection from fear.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Grants the ability to see invisible things.  Prevents paralysis.  
k) a Golden Crown of the Magi [0,+7] <+2>
     Dropped by Bolg, Son of Azog at 4600 feet (level 92)
     +2 intelligence.
     Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, cold.
     Provides protection from fear.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
     Sustains intelligence.
l) the Metal Cap of Thengel [3,+12] <+3>
     Found lying on the floor of a labyrinth at 1200 feet (level 24)
     +3 wisdom.
     Provides protection from confusion.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
m) a Broad Axe of Westernesse (2d6) (+14,+10) <+2>
     Taken from a chest found at 1950 feet (level 39)
     +2 strength.
     +2 dexterity.
     +2 constitution.
     Slays giants, trolls, orcs.
     Grants the ability to see invisible things.  Prevents paralysis.  
     Combat info:
     1.3 blows/round.
     With +4 STR and +0 DEX you would get 1.6 blows
     With +0 STR and +2 DEX you would get 1.6 blows
     Average damage/round: 56.6 vs. giants, 56.6 vs. trolls, 56.6 vs.
     orcs, and 36.5 vs. others.
n) a Heavy Crossbow of Power (x4) (+15,+20)
     Dropped by a vrock at 4900 feet (level 98)
o) 17 Bolts of Wounding (1d5) (+20,+22)
p) 17 Mithril Bolts (3d5) (+9,+6)
     Cannot be harmed by acid.

[Player history]
      Turn   Depth  Note
         0      0'  Began the quest to destroy Morgoth.
        40     50'  Killed Fang, Farmer Maggot's Dog
        40     50'  Reached level 2
        40     50'  Reached level 3
        40     50'  Reached level 4
        43     50'  Killed Grip, Farmer Maggot's Dog
       219    100'  Reached level 5
       415    250'  Reached level 6
       540    250'  Killed Bullroarer the Hobbit
       540    250'  Reached level 7
       540    250'  Reached level 8
       541    250'  Found the Long Sword 'Anguirel'
       710    300'  Reached level 9
       859    450'  Reached level 10
       866    450'  Reached level 11
      1077    500'  Reached level 12
      1149    450'  Killed Brodda, the Easterling
      1204    500'  Reached level 13
      1228    500'  Reached level 14
      1595    850'  Reached level 15
      1612    850'  Reached level 16
      1721    950'  Reached level 17
      1787    950'  Killed Mughash the Kobold Lord
      1819    900'  Reached level 18
      2013   1050'  Reached level 19
      2168   1100'  Reached level 20
      2396   1200'  Found the Metal Cap of Thengel
      2425      0'  Reached level 21
      2625   1250'  Reached level 22
      2872   1250'  Reached level 23
      2969   1250'  Found the Cloak of Thorongil
      3117   1350'  Killed Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman
      3260   1500'  Reached level 24
      3573   1700'  Reached level 25
      3749   1950'  Reached level 26
      3819   1950'  Reached level 27
      3827   1950'  Killed Orfax, Son of Boldor
      3835   1950'  Reached level 28
      4411   2100'  Reached level 29
      5248   2300'  Reached level 30
      6275   3300'  Reached level 31
      6640   3350'  -- Note: Wand TO
      6688   3400'  Killed Ulfast, Son of Ulfang
      6737   3400'  Killed Ulwarth, Son of Ulfang
      7010   3650'  Found the Phial of Galadriel
      7130   3650'  -- Note: Staff of Speed
      8014   4300'  Reached level 32
      8014   4300'  Reached level 33
      8047   4300'  Killed Sangahyando of Umbar
      8066   4300'  Killed Angamaitë of Umbar
      8203   4300'  Reached level 34
      8379   4300'  Killed Nár, the Dwarf
      8588      0'  -- Note: Telepathy from store
      8799   4450'  Killed Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings
      9217   4600'  Killed Grishnákh, the Hill Orc
      9339   4600'  Killed Bolg, Son of Azog
      9356   4600'  Found the Steel Helm of Hammerhand (LOST)
      9438   4600'  Found the Star of Elendil (LOST)
      9671   4700'  Found the Cloak 'Holcolleth'
      9908   4900'  Reached level 35
     11201   4950'  Killed Sauron, the Sorcerer
     11201   4950'  Reached level 36
     11201   4950'  Reached level 37
     11204   4950'  Found the Pair of Steel Shod Boots of Thrór (LOST)
     11719   5000'  -- Note: Bolt in head!
     11828   5000'  -- Note: 1 Annih blew up
     11956   5000'  Killed Morgoth, Lord of Darkness


  [User interface]

Use the roguelike command keyset             : no  (rogue_like_commands)
Use sound                                    : no  (use_sound)
Show damage player deals to monsters         : no  (show_damage)
Use old target by default                    : no  (use_old_target)
Always pickup items                          : no  (pickup_always)
Always pickup items matching inventory       : yes (pickup_inven)
Show flavors in object descriptions          : no  (show_flavors)
Highlight target with cursor                 : yes (show_target)
Highlight player with cursor between turns   : no  (highlight_player)
Disturb whenever viewable monster moves      : yes (disturb_near)
Show walls as solid blocks                   : no  (solid_walls)
Show walls with shaded background            : no  (hybrid_walls)
Color: Illuminate torchlight in yellow       : no  (view_yellow_light)
Color: Shimmer multi-colored things          : no  (animate_flicker)
Center map continuously                      : no  (center_player)
Color: Show unique monsters in purple        : no  (purple_uniques)
Automatically clear '-more-' prompts         : no  (auto_more)
Color: Player color indicates % hit points   : yes (hp_changes_color)
Allow mouse clicks to move the player        : yes (mouse_movement)
Notify on object recharge                    : no  (notify_recharge)
Show effective speed as multiplier           : no  (effective_speed)


Generate a new, random artifact set          : no  (birth_randarts)
Generate connected stairs                    : yes (birth_connect_stairs)
Force player descent (never make up stairs)  : no  (birth_force_descend)
Word of Recall has no effect                 : no  (birth_no_recall)
Restrict creation of artifacts               : no  (birth_no_artifacts)
Stack objects on the floor                   : yes (birth_stacking)
Lose artifacts when leaving level            : no  (birth_lose_arts)
Show level feelings                          : yes (birth_feelings)
Increase gold drops but disable selling      : yes (birth_no_selling)
Start with a kit of useful gear              : yes (birth_start_kit)
Monsters learn from their mistakes           : no  (birth_ai_learn)
Know all runes on birth                      : yes (birth_know_runes)
Know all flavors on birth                    : yes (birth_know_flavors)
Persistent levels (experimental)             : no  (birth_levels_persist)

Posted on 19.6.2018 23:24

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On 19.6.2018 23:24 Voovus wrote:
This took quite a few tries and ended up being pretty crazy. 10K turns would be really nice... O! That way madness lies; let me shun that.

On 20.6.2018 00:16 Voovus wrote:
Ms Snork (with apologies to moomin fans) had a very unusual Angband experience. At 250' she clobbered Bullroarer and pried Anguriel from his cold, dead hands. This was her to be her weapon all the way to 5000': it gives SI, FA, +3 speed, does decent damage... and aggravates. To be honest, I don't really understand how she survived, though part of the trick was to push Int as high as possible and wear two +3Int rings for a while. Snork only got other +speed equipment at 4900' (Staff of Speed at 3650'), Telepathy around 4300' (bought from a store), first wand of TO at 3350' (rod slightly earlier).

Aggravating everything and being pretty slow was interesting and made it a rather unusual game. Certainly not your typical rogue.

On 20.6.2018 06:33 Estie wrote:
Good job!

I havent played in a while; my latest attempts promised to beat my old best, but were not good enough for #1, so I discontinued them. One actually would have been good enough if only he had found a -to. Alas.

Winning with aggravation is amazing! How on earth did you ever get any items ?

On 20.6.2018 09:26 PowerWyrm wrote:
You still have 10 more days to try to break 10k turns. I've given up at this point...

On 20.6.2018 21:58 Voovus wrote:
I don't think I'll try 10K. I really need a R*[Enter].

Thanks. Playing with aggravation was weird, and with this crazy rushing it also all feels a bit of a blur. Having high Int (I started with putting max number of points in it and wore Int ring when I found them) lets you fairly quickly get about 60-70SP, at which stage (with regen) you can object detect / reveal monsters / recharge pretty much at will. So Snork basically ran away from most things post-2000', before getting TO, and then TO'd lots of things instead. I remember that she got the boots of speed from a graveyard on 4950' by using Mass Banishment - it was a gamble, but worked surprisingly well.

On 20.6.2018 22:16 Voovus wrote:
On the topic of aggravation, I actually found trying to go for crazy turncounts fun because it forced me to do things that I otherwise probably never would. When you have so few items at your disposal, you have to use everything you can. I've had a character about to die from wounds/poison (and out of healing) who, desperate by this stage, asked herself what she had in her pocketses and found a not-yet-squelched ring of Open Wounds that saved her. I had another wearing the crown of Beruthiel for the ESP (gives massive stats penalties). Another was running around with the Mattock of Nain on 4950' for the digging capability (had no Stone-to-Mud). Another was eating mushrooms of second sight in the final fight to get telepathy. Many characters used Earthquake and loads of wands, that I never seriously used before. Several got much-needed exp for the early hounds; it's not often one is actually happy to see these creatures. A couple deliberately read Summon Monster early on in the hope of getting something decent out of a summoned unique. And this last one was aggravating everything from 250' all the way to Morgoth. The list is long...

On 21.6.2018 01:10 Estie wrote:
Yeah I also have switched to maxing int. Im hoping for the jackpot of a plentiful stack of deep descent scrolls at the black market. Those are also ideal for town visits, as you dont have to wait for recall to kick in.

On 21.6.2018 19:28 bron wrote:
Estie - if you're using forced descent, you don't have to wait for recall to kick in. Taking the down stairs at the town level acts as a recall. Sometimes Deep Descent can be faster than walking over to the stairs though ..

On 21.6.2018 20:47 Voovus wrote:
Estie - that's an unusual notion of "jackpot". ;)
(I understand what you mean, though. I've been wishing for deep descent at the black market too.)

bron - I think one of the main reasons to go with Rogue in this crazy setting is that it lets you (ab)use Object Detection on an up/down staircase, which you can't do with forced descent. Also, Staff of Mapping + recharge (once you have plenty of SP and regeneration) lets you find stairs pretty quickly, and possibly faster than recalling to town and going down the stairs.

On 22.6.2018 19:47 Pete Mack wrote:
Bring back create stairs? That actually makes sense for a rogue spell.

On 22.6.2018 19:48 Pete Mack wrote:
Also: congrats. What an insane win!

On 22.6.2018 19:55 bron wrote:
Hadn't thought about stair abuse. Rogues have pretty much exactly the right set of spells to make that work well.

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