The Angband Ladder: Ivriel, Naugrim Nogrod no-class by protopulse

  [Sil 1.3.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Ivriel        Age      100       Str   4 =  3  +1
 Sex    Male          Height   4'5       Dex   1
 Race   Naugrim       Weight   172       Con   7 =  5  +2
 House  Nogrod                           Gra   3

 Game Turn   26,369   Melee (+20,3d11)   Melee       20 = 20  +1  -1
 Exp Pool     3,042   Bows   (+1,2d11)   Archery      1 =  0  +1  +1  -1
 Total Exp   75,942   Armor [+25,5-16]   Evasion     25 = 20  +1  +4
 Burden       124.4                      Stealth     -1 =  0  +1  -2
 Max Burden   207.3   Health      0:71   Perception  10 =  7  +3
 Depth         950'   Voice      32:34   Will        13 =  7  +3  +3
 Min Depth     900'                      Smithing    24 = 16  +3  +3  +2
 Light Radius     5                      Song         9 =  6  +3

 You are the only child of a Dwarven Smith. You are a credit to the
 family. You have dark brown eyes, straight black hair, a three foot
 beard, and a ruddy complexion.

  [Last Messages]

> The Troll guard misses you.
> You miss the Gwathrauko.
> You hear grinding noises.
> An unseen foe blocks your way.
> You miss it.
> It batters you.
> You are knocked back.
> You see a Helm [+0,1d2] 5.0 lb.
> The Gwathrauko misses you.
> The Unrelenting horror lets out a terrible cry.
> You are unafraid.
> You recover your footing.
> It bites you!
> You die.


  #'# ## 
  #.  ## 
  # #  # 


a) a Greatsword of Nargothrond (-2,3d6) [+1] {@w1} 5.0 lb
   It slays dragons and raukar.  It requires both hands to wield
   it properly.  
b) The Longbow 'Wyrm's End' (+0,2d7) 6.0 lb
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  It grants you the
   ability: Flaming Arrows.  It can shoot arrows 20 squares
   (with your current strength).
c) a Bronze Ring of Accuracy (+3)
d) a Sapphire Ring of Evasion [+3]
e) a Ruby Amulet of Constitution <+2>
   It increases your constitution by 2.  It sustains your 
f) a Feanorian Lamp of Brightness
   It burns brightly, increasing your light radius by an
   additional square.  
g) The Hauberk of Maedhros (-2) [-3,2d6]
   It provides resistance to fire and poison.  It cannot be
   harmed by the elements.  
h) a Shadow Cloak of Warmth [+3] <+2>
   It improves your stealth by 2.  It provides resistance to 
   cold.  It creates an unnatural darkness.  
i) (nothing)
j) The Jewelled Crown of Feanor [+0,1d1] <+3>
   It improves your will and smithing by 3.  It provides
   resistance to fire.  It lights the dungeon around you.  It
   grants you the ability to see invisible creatures, but it
   also enrages nearby creatures.  It cannot be harmed by the
k) a Set of Gloves of Strength [+0,1d1] <+1>
   It increases your strength by 1.  
l) a Pair of Greaves of Free Action [+0,1d2]
   It grants you freedom of movement.  
m) 96 Arrows (+3)
   They can be shot 20 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) 76 Arrows (Poisoned)
   They are branded with venom.  They can be shot 20 squares
   (with your current strength and bow).


a) 6 Russet Herbs of Rage
b) a Black Herb of Restoration
c) 4 Clear Potions of Miruvor
d) 6 Murky Brown Potions of Orcish Liquor
e) 4 Emerald Potions of Healing
f) 6 Smoky Potions of Quickness
g) 8 Azure Potions of Strength
h) 3 Sparkling Potions of Dexterity
i) 4 Brilliant Blue Potions of Constitution
j) a Violet Potion of Grace
k) a Brazen Horn of Thunder
l) an Engraved Horn of Blasting
m) a Mahogany Staff of Revelations (6 charges)
n) a Silver Amulet of Grace <+2>
   It increases your grace by 2.  It sustains your grace.  
o) a Lesser Jewel of Grace <+1>
   It increases your grace by 1.  
p) a Feanorian Lamp of Brightness
   It burns brightly, increasing your light radius by an
   additional square.  
q) The Robe 'Delivery Gown' <+2>
   It increases your grace by 2.  It cannot be harmed by the
r) The Crown of the Duelist (+1) [+1]
   It provides resistance to fire, poison, and fear.  It speeds
   your regeneration (which also increases your hunger).  It
   cannot be harmed by the elements.  It grants you the ability: 
s) The Dwarf Mask of Understanding [-2,1d2] {@w5}
   It provides resistance to fire.  It cannot be harmed by the
   elements.  It grants you the ability: Lore-Master.  
t) a Set of Gauntlets of the Forge (-1) [+0,1d2] <+3>
   It improves your smithing by 3.  
u) The Dagger 'Angrist' (+0,1d5) {@w2} 0.5 lb
   It cuts very easily through armour.  It can be thrown
   effectively (16 squares).  It cannot be harmed by the
v) The War Hammer 'Quality Control' (-1,4d1) <+4> 5.0 lb
   It improves your smithing by 4.  It provides resistance to 
   fear.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  It does extra
   damage when wielded with both hands.  


Ivriel of the Naugrim
Entered Angband on 12 Apr 2019

   Turn     Depth   Note

      0     50 ft   (Armoursmith)
      0     50 ft   (Jeweller)
      0     50 ft   (Enchantment)
    442     50 ft   Made a Round Shield of Deflection [+2,1d3]  5.0 lb
    573     50 ft   Made a Sapphire Ring of Evasion [+2]  0.1 lb
    756     50 ft   Made a Bronze Ring of Accuracy (+2)  0.1 lb
  1,306    100 ft   (Power)
  2,254    200 ft   Encountered Gorgol, the Butcher
  2,335    200 ft   Slew Gorgol, the Butcher
  4,250    300 ft   nooo rip 3d4 bastard sword
  4,250    300 ft   freakin orc thief
  5,039    300 ft   Encountered Boldog, the Merciless
  5,054    300 ft   Slew Boldog, the Merciless
  5,834    350 ft   (Artifice)
  6,007    350 ft   Made The Dwarf Mask of Understanding [-2,1d2]  8.0 lb
  6,010    350 ft   Found The Spear of Boldog (from 300 ft)
  6,497    350 ft   Made a Set of Gloves of the Forge <+2>  0.5 lb
  6,648    350 ft   Made a Ruby Amulet of Constitution <+1>  0.1 lb
  6,799    350 ft   Made a Silver Amulet of Grace <+1>  0.1 lb
  8,380    450 ft   Found The Glaive 'Celebrist'
  8,454    450 ft   Encountered Othrod, the Orc Lord
  8,549    450 ft   Slew Othrod, the Orc Lord
  9,577    450 ft   (Keen Senses)
  9,949    500 ft   Encountered Ulfang the Black
  9,989    500 ft   Slew Ulfang the Black
 10,611    500 ft   Made a Lesser Jewel of Grace <+1>  0.1 lb
 10,734    500 ft   Made a Jewelled Crown of Grace <+1>  3.0 lb
 10,843    500 ft   Made a Cloak of Warmth [+1]  2.0 lb
 10,931    500 ft   Encountered Orcobal, Champion of the Orcs
 10,994    500 ft   damn orcobol got away
 11,038    500 ft   Found The Longsword 'Orcrist'
 12,201    600 ft   (Rauko-Bane)
 13,158    600 ft   (Crowd Fighting)
 13,158    600 ft   (Clarity)
 13,853    650 ft   (Song of Aule)
 13,911    650 ft   Encountered Gilim, the Giant of Eruman
 13,952    650 ft   Slew Gilim, the Giant of Eruman
 13,959    650 ft   Found The Dagger 'Angrist'
 14,356    650 ft   Made a Sapphire Ring of Evasion [+3]  0.1 lb
 14,635    650 ft   Made a Bronze Ring of Accuracy (+3)  0.1 lb
 16,333    750 ft   Found The Greatsword 'Calris'
 16,942    750 ft   wow so many kemenrauko
 17,287    750 ft   no nargo weapon and no mattock making things a tad hard
 17,350    800 ft   shouldnt have used that _foes
 17,350    800 ft   im feelin sick at what im seeing
 17,472    800 ft   Encountered Tevildo, Prince of Cats
 17,479    800 ft   Encountered Oikeroi, Guard of Tevildo
 17,499    800 ft   Slew Oikeroi, Guard of Tevildo
 17,515    800 ft   Slew Tevildo, Prince of Cats
 17,518    800 ft   thats a start
 18,998    800 ft   Encountered Smaug the Golden
 19,302    800 ft   Found The Shortsword 'Dagmor'
 19,328    800 ft   Fell through a false floor
 19,338    850 ft   Encountered Turkano, Balrog of the Hosts
 19,408    850 ft   Destroyed Turkano, Balrog of the Hosts
 19,408    850 ft   Found The Hauberk of Maedhros
 19,539    850 ft   (Eye for Detail)
 19,865    850 ft   ugh darting horror
 20,226    850 ft   Found The Dagger of Azaghal
 20,227    850 ft   Found The Pair of Greaves of Orodreth
 20,240    850 ft   ugh no rfear is killin me
 20,241    850 ft   guess ill keep azaghal?
 20,402    850 ft   Fell through a false floor
 20,659    950 ft   Encountered Vallach, Balrog of Sudden Flame
 20,672    950 ft   Destroyed Vallach, Balrog of Sudden Flame
 20,674    950 ft   Found The Longbow 'Wyrm's End'
 20,896    950 ft   Found The Longbow 'Belthronding'
 21,466    950 ft   Encountered Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves
 21,537    950 ft   Slew Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves
 21,539    950 ft   Found The Wolf-Hame of Draugluin
 21,539    950 ft   Found The Jewelled Crown of Feanor
 21,586    950 ft   Found The Great Spear of Melkor
 22,004    950 ft   Made The Robe 'Delivery Gown' <+2>  3.0 lb
 22,339    950 ft   (Weaponsmith)
 22,697    950 ft   Encountered Umuiyan, the Doorkeeper
 22,736    950 ft   Slew Umuiyan, the Doorkeeper
 22,802    950 ft   Made a Ruby Amulet of Constitution <+2>  0.1 lb
 23,305    950 ft   Made The War Hammer 'Quality Control' (-1,4d1) <+4>  5.0 
 25,670    950 ft   Made The Crown of the Duelist (+1) [+1]  3.0 lb
 25,974    950 ft   Made a Silver Amulet of Grace <+2>  0.1 lb
 26,221    950 ft   Entered the Chambers of Thu
 26,285    950 ft   Encountered Gorthaur, Servant of Morgoth
 26,329    950 ft   Slew Gorthaur, Servant of Morgoth

 26,369    950 ft   Slain by an Ancient amethyst serpent.
 26,369    950 ft   Died on 16 April 2019.

  ['Score' 019073631]

Posted on 13.4.2019 22:24
Last updated on 16.4.2019 19:21

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On 13.4.2019 22:36 protopulse wrote:
Hopefully I can make this one my first dwarf win?

Pretty comfortable run so far. Maybe too comfortable, which is why my turn count's not so great.

I've been rather sloppy with my smithing experience allotment, by which I mean I've just been putting everything into stats that actually help me survive rather than trying to save up experience in case I find a forge. I think in the long run, this approach is better. I'd much rather be able to smith fewer artefacts to prepare for the throne room than die at 300 feet with 3000 experience banked.

Don't think I missed any artefacts so far, since I've been spamming my _treasures every level. It almost acts like a _foes. Depending on how the loot is distributed, I can take a good guess at where the vaults are, which means I can clear the surrounding zones first without waking up whatever nasties are in the vault and getting surrounded from behind while trying to take on a 200 feet out of depth Belegwath, for instance.

Uh unfortunate things that happened this run: was IDing my potions in a corner of the map when somehow an orc thief and some wargs barged in on me. I guess I must have made some noise or they just happened to be scouting that area. I was blind and helpless, so this orc thief stole my 3d4 bastard sword and ran down a set of stairs in fog of war. Not a huge loss, but super annoying nonetheless. Orcobol was kind of unlucky too. I didn't even use my gondolin weapon but he'd take one or two hits and run off. Eventually he found a set of stairs in fog of war too and I couldn't stop him.

Ulfang was a bit scary since I only had ~+13, +13 melee/evasion when I encountered him. So I quaffed !dex and 2 !quickness, took off my shield, and ate an herb of rage and took him out that way...

On 13.4.2019 22:46 protopulse wrote:
Was debating taking leaping since I was cut off from the map a couple times due to chasms, but I think I just don't care about missing forges as much as I once did, so I didn't succumb to the urge. I don't think you need much more than song of slaying, great speed, a couple damage rings, and a 3 dice sharpness weapon for Morgoth (I killed him last run with Saithnar, no rapid attack or momentum). You can probably save a requirement or two if you got rapid attack or momentum. And all of those you can make at pretty low smithing levels.

My stats still don't feel Noldor level...they're quite subpar for 650 feet imo. Just found a 2 use forge. No clue what I'll make here yet. Already have rPois, rCold, rFire, free action, clarity, con +1 amulet, and smithing kit.

Kinda worried about opportunist and low archery. No throwing weapons on me either. Maybe I should have kept some around. Not sure I can kill him even if I pop !quickness. We'll see.

On 13.4.2019 22:50 protopulse wrote:
Oh and somehow I always find Orcrist. It's not a bad weapon, but the lower your melee, the less you can take advantage of criticals. Furthermore, dwarves get axe affinity, not sword affinity. I'm not going to take parry just for Orcrist. Oh well.

On 16.4.2019 00:44 protopulse wrote:
Should have killed Smaug but got false floored before I could. _Treasures didn't reveal anything too interesting he was hovering over though. Just some healing potions for the most part. Though there was a +2 cloak of warmth nearby that I couldn't get to.

Calris is finally online thanks to a staff of sanctity I found on 800 feet. Haven't had much use for it yet...only time I whipped it out was for a pack of unmourned. -5 to-hit, no access to a shield, and cold vulnerability makes me think it simply isn't very good. I'm lugging it around because it's still a 4d11 weapon if used in the right circumstances. I suppose it's not bad for killing spiders and werewolves? I'd use it on cold drakes, but think it's too risky with that cold vulnerability. Basically whoever lands a hit wins the fight. Too RNG reliant for my taste.

Angrist is nice though. Been my solution to Kemenrauko, which are apparently scarier than any uniques the game can throw at me if they number more than two or three. Also wrecks serpents.

And Orcrist is my spider/vampire killer and perception stick. Also not bad against stuff like Ururauko since I need the extra evasion and to-hit against them. They don't have much protection or HP, just are very accurate and hurt a lot.

Just found Hauberk of Maedhros to replace my Mail Corslet of Venom's End from Turkano. That lets me remove my dwarf mask loremaster artefact, which was giving me -2 evasion.

I got strength drained from some dart trap but I'm leaving it for now...not worth blowing a potion of strength or restoration herb over imo.

And...revelations revealed a 4 enchanted forge on 850 feet. It's too bad I won't have access to it unless I can somehow find a mattock of belegost on this floor. Shovel isn't gonna be enough.

On 16.4.2019 00:57 protopulse wrote:
Turn count is atrocious. I'm 2k turns behind where I usually am. Forge luck so far have not been great either. I think even if I make it alive to Morgoth, it'll be a difficult fight, unless I find Anglachel or something. I wonder if my gameplay has gotten worse or simply my luck.

On 16.4.2019 01:02 protopulse wrote:
I feel that it was a mistake to dump my _treasures. Might have been smarter to dump my horn of thunder instead...since I have a _earthquakes now. I can perhaps even dump my loremaster dwarf mask.

On 16.4.2019 01:29 protopulse wrote:
Oh god. This is just like last run!

Well good bye forge. Finally got access to it thanks to some help from Kemenrauko and I get false floored 2 steps away. Even with Eye for Detail.

On 16.4.2019 01:30 protopulse wrote:
Even lost my shield of deflection since I had to drop it when I wielded the greatsword of nagorthrond...

On 16.4.2019 04:01 protopulse wrote:
Rebounded a little bit but I'm still quite a bit weaker by this point in the game than usual. At 24k turns, and still have yet to make a single artefact that boosts my survival. 36 smithing though, so I can make something useful if I can find some forges.

Jewelled Crown of Feanor was a great find.

It's a good thing I have both _treasures and _revelations this game. Without them, I probably would have made a judgment call to stop investing in smithing and make my masterpiece at the first 3 use forge I find.

Still no mattock so if I find one of those enclosed forges, I'll have to rely on my trusty friends, the Kemenrauko. I was debating making a Mattock of Belegost on my last forge, but decided against it. I'm behind on forges as it is.

I'm happy to say I have come to embrace the art of running away. I turn tail the second I meet a great drake (too risky with my melee/evasion), nameless one (can probably kill with Calris, but my evasion too low to reliably dodge hits), ancient spider (I lose even with poison resistance), or silent watcher (no rFear on anything other than my hammer, which is not sharp). And false floors don't upset me as much as they did. As long as I don't get false floored on 950 feet...aha.

Vampire lords are a nightmare for me. Can't outrun them. My melee/evasion are just too low to fight them head-on. I have had to blow a charge of _earthquakes, an herb of restoration, or a !quickness every single time I've met one so far. I never realized how much of a problem they were before.

On 16.4.2019 04:30 protopulse wrote:
WELL. My lack of forges is no longer an issue. 2 3 use forges and 1 4 use forge on this level. And it's 950 feet so no false floors.

Problem is it's a special vault. _Foes reveal Gorthaur and Gostir inside. Could be worse I suppose.

If I can survive this floor, I will definitely have some substantial equipment upgrades. Great speed is a major power spike. Not sure how I can combat my abysmal melee/evasion. Perhaps slapping concentration and master hunter on an artefact glove? Giving myself more constitution, or even strength probably won't help a whole lot unless it's for the throne room where I'll have song of slaying.

On 16.4.2019 04:41 protopulse wrote:
I think I made a bit of mistake this run in tossing Orcrist. And my shield of deflection, but that was out of my control (false floor). Orcrist would have helped much against those vampire lords.

But then again, inventory management on smiths is god awful to begin with. I can't even make room for herbs of healing. I feel like Calris contributes less to my odds of survival than Orcrist, oddly enough. Angrist covers a lot of threats so Calris just sits in my inventory unless I go against low evasion, non fire resistant, high hp monsters who don't use cold attacks...which is not very often. Just...trolls and undead?

I plan to dump _treasures next. With so many artefacts spawned already, I probably won't miss a lot of artefacts even if I go up and down the stairs 10 times. And with so many possible artefacts...the chance I get something useful is...not great.

On 16.4.2019 04:43 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Don't forget the Ancient sapphire serpents and Ancient adamant serpents that breathe potentially big cold damage

On 16.4.2019 05:57 protopulse wrote:
Yep. I just realized why my melee and evasion are so bad. 1 dexterity start isn't the only reason.

Hauberk of Maedhros (-2) [-3,2d6]...this artefact is probably a poor choice for my build. If I'm going to wear it, I should maximize protection, get critical resistance, and tank evasion so I have more experience to invest into melee. Too late for that now. I'm gonna try to get rFire and rPoison through a different piece of gear.

On 16.4.2019 19:30 protopulse wrote:
Got a bit hasty there I suppose. Slew Gorthaur but was low health. There was an unrelenting horror right behind him, so I decided back off and try to enter the Chambers of Thu from another angle. Wanted to regenerate a bit too. I met a Kemenrauko on my retreat, which I took out with no problems. Except the Kemenrauko left a trail of rubble behind him which let some ancient amethyst serpents and gwathrauko get in. I couldn't entirely see what it was I was against because of all that darkness and got cornered in before I understood what was happening. I should have backed out the same way I went in. The fight with Gorthaur was rather tough so I let my guard down when I slew him. RIP.

On 16.4.2019 20:53 wobbly wrote:
Ouch. Thought this dwarf was going to make it. RIP

On 16.4.2019 21:31 protopulse wrote:
Yea, it's a shame. If I could have survived just a little bit longer, I could have had access to two forges, which would dramatically increase my odds of survival. Turn count is very tight, but I might be able to then sneak one or even two more forges in afterwards since I have a _revelations.

I'm unsure if there was much I could do about the unrelenting horror though other than killing it. If I lure it to one end of the map, and disappear from its vision, would it still be able to track me down? If so, I can't very well use the 2 forges without disposing of it.

I'll probably take a bit of a break and make a fresh attempt at this build later this week.

On 17.4.2019 00:15 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Yikes RIP :(

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