The Angband Ladder: Dudley Do-Rig, Human Paladin by ShadowTechnology

  [Angband 4.2.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Dudley Do-RigAge             18          Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Race   Human        Height       5'10"   Str:  18/81  +0  +1  +5 18/141 18/111
 Class  Paladin      Weight    10st 5lb   INT:     14  +0  -3  +4     15
 Title  Chevalier    Turns used:          WIS:     12  +0  +1  +8  18/30
 HP     -101/449     Game        476097   DEX:  18/43  +0  -1  +1  18/43
 SP     5/67         Standard     68564   CON:     18  +0  +2  +3  18/50
                     Resting       3871

 Level                 37    Armor      [57,+64]    Saving Throw     68%
 Cur Exp           580894                           Stealth         Fair
 Max Exp           588468    Melee       1d7,+30    Disarm - phys.   66%
 Adv Exp           700000    To-hit       71,+60    Disarm - magic   46%
                             Blows      5.8/turn    Magic Devices     65
 Gold              145268                           Searching        64%
 Burden          157.9 lb    Shoot to-dam    +21    Infravision     0 ft
 Overweight      -22.0 lb    To-hit       53,+59    Speed      13 (2.3x)
 Max Depth    3250' (L65)    Shots      1.0/turn

 You are a Boy Scout in armor, and a member of the Royal Canadian
 Mounties.  You have blond hair and a huge chin.  You love your horse.
 Somebody told you there is a damsel in distress on level 100 of
 Angband.  You are in for a big surprise.
Resistances         Abilities
 Acid:......++..+.. pFear:+............
 Elec:......+...... pBlnd:.........+...
 Fire:......+...... pConf:.........+...
 Cold:......+...... pStun:.............
 Pois:...+......... HLife:.............
Light:+............ Regen:.............
 Dark:.............   ESP:.............
Sound:............. S.Inv:+........+...
Shard:......+...... FrAct:+.......+....
Nexus:......+...... Feath:..........+..
Nethr:............. S.Dig:.............
Chaos:............. TrpIm:.............
Disen:............. Bless:.............

Hindrances          Modifiers
ImpHP:............. Stea.:.......+.....
ImpSP:............. Sear.:.........+...
 Fear:............. Infra:.............
Aggrv:............. Tunn.:.............
NoTel:............. Speed:+..........+!
DrExp:............. Blows:+............
Stick:............. Shots:.............
Fragl:............. Might:.............

  [Last Messages]

> You smite the dreadmaster (38).
> The dreadmaster misses you.
> The dreadmaster hits you (7).
> You feel very weak.
> The dreadmaster hits you (7).
> You feel very weak.
> The dreadmaster looks slowed.
> You smite the dreadmaster (42).
> You smite the dreadmaster (68). It was a great hit!
> You smite the dreadmaster (39).
> You miss the dreadmaster.
> You smite the dreadmaster (33).
> Something whispers nastily.
> You are hit by something cold!
> You die.

Killed by Tselakus, the Dreadlord.

  [Character Equipment]

a) the Short Sword 'Sting' (1d7) (+10,+10) <+1, +3, +2>
     Dropped by Lokkak, the Ogre Chieftain at 1800 feet (level 36)
     +1 strength.
     +1 dexterity.
     +1 constitution.
     +3 speed.
     +2 attack speed.
     +1 light.
     Slays undead, orcs, animals, evil creatures.
     Provides resistance to light.
     Provides protection from fear.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
     Grants the ability to see invisible things.  Prevents paralysis.  
     Combat info:
     5.8 blows/round.
     With +1 STR and +0 DEX you would get 6.1 blows
     With +0 STR and +2 DEX you would get 6.1 blows
     Average damage/round: 258.7 vs. undead, 258.7 vs. orcs, 233 vs.
     animals, 233 vs. evil creatures, and 207.3 vs. others.
b) a Long Bow of Power (x3) (+9,+21)
     Found lying on the floor of a labyrinth at 1650 feet (level 33)
c) a Ring of Slaying (+16,+8)
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 3250 feet (level 65)
d) a Ring of Resist Poison
     Found lying on the floor at 2450 feet (level 49)
     Provides resistance to poison.
e) an Amulet of Wisdom <+4>
     Dropped by a shadow drake at 1950 feet (level 39)
     +4 wisdom.
     Sustains wisdom.
f) the Phial of Galadriel <+3>
     Found lying on the floor in a pit at 450 feet (level 9)
     +3 light.
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     Intensity 3 light.
     When activated, it lights up the surrounding area, hurting
     light-sensitive creatures.
     Takes 36 to 66 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 94.7%
g) the Chain Mail of Arvedui (-2) [40,+15] <+2>
     Dropped by Lugdush, the Uruk at 1500 feet (level 30)
     +2 strength.
     Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, cold, shards, nexus.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
h) the Cloak 'Holcolleth' [1,+5] <+2, +3>
     Dropped by a small kobold at 350 feet (level 7)
     +2 intelligence.
     +2 wisdom.
     +3 stealth.
     Provides resistance to acid.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     When activated, it puts to sleep the monsters around you.
     Takes 181 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 94.7%
i) a Small Metal Shield (Dwarven) (+2,+2) [5,+9] <+2>
     Dropped by a cave troll at 1500 feet (level 30)
     +2 strength.
     +2 constitution.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
     Prevents paralysis.  
j) the Iron Helm 'Holhenneth' [7,+10] <+2>
     Taken from a chest found at 2450 feet (level 49)
     +2 intelligence.
     +2 wisdom.
     +2 searching skill.
     Provides protection from blindness, confusion.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
     Grants the ability to see invisible things.  
     When activated, it detects treasure and all creatures and maps an
     area nearby.
     Takes 184 to 363 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 93.0%
k) the Set of Gauntlets 'Paurnen' (+3,+3) [3,+14]
     Taken from a chest found at 1800 feet (level 36)
     Provides resistance to acid.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Feather Falling.  
     When activated, it creates an acid bolt with damage 5d8.
     Takes 19 to 33 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 95.1%
l) a Pair of Leather Sandals of Speed [1,+4] <+10>
     Dropped by Kh�m, Son of M�m at 1350 feet (level 27)
     +10 speed.

  [Character Inventory]

a) 4 Holy Books of Prayers [Novice's Handbook]
     You can read this book.
b) 3 Holy Books of Prayers [Healing and Sanctuary]
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     You can read this book.
c) a Holy Book of Prayers [Battle Blessings]
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     You can read this book.
d) 12 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
e) a Potion of Restore Life Levels
f) a Potion of Enlightenment
g) 15 Scrolls of Phase Door
h) a Scroll of Identify Rune
i) 6 Scrolls of Remove Hunger
j) 4 Rods of Treasure Location (1 charging)
k) 3 Rods of Slow Monster (1 charging)
l) 2 Rods of Curing (1 charging)
m) 6 Rods of Light
n) 2 Rods of Recall
     Cannot be harmed by lightning.
o) 2 Wands of Confuse Monster (3 charges)
p) 2 Wands of Stone to Mud (18 charges)
q) a Wand of Teleport Other (6 charges)
r) 2 Staves of Mapping (6 charges)
s) 2 Staves of Teleportation (12 charges)
t) a Staff of Speed (4 charges)

  [Character Quiver]

0) 15 Arrows (1d4) (+1,+5)
     Combat info:
     Hits targets up to 120 feet away.
     Average damage/round: 89.8.
     35% chance of breaking upon contact.
1) 15 Arrows (1d4) (+5,+5)
     Combat info:
     Hits targets up to 120 feet away.
     Average damage/round: 89.8.
     35% chance of breaking upon contact.
2) 23 Mithril Arrows (3d4) (+2,+10)
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Combat info:
     Hits targets up to 120 feet away.
     Average damage/round: 121.3.
     35% chance of breaking upon contact.

  [Home Inventory]

a) 9 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
b) 5 Potions of Healing
c) 2 Potions of Restore Mana
d) 4 Potions of Enlightenment
e) 4 Potions of Speed
f) a Scroll of Teleportation
g) 19 Scrolls of Magic Mapping
h) a Scroll of Banishment
i) a Scroll of Mass Banishment
j) a Scroll of *Destruction*
k) a Wand of Stone to Mud (12 charges)
l) 2 Staves of Slow Monsters (6 charges)
m) 4 Staves of Mapping (23 charges)
n) 4 Staves of Teleportation (30 charges)
o) a Ring of Strength <+4>
     Found lying on the floor at 2000 feet (level 40)
     +4 strength.
     Sustains strength.
p) a Ring of Dexterity <+4>
     Found lying on the floor at 1950 feet (level 39)
     +4 dexterity.
     Sustains dexterity.
q) the Soft Leather Armour 'Hithlomir' [10,+20] <+3>
     Dropped by a mature red dragon at 3150 feet (level 63)
     +3 stealth.
     Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, cold, dark, nether.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
r) the Lucerne Hammer 'Turmil' (2d5) (+10,+11) [+8] <+4, +1>
     Dropped by Bert the Stone Troll at 1500 feet (level 30)
     +4 wisdom.
     +4 infravision.
     +1 light.
     Slays orcs.
     Branded with cold.
     Provides immunity to cold.
     Provides resistance to light.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Speeds regeneration.  Blessed by the gods.  
     When activated, it drains up to 90 hit points of life from a
     target creature.  Does not affect undead, demons, golems,
     elementals or vortices.
     Takes 132 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 93.0%
     Combat info:
     2.7 blows/round.
     With +3 STR and +0 DEX you would get 3.0 blows
     With +0 STR and +1 DEX you would get 3.0 blows
     Average damage/round: 147.9 vs. creatures not resistant to cold,
     147.9 vs. orcs, and 111 vs. others.
s) a Sling of Power (x2) (+10,+25)
     Dropped by Shagrat, the Orc Captain at 1000 feet (level 20)
t) a Heavy Crossbow of Power (x4) (+8,+21)
     Dropped by The Queen Ant at 2450 feet (level 49)
u) 7 Bolts (1d5) (+5,+3)
v) 21 Bolts of Slay Animal (1d5) (+8,+9)
     Slays animals.
w) 30 Seeker Arrows of Holy Might (4d4) (+17,+16)
     Slays undead, demons, evil creatures.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Combat info:
     Hits targets up to 120 feet away.
     Average damage/round: 298.9 vs. undead, 298.9 vs. demons, 249.1
     vs. evil creatures, and 149.4 vs. others.
     35% chance of breaking upon contact.
x) 18 Mithril Shots (2d4) (+5,+5)

[Player history]
      Turn   Depth  Note
         0      0'  Began the quest to destroy Morgoth.
       266     50'  Reached level 2
       518    100'  Reached level 3
       566    100'  Reached level 4
       637    100'  Reached level 5
       839    150'  Killed Grip, Farmer Maggot's Dog
      1133    150'  Reached level 6
      1725    200'  Reached level 7
      1842    200'  Reached level 8
      2351    200'  Reached level 9
      3278    300'  Reached level 10
      3626    300'  Killed Fang, Farmer Maggot's Dog
      4400    300'  Reached level 11
      4539    300'  Reached level 12
      4700    300'  Reached level 13
      4757    300'  Reached level 14
      5290    300'  Reached level 15
      5703    300'  Killed Bullroarer the Hobbit
      8172    350'  Killed Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman
      8297    350'  Reached level 16
      8395    350'  Found the Cloak 'Holcolleth'
      9791    400'  Reached level 17
     10441    400'  Killed Sméagol
     10799    400'  Killed Mughash the Kobold Lord
     11295    450'  Found the Phial of Galadriel
     11678    450'  Reached level 18
     15122    600'  Killed Brodda, the Easterling
     15551    650'  Reached level 19
     16471    950'  Reached level 20
     16981      0'  Killed Farmer Maggot
     17462   1000'  Reached level 21
     17603   1000'  Killed Shagrat, the Orc Captain
     18061   1050'  Reached level 22
     18917   1050'  Reached level 23
     18954   1050'  Killed Grishnákh, the Hill Orc
     18965   1050'  Killed Ulfast, Son of Ulfang
     19637   1000'  Reached level 24
     20835   1000'  Reached level 25
     21889   1050'  Killed Orfax, Son of Boldor
     22011   1050'  Killed Old Man Willow
     22164   1050'  Killed Boldor, King of the Yeeks
     22823   1050'  Reached level 26
     23387   1050'  Killed Gorbag, the Orc Captain
     24091   1050'  Killed Lagduf, the Snaga
     26662   1050'  Reached level 27
     27690   1350'  Killed Khîm, Son of Mîm
     29895   1400'  Reached level 28
     31220   1500'  Killed Ibun, Son of Mîm
     31711   1500'  Killed Lugdush, the Uruk
     31716   1500'  Found the Chain Mail of Arvedui
     32915   1500'  Killed Bert the Stone Troll
     32915   1500'  Reached level 29
     32916   1500'  Found the Lucerne Hammer 'Turmil'
     33081   1500'  Killed Bill the Stone Troll
     35957   1500'  Reached level 30
     36826   1600'  Killed Tom the Stone Troll
     37250   1600'  Killed Ulwarth, Son of Ulfang
     37797   1600'  Killed Nár, the Dwarf
     37925   1600'  Killed Mîm, Betrayer of Turin
     37985   1600'  Killed Sangahyando of Umbar
     38165   1600'  Killed Angamaitë of Umbar
     39367   1700'  Reached level 31
     40062   1700'  Killed Uldor the Accursed
     42452   1800'  Killed Lokkak, the Ogre Chieftain
     42457   1800'  Found the Short Sword 'Sting'
     43484   1800'  Killed Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings
     43625   1800'  Found the Set of Gauntlets 'Paurnen'
     44798   1850'  Reached level 32
     48397   1950'  Reached level 33
     50272      0'  Reached level 33
     55151   2300'  Reached level 34
     55192   2300'  Killed Rogrog the Black Troll
     56052   2300'  Killed Vargo, Tyrant of Fire
     57814   2450'  Reached level 35
     58419   2450'  Killed The Queen Ant
     59073   2450'  Reached level 35
     59731   2450'  Reached level 35
     59905   2450'  Reached level 35
     60560   2450'  Found the Iron Helm 'Holhenneth'
     62091   2500'  Found the Amulet of Carlammas (LOST)
     64870   3050'  Reached level 36
     66307   3150'  Found the Quarterstaff 'Eriril' (LOST)
     66994   3150'  Found the Soft Leather Armour 'Hithlomir'
     67106   3150'  Reached level 37
     68401   3200'  Found the Broad Axe 'Barukkheled'
     68530   3250'  Killed Beorn, the Shape-Changer


  [User interface]

Use the roguelike command keyset             : no  (rogue_like_commands)
Use sound                                    : no  (use_sound)
Show damage player deals to monsters         : yes (show_damage)
Use old target by default                    : no  (use_old_target)
Always pickup items                          : no  (pickup_always)
Always pickup items matching inventory       : yes (pickup_inven)
Show flavors in object descriptions          : no  (show_flavors)
Highlight target with cursor                 : yes (show_target)
Highlight player with cursor between turns   : no  (highlight_player)
Disturb whenever viewable monster moves      : yes (disturb_near)
Show walls as solid blocks                   : yes (solid_walls)
Show walls with shaded background            : yes (hybrid_walls)
Color: Illuminate torchlight in yellow       : yes (view_yellow_light)
Color: Shimmer multi-colored things          : yes (animate_flicker)
Center map continuously                      : yes (center_player)
Color: Show unique monsters in purple        : yes (purple_uniques)
Automatically clear '-more-' prompts         : no  (auto_more)
Color: Player color indicates % hit points   : yes (hp_changes_color)
Allow mouse clicks to move the player        : yes (mouse_movement)
Notify on object recharge                    : yes (notify_recharge)
Show effective speed as multiplier           : no  (effective_speed)


Generate a new, random artifact set          : no  (birth_randarts)
Generate connected stairs                    : no  (birth_connect_stairs)
Force player descent (never make up stairs)  : no  (birth_force_descend)
Word of Recall has no effect                 : no  (birth_no_recall)
Restrict creation of artifacts               : no  (birth_no_artifacts)
Stack objects on the floor                   : yes (birth_stacking)
Lose artifacts when leaving level            : no  (birth_lose_arts)
Show level feelings                          : yes (birth_feelings)
Increase gold drops but disable selling      : yes (birth_no_selling)
Start with a kit of useful gear              : yes (birth_start_kit)
Monsters learn from their mistakes           : yes (birth_ai_learn)
Know all runes on birth                      : no  (birth_know_runes)
Know all flavors on birth                    : no  (birth_know_flavors)
Persistent levels (experimental)             : no  (birth_levels_persist)
To-damage is a percentage of dice (experimental): no  (birth_percent_damage)

Posted on 8.12.2019 17:56
Last updated on 12.12.2019 07:39

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On 8.12.2019 17:56 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL30, CL30, 36,098 turns. Time for a level 30 selfie. Dudley has been a lucky little Mountie. Iluvatar and the RCMP have blessed him with series of worthy weapons, armor, missile launchers, and boots. Praise Eru, Long Live the Queen. He's most pleased with the +10 speed boots (and the +4 boots before that). Level 30 was "Omens of Death" because of two huge rooms, one full of orcs, one full of trolls. Bill, Bert, and Tom were there too, and a few other uniques. Dudley just finished clearing the entire level, gaining a few stat potions. His turn count would be better if he had left the level sooner, or if he had not let himself become distracted on an earlier level for MANY turns digging through granite walls with nothing but a maul (350 turns average to remove a piece of wall) trying to find the entrance to a permanent wall vault full of items and beatable foes. He won the battle but is losing the war. Dudley is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

On 9.12.2019 06:56 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Dudley found Sting, and the 2nd Paladin Spell book. Also some stat potions and rings. He's doing >200 damage against everything. But he has no rPoison. Hasn't seen a single source in the dungeon or the BM. He decided to avoid Kavlex for now. Could use rNether and HL too.

On 10.12.2019 06:36 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL35, DL49. Not much in the way of improvements since last time. Selectively avoiding heavy poison breathers and life drainers.

On 12.12.2019 06:50 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL37, DL64, turn count = 68052. Wow. Lots of brown on the board and no green yet. Condolences to bron for the unfortunately plasma hound incident and demise of Barth. Dudley is making incremental gains, but is feeling uneasy at level 64. He finally has a source of rPoison and rConfusion, which helps. He is avoiding most of the level-native foes, and stealthily looking for the low hanging fruit. He's still using Sting, but wishes he had better damage output. Stat potions have become rare recently. Finger's crossed.

On 12.12.2019 08:10 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Ouch! I should have stopped for the night after my last post, but no, I hid to try a couple more levels. Dudley was breaking into a figure 8 vault with an inner and outer layer. He had just finished the clearing the bad guys from the outer layer and was sorting through the loot, when a Dreadmaster came through the wall and attacked. Behind the bright yellow "G" was another dark "G" that was blinking in and out of sight but not advancing. I thought maybe a shade or a shadow? He was going to be the next victim of Sting, in just one or two more rounds. Well, I think that other G was actually deep purple. I'm guessing it was Tselakus the Dreadlord, but the game isn't telling me who killed Dudley. But I know it was Nether damage, and took Dudley from about 250? HP to -101 HP. Dudley had just recently identified the rNether rhun on Hithlomir, and even wore it for a while. But wearing Hithlomir for rNether meant giving up rShards and rNexus and about 25 points of AC, so he switched back to Arvedui and left Hithlomir at home.
I think I'm done with this contest. Now I'm rooting for Ajelmer to make it to L100.

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