The Angband Ladder: bostock, Demigod Hunter by MITZE

  [PosChengband R 5.0.3 Character Dump]

 Name       : bostock                      ========== Stats ==========
 Sex        : Female                             STR  :     18/10
 Personality: Combat                             INT  :         7
 Race       : Demigod                            WIS  :        10
 Subrace    : Artemis                            DEX  :    18/116
 Class      : Hunter                             CON  :     18/20
                                                 CHR  :     18/86
 Level      :       31                           HP   :    -9/391
 Cur Exp    :   140272                           SP   :   123/143
 Max Exp    :   140272                           AC   :        87
 Adv Exp    :   189750                           Speed:     -2+10
                                                 Mult :      x1.8
 Gold       :   119127                     ========== Skills =========
 Kills      :     5092                     Melee      : Heroic
 Uniques    :       49                     Ranged     : Amber[25]
 Artifacts  :      3+8                     SavingThrow: Excellent
                                           Stealth    : Excellent
 Game Day   :       17                     Perception : Fair
 Game Time  :     2:02                     Searching  : Fair
 Play Time  : 25:08:08                     Disarming  : Superb
                                           Device     : Fair

============================= Character Equipment =============================

 a) a Lucerne Hammer of Westernesse (2d5) (+9,+15) (+1) {StDxCn;FaSi/oTP~oTP, 
 b) a Large Metal Shield of Night and Day [8,+7] {LiDk}
 c) a Heavy Crossbow of Velocity (x4.15) (+11,+8)
 d) a Ring of Archery (+4,+15) (+1) {DxSl}
 e) a Ring (Elemental) {AcEl}
 f) an Amulet (Elemental) {AcFi}
 g) a Brass Lantern of Illumination (with 11516 turns of light) {cursed, 
      A:Illumination, @A0}
 h) Soft Leather Armour of Elemental Protection [4,+16] {AcElFiCo A:Resist 
      Fire, @A2}
 i) a Fur Cloak of Freezing [3,+9] {Co[C? A:Resist Cold}
 j) The Metal Cap 'Hanuroth' [3,+3] (+2) {If;LiCf;Hl}
 k) The Set of Leather Gloves of Pippin (+1,+1) [1,+7] (+1) {SpDx;-St}
 l) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Levitation [2,+12] {So;Lv}

              /)}=="~((]]]                            /)}=="~((]]]
 Resistances  abcdefghijkl@              Abilities    abcdefghijkl@
 Acid       : ....++.+.....  72%         Speed      : ..........+.#
 Electricity: ....+..+.....  65%         Free Act   : +............
 Fire       : .....+.+.....  65%         See Invis  : +............
 Cold       : .......++....  65%         Warning    : .............
 Poison     : .............   0%         Slow Digest: .............
 Light      : .+.......+...  40%         Regenerate : ............. 100%
 Dark       : .+...........  30%         Levitation : ...........+.
 Confusion  : .........+...  30%         Perm Lite  : .............
 Nether     : .............   0%         Reflection : .............
 Nexus      : .............   0%         Hold Life  : .........+...
 Sound      : ...........+.  30%         Dec Mana   : .............
 Shards     : .............   0%         Easy Spell : .............
 Chaos      : .............   0%         Anti Magic : .............
 Disenchantm: .............   0%         Magic Skill: .............
 Time       : .............   0%         Spell Power: .............
 Blindness  : .............   0%         Spell Cap  : .............
 Fear       : ............#   1x         Magic Res  : .............
                                         Infravision: .........+...  20'
              /)}=="~((]]]               Stealth    : ...+.........
 Auras        abcdefghijkl@              Searching  : .............
 Aura Elec  : .............             
 Aura Fire  : .............                           /)}=="~((]]]
 Aura Cold  : ........+.... 4d5+2        Sustains     abcdefghijkl@
 Aura Shards: .............              Sust Str   : .............
 Revenge    : .............              Sust Int   : .............
                                         Sust Wis   : .............
              /)}=="~((]]]               Sust Dex   : ............+
 Slays        abcdefghijkl@              Sust Con   : .............
 Slay Evil  : .............              Sust Chr   : .............
 Slay Undead: .............             
 Slay Demon : .............                           /)}=="~((]]]
 Slay Dragon: .............              Detection    abcdefghijkl@
 Slay Human : .............              Telepathy  : .............
 Slay Animal: .............              ESP Evil   : .............
 Slay Orc   : +............              ESP Nonliv : .............
 Slay Troll : +............              ESP Good   : .............
 Slay Giant : +............              ESP Undead : .............
 Slay Good  : .............              ESP Demon  : .............
 Slay Living: .............              ESP Dragon : .............
 Acid Brand : .............              ESP Human  : .............
 Elec Brand : .............              ESP Animal : .............
 Fire Brand : .............              ESP Orc    : +............
 Cold Brand : .............              ESP Troll  : +............
 Pois Brand : .............              ESP Giant  : +............
 Mana Brand : .............             
 Sharpness  : .............                           /)}=="~((]]]
 Quake      : .............              Curses       abcdefghijkl@
 Vampiric   : .............              Cursed     : ......+......
 Chaotic    : .............              Rnd Tele   : .............
 Add Blows  : .............              No Tele    : .............
 Blessed    : .............              Drain Exp  : .............
 Riding     : .............              Aggravate  : .............
 Tunnel     : .............              TY Curse   : .............
 Throwing   : .............             
              abcdefghijkl@   Base  R  C  P  E  Total
       STR  : 1.........1..     17  1  0  1  0  18/10
       INT  : .............      8  1 -1 -1  0      7
       WIS  : .............     10  1  0 -1  0     10
       DEX  : 1..1......1.s  18/26  3  2  1  3 18/116
       CON  : 1............     18  1  0  0  1  18/20
       CHR  : .............  18/56  1  2  0  0  18/86

==================================== Melee ====================================

 Hand #1: a Lucerne Hammer of Westernesse (2d5) (+9,+15)     Accuracy
 Weight : 12.0 lbs                                            AC Hit
 Profic : !Skilled (+10 To Hit)                               25 88%
 To Hit : 9 + 41 = 50                                         50 81%
 To Dam : 15 + 3 = 18                                         75 75%
 Blows  : 2.66                                               100 68%
 Damage                                                      125 61%
 Crits  : 1.10x (7.7%)                                       150 54%
 Normal : 65 [1.10x]                                         175 47%
 Orcs   : 99 [3.30x]                                         200 40%
 Trolls : 99 [3.30x]                                         
 Giants : 99 [3.30x]                                         
=================================== Shooting ==================================

 Shooting: a Heavy Crossbow of Velocity (x4.15) (+11,+8)
 Range   : 140'
 Shots   : 1.68
 Mult    : 4.23x
 To Hit  : 11 + 35 = 46
 To Dam  : 8 (Multiplier Applies)
 Xtra Dam: 21 (Multiplier Does Not Apply)

 Ammo #1 : 46 Bolts (1d5) (+6,+6)                             AC Hit
 Weight  : 0.3 lbs                                            25 91%
 To Hit  : 6 + 46 = 52                                        50 86%
 To Dam  : 6 + 8 = 14 (Multiplier Applies)                   100 76%
 Damage                                                      150 67%
 Crits   : 1.03x                                             175 62%
 Normal  : 94/157 [4.35x]                                    200 58%
=================================== Powers ====================================

                     Lvl Cost Fail Desc            Cast Fail
Probe Monster         15   20   4%                   14    1   7%
Mark Quarry           20    0   0%                   27    0   0%

=================================== Dungeons ==================================

 Angband         : level  25
!Orc cave        : level  23
 Labyrinth       : level  25
 Forest          : level  20
!Stronghold      : level   5

You were killed by Malekith the Accursed (Quarry) on level 25 of Labyrinth.

 Last Message: I feel like Malekith showed up like 15 DLs early.

==================================== Quests ===================================

  Completed Quests
  Thieves Hideout                          (Danger  level:   5) - level 29
  Warg problem                             (Danger  level:   5) - level 29
  Hairy mold                               (Dungeon level:   6) - level 29
  Gorbag, the Orc Captain                  (Dungeon level:  12) - level 29
  The Sewer                                (Danger  level:  15) - level 29
  Doom Quest 1                             (Danger  level:  15) - level 29
  Orc Camp                                 (Danger  level:  15) - level 29
  Old Man Willow Quest                     (Danger  level:  22) - level 30
  Ghost                                    (Dungeon level:  24) - level 30
  Logrus Master                            (Danger  level:  25) - level 30
  Vapor Quest                              (Danger  level:  25) - level 30
  Tengu and Death Swords                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 31
  The Mimic's Treasure                     (Danger  level:  25) - level 31

  Arena: 16 Victories

================================ Monster Kills ================================

You have defeated 5092 enemies including 49 unique monsters in total.

  Uniques                                  Lvl
  Red Helm, the King of Bear                25
  Angamaite of Umbar                        24
  It                                        24
  Sangahyando of Umbar                      24
  Hagen, Son of Alberich                    24
  Azog, King of the Uruk-Hai                23
  Old Man Willow                            22
  Lugdush, the Uruk                         21
  Bolg, Son of Azog                         20
  Ugluk, the Uruk                           20
  Gorbag, the Orc Captain                   18
  Shagrat, the Orc Captain                  18
  Meng Huo, the King of Southerings         18
  Wutugu, the Chief of Southerings          17
  Nar, the Dwarf                            17
  King Mulu, the Chief of Southerings       16
  Ulfast, Son of Ulfang                     16
  The Ghost 'Q'                             15
  The Variant Maintainer                    14
  Ufthak of Cirith Ungol                    14

  Non-uniques               Lvl Count     Non-uniques               Lvl Count
  Weird fume                 40     3     Snaga                       6   198
  Disenchanter worm mass     40     1     Cave orc                    7   184
  Young red dragon           36     1     Hill orc                    8   162
  Logrus master              33     1     Hellcat                    12   133
  Fire elemental             33     1     Novice mindcrafter          8   106
  Giant skeleton troll       33     1     Snotling                    4   100
  Ninja                      32     1     Phantom warrior             8    98
  Ghost                      31    15     White wolf                 12    85
  Gorgon                     31     1     Mad bear                   15    82
  Grave wight                30     1     Uruk                       18    80
  Giant army ant             30     2     Ogrillon                   16    78
  5-headed hydra             28     4     Forest troll               17    74
  White knight               28     1     Fire hound                 18    73
  Bat of Gorgoroth           28     1     Novice ranger               8    73
  Ice troll                  28     5     Novice priest               6    73
  Spirit naga                28     7     Nibelung                    6    67
  Colbran                    27     2     Half-orc                   15    66
  Ogre mage                  27     1     Sand-dweller               10    61
  Shantak                    27     5     Novice mage                 5    61
  Vibration hound            27     2     Weir                       20    56
=================================== Virtues ===================================

Your alignment: Neutral Good

You have strayed from the path of Individualism.
You are a champion of Justice.
You are the polar opposite of Honour.
You are the living embodiment of Harmony.
You are the living embodiment of Valour.
You are the polar opposite of Compassion.
You are the living embodiment of Temperance.
You are somewhat virtuous in Patience.

================================== Mutations ==================================

You are fleet of foot (Movement costs less energy).

============================= Character Inventory =============================

a) 12 Rations of Food
b) 3 Potions of Booze {!q}
c) 4 Potions of Speed
d) 9 Potions of Heroism
e) 10 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
f) 10 Potions of Clarity
g) 10 Scrolls of Phase Door
h) 20 Scrolls of Teleportation
i) 3 Scrolls of Word of Recall {!r}
j) 4 Scrolls of Holy Chant
k) 8 Scrolls of Monster Confusion
l) a Rod: Detect Traps (9/9 charges) {@z0}
m) a Rod: Pesticide (6/6 charges) {@z5}
n) a Wand: Frost Bolt (8/8 charges)
o) a Wand: Beam of Light (12/12 charges) {@a5}
p) a Staff: Identify (16/16 charges) {@u9}
q) a Staff of Simplicity: Slow Monsters (6/6 charges) (+1) {@u2}
r) a Staff: Confuse Monsters (9/9 charges)
s) a Rapier of Sharpness (2d6) (+13,+4) (+5) {Dg|S, @w7}
t) a Broad Sword (2d5) (+2,+6)
u) a Broad Axe (2d6) (+5,+5)
v) a Halberd (3d5) (+4,+7)
w) a Battle Axe (2d8) (+5,+6)
x) 46 Bolts (1d5) (+6,+6) {@f0}

================================ Home Inventory ===============================

 ( page 1 )
a) 4 Mushrooms of Restore Constitution
b) 26 Rations of Food
c) 6 Slime Molds
d) 33 Pieces of Elvish Waybread
e) 11 Flasks of oil
f) 28 Potions of Water
g) 6 Potions of Slowness {!q}
h) 10 Potions of Poison {!q}
i) 14 Potions of Booze {!q}
j) 15 Potions of Sleep {!q}
k) 40 Potions of Infra-vision
l) 47 Potions of Speed

 ( page 2 )
a) 66 Potions of Heroism
b) 84 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
c) 6 Potions of Healing
d) a Potion of Restore Mana
e) 18 Potions of Restore Life Levels
f) a Potion of Restore Wisdom
g) 5 Potions of Restore Charisma
h) a Potion of Enlightenment
i) a Potion of *Enlightenment*
j) 9 Potions of Resistance
k) 19 Potions of Curing
l) 21 Potions of Clarity

 ( page 3 )
a) 42 Scrolls of Phase Door
b) 83 Scrolls of Teleportation
c) 12 Scrolls of Word of Recall {!r}
d) 31 Scrolls of Remove Curse
e) 5 Scrolls of Recharging
f) 4 Scrolls of Mundanity {!r}
g) 34 Scrolls of Holy Chant
h) 47 Scrolls of Monster Confusion
i) 16 Scrolls of Trap/Door Destruction
j) a Scroll of Destruction {!r}
k) 7 Scrolls of Rumour
l) a Scroll of Crafting {!r}

 ( page 4 )
a) a Rod: Illumination (4/4 charges)
b) a Rod: Illumination (6/6 charges)
c) a Rod: Detect Traps (8/8 charges) {@z0}
d) a Rod: Detection (2/2 charges)
e) a Rod: Detect Doors & Stairs (4/4 charges)
f) a Rod: Detect Doors & Stairs (4/4 charges)
g) a Rod: Lightning Strike (4/4 charges)
h) a Rod: Line of Fire (4/4 charges)
i) a Rod: Ray of Cold (2/2 charges)
j) a Rod: Ray of Cold (3/3 charges)
k) a Rod: Chaos Strike (2/2 charges)
l) a Rod: Pesticide (5/5 charges)

 ( page 5 )
a) a Wand: Stone to Mud (9/9 charges)
b) a Wand: Magic Missile (16/16 charges)
c) a Wand: Magic Missile (13/20 charges)
d) a Wand of Capacity: Acid Bolt (2/7 charges) (+2)
e) a Wand: Lightning Bolt (5/8 charges)
f) a Wand of Capacity: Lightning Bolt (6/11 charges) (+1)
g) a Wand: Fire Bolt (5/5 charges)
h) a Wand: Frost Bolt (6/7 charges)
i) a Wand: Frost Bolt (6/7 charges)
j) a Wand: Beam of Light (7/8 charges)
k) a Wand: Frost Ball (4/6 charges)
l) a Wand: Frost Ball (6/9 charges)

 ( page 6 )
a) a Wand: Stinking Cloud (10/10 charges) {@a5}
b) a Wand of Simplicity: Stinking Cloud (9/14 charges) (+1)
c) a Wand: Scare Monster (13/13 charges)
d) a Wand: Scare Monster (11/11 charges)
e) a Wand of Simplicity: Sleep Monster (5/5 charges) (+1)
f) a Wand: Sleep Monster (12/12 charges)
g) a Wand: Sleep Monster (11/11 charges)
h) a Wand: Slow Monster (8/8 charges)
i) a Wand of Simplicity: Slow Monster (16/16 charges) (+2)
j) a Wand: Confuse Monster (7/7 charges) {@a2}
k) a Wand: Confuse Monster (7/7 charges)
l) a Wand: Polymorph (8/13 charges)

 ( page 7 )
a) a Wand: Polymorph (5/10 charges)
b) a Wand: Heal Monster (6/6 charges)
c) a Wand: Heal Monster (5/9 charges)
d) a Wand: Haste Monster (21/21 charges)
e) a Wand: Clone Monster (6/6 charges)
f) a Wand: Clone Monster (7/13 charges)
g) a Staff: Detect Objects (7/7 charges)
h) a Staff: Detect Objects (11/11 charges)
i) a Staff: Detect Treasure (6/7 charges)
j) a Staff: Detect Treasure (4/7 charges)
k) a Staff: Earthquake (4/7 charges)
l) a Staff of Resistance: Earthquake (7/7 charges)

 ( page 8 )
a) a Staff: Identify (15/15 charges) {@u9}
b) a Staff: Summon Hounds (2/4 charges)
c) a Staff: Cure Wounds (6/6 charges)
d) a Staff: Slow Monsters (11/11 charges)
e) a Staff: Confuse Monsters (6/6 charges)
f) a Staff: Starlight (5/7 charges)
g) 7 Rings
h) a Ring of Combat (+0,+11) {A:Heroism, @A3}
i) a Ring of Combat (+6,+11) {A:Stone to Mud}
j) a Ring of Combat (+5,+5) (+2) {StDxCn}
k) a Ring (Elemental) {ElCo A:Lightning Ball}
l) a Ring of Protection {So(St A:Resist Cold}

 ( page 9 )
a) a Ring (Elemental) {ElCo}
b) a Ring of Combat (+2) {StDxCn}
c) a Ring of Archery (+3) {Sl}
d) a Ring of Combat (+2) {StDx A:Berserk}
e) a Ring (Elemental) {Co A:Fire Ball}
f) a Ring of Archery (+0,+2) (+1) {Dx A:Magic Arrow}
g) a Ring of Protection {Po}
h) a Ring of Archery (+0,+14)
i) a Ring (Elemental) [+9] {Ac}
j) a Ring of Combat (+3,+6) (+2) {Dx}
k) a Ring of Combat (+2,+8)
l) a Ring (Elemental) {Co A:Fire Bolt}

 ( page 10 )
a) 2 Rings (Elemental) {Fi}
b) a Ring of Protection {Li}
c) a Ring of Combat (+11,+0)
d) a Ring of Archery (+1) {Dx A:Phase Door}
e) The Ring of Abyss (+3) {Wi;ElSo;FaSi(Wi}
f) The Ring 'Fanuigond' (+5) {cursed, -Cn;PoLiNx}
g) 5 Amulets
h) an Amulet of Trickery (+4) {Sr;Nx?}
i) a Barbarian Talisman (+2) {Dx? A:Berserk}
j) an Amulet (Elemental) {AcEl}
k) an Amulet of Trickery (+2) {SlSr?}
l) a Sacred Pendant [+7] (+1) {Wi;Bs?}

 ( page 11 )
a) an Amulet (Elemental) {El A:Resist Cold, @A2}
b) an Amulet (Elemental) {Co?}
c) an Amulet (Elemental) {Co A:Resist Cold}
d) an Amulet (Elemental) {El?}
e) an Amulet (Elemental) {Co A:Line of Fire}
f) an Amulet (Elemental) {Ac?}
g) an Amulet (Elemental) {El?}
h) an Amulet (Elemental) {Fi?}
i) an Amulet (Elemental) {Co A:Stinking Cloud}
j) a Barbarian Talisman [+3] (+1) {-In? A:Berserk}
k) a Barbarian Talisman [+8]
l) a Barbarian Talisman (+1) {-In?}

 ( page 12 )
a) a Barbarian Talisman [+5] {cursed, ?}
b) a Brass Lantern of Extra Light (with 756 turns of light) {Lu}
c) 5 Feanorian Lamps
d) The Feanorian Lamp 'Galdraug' (+3) {Sr;CfNx A:Identify}
e) Ring Mail of the Olog-hai (-2,+6) [12,+13] (+1) {StCn;-InSl;AcPoCa;Rg 
f) Ring Mail of Elemental Protection (-2) [12,+14] {El?}
g) The Ring Mail of Giles (-2) [12,+18] (+2) {-Sl;FiCoNxCa}
h) Augmented Chain Mail of the Olog-hai (-2,+4) [16,+8] (+1) {St;-In;AcPoCa;Rg 
i) Haramakido (Dwarven) (-2) [22,+6] (+1) {StCn?}
j) Soft Leather Armour of Elemental Protection [4,+8] {Fi A:Stinking Cloud, 
k) The Soft Leather Armour of Birds [4,+15] (+3) {cursed, -In;-AcNt;ElSo[E}
l) The Hard Leather Armour 'Smoke Ball' (-1) [6,+13] (+4) {cursed, 

 ( page 13 )
a) Hard Studded Leather of Elemental Protection (-1) [7,+8] {FiCo?}
b) Padded Armour of Elemental Protection [5,+7] {Fi?}
c) Padded Armour of Elemental Protection [5,+7] {ElCo?}
d) a Cloak of Elemental Protection [1,+8] {Fi}
e) a Cloak of Stealth [1,+7] (+2) {Sl}
f) The Cloak of Meng You [1,+13] (+1) {InSlIf(In}
g) a Small Leather Shield of Reflection [3,+12] {?}
h) The Large Leather Shield 'Maegnien' [6,+9] (+4) {cursed, If;-Ch;DkNx}
i) a Large Metal Shield of Elemental Protection [8,+12] {Ac}
j) a Hard Leather Cap of Knowledge [2,+4] (+1) {In?}
k) a Set of Leather Gloves of Slaying (+7,+3) [1,+6]
l) a Set of Gauntlets of Free Action [2,+3] {Fa}

 ( page 14 )
a) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Stealth [2,+6] (+3) {Sl}
b) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots (Gnomish) [2,+3] {Fa A:Phase Door}
c) a Broken Dagger (Life) (1d1) (+2,+1) {?}
d) a Dagger of Force (1d4) (+7,+11) (+2) {InWi;Si|M}
e) a Main Gauche of Slaying (1d5) (+9,+5) {/o?, @w7}
f) a Tanto (1d5) (+6,+4)
g) a Rapier (Nature) (1d6) (+1,+6) (+1) {In;El;Rg/Z~Z?}
h) a Rapier of Slaying (1d6) (+6,+4) {?}
i) a Short Sword (1d7) (+0,+0) {@w7}
j) a Sabre of Morgul (1d7) (+16,+12) [+4] {cursed, ?}
k) a Cutlass (1d7) (+2,+5) {@w7}
l) a Cutlass (1d7) (+6,+2)

 ( page 15 )
a) a Wakizashi (Nature) (2d4) (+3,+7) (+2) {In;RgLu|F/Z~Z?}
b) a Wakizashi of Slaying (2d4) (+6,+2) {/pU}
c) The Khopesh of Philosopher (2d4) (+7,+15) (+1) {DxSr;Nx;SdLu|EF A:Line of 
d) a Tulwar (2d4) (+5,+5)
e) a Tulwar (Craft) (2d4) (+5,+7) {?}
f) a Tulwar of Slaying (2d4) (+7,+6) {?}
g) a Tulwar (Death) (2d4) (+9,+6) {cursed, Hl|V?}
h) a Broad Sword (Craft) (2d5) (+3,+3) {Lu|EF}
i) a Long Sword (Nature) (2d5) (+5,+8) (+2) {In;Rg/Z~Z?}
j) a Scimitar (2d5) (+3,+5)
k) a Katana (Craft) (3d4) (+2,+7) {Lu|F?}
l) a Hatchet (Craft) (1d5) (+9,+4) {|P?}

 ( page 16 )
a) a Spear (1d6) (+5,+1)
b) an Awl-Pike (Nature) (1d8) (+7,+7) (+1) {In;RgLu|F/Z~Z?}
c) a Trident (1d8) (+4,+8)
d) a Trident (1d8) (+5,+5)
e) a Trident (Craft) (1d8) (+5,+4) {|P?}
f) a Trident (Death) (1d8) (+4,+8) {Hl|V}
g) a Trident (Death) (1d8) (+4,+3) {cursed, Hl|V?}
h) a Pike of Westernesse (2d5) (+11,+5) (+1) {StDxCn;FaSi/oTP~oTP}
i) a Beaked Axe (Nature) (2d6) (+13,+7) (+1) {In;El;Rg/Z~Z?}
j) a Lucerne Hammer of Slaying (2d5) (+9,+3) {?}
k) a Glaive (2d6) (+5,+2)
l) a Glaive of Slaying (2d6) (+2,+8) {?}

 ( page 17 )
a) a Lance (Nature) (2d8) (+4,+6) (+1) {In;El;Rg/Z~Z?}
b) a Club (Nature) (1d4) (+3,+4) (+1) {In;Rg/Z~Z?}
c) The Club 'Neithanfirn' (1d4) (+18,+9) (+3) {Wi;Bs|Ca/TL, @w7}
d) a Whip (1d6) (+5,+7)
e) a Whip of Slaying (1d6) (+4,+6) {?}
f) a Quarterstaff of Slaying (1d9) (+6,+5) {?}
g) a Mace (2d4) (+5,+5)
h) a Flail of Slaying (2d6) (+5,+2) {?}
i) a Shovel (1d2) (+5,+6) (+1) {Dg, @w7}
j) a Sling of Velocity (x2.10) (+9,+14)
k) a Sling of Velocity (x2.05) (+10,+13)
l) a Sling of Accuracy (x2) (+18,+10)

 ( page 18 )
a) a Sling of Accuracy (x2) (+23,+6)
b) a Short Bow of Accuracy (x2.50) (+22,+9)
c) a Light Crossbow of Velocity (x3.60) (+7,+7)
d) a Light Crossbow of Accuracy (x3.50) (+19,+5)
e) a Light Crossbow of Extra Shots (x3.50) (+10,+7) {cursed, ?}
f) a Harp (+1) {Ch}
g) 83 Bolts (1d5) (+0,+0) {@f0}
h) 27 Bolts (1d5) (+3,+4)
i) 22 Bolts (1d5) (+6,+6) {@f0}
j) 29 Bolts of Wounding (1d5) (+5,+8)
k) 18 Bolts of Shocking (1d5) (+5,+9) {|E}
l) 99 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0) {@f0}

 ( page 19 )
a) an Arrow (1d4) (+0,+0) {@f0}
b) 99 Flight Arrows (1d3) (+0,+0)
c) 56 Sheaf Arrows (2d4) (+0,+0)
d) 22 Arrows (1d4) (+5,+3) {@f1}
e) 19 Flight Arrows (1d3) (+4,+6)
f) 26 Sheaf Arrows of Hurt Dragon (2d4) (+6,+1)
g) 27 Flight Arrows of Wounding (1d3) (+9,+10)
h) 99 Rounded Pebbles (1d2) (+0,+0) {@f0}
i) 65 Rounded Pebbles (1d2) (+0,+0) {@f0}
j) 25 Rounded Pebbles (1d2) (+2,+3)
k) 20 Rounded Pebbles (1d2) (+4,+2)
l) 21 Rounded Pebbles (1d2) (+2,+6)

 ( page 20 )
a) 19 Rounded Pebbles of Shocking (1d2) (+6,+4) {|E}
b) 84 Iron Shots (1d3) (+0,+0) {@f0}
c) 23 Iron Shots (1d3) (+4,+2)
d) a Cave spider Skeleton
e) a Cave spider Corpse
f) 23 Iron Spikes
g) a Magic Whistle {A:Return Pets}
h) a Shard of Pottery
i) an Empty Bottle
j) a Dwarf Skeleton
k) a Human Skeleton

==================================== Museum ===================================

 ( page 1 )
a) The T-shirt 'I killed the GHB and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!' [1,+0]
b) The Skeleton of King Duosi, the Chief of Southerings
c) The Skeleton of Lady Zhurong, the Avatar of Flame Spirit
d) The Corpse of Bullroarer the Hobbit
e) The Corpse of Lagduf, the Snaga
f) The Corpse of Dailai Dongzhu, Captain of Southerings
g) The Corpse of Boldor, King of the Yeeks
h) The Corpse of Gorbag, the Orc Captain
i) The Corpse of Old Man Willow
j) The Corpse of Azog, King of the Uruk-Hai

================================== Statistics =================================

  Found    :   139624
  Selling  :   253864
  Winnings :     1980   395468
  Purchases:   173832
  Services :   102509
  Stolen   :        0   276341

  Objects Found    :   6688
  Objects Bought   :   1393
  Objects Destroyed:   4517

  Equipment            Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Weapons                547      1     0   437
  Shields                 67      1     0    62
  Bows                   113      3     0    91
  Rings                   44      1     0     2
  Amulets                 45      0     0     4
  Lights                  93      2     0    75
  Body Armor             316      1     0   256
  Cloaks                  47      1     0    41
  Helmets                 79      1     0    75
  Gloves                  79      2     0    74
  Boots                   73      2     0    64
  Totals                1503     15     0  1181

  Devices              Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Wands                   79      0    58     9
  Staves                  41      2   724    15
  Rods                    25      0   534     3
  Potions                518    285    55    91
  Scrolls                903    281   140   298
  Totals                1566    568  1511   416

  Other                Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Shots                  631    510     0   630
  Arrows                 813     70     0   500
  Bolts                  488    135     0   396
  Spellbooks              95      0     0    90
  Food                   231     93    18    47
  Corpses                720      0     0   702
  Skeletons              541      0     0   534
  Totals                3519    808    18  2899

  Potions              Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Cure Critical Wounds    28    118    10     5
  Curing                   4     15     0     0
  Speed                   45     31    15     3
  Healing                  3      3     0     0
  Restore Mana             1      0     0     0
  Restore Life Levels     18      0     0     0
  Dexterity                3      0     3     0
  Constitution             1      0     1     0
  Totals                 518    285    55    91

  Scrolls              Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Word of Recall          95     55   108     5
  Identify               138      0     8    89
  *Identify*               2      0     2     0
  Remove Curse            33      2     4     0
  Teleportation          149     64     3     0
  Destruction              1      0     0     0
  Totals                 903    281   140   298

  Wands                Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Stone to Mud             1      0     0     0
  Totals                  79      0    58     9

  Staves               Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Identify                 2      1   651     0
  Enlightenment            1      0     0     0
  Totals                  41      2   724    15

  Rods                 Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Detect Traps             8      0   527     2
  Detect Doors & Stair     3      0     0     0
  Detect Monsters          3      0     0     1
  Illumination             3      0     0     0
  Detection                1      0     0     0
  Totals                  25      0   534     3

  Spellbooks           Found Bought  Used  Dest
  Third Spellbooks         1      0     0     0
  Totals                  95      0     0    90

  Egos Found    :    291
  Egos Bought   :      5
  Egos Destroyed:      7

  Egos                 Found Bought  Dest

  Monsters             Kills   Pct
  Animals               1853  36.3%
  Breeders               214   4.2%
  Demons                 189   3.7%
  Dragons                 21   0.4%
  Giants                 170   3.3%
  Hounds                 396   7.7%
  Humans                 582  11.4%
  Orcs                  1012  19.8%
  Trolls                 125   2.4%
  Undead                 269   5.2%
  Uniques                 49   0.9%

  Evil Monsters         2592  50.9%
  Good Monsters          148   2.9%
  Neutral Monsters      2352  46.1%

  Totals                5092

================================ Last Messages ================================

You attack the Yellow light: You hit. The Yellow light explodes into 
tiny shreds.

You have found 130 gold pieces worth of garnets.
You have found 198 gold pieces worth of garnets.
You have 48 Bolts (1d5) (+6,+6) {@f0} (x).
There is a granite wall blocking your way. <x2>
You have 12 Rations of Food (a).
You have 4 Potions of Speed. You feel yourself moving much faster! How 

You have 9 Potions of Heroism. You feel like a hero!
You feel righteous! You have 4 Scrolls of Holy Chant.
It commands you to return.
Malekith the Accursed attacks you: He misses. He misses.

You have 47 Bolts (1d5) (+6,+6) {@f0}. The Bolt (1d5) (+6,+6) hits 
Malekith the Accursed. Malekith the Accursed grunts with pain.

You mark Malekith the Accursed as your quarry.
Malekith the Accursed (Quarry) magically summons monsters!
The Warg attacks you: It misses.
Malekith the Accursed (Quarry) tries to cast a spell, but fails.
The Pegasus attacks you: It bites. It is frozen! It bites. It is 
frozen! It misses. It misses.

Targetting a Warg.
You attack the Pegasus: You hit. You hit. You hit.
The Warg attacks you: It misses.
Malekith the Accursed (Quarry) points at you, incanting terribly! There 
is a malignant black aura surrounding Brass Lantern of Illumination...
Malekith the Accursed (Quarry) points at you, incanting terribly! You 
stand your ground!

Targetting a Disenchanter worm mass.
You have 46 Bolts (1d5) (+6,+6) {@f0}. The Bolt (1d5) (+6,+6) hits the 
Disenchanter worm mass. How heroic! You have slain the Disenchanter 
worm mass. The Bolt disappears.
The Warg attacks you: It misses.
The Pegasus attacks you: It bites. It is frozen! It bites. It is 
frozen! It kicks. It is frozen! It kicks. It is frozen!
Malekith the Accursed (Quarry) attacks you: He (Quarry) hits. You stand 
your ground! He (Quarry) is frozen! He (Quarry) hits. He (Quarry) is 
The Pegasus attacks you: It bites. It is frozen! It misses. It misses. 
It kicks. You stand your ground! It is frozen!
The Warg attacks you: It bites. It is frozen!
Malekith the Accursed (Quarry) attacks you: He (Quarry) misses. He 
(Quarry) hits.
     pC# ..# #                 
    #### ###.                  
 I feel like Malekith showed up like 15 DLs early. Goodbye, bostock!

=================================== Options ===================================

 Preserve Mode:      On
 Small Levels:       Sometimes
 Arena Levels:       Sometimes
 Ironman Quests:     Enabled

Posted on 12.3.2020 23:59
Last updated on 19.3.2020 07:52

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1006. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2381)
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On 12.3.2020 23:59 MITZE wrote:
Day 1/6:25, CL1, Outpost

Gods, why did I agree to travel out here with that caravan? This place is a hellhole, and even more hellish outside the walls. Panthers, tigers, orc war parties, no wonder Morivant barely gets news from the fringes.

The "mayor" of the settlement tells me that they're harassed by the so-called "Southering" bandit group, who rob people who (are stupid enough to) come to this dump. They're holed up deep in their cave Stronghold outside the walls, and have some guards keeping watch in a separate small burrow.

I've agreed to do something about the situation—I'm in desperate need of coin, that I might buy supplies to survive a trip back to civilization—but the "mayor" seems to think that getting rid of their lookouts will somehow magically solve the entire problem. Idiot.

I also paid a visit to the local bounty office; I mentioned the local fauna earlier, and it seems they're not just a menace to travellers and caravans coming in but also to the Outpost itself. First three problems on the list were a wolf, a bear, and a tiger.

The wolf—Bloodfang—apparently has made enough of a menace of itself to warrant being named, presumably for tearing enough throats out to stain its teeth red, how droll. The bear apparently ran off wounded after it came into town and got warded off (two nights ago I'm told), and I'm starting to suspect this place is populated by loonies too because the tiger—also named, "Hobbes"—supposedly talks.

Last minor note: apparently a well-known local figure, Old Man Willow, has gone mad and started turning the very forest against the place too. I must be the only person with two brain cells to rub together here, for he is surely the reason why all the wildlife outside the walls is so hostile.

On 13.3.2020 00:15 MITZE wrote:
CL5 Stat Boost: CHR 14 => 16

On 13.3.2020 01:46 MITZE wrote:
CL10 Stat Boost: CHR 16 => 17

On 13.3.2020 02:21 MITZE wrote:
Day 3/9:46, CL11, Stronghold/400'

I've decided to tackle the bandit problem by going directly for the head; I figure if I take out the guards holed up outside the cave I will have alerted these "Southerings" that someone who is actually capable is coming for them. Don't want to put them on guard, after all.

I'm starting to wonder what on earth happened here; a mere outpost shouldn't be attracting this much trouble, unless there's more going on than is immediately obvious. I've killed what seemed to be people's pets in this cave, and I'm not talking about bandit pets. I mean pets of actual townsfolk, and they seemed to be frothing rabid beasts from what I could glance before I had to put them down.

I also encountered some small slippery creature that talked to itself in third person; had to drink a potion that enhances eyesight just to get a good look at it. It kept taking my stuff, and didn't seemed like it could be reasoned with so I had to put it down too.

I don't know what Bullroarer was doing here—hopefully not working for these "Southerings," him doing so would only mean this situation is more complicated than it would seem as I feared—but I caught him napping and managed to pick him off before he could reach me. He was as fast as they say; I'd say he moved at twice my speed, triple that of what you would expect for the smaller folk with their short legs.

Situation may in fact be massively more complicated than expected; I found a member of the Easterling bandit tribe here as well. Between Easterlings and Southerings, I'm starting to wonder if the Southerings are just a vassal group under the Easterlings, which doesn't bode well, since the Easterlings have created quite the reputation for themselves as threats to proper civilization.

On 13.3.2020 03:28 MITZE wrote:
CL15 Stat Boost: CHR 17 => 18

On 13.3.2020 04:28 MITZE wrote:
Day 4/14:54, CL16, Stronghold/500'

Gods, what the hell is going on here?

I've encountered Wormtongue—known lackey of Saruman, another menace to the peace—and Robin Hood, a known thief who claims chivalrous reasons for his stealing here.

I also encountered an orc war party in here—I think I heard members of the band shout Lagduf—and if orcs are colluding with Southerings and the Southerings are colluding with Saruman and the Easterlings I'm starting to dread that there's an active conspiracy by all the known powers who are aiming to conquer.

I'm not getting paid enough for this shit.

On 13.3.2020 04:46 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/6:22, CL16, Stronghold/550'

I'm going mad, I must be. I found Hobbes, and I swear I heard him talking!

He died like any other tiger, but I can't explain what I thought I heard!

On 13.3.2020 04:54 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/6:40, CL16, Stronghold/550'

Well, there goes the element of surprise.

Found one of the high-ranking Southerings, "King" Duosi. I took him out before he could sound the alarm, but high-ranking as he is his disappearance will be noticed.

I'd be nice if I could find the boss of the lot before that happens, but luck hasn't been on my side; this cave is a maze, and much bigger than one would think looking at it from the outside. There must be multitudes of pathways, and given how numerous the enemies have been someone's going to find out something happened soonish.

On 13.3.2020 05:01 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/7:15, CL16, Stronghold/550'

Yeah, there's no way I'm undetected now, I probably have been for a while.

Ran into another high-ranking Southering, Dailai Dongzhu, a captain.

It can't be a coincidence that two high-ranking members were here, they had to have been waiting for me. I thought I had snuck in here without their guards on the outside seeing me, but either that wasn't true or my presence has been detected somehow.

On 13.3.2020 05:57 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/11:03, CL17, Stronghold/600'

Another high-ranking Southering: Meng You brother to the apparent leader of them Meng Huo. At this rate, Meng Huo might be the only one left by the time I get to him!

On 13.3.2020 06:08 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/12:27, CL17, Stronghold/600'

Even the yeeks are in on this conspiracy by the powers, apparently. Came across Orfax, prince of the yeeks surrounded by others of his kind who were equipped with some strange apparatus.

I dunno what it was, but when I shot one it, uh, blew up. Which blew up the one next to it. Which blew up others nearby. Which blew up just about the entire escort surrounding Orfax, who somehow barely survived the mess; one more shot finished him off. Only two other yeeks survived that; one brown and another brown who was outfitted with another of those devices.

I, uh, may need to bathe next time I'm in Outpost, I have yeek viscera all over me, yuck.

On 13.3.2020 06:17 MITZE wrote:

I forgot to mention that Orfax was also wanted by the bounty office; they must've heard about those devices and decided he was a threat, hah.

On 13.3.2020 06:24 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/13:57, CL17, Stronghold/600'

Gods, I just killed something, I don't even know what.

Something that looks like it had started out to be a man but never quite made it. I could see its bones through its flesh, its arms were longer than its body was tall, its legs ending in toes that resembled a nest of worm masses.

Gods, what is happening, what are the powers doing!?

On 13.3.2020 06:34 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/15:35, CL18, Stronghold/700'

I think I'm getting close to where they hole up in this labyrinth, thank gods; I hear the echo of laughter, of like a group of men occasionally.

Can't wait to get out of here, out of this cave and out of Outpost, the edge of civilization is a nightmare.

On 13.3.2020 07:07 MITZE wrote:
Day 5/21:18, CL19, Stronghold/700'

Another orc warband—Ufthak's—as well as a strange man that didn't seem all together there. He talked of esoteric things beyond me.

Frankly, I think he was mad, but he was coherent enough to conjure forth strange bug creatures to attack me, and when he approached me and struck me himself the world seemed weird and different. I swear, for some reason I thought I was suddenly a leper, or a snotling.

I caught sight of Grishnakh's warband too, but even though he too had a bounty on him I elected to enact that phrase "discretion is the better part of valor."

Considering this cave, I'll see him again somehow no doubt.

On 13.3.2020 07:17 MITZE wrote:
Day 6/7:18, CL19, Stronghold/750'

I'm very close to the Southering base of operations now; I can hear voices echoing often.

Time to prepare for a fight, for surely this Meng Huo knows I'm coming and has prepared for me.

On 13.3.2020 07:33 MITZE wrote:
Stronghold Stat Boost: CHR 18 => 18/22

On 13.3.2020 08:02 MITZE wrote:
CL20 Stat Boost: STR 15 => 16
CL20 Demigod Power: Fleet of Foot

On 13.3.2020 08:12 MITZE wrote:
Day 6/10:32, CL20, Stronghold/750'

Sure enough, I was there.

I was two or three rooms away, even, not sure how I didn't get bushwhacked while making journal entries.

Meng Huo knew I was coming, as expected; as soon as I was close enough to know pinpoint where he was he was sending his gang after me himself.

Luckily, he wasn't adverse to engaging personally, and I made use of some nifty magic scrolls to debilitate him while I finished taking out his band, before finishing him too.

He seemed particularly upset; I think I heard something about vengeance for his wife. Come to think of it, I think I know who he was talking about; there was this woman before my entry concerning Ufthak. I think got distracted from making a note of her because I was still shivering in revulsion over that thing.

Great, now I'm thinking of it again, ugh.

On 13.3.2020 08:15 MITZE wrote:
(Forgot to link the CL20 status screenshot to the character, damn it.)

On 13.3.2020 21:46 MITZE wrote:
Day 6/15:29, CL21, Stronghold/750'

Wrapping up a few loose end before I try to make my may back to Morivant; it goes against my grain to just let a bounty be like I did with Grishnakh, so I'm going to try hunt him down before leaving.

I'm probably also going to hunt Bloodfang and that bear down too; the incompetence here is mind-boggling, if I don't do it heavens knows they won't be able to.

On 14.3.2020 00:20 MITZE wrote:
Day 7/12:00, CL23, Stronghold/750'

Took me a bit, but found I finally Grishnakh . . . but only after coming across and killing some surviving Southerings (Wutugu, "King" Mulu) and the yeek king, Boldor.

Now I just need to drag his corpse back.

On 15.3.2020 03:44 MITZE wrote:
Day 7/13:55, CL23, Stronghold/750'

Boy, if I don't think my opinion of the populace here can get any lower.

I spent what felt like five minutes—five minutes!—outside of Outpost and that was all it took to find both Bloodfang and that bear. Pretty sure it took longer to kill the two of them than it did to find them.

But whatever, I'm out of this hellhole now, this place is no longer my problem.

On 15.3.2020 03:58 MITZE wrote:
Day 7/19:27, CL23, Orc cave/750'

Didn't reach Morivant before sundown; had to take shelter in a cave approximately halfway between Outpost and Morivant by my estimation. A carrion seemed to have the same idea; it didn't mind sharing though after some . . . persuasion.

While looking around for the optimal place to make camp, I noticed that the ground seemed to be rife with orc tracks . . . this might be that unknown orc stronghold that they—that is to say, Morivant scouts—have been unable to find.

On second thought, I might press on to Morivant even into the night; there'll be no safe place to make camp with orcs around, and certainly not on their own front door.

On 15.3.2020 04:28 MITZE wrote:
Day 8/6:00, CL23, Orc cave/750'

Made it to Morivant alright.

Mostly alright.

Got ambushed about an hour or two out I think; what the hell are the patrols doing, can't even be within two hours travel of the city without being attacked by ruffians and orcs.

I'm about to head up to the castle now, make my report on the roads and to what I think I found about the orc situation.

On 16.3.2020 01:07 MITZE wrote:
Day 8/6:49, CL23, Orc cave/750'


I went to the castle. Surpisingly, did not have to wait long for an audition. Unfortunately, the results of the audition were . . . not was I was hoping for.

Didn't get more than ten words in before scouts came in and spoke in hushed words to the king; didn't hear what was said clearly, but I thought I made out the words "graveyard," "castle," "Telmora," "spider," and "forest."

Whatever it was, it must not have been good news, considering the look of unease on the king's face from it.

After the scout left, I made my report as I was going to; the king, far from relieved, looked only more stricken.

To my surprise, the king must've known of my vocation, as he offered to buy my services to investigate, and hopefully eliminate, the orc menace that I might've discovered the hideout of.

I had to bite back scathing words; I am a hunter of bounties, not an army, and I am ill-equipped to handle the latter in turn. But.


The price he named . . . it was a lot of gold. And it does not behoove to turn down royalty.

Looks like I have a new mission.

Went to the inn afterwards, whereupon two things of note happened.

Firstly, I was approached by someone claiming to represent the local Thieves' Guild, with an offer for work; apparently there's some competition between the local magic shop and them. They want me to sneak into the back and trash the place, to show the magic shop owner how the Thieves' Guild feels about others infringing on their territory. Unfortunately, I had to decline, at least for now, as the king's commission has first priority, and it's not professional to be working on multiple jobs at once in my line of work. Conflicts of interest, you see.

The other things that happened was a piece of news; apparently, while I was up at the castle the local wizards got a teleportation service up and running between Morivant and Outpost.

If I had waited just one more day, I could've saved myself the trouble of travel for a modest fee. Surely, the gods are watching and laughing at me.

On 16.3.2020 02:37 MITZE wrote:
CL25 Stat Boost: STR 16 => 17

On 16.3.2020 03:17 MITZE wrote:
Day 8/21:40, CL25, Orc cave/1000'

Godsdamnit that hurt!

The yeeks must've shared their godsknowswhat with the orcs; I stumbled into a cavern full of orcs, yeeks, and dogs all outfitted what that blasted contraption.

The ensuing blast literally blew me half to hell and them all the way there.

On 16.3.2020 04:03 MITZE wrote:
Day 9/6:18, CL25, Orc cave/1000'

Found Ulfast, another Easterling thug here in the orc caves. I am stuck wondering yet again what conspiracy the powers are up to, for surely there is evidence that one exists between them by now.

On 16.3.2020 04:40 MITZE wrote:
Day 9/10:55, CL26, Orc cave/1050'

Getting close to the deepest part of the caves now; killed another named orc captain—Shagrat, I think his band called him—and dragged his corpse back as evidence of my progress. Got a singular potion of healing for my trouble; probably heals as much damage as I'm capable of surviving at this point, might be useful, though I would've preferred something more . . . monetary.

On 16.3.2020 05:21 MITZE wrote:
Day 9/14:11, CL26, Orc cave/1050'

Dragged another high-ranking orc (Lugdush, an uruk this time) corpse back as proof that I'm doing stuff. Reward this time was a potion of concentrated mana; I'm told it'll alive mental fatigue and restore some power to any magical devices I carry when I quaff it.

Not sure how it would do the latter, but in any case it wouldn't matter much for me anyway.

Some orc in Lugdush's band actually carried a decent sling; not as accurate as what I'm currently using, but it slings with noticeably more force. Probably worthwhile to switch to, things are consistently taking multiple shots apiece to put down now.

On 16.3.2020 22:46 MITZE wrote:
Orc cave Stat Boost: CHR 18/22 => 18/43

On 16.3.2020 23:33 MITZE wrote:
Day 10/2:05, CL28, Orc cave/1150'

Azog is dead. I stoned him to death myself and brought his corpse back as evidence. The relief on the king's face was noticeable (yet still slight and faded quickly) when I did so.

The king, however, seems to be not satisfied with just this though; Azog apparently has a son, that goes by the revolting name of Bolg, and Bolg is wanted dead too, that the orc menace has no meaningful figure to rally behind left.

Back to it then, I guess.

On 17.3.2020 02:34 MITZE wrote:
Day 10/9:58, CL28, Orc cave/1150'

No sign of Bolg, but I did run into the prince of that one dwarven house of ill repute; Hagen, I think his name was.

Anyway, whatever his name was, he was wanted, so stoned to death he got. My "reward" was a scroll of magics supposedly useful in an absolute emergency, when you are surrounded on all sides and escape seems impossible.

It does me no good, I can't read the blasted thing without squinting at it for a good ten minutes!

On 17.3.2020 08:45 MITZE wrote:
Day 11/8:02, CL29, Orc cave/1150'

Finally found Bolg, smack in the middle of negotiating with one of those Black Numenoreans. The apparently conspiracy only grows.

My reward for dragging Bolg's corpse in as evidence was a potion of "*enlightenment*". No, I don't know how they asterisks were vocalized either. Supposedly it gives unparalleled powers of awareness; the list of effects I was given was so long that I think most of it exaggeration. Still, if it does even a quarter of what it was claimed to do it'll be useful for an emergency.

Bolg (reward: !*Enlightenment*), Sangahyando, forgot Nar

On 17.3.2020 08:46 MITZE wrote:
(Oops, forgot to delete my notes for the last entry.)

On 18.3.2020 04:05 MITZE wrote:
Day 11/12:32, CL29, Orc cave/1150'

The king has made further requests for my services; he wishes me to deliver correspondence to the king of Telmora, and while on the way keep an eye on the forest the road runs by to the southeast. Apparently, many people have gone missing in the area while travelling, and his scouts has been unable to find the cause, except to eliminate bandits and the like as such.

If I note anything out of the ordinary, he wants me to inform the Telmoran king, who shall send word back with another scout. In the meantime, I am to assist Telmora however they ask of me; I am, for the time being, to treat the kingdoms as they were in an equal alliance, and that the bidding of one king would be the bidding of all of them.

I can't help but feel like I am out of my depth here; surely there are better people to entrust with these matters. However, again, it does pay well, and again, it does not behoove to turn down royalty.

On 18.3.2020 04:10 MITZE wrote:

I keep forgetting to note this down, but while in the orc cave I came across Nar, traitor dwarf turned to the cause of the dark enemy.

Needless to say, it does not bode well that Morgoth himself is involved here.

On 18.3.2020 04:26 MITZE wrote:
Day 11/17:15, CL29, Forest/1000'

I'm at the forest where the king told me about; there is . . . something . . . wrong here.

It's like the feeling I got at Outpost, but worse. The place is dark, oppressive, like some terrible thing hangs over it. The place feels hungry, like at any moment it is liable to swallow one whole and leave not a trace—which is fitting, because that's what the king had said happened to people who travelled by here.

I think I've seen enough, I'm leaving this place, as fast as possible.

On 18.3.2020 04:55 MITZE wrote:
Day 12/6:04, CL29, Forest/1000'

Arrived at Telmora last night safely; had the audience with the king this morning.

He, of course, has matters he would like to hire me for, but there are more important matters that need attention. The correspondence I delivered was on the topic of the teleportation service that's up between Morivant and its outskirts; the nature of the latter was to get Telmora and Angwil in on it too, to make travel between the alliance kingdoms safer.

Naturally, as I just arrived this morning, it'll take the court sorcerers some time to verify the service and make sure it's running smoothly, so I'm invited to make myself home for the moment while they do just that. After that, they want me to do what I just did here with Angwil, carrying information about this magical network to there.

In the meantime, I think I'll find something to occupy myself with. Prices are inflated here because of scarcity due to the kingdom's remoteness, but maybe I'll check out the arena instead of a tavern.

On 18.3.2020 05:23 MITZE wrote:
Day 12/7:18, CL29, Forest/1000'

It's done, Telmora is on "the grid" as the court sorcerer put it. My task now is to set for Angwil with correspondence containing instructions on how to "get on it and connect to Morivant and Telmora."

Shame, I was starting to enjoy myself in the arena; I have having a nice stretch killing things, it was about to get interesting because the next thing would've been a basilisk.

On 18.3.2020 05:45 MITZE wrote:
Day 12/13:59, CL29, Forest/1000'

Made it to Angwil safely; they'll be on "the grid" within the day.

The ruler here agrees with me that any sign of Morgoth's influence in current events is a bad sign; he wants me to go see what Angband's been up to.

Can't say I'm thrilled about this turn of events.

On 18.3.2020 06:07 MITZE wrote:
Day 13/3:11, CL29, Angband/250'

My report on Angband was concerning to everyone: Angband is quiet.

I went to the gates, even walked in and went down a few levels, and I saw nothing more dangerous than a few minor demons.

Morgoth, and his machinations, appear to have gone from the place; this is only concening, because an enemy like him—one of the worst the kingdoms have ever faced—does not just simply disappear. We know he's still out there; Nar's presence among the orcs is evidence such, but if he's not at Angband, where is her?

We seem to have traded an enemy we know for an enemy we do not.

On 18.3.2020 06:15 MITZE wrote:

With "the grid" up and running; my current contract with the kings is completed. They have asked me to stay accessible, as they are sure to have more work for me.

The king of Morivant approached me while the courts went into recess to digest the information I have delivered; while not an official contract, he has asked me to go back to Outpost; it is still having trouble (surprise, surprise), and he would have me aid the "mayor" there as I can. I will be contacted if anything more important (or lucrative) comes up, and depending on my efforts in Outpost, he might bestow me a gift in "friendship."

I'd really rather not go back there, but everyplace has gone to hell it seems, and for whatever reason Outpost seems important to Morivant.

Coin from there is as good as coin from anywhere else, I guess.

On 18.3.2020 08:53 MITZE wrote:
Day 13/6:44, CL29, Angband/250'

Things have been relatively straightforward in Outpost, if not unsettling; apparently the guards belonging to the Southerings were still alive and reporting to someone, someone who was not Meng Huo. As I thought back then, some larger force is at work, though it's been thwarted for now, as the guards are dead.

There was a new problem however, and that's that wargs have been interfering with the settlement and its shipments; you might think that since it's just animals it's not a big deal, but I'm told these wargs were acting organized and coordinated like they were a band of humanoid raiders. They also been thwarted, but still the feeling remains that more is going on.

In the meantime while I wait, I'm going to take initiative and investigate Angband; if Morgoth truly has gone from there, then maybe I can find something useful left behind, and if he has not, the kings will need to know.

On 18.3.2020 09:00 MITZE wrote:
Day 13/8:54, CL29, Angband/300'

Ugh, gross, I think I've entered a pantry or something; there's mold everywhere!

On 18.3.2020 09:11 MITZE wrote:
Day 13/11:04, CL29, Angband/400'

Ran into Nami, that pirate here in Angband too; it appears that she did not want to fight, and was basically just here for loot, not unlike me.

However, she is a pirate, and as such had a bounty on her, so despite her wishes she got a fight anyway. I won.

On 18.3.2020 09:31 MITZE wrote:
Day 13/14:43, CL29, Angband/600'

First sign of proper activity now; came across an orc captatin, Gorbag, coming up from the lower depth.

I think Morgoth, or someone, still resides below and is giving orders; I'll have to report this to the kings, though the question remains as to why the gates and the surface are so quiet.

On 18.3.2020 10:36 MITZE wrote:

I made my report to the kings; while they counseled both Telmora and Angwil have made requests of me.

Telmora wanted me to investigate problems they've been having with their sewer system; it turned out that a bunch of animals had made their home in there, and much like with the wargs at Outpost, they were far too coordinated than mere animals have any right to be.

Angwil wanted me to take care of an orc warband that their scouts had spotted approaching the town; it seems that I was correct about something in the depths of Angband still giving orders, as the orcs remain organized even without Azog and Bolg. Luckily, it seemed like I had killed off all the important orcs, because the only named one who was left to show up was Golfimbul, of the Bullroarer (who I killed long ago) fued.

On 18.3.2020 10:37 MITZE wrote:

Last entry was meant to be dated "Day 14/8:43, CL29, Angband/750'".

On 18.3.2020 11:01 MITZE wrote:
Day 14/11:01, CL29, Angband/750'


The orcs were just a goddamn distraction—while I was off killing them, a magical portal opened up in town and demons started pouring out of it!

Had to dive into the portal myself to solve the problem; a pair of arch-viles were holding the portal open and pounding me with fireballs all the while.

Fuck, this has gone from "kinda a problem" to "serious threat" now; I don't know how they're able to coordinate an attack like that, but I sure as hell don't like it!

On 18.3.2020 11:37 MITZE wrote:
CL30 Stat Boost: CHR 18/43 => 18/56

On 18.3.2020 12:05 MITZE wrote:
Day 14/17:32, CL30, Angband/1000'

The new situation has been relayed to the kings of Morivant and Telmora; I've been tasked with seeing if I can get deeper in Angband and find out who's giving the orders now, or at least how they're coordinating attacks so well.

On 18.3.2020 12:40 MITZE wrote:
Day 14/19:11, CL30, Angband/1000'

I've been recalled to help out Outpost; apparently Old Man Willow has not been content to merely turn the forest hostile against the place anymore and is now actively aggressing towards it.

On 18.3.2020 14:00 MITZE wrote:
Day 15/18:22, CL30, Angband/1200'

Old Man Willow was barely any trouble; I'm starting to suspect that I'm literally the only competent person that exists, which is why everybody wants me to do everything.

Angband level twenty-four had a sign on it: 'Beware, this level is guarded by 14 Ghosts!'

I don't know if they expected that to scare me or something, but I appreciated the warning.

On 18.3.2020 14:37 MITZE wrote:
Day 15/23:09, CL30, Angband/1200'

I must be making progress into the depths, because I just found another wanted black numenorean, Angamaite. Hopefully I'll get somewhere soon.

On 18.3.2020 15:04 MITZE wrote:
Day 16/3:11, CL30, Angband/1200'

I might have run into something of a wall here; I'm consistently running into named mooks now whenever I try to progress further—it was Ugluk this time. Thought I had offed every ranked orc, but they just keep popping out of the woodwork.

Ran into a fucking disenchanter beast; unfortunately the damned thing got me good. My weapon, my shield, my sling, and my helmet all lost some of their power.

On 19.3.2020 05:01 MITZE wrote:
Day 16/6:08, CL30, Angband/1250'

Given the difficulty I'm running into in penetrating further into Angband, I've been recalled to assist with more troubles at the home kingdoms likely orchestrated by the powers.

Telmora in particular is having a rough time of it currently; it seems there's been a general run of bad luck, involving things from livestock dying mysteriously to people getting sick to even the infestation in the sewer I already took care of.

Thankfully, it looks like I may not in fact be the only competent person around; the Telmoran king has had his spies investigate and they found that it all started around the time a stranger to the city bought an abandoned dwelling. While not evidence by itself; the court sorcerers have also detected chaos magic coming from said residence.

All I have to do it take out this stranger, and hopefully it'll solve most of the problems here in Telmora.

On 19.3.2020 05:15 MITZE wrote:

The raid went flawlessly; I burst in the door, drank a potion to increase my speed, and stoned the guy to death as he came around the corner.

I'm not terribly impress by how I was rewarded for it though; the king gifted me a magical rod that I might harness those powers against my enemies . . . except I don't know a damned thing about magical devices! I can barely read the basic scrolls and use the basic rods!

On 19.3.2020 05:20 MITZE wrote:
Day 16/6:31, CL30, Angband/1250'

Morivant has requested my services now; it seems some foul presence has take root in the inn's cellar. The place has odd fumes, and when a canary was placed to test the air quality it died "within minutes."

Some guards went in to investigate further, but claimed that the air itself attacked them.

Hopefully it's just some air spirits.

On 19.3.2020 05:59 MITZE wrote:
Day 16/7:53, CL30, Angband/1250'

It was not just air spirits, though those were there too.

I swear every single hostile thing down there was hard to see; I don't know how I would've managed were it not for this dunadan polearm.

I could barely breathe to begin with because the innkeeper had a fungal infestation in his cellar, so the air was full of spores. Then there were his guard dogs—he had tamed some clear hounds—but those were hostile like all the wildlife in Outpost! Not only that, but even the floor attacked me at times! Some of it was just traps the innkeeper laid to dissuade anyone other than himself or the tavern wenches from coming down here, but other times the floor was actually possessed and tried to swallow me! The walls too!

There were also . . . things. I don't know how to describe them, other than that they were like darkness incarnate, malicious and somehow alive. There was also some kind of oozing liquid that seemed to absorb and light that touched it; I could only tell where it was by where the light was not.

Lastly, I found the fumes the reports spoke of; there was mist that felt like it were trying to draw my very life essence out of me, and noxious odors that caused me to choke on the lack of breathable air even as they caused me to see things I knew were not there.

I don't know how I dispelled half of the things I came across down there; for all their coherence and maliciousness I guess they were still tenuous enough to be waved into unbeing, thankfully.

On 19.3.2020 06:14 MITZE wrote:
Day 16/8:31, CL30, Angband/1250'

My "reward" for saving the innkeeper's business was a magical rod that would impart unparalled detecting on command; the thought it nice, really nice, it would genuinely be useful, except I still don't know anything about magical devices.

For once, I've not been given any new assignments; the kings need to counsel again, so I am left to my own . . . devices . . . for once.

Maybe I'll see if that Thieves' Guild job is in still need of completion.

On 19.3.2020 06:43 MITZE wrote:

As it turns out, the job was still available, and it turned out to be slightly more complicated than I was first informed—only slightly, though.

It turned out that, strictly, it wasn't the magic shop infringing on Thieves' Guild territory, but rather than the Black Market wasn't happy about the current business arrangement between the Thieves' Guild and themselves. So, they had approached the magic shop with the proposition that they become the new supplier, cutting out the Thieves' Guild entirely. Obviously, the Thieves' Guild wasn't too happy, so they had me trash the magic shop and then the Black Market for good measure to show their displeasure. I was told that I was welcome to whatever treasures I found during both.

I gotta say, the new business arrangement doesn't look like it was working out very well; there was barely anything valuable in either the magic shop's or the black market's back rooms. I've the sneaking suspicion that the Thieves' Guild knew this, which is why I was given leave to take whatever I wanted.

For posterity: the magic shop was guarded by a few familiars, animated swords, and a few gelatinous cubes. The black market was guarded by a bunch of innocuous objects enchanted to act as sentries, as well as some bits of enchanted floor like those I faced in the inn's cellar.

On 19.3.2020 06:44 MITZE wrote:

Previous entry was meant to be dated "Day 16/10:05, CL31, Angband/1250'".

On 19.3.2020 07:08 MITZE wrote:
Day 16/10:28, CL31, Angband/1250'

The kings are still in counsel over what strategies to pursue in face of current threats, so I'm still without a current contract.

Actually, I might have an idea—while I was at the inn I overheard a particularly unsteady customer talking about some ruins to the south-west; apparently they're quite maze-like. I suppose I could check those out, see if there's anything worthwhile to loot.

Not like I've currently anything better to do.

On 19.3.2020 07:52 MITZE wrote:
Malekith at DL25. He's a DL40 monster. 'nuff said.

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