The Angband Ladder: Lywyth, Dwarf Thaumaturgist by <>

  [ToME 2.0.0 Character Dump]

 Name  : Lywyth                 Age                 41       STR:     10       
 Sex   : Neuter                 Height              45       Int:     18     19
 Race  : Dwarf Hermit           Weight             121       WIS:     17       
 Class : Thaumaturgist          Social Class        14       Dex:      3     11
 Body  : Player                                              CON:      8       
                                                             Chr:     10     12
 + To Melee Hit           2 Level             22    Max Hit Points       111   
 + To Melee Damage        5 Experience     13101    Cur Hit Points        -1   
 + To Ranged Hit         -4 Max Exp        13101    Max SP (Mana)        141   
 + To Ranged Damage       0 Exp to Adv.    14700    Cur SP (Mana)         13   
   AC                 16+15 Gold           30050    Loan                   0   
                                                    Loan time              0   
                         (Miscellaneous Abilities)                             
 Fighting    : Fair         Perception  : Fair         Blows/Round:  1         
 Bows/Throw  : Bad          Searching   : Poor         Shots/Round:  1         
 Saving Throw: Excellent    Disarming   : Good         Wpn.dmg/Rnd:  1d6+5     
 Stealth     : Bad          Magic Device: Superb       Infra-Vision: 60 feet   
                                                       Tactic:       normal    
                                                       Explor:       running   
                         (Character Background)                                
          You are the only child of a Dwarven Thief.  You are a                
          credit to the family.  You have dark brown eyes, straight            
          black hair, a one foot beard, and a dark complexion.                 

  [Miscellaneous information]

 Cth monsters:       OFF
 Zlike monsters:     OFF
 Joke monsters:      OFF
 Maximize mode:      ON
 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           ON
 Small Levels:       ALWAYS
 Arena Levels:       ON
 Persistent Dungeons:       ON
 Recall Depth:
        Barrow-Downs: Level 10 (500')
        The Old Forest: Level 22 (1100')

 Your body was a Player.

 You started your adventure the 43rd Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 You ended your adventure the 47th Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 Your adventured lasted 4 days.

     Your Attributes:
You are dead.
You can use secret passages.
You can mystify pets.
You can wake up a pet.
You are terrified.
You are poisoned.
Your eyes are sensitive to infrared light.
You can fly.
Your appetite is small.
You are lucky.
You are resistant to lightning.
You are resistant to confusion.
You are resistant to chaos.
You are resistant to nexus attacks.
Your eyes are resistant to blindness.
Your digging ability is affected by your equipment.
Your weapon is branded with the Sign of Chaos.

Skills (points left: 0)
	  - Weaponmastery                               00.700 [0.400]
 - Sneakiness                                    01.135 [0.900]
	  . Stealth                                     01.500 [0.500]
 - Magic                                         15.711 [0.950]
	  . Spell-power                                 00.000 [0.600]
	  . Sorcery                                     00.000 [0.400]
	  . Mana                                        00.000 [0.600]
	  . Fire                                        00.000 [0.600]
	  . Water                                       00.000 [0.600]
	  . Air                                         00.000 [0.600]
	  . Earth                                       00.000 [0.600]
	  . Meta                                        00.000 [0.600]
	  . Conveyance                                  00.000 [0.600]
	  . Divination                                  00.000 [0.600]
	  . Temporal                                    00.000 [0.600]
	  . Mind                                        00.000 [0.600]
	  . Nature                                      00.000 [0.600]
	  . Udun                                        00.000 [0.400]
	  . Necromancy                                  00.000 [0.600]
	  . Runecraft                                   00.000 [0.600]
	  . Thaumaturgy                                 21.700 [0.900]
 - Spirituality                                  01.000 [0.550]
	  . Prayer                                      00.000 [0.500]
 - Monster-lore                                  00.000 [0.500]
 - Misc                                          00.000 [0.000]

 You saved 9 princesses.

 You have defeated 1646 enemies.


You may find Padded Armour on level 1.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Chaotic Whip (1d6) (+6,+5)
   It produces chaotic effects.
   It provides resistance to nexus.
   It provides resistance to chaos.
   It cannot be harmed by acid.
   It cannot be harmed by electricity.
   It cannot be harmed by fire.
d) (nothing)
e) an Indestructible Ring of Protection [+8]
   It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.
f) a Ring of Levitation
k) an Amulet of Slow Digestion
m) a Brass Lantern (with 4988 turns of light) {25% off}
n) Rhino Hide Armour of Resist Lightning (-1) [8,+2]
   It provides resistance to electricity.
   It cannot be harmed by electricity.
o) (nothing)
p) a Small Metal Shield [3,+0]
s) a Metal Cap [3,+6]
u) (nothing)
x) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Stability [2,+3]
   It provides resistance to nexus.
   It allows you to levitate.
z) (nothing)
{) (nothing)
|) a Pick (1d3) (+3,+3) (+1)

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Beginner Cantrips
b) a Book of Teleporation
c) a Book of Summoning
d) a Mushroom of Disease
e) 4 Flasks of oil
f) a Potion of Detect Invisible
g) a Potion of Resist Cold
h) a Potion of Cure Light Wounds
i) a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
j) 2 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
k) a Scroll of Word of Recall {!*}
l) 7 Scrolls of Identify
m) a Scroll of Light
n) a Scroll of Satisfy Hunger {90% off}
o) a Wand of Sleep Monster (11 charges)
p) a Wand of Confuse Monster (14 charges)
q) a Staff of Door/Stair Location (6 charges)
r) a Ring of Light and Darkness Resistance
s) a Ring of Invisibility
t) 8 Baby bronze dragon raw meats
u) (nothing)
v) (nothing)
w) (nothing)

  [Home Inventory - Bree ]

a) Benetar's Death Ray Experiment
   It can be activated for...
   experience loss
b) a Parchment titled ``Planar Travel Made Easy''
   It can be activated for...
c) a Parchment titled ``Tenser's Last Words''
   It can be activated for...
d) a Rod Tip of Light (15 Mana to cast)
e) a Ring of Fire Resistance
f) an Amulet of Acid Resistance
g) a Dragonrider Coat [9,+3]
h) a Hard Leather Cap [2,+0]

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