The Angband Ladder: Jklnveuytw, Quylthulg no-class by <>

  [PosBand 0.2.0-alpha2 Character Dump]

 Name   Jklnveuytw                Nexus quylthulg             Self RB CB  EB  
 Sex    Male         Age     339  Innate attacks:      STR:     15 -4 +0  +0
 Race   Quylthulg    Height   12                       INT:     10 -4 +0  +0
                     Weight   43  None                 WIS:     10 -4 +0  +0
 Title  Monster      Status    1                       DEX:     10 -4 +0  +0
 HP     -113/197                                       CON:     15 -4 +0  +0
 SP     50/50        Level    22                      *CHR:     17 +7 +0  +0 

 GameTurn     63832  Armor    [64,-1] Saving Throw  Excellent
 Cur Exp      10022  Fight    (-3,+0) Stealth       Legendary
 Max Exp      10022  Melee    (-3,+0) Fighting           Fair
 Adv Exp      10500  Shoot    (-3,+0) Shooting           Fair
 MaxDepth   Lev   1  Blows     1/turn Disarming          Fair
 Gold          2488  Shots     0/turn Magic Device       Fair
 Burden      72 lbs  Speed         -5 Perception         Fair
 % Burden       55%  Infra      80 ft Searching          Fair

 You are the offspring of a quylthulg.  You look like a pile of
 pulsing flesh, seemingly very unstable.

  [Last Messages]

> There is a puff of smoke!
> It blinks away.
> You push past your Blue yeek.
> Lotho Pimple fires a seeker arrow.
> Your Blue yeek hits Lotho Pimple.
> Lotho Pimple hits your Blue yeek.
> Lotho Pimple touches your Blue yeek.
> Your Blue yeek hits Lotho Pimple. <2x>
> Lotho Pimple fires a seeker arrow at your Blue yeek.
> Lotho Pimple advances to level 18.
> Your Blue yeek dies.
> Lotho Pimple tries to cast a spell, but fails.
> You see a Corpse of Filthy street urchin. <3x>
> Lotho Pimple fires a seeker arrow.
> You die.

Posted on 27.6.2004 07:37

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On 27.6.2004 07:37 wrote:
Posband crashed as it was trying to save this dump, so it's abbreviated. This might be the record for most dangerous town monster--Lotho took out my high-level yeek companions to get to 18 and then fired a seeker arrow for 310 damage.

On 30.6.2004 23:32 wrote:
You should send a bug report in situations like that :). I'll have a look at this save dump crash. The accident with super-Lotho isn't quite as unusual, though.

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