The Angband Ladder: Alyssa Glennoth, American Engineer by Neil Stevens

  [Steamband 0.4.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Alyssa Glennoth                          Self  abcdefghijkl@   Best
 Sex    Female         Age            18  MUS:    361  *.......*.5.*   481
 Race   American       Height         57  AGI:    349  ...........1.   379
 Class  Engineer       Weight        122  VIG:    374  s.......*....   494
 Title  Chief WO-3     Status         17  SCH:    515  .....8......*   795
 WP     -3/77          MaxDepth  1200 ft  EGO:    340  ............*   540
 SP     534/543        Preserve        Y  CHR:    305  .............   305

 Level           37       Armor    [21,+146]     Saving Throw           Good
 Cur Exp    1292164       Blows       2/turn     Stealth          First-rate
 Max Exp    1292164       Shots       0/turn     Fighting         First-rate
 Adv Exp    1575000       Infra        60 ft     Shooting          Excellent
                                                 Disarming            Heroic
          Stat     Skill     Weap.     Total     Magic Device   Legendary[3]
 Melee   (+8,+9)   (+0,+0)  (+8,+23) (+42,+42)   Perception    Legendary[5+]
 Shoot   (+8,+0)   (+0,+0)   (+0,+0)  (+34,+0)   Searching     Legendary[5+]

     You are the first child of a Laborer. You are a credit to
     the family. You have blue eyes, straight brown hair, and a
     very fair complexion.

  [Resists & Abilities]

   Critical:.............   Fthr Fall:.............   Hvy Curse:.............
   Vampiric:.............   Telepathy:.............    Mutation:.............
      Throw:.............   See Invis:.........+...    No Magic:.............
     Vorpal:.............    Free Act:+............   No Teleprt.............
     Return:.............   Wraithfrm:.............    Drain SP:.............
  Frce Brnd:.............   Hold Life:.............    Drain HP:.............
  Fire Brnd:.............     Reflect:.............     Disrupt:.............
  Elec Brnd:.............   Invisible:.............   Drn Items:.............
  Ice Brand:.............   Res Confu:..+..........   Drn   Exp:.............
  Acid Brnd:.............   Res Blind:.........+...    Teleport:.............
  Psn. Brnd:.............    Res Fear:.............   Aggravate:.............
  Fire :105%.....+..+++-.+  Acid :54% .....++....+..  Light:195%.....+...+....
  Erth :63% .....+..++.+.+  Poisn:57% ...+.+...+.+..  Dark :95% .....+........
  Air  :63% .....+..++.+.+  Time :11% .....+..+..+..  Psi  :12% .....+........
  Water:65% .....+..++.+.+  Ether:3%  .....+........  Tk   :12% .....+........
  Elec :24% .....+..+..+..  Sound:3%  .....+........  Spirt:62% .....+...+....
  Ice  :59% .....+.+++.+..  Nethr:18% .....+...+....
            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*
            \ =="~((["]]              \ =="~((["]]              \ =="~((["]]

  [Last Messages]

> It shakes from the attack.
> Rimmon - Prince of Lightning twitches from the attack.
> It shakes from the attack.
> Rimmon - Prince of Lightning twitches from the attack.
> It shudders from the attack.
> You have killed it.
> Rimmon - Prince of Lightning twitches from the attack. <3x>
> Rimmon - Prince of Lightning casts an high voltage electric bolt.
> Low hitpoint warning!
> One of your Ivory Ray Guns of Fire (59 charges) {@a1} (k) was destroyed!
> One of your Aluminum Ray Guns of Wind (47 charges) {@a2} (l) was destroyed!
> Rimmon - Prince of Lightning shakes from the attack. <2x>
> Rimmon - Prince of Lightning zaps you!
> You are struck by electricity!
> You die.


   Disarming Traps 20
   Disable Machine  1
           Stealth 20
         Searching 20
         Keen Eyes  1
           Erudite 20
   Neophyte Combat  1
      Martial Arts  1
 Neophyte Firearms  1
          Throwing  1
             Latin 20
       Occult Lore  1
      Ritual Magic  1
      Spirituality  1
     Tempered Will  1
           Anatomy  1
          Sabotage  1
         Gadgeteer 20
 Utility Bandolier 20
 Clockwork Chassis 20
 Clockwork Carbine 20
        Velocipede 20
   Analytic Engine 20
      Pyrokinetics  1
     Using Devices 20
  Advanced Devices 20
   Fast Device Use 20
 Device Efficiency 20
  Device Power Amp 20
Advanced Power Amp 20
    Device Bio Amp 20

  [Steamware & Mutations]

 You have gamma level enhanced eyesight (60'infra, 3*search, +res).
 You have beta level wired reflexes (+6 speed, +20 Agi).
 You have gamma level dermal plating (+40 ac -2 speed).
 You have alpha level core furnace (+2 Health).

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Hammer of John Henry (12d3|3) (+8,+23) <+15, +6>
c) a Tortoise Shell Ring of Resist Bewilderment
d) an Azurite Ring of Resist Poison
e) a Platinum Amulet of *Regeneration*
f) The Pocket Lantern of Sherlock Holmes [4] <+8, +4>
g) a Heavy Trenchcoat of Inviolability to Acid (-1,+0) [7,+7]
h) a Fur Cloak of Inviolability to Ice [3,+4]
i) The Bull's Tail of the Pharoahs (+5,+10) [5,+40] <+12, +5, +1>
j) The Eye of Ra [0,+32] <+10>
k) a Set of Gloves (Smoldering) [1,+7] <+5>
l) a Pair of Buttoned Boots of the Nautilus [5,+8] <+1>

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Enigmatic Devices [Utility Bandolier] {@m0@b0 !k!v!d!s}
b) 3 Enigmatic Devices [Detective's Kit] {@m1@b1 !k!v!d!s}
c) 2 Enigmatic Devices [Clockwork Chassis] {@m2@b2 !k!v!d!s}
d) an Enigmatic Device [Clockwork Carbine] {@m3@b3 !k!v!d!s}
e) 3 "The Imperial King of all" Tonics of Speed
f) 8 "Balyeat's Fig" Tonics of Cure Critical Wounds {@q3}
g) 2 "Lillybeck's Tasteless Chill" Tonics of Restore Life Levels
h) 15 Electric Geophonic Mechanisms of Phase Door
i) 12 Mithril Astropan Mechanisms of Returning {!*!*}
j) a Keyring of the Claus {@z1 !k!v!d!s}
k) 4 Ivory Ray Guns of Fire (48 charges) {@a1}
l) an Aluminum Ray Gun of Wind (24 charges) {@a2}
m) a Silver Ray Gun of Acid (10 charges) {@a3}

  [Home Inventory]

an Amethyst Ring of Freedom of Mobility
a Ruby Ring of Celerity <+6>
an Onyx Amulet of Shadow <+7>
The Electric Lamp of Edison [3]
The Mask 'Le Loup Blanc' [0,+12] <+12, +5, +1>
The Green-tinted Glasses of Auguste Dupin [8,+8] <+8, +4>
The Crown of Isis [0,+35] <+10, +5>
The Pair of Laced Boots of Seven League Strides [6,+3]
an Elephant Gun of Ferocity (x3) (+11,+44) <+2>


Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts (beta): no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 27.2.2005 22:31
Last updated on 12.3.2005 02:53

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On 27.2.2005 22:31 Neil Stevens wrote:
Taking a break from Engineers for a day plus switching races seems to have done well for me.

I need to get some See Invisible, though...

On 27.2.2005 23:17 Neil Stevens wrote:
Those were powerful ice balls...

On 1.3.2005 01:20 Neil Stevens wrote:
Running 2.4.0 now. Clockwork Carbine is weaker, particularly Fire Lead Slugs. Fortunately, either the person who weakened it ignored Clockwork Chassis, or deliberately left Forward Cannons stronger. Either way, Forward Cannons is my new primary weapon.

The new version isn't all bad, though. Certain things seem more common, like Lanterns. The renaming of some mechanisms was good, too.

Anyway, I was plowing up as usual, doing quest after quest, but here at 1850' I decided to stop. Almost immediately I picked up Edison, solving my SI problem. Then Gauss fixed ResBlind, and Dupin held that and added speed. So, now I figure I want to wait on my Steam Mecha speed bonus, and *something* to give me some better elemental resistance. My two deepests deaths were to Ice and Confusion. I want to have both covered before going much higher.

A trap and the desire for a quest took me to 1700', and that's where I am now. Whew, was that quest nearly a mistake! I nearly died to Chain Lightning lightning balls in the way I did to Selenite Administrator ice balls.

Though I did pick up Phineas Fogg Le Loup Blanc on that trip up. The gloves are great: I have speed +12 unhasted. The Mask seems nice enough, but I can't wear it right now. Blindness and Confusion from the glasses are too important to give up.

I really need the Steam equivalent of Elven armor right about now. Basic elemental attacks are starting to hurt a LOT.

On 1.3.2005 01:21 Neil Stevens wrote:
Make that 0.4 not 2.4, obviously, heh.

On 1.3.2005 01:49 Neil Stevens wrote:
What was that...

On 1.3.2005 06:22 wrote:
Ah, too bad. Black Mariahs are very bad news. A mid-level monster that can breathe nether drop no treasure and are only worth moderate exp. They're in a close race with Troglodyte Beastlords for the nastiest monsters for their level in the game.

My 40th level characters will flee from Black Mariahs unless they have really high nether resist.

On 10.3.2005 18:38 Neil Stevens wrote:
OK, I have an engineer going, level 20 (so I can't replace the current post with it), parked at 2050' to retrench, and I just found as my first artifact the Eye of Ra, lying on the floor at 2100'. This artifact seems very very nice. Just how lucky was I to find it? Is this an artifact I could expect to wear all game long? +10 to mana and health seems big, heh.

On 10.3.2005 22:26 Neil Stevens wrote:
Wheee... waited a while, got an amulet of *regeneration* and breeches of travel, so I felt I had the resistances to start speed climbing again, now at 1900' I find and Electric Lamp and a Pocket Lantern.

I'd better not mess this one up.

On 10.3.2005 22:54 Neil Stevens wrote:
Figures, I say "I'd better not mess this up", and who do I run into on my next trip down. Black Mariahs, who killed my best Engineer ever, and the Marquis de la Tour, who killed my most recent good character. Teleported the latter away so I could have time to hasten and kill him, teleported myself away from the former and recalled off the level.

On 11.3.2005 00:11 Neil Stevens wrote:
Oh I'm rolling, especially now that I picked up John Henry on my last trip in the dungeon. Also passed my last sheet on here, so I can actually update that now.

Of course, I could die at any time to a monster I've never seen before. Oh, well.

On 11.3.2005 01:37 Neil Stevens wrote:
Just answered my own question from above. Now I have a decision: Do I wear Ra + Ring of Resist Bewilderment, or Isis + Ring of Celerity? I'm qutting for the day so I'll have time to think and read answers.

On 11.3.2005 02:25 wrote:
Ra is pretty darn good. While you were definitely lucky to fint it, my current competition character also found it around the same depth, so I guess that's where it tends to show up. Vaults seem pretty common in Steam, and vault excavating can be extremely rewarding in terms of equipment.

Is much of your offensive load coming from melee? If so, you could go with Loup Blanc and the rBewlider ring. If you're still with the carbine (if so, I'll be curious to see if you can kill late game monsters with it), I'd go with RA for the extra health. Having the extra speed is great, but you're resists aren't very good yet, and the extra health should help more against insta-kills, especially since you can already haste yourself.

On 11.3.2005 19:19 Neil Stevens wrote:
Despite the weakening of Carbine in 0.4, I'm still using gadgeteering for combat almost exclusively (only falling back to ray guns when I need a precise, long-range hit). Lately I've still used Forward Cannons for most stuff, Flamethrower or Graviton Ray when that's doesn't work, isn't enough, or there are a lot of guys to hit. I keep at a distance for all combat.

So, I agree with you on the resistances, and will keep the current pair in.

On 11.3.2005 22:52 Neil Stevens wrote:
Because I feel I'm chugging along too well, I'm going to park at this depth a while.

Oh, and on vaults, I find that those *aren't* my best source of items. Treasure chests give me much better stuff than vaults do.

On 12.3.2005 02:53 Neil Stevens wrote:
Whoa, he did a LOT of damage, didn't think that would kill me, and besides, I thought he'd die with one more hit, heh.

On 14.3.2005 16:01 wrote:
Yeah, chests are REALLY nice in Steamband, but they are also fairly uncommon. Vaults, on the other hand, are a dime a dozen once you get down to a decent depth. With auto-scum on, I'd guess that I run into a vault at least every 3 or 4 starting at around 1600-1700' and they get more and more common as I descend.

Chests (and hot boxes and satchels and the like), on the other hand, I find much less frequently. Perhaps 10-20, in total, during a game at that goes all the way to the end.

Ah, that's too bad. Those elemental princes are pretty straight-forward opponents. If your resistance against their 'type" is 100+%, then they'll barely be able to scratch you. If you're 60-95%, then they can hurt you, but you can probably take them if you're careful. Under 60%, and, well, they hit pretty darn hard.

My version of Grimm had a similar fate. Trying to go after Ether Stalkers with 13% or so Ether Resistance wasn't a good idea. Back-to-back ether breaths was enough to kill him.

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