The Angband Ladder: Grimm, Dwarf Dashing Hussa by <>

  [Steamband 0.4.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Grimm                                    Self  abcdefghijkl@   Best
 Sex    Male           Age            53  MUS:    624  .2......*...4   804
 Race   Dwarf          Height         50  AGI:    700  .2........4.4   820
 Class  Dashing Hussar Weight        154  VIG:    700  22.....s*....   860
 Title  ***WINNER***   Status         42  SCH:    510  .288.8.......   690
 WP     126/126        MaxDepth  Lev   1  EGO:    695  .28...s......   715
 SP     511/511        Preserve        Y  CHR:    647  .2...........   607

 Level           48       Armor    [33,+118]     Saving Throw     First-rate
 Cur Exp    9884525       Blows     7+1/turn     Stealth          First-rate
 Max Exp    9884525       Shots       6/turn     Fighting      Legendary[5+]
 Adv Exp   10500000       Infra       110 ft     Shooting      Legendary[5+]
                                                 Disarming        First-rate
          Stat     Skill     Weap.     Total     Magic Device   Legendary[2]
 Melee (+20,+17) (+20,+20) (+19,+22) (+64,+69)   Perception    Legendary[5+]
 Shoot  (+20,+0) (+14,+20) (+10,+12) (+49,+32)   Searching     Legendary[5+]

     You were born in a hearth. You are a node of glamour.  You
     have orange eyes, wavy auburn hair, and a fair complexion.

  [Resists & Abilities]

   Critical:.............   Fthr Fall:.............   Hvy Curse:.............
   Vampiric:.............   Telepathy:.............    Mutation:.............
      Throw:.............   See Invis:..+......+...    No Magic:.............
     Vorpal:.............    Free Act:..+.......+..   No Teleprt.............
     Return:.............   Wraithfrm:.............    Drain SP:.............
  Frce Brnd:.............   Hold Life:......+......    Drain HP:.............
  Fire Brnd:.............     Reflect:.............     Disrupt:.............
  Elec Brnd:.............   Invisible:.............   Drn Items:.............
  Ice Brand:.............   Res Confu:..+......+...   Drn   Exp:.............
  Acid Brnd:+............   Res Blind:.........+...    Teleport:.............
  Psn. Brnd:.............    Res Fear:..+....+....+   Aggravate:.............
  Fire :116%.+-+.++.+.+...  Acid :99% ++-+.+++......  Light:105%..-..++..+....
  Erth :116%.+-+.++.+.+...  Poisn:74% .+-+.+++......  Dark :105%..-..++..+....
  Air  :81% .+-+.++.+.....  Time :88% ..+..++.+.....  Psi  :107%..+..+...+....
  Water:91% .+-+.++++.....  Ether:83% ..+..++.......  Tk   :107%..+..+...+....
  Elec :84% .+-+.++++.....  Sound:18% ..-..+++......  Spirt:107%..+..+...+....
  Ice  :204%.+-+.++++.....  Nethr:83% ..+..++.......
            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*
            /}=="~(([]]]              /}=="~(([]]]              /}=="~(([]]]


   Disarming Traps  1
           Stealth 20
         Searching  4
    Pain Tolerance  1
         Stonelore 15
   Neophyte Combat 20
   Standard Combat 20
   Advanced Combat 20
     Master Combat  1
      Power Strike 20
   Critical Strike 20
   Accurate Strike 20
    Vicious Strike 20
        Swift Blow 20
    Weapon Finesse 20
      Martial Arts  1
 Neophyte Firearms 20
 Standard Firearms 15
 Advanced Firearms  1
            Rifles  1
     Critical Shot 16
     Accurate Shot 14
      Vicious Shot 20
        Swift Shot 20
          Throwing  1
              Axes  5
 Combat Techniques 20
   Elite Maneuvers 20
             Latin  4
       Occult Lore  1
      Ritual Magic  1
      Spirituality  4
    Lesser Warding  3
     Tempered Will  1
     Using Devices 20
  Advanced Devices  1
  Device Power Amp  1
         Toughness 20
    Dragon's Heart 10
         Athletics 15

  [Steamware & Mutations]

 You can move in quick bursts of speed. 
 You attract elementals.
 You have gamma level spurs (stun, 9d15).
 You are moronic (-80 SCH/EGO).
 Your frame is unnaturally twisted.
 You have gamma level enhanced eyesight (60'infra, 3*search, +res).
 You have beta level wired reflexes (+6 speed, +20 Agi).
 You have alpha level dermal plating (+10 ac).
 You have alpha level core furnace (+2 Health).

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Glaive of Corrosion (2d6|3) (+19,+22) [8,+0] <+2> {@w0!k!s}
b) The .38 Revolver of Nick Carter (x2) (+10,+12) <+2, +8>
c) The Ring of Dr. Materialismus <+8, +5>
d) The Ring of Edison <+8>
e) an Amulet of *Regeneration* {!k}
f) The Pocket Lantern of Sherlock Holmes [4] <+8, +4> {@A0}
g) The Robe of Emma the Djinn Princess [2,+23] <+6, +2, +1>
h) The Fur Cloak of the Hearth [4,+6] <+2>
i) The Bull's Tail of the Pharoahs (+5,+10) [5,+40] <+12, +5, +1>
j) The Green-tinted Glasses of Auguste Dupin [8,+8] <+8, +4> {@A2}
k) The Set of Work Gloves of Alfred Nobel [2,+12] <+4>
l) a Pair of Square Toe Shoes of Speed [4,+9] <+10>

  [Character Inventory]

a) 14 Pieces of Mutton
b) 6 Tonics of Cure Mortal Wounds {!k!s}
c) 2 Tonics of *Healing* {!k!s}
d) 13 Mechanisms of Etheric Travel {!k, 50% off}
e) a Mechanism of Protective Force Field
f) 3 Mechanisms of *Destruction*
g) a Portal Generator of Returning (recharging) {!*}
h) a Ruhmkorff {@z2}
i) a Keyring of the Claus {@z1!k!s}
j) a Ray Gun of Phasic Shift (22 charges)
k) 5 Ray Guns of Vaporize Solid (7 charges) {@a1}
l) a Tool of Object Analysis (10 charges) {@u1!k!s}
m) a Tool of Curing (23 charges) {@u3}
n) a Tool of Area Disintegration (14 charges) {@u9}
o) a Set of Work Gloves [4,+0]
p) a Cutlass of the Klutz (1d7|2) (-22,-16) <-15> {cursed}
q) a Pneumatic Sword of Burning (8d5|5) (+7,+14) {@w0!k!s}
r) a Mace (2d4|2) (+9,+5)
s) 13 Hollow-point pistol bullets (2d15|0) (300/1800) {@f1!k!s, good}

  [Home Inventory]

a Ruhmkorff
a Physiological Rejuvinator (recharging)
a Space-flux inhibitor
a Ring of Damage (+0,+23)
a Ring of Celerity <+8>
an Amulet of the Magi [+9] <+4>
The Mystical Amulet of John Dee <+10, +4, +6>
The Nautilus of Captain Nemo <+12, +7, +2>
The Pectoral of the Kheper (Scarab) [+22] <+5>
The Locket of Madame Defarge <+8, +2, -4>
The Electric Lamp of Edison [3] {@A1}
The Fluorescent Photic Illuminator of Tesla [5] <+5, +18, -10> {cursed}
The Fancy Silk Vest of Jack Rackham [3,+18] <+8, +2>
an All Wool Spring Overcoat of the Daoine Sidhe (-1,+0) [6,+20] <+2>
The Tweed Jacket of Sexton Blake [11,+30] <+4, +2>
The Set of Petticoats of Mina Harker [5,+8] <+6, +2, -3>
The Deerstalker of Sherlock Holmes [8,+20] <+8, +4>
The Mask 'Le Loup Blanc' [0,+12] <+12, +5, +1>
The Crown of Isis [0,+35] <+10, +5>
The Eye of Ra [0,+32] <+10>
The Set of Gloves of Puck (+7,+9) [8,+4] <+6>
The Pair of Buttoned Boots of Hans Bjelke [5,+20] <+10, +5, +1>
The Throwing Hatchet of Conseil (3d8|3) (+10,+15) <+5, +1>
a .303 Lee-Enfield of the Safari (x3) (+35,+24) <+1>


Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts (beta): no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 16.3.2005 20:24
Last updated on 23.3.2005 14:28

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5465. on the Ladder (of 17979)
53. on the Steamband Ladder (of 313)
Third best for this player (out of 7)


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On 16.3.2005 20:24 wrote:
Competition character. This is my 3rd steam character ever (one died at a low level, and one retired due to radiation messing up his stats horribly) so the way i spent skill points is likely to be far from optimal. The reason for diving so slowly is the same, i don't have a clue what to expect from depths in this variant. Even at this slow pace i had several near death experiences due to underestimating the effects of poisoning (CCW wont cure it in this variant!) and such pretty surprises.

I figure i can consider myself lucky though. The weapon i am wielding was found on the first level of the dungeon, and made the beginning of the game really easy for me. Also early rconf, rblind, see_invis is always nice. Giving up the +4 speed of the glasses of Dupin was a hard choice, but i am fast enough for my depth due to athletics and i needed the extra HP/WP badly.

All in all, a splendid variant. Combat techniques and maneuvers bring a much needed variety to the otherwise monotoneus life of a warrior leading to a very enjoyable gameplay.
Even taking full advantage of that skill set my last (hard) quest was a real bitch. 15 Dimensional portals at 34...teleporting all across the level. Took forever to hunt them down.

On 16.3.2005 23:10 wrote:
Good work indeed for this being your third character! A note on difficulty, Steam is only 50 levels deep so difficulty ramps up very fast...

On 17.3.2005 21:06 wrote:
Coping with the tead of mid-game. Hard to believe how few ego items i found after all the vaults i cleared around lv30. not to mention artifacts. as far as stat potions go i shouldn't complain about my luck (i find a strangely large number of !s of agility and very few !s of muscle though), but radiation attacks made my stat growing quite a bit more complicated (darn i ought to be more careful). and i have a funky new mutation too. Go morons!

if anything, the last random quest was awesome. a medium difficulty quest, for killing Dr. Munoz. pour soul died after my first attack (10k exp woot) and i was rewarded with 7 skill points. yup. seven.
I am still worried about diving too fast, but after the steamware in making is done, i'll probably have the extra speed and protection i need to try some more serious depths. (err...i mean...heights!:)

On 18.3.2005 17:31 wrote:
Halfway through the dungeon. Once again my best stat (Str 666 at the time) got swapped for the worse (Ego, used to be 230). Ah, well. But some of the nicer item finds compensate for that. That mask in my home would provide the much needed speed but i can't wear it yet because my only source of res blind is the Eye. might come handy later anyhow, if i manage to survive.

I would appreciate some advice on ho to spend skill points. i have 15 spare or so atm. should i pump device a bit? stealth? or learn some basic priestly spells?

On 20.3.2005 18:20 wrote:
crazy, crazy greater vault at lv23. 10 books or so and the same amount of very ood uniques, not menitoning hordes of Us nazis (including their lovely tanks) and whatever your heart desires. unfortunately one of the unqiues were making the battle longer than what i was prepared for by creating several earthquakes. so i eventually ran out of stone to mud charges. searched the whole level for replacement, but all i found was a couple of giant ants who kindly cleared some of the quartz veins and such in the vault for me, before suffering a cruel fate. still eventually i ran out of ids, food, iventory space...and just about anything one can run out. still a great trip to the dungeon with lots of nice loot. (in my inventory atm) advanced 2 levels why clearing the vault as well. (was worth well over 500,000 exp)
the reason why i obviously lack some utility items is that i destroyed anything easily replaceble to create space for more loot.

On 21.3.2005 01:16 wrote:
what a pain. I enter the "Castle Death" greater vault a little bit later, and i pull the great storm from the Bull's Tail because the big room is packed with summoners i couldn't deal with. The stupid thing totally froze my game, and my last save was before entering that level, so bye-bye greater vault. duh.

On 21.3.2005 22:06 wrote:
A natural speed of +31 (+41 with the speed burst i get via my atheltics skill), and *regeneration*. woot. My biggest problem is that i had to sacrafice an attack/round for the sake of working that amulet into my gear. also my high resists are -sucky-. (I could wear the eye of the ra to get an extra 50% spirit res, but would require some not too pleasant swapping).

I have been doing pretty well against uniques some 20(!) levels OoD (yeah, that is 40 normal angband levels). Jack the Ripper, Dr. Moriarty, King Kong and a few others around their depth are history. (good thing i don't know steamband at all. if i knew their natural depths before fighting them, sure i'd have ran away.)
If i had some more *healing*, I'd be tempted to ascend up and try to finish the game off right away. Thankfully i only have 1 so i will not attempt such suicidal thing for now.
advice is very appreciated at this point. (upon the pace of diving...ehh...climbing. and spending the last skill points)

On 21.3.2005 22:30 wrote:
Lookin good. My Grimm is only at level 30 right now. I'm using the tweed jacket of Sexton Blake for regen 25% and that frees up the amulet slot for something else. Stonelore up to 15 will detect area as well and free up that tool slot. More stealth may help keep things quiet. Too many tanks, steam drills, etc awake causes a problem. Although you may not get too many more skill points. Your post is making for a good chase...

On 22.3.2005 16:02 wrote:
Yeah, you're starting to get close. I'd still be concerned about your lower resists, though. Some of the elemental princes (and princesses) hit VERY hard if you don't have really high resistance against their attacks.

SJwarkentin is right. If you've got the points, bumping Stonelore to 15 would indeed be handy, as would raising your stealth. Still, Moriary is a level 4 or 5 monster, so if you can knock him down, you're close to being ready for the end.

On 22.3.2005 18:34 wrote:
What's the game impact of your "unnaturally twisted frame"?

On 22.3.2005 22:23 wrote:
thanks for the comments.
twisted frame: as far as i could figure it does naught except for the lovely -4 charisma. (which should show up under the @ at stats modifications imho)

done a (hard) quest for 12 acheris. it was hellish. they take pretty much 0 damage from any kind of weapon including ranged. and all i got was a lousy revolver of extra attacks.
come on RNG. gimme a dozen *healings* and 3 scrolls of mass banishment instead, and i will make you suffer no more.

elemental princesses: you're right. they can get nasty. 5 dead already, not sure how many are missing.

i really wish the auto-clear more option would not make 1 liners dissapear. if i turn it on i end up missing crucial 1 line messages like "you feel yourself slowing down."

On 22.3.2005 22:25 wrote:
ah, and in case you are wondering why i am not wearing the kick-ass +10 speed amulet of John Doe, well, *regeneration* is too crucial at this point imho. i never have enough time to rest up without that 75% bonus to it.

On 22.3.2005 22:59 wrote:
I agree on the amulet. I've even had spell-using character wield *regeneration* instead of some of the other high-end amulets because the super regeneration helps mana recovery as well.

On 23.3.2005 13:26 wrote:
Hah! I hiked up to lv10 and my boldness was rewarded! look at my new ring and robe! and those resists! even life draining covered finally! Valhalla I am comin'!

The silly adventurers guild told me to kill 11 Strigois this time. wicked funny. My dwarf made a few comments about their close relatives and passed. I will do this last quest for a vault item if i can, than just focus on winning.

On 23.3.2005 14:05 wrote:
Dr.Moreau was surely out of luck today.

On 23.3.2005 14:28 wrote:
Grimm wins. Babality.

On 23.3.2005 21:10 wrote:

Yeah, that robe is the bomb. I didn't know that Brits said 'wicked funny'. I thought that was a New England/USA thing (hmm), or are you a transplanted American?

On 23.3.2005 21:12 wrote:
I am a Hungarian, who picked up English in New Hampshire (which happens to be in New England)
the in my email adress is an accident:)

On 23.3.2005 21:56 wrote:
Ah, ha! The mystery is solved. New Hampshire is a fine state.

Don't forget to send your save file in to the competition tracking guy.

On 24.3.2005 13:33 wrote:
Good work!

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