The Angband Ladder: Death VI, Shadow Fairy Necromancer by <>

  [Oangband 0.7.0 Character Dump]

 Name    : Death VI        Age                 296   STR:        13            
 Sex     : Male            Height               83   INT:    18/130            
 Race    : Shadow Fairy    Weight               84   WIS:     18/60            
 Class   : Necromancer     Social Class          6   Dex:        14       15   
                                                     CON:     18/44            
                                                     CHR:        18            
 Max Hit Points      200   Level                34   Max SP (Mana)       120   
 Cur Hit Points       -9   Experience       340660   Cur SP (Mana)       119   
                           Max Exp          340660                             
        (Fighting)         Exp to Adv.      350000          (Shooting)         
 Blows/Round           2   Gold              43265   Shots/Round         2.0   
 + to Skill            6                             + to Skill            6   
 Deadliness (%)       30   Base AC/+ To AC  29/ 50   Deadliness (%)       39   
                            (Character Abilities)                              
 Fighting    : Poor        Stealth     : Superb      Disarming   : Very Good   
 Bows/Throw  : Mediocre    Perception  : Very Good   Magic Device: Superb      
 Saving Throw: Excellent   Searching   : Very Good   Infra-Vision: 40 feet     
                            (Character Background)                             
          You are the only child of a Shadow-Fairy Fighter.  You have          
          blue-gray eyes, straight pure white hair that barely covers          
          your shoulders, and a pale complexion.                               

  [Specialty Abilities]


  [Last Messages]

> You see no more Bolts (1d5) (+0,+0).
> The Umber hulk shrieks in agony.
> The Umber hulk flees in terror!
> The Umber hulk dies.
> You detect evil creatures (1 offscreen).
> You detect evil creatures.
> The Killer red beetle shrieks in pain.
> The Killer red beetle flees in terror!
> It cries out feebly.
> You perform the ritual incorrectly!
> The Killer red beetle dies.
> You detect evil creatures.
> Charles Swiger, the Ghost draws psychic energy from you!
> Charles Swiger, the Ghost invokes a starburst.
> You die.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Scimitar (Blessed) (2d5) (+8,+7) (+1)
b) The Sling 'Lostire' (x2) (+8,+10) (+2 to stealth)
c) a Carnelian Ring of Strength (+4)
d) an Amethyst Ring of Poison Resistance
e) a Bone Amulet of Intelligence (+4)
f) The Phial of Galadriel {Mughash 350'}
g) The Augmented Chain Mail of Caspanion (-2) [16,+20] (+3) {Acquirement 1750'}
h) a Cloak of Aman [1,+18] (+1 to stealth) {Troll pit 1600'}
i) a Small Metal Shield of Resistance [5,+13]
j) a Hard Leather Cap of Seeing [2,-1] (+4 to searching)
k) a Set of Steel Gauntlets of Magic Mastery [3,+1] (+2)
l) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Free Action [2,-1]

0) 38 Lead Shots (1d3) (+3,+1)
1) 33 Lead Shots (1d3) (+2,+2)
2) (nothing)
3) (nothing)
4) (nothing)
5) (nothing)
6) (nothing)
7) (nothing)
8) (nothing)
9) (nothing)

  [Character Inventory]

a) 2 Tomes of Necromancy [Beginner's Curses]
b) 3 Tomes of Necromancy [Dark Initiation]
c) 4 Tomes of Necromancy [Blood Novitiate]
d) 2 Tomes of Necromancy [Frightful Realms]
e) a Tome of Necromancy [Mysteries of Angmar]
f) a Book of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes]
g) 8 Cakes of the Beornings
h) a Sea-blue Potion of Speed
i) 7 Puce Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {50% off}
j) 6 Scrolls titled "wedod appwex" of Teleport Level
k) an Ivory Rod of Door/Stair Location
l) 2 Adamantium Rods of Recall
m) a Rhodium Rod of Illumination
n) a Lead Wand of Frost Bolts (9 charges)
o) a Mallorn Staff of Teleportation (9 charges) {50% off}
p) a Beech Staff of Probing (15 charges)
q) a Holly Staff of Detection (19 charges)
r) 2 Mother-of-Pearl Rings of See Invisible
s) a Cloak of Aman [1,+10] (+1 to stealth)
t) a Set of Steel Gauntlets of Power (+6,+6) [3,+3] (+3)
u) The Dagger 'Nimthanc' (1d5) (+8,+5)
v) a Whip of Slay Giant (1d5) (+6,+4)

  [Home Inventory]

a) 3 Tomes of Necromancy [Beginner's Curses]
b) 6 Tomes of Necromancy [Dark Initiation]
c) 5 Tomes of Necromancy [Blood Novitiate]
d) 9 Tomes of Necromancy [Frightful Realms]
e) 2 Dark Red Mushrooms of Restore Strength
f) a Wrinkled Mushroom of Restoring
g) 21 Sea-blue Potions of Speed
h) 20 Peach Potions of Healing {25% off}
i) a Silver Speckled Potion of Restore Mana
j) a Grey Speckled Potion of Restore Life Levels
k) 2 Pungent Potions of Enlightenment
l) 5 Scrolls titled "erk orgdok yp" of Phase Door {50% off}
m) 16 Scrolls titled "klipay banu" of Teleportation {50% off}
n) The Amulet of Faramir (+18,+0) (+2)
o) The Chain Mail of Arvedui (-2) [14,+15] (+2) {Cave ogre 1600'}
p) Soft Leather Armour of Resistance [4,+12]
q) The Leather Scale Mail 'Thalkettoth' (-1) [11,+25] (+3)
r) a Small Leather Shield of Night and Day [3,+5]
s) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Speed [2,+6] (+9) {Vampire 1750'}
t) a Quarterstaff of *Slay* Demon (1d7) (+5,+7) [8,+0] (+2)
u) a Mace of *Slay* Dragon (2d4) (+8,+8) (+2)
v) a Long Bow of Accuracy (x3) (+16,+6)
w) 16 Arrows (1d4) (+6,+6)

  [Birth and Cheat Options]

Adult: Use point based character generation      : no  (adult_point_based)
Adult: Use Autoroller if rolling for stats       : yes (adult_auto_roller)
Adult: Artifacts preserved & no special feelings : yes (adult_preserve)
Score: Peek into object creation                 : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation                : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation                : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else                  : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info                : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death               : no  (score_live)

Posted on 24.5.2005 15:00
Last updated on 29.5.2005 16:13

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119. on the Oangband Ladder (of 226)
17. for this player (out of 69)


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On 24.5.2005 15:00 wrote:
Early INT items helped *lots*. I'm giving up about 25 mana (+2 INT from Quarterstaff) for ESP from the blessed scimitar.

Managed to stick to my resolution only to post when I reached clev 30, which is my best effort yet in O. Now watch me die !

On 25.5.2005 02:30 Atriel wrote:
Stock Frightful Realms home!

Good luck! :)

On 25.5.2005 09:35 wrote:
Yep, I have been since I could afford it, which is about when the bookshop cancelled their order :)

On 25.5.2005 16:22 wrote:
clev 31 at 1500' now, nothing else new.

On 27.5.2005 15:59 wrote:
Now clev 32 at 1600'.

I'd really like some *ID* about now - haven't seen a single ?. Have now found Faramir (not wearing because of losing mana) and Arvedui (_after_ killing all the nexus hounds on the level).

Weapons with +2 CON and INT are tempting, but I think I like ESP better.

On 29.5.2005 16:13 wrote:
OK, that's REALLY annoying. I knew he was there, and carefully planned to be able to dispel from across the room. Then he instakilled me from in the wall. Never got to wear the Boots of Speed, because of not having another source of free action. And I'd just killed Mim. Would have liked more *ID*, too - only ever found about 3 scrolls, and never saw one in the BM.

Ah well, I guess I'll just be depressed for a couple of days and then start Death VII.

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