The Angband Ladder: Momar III, Human no-class by <>

                 [Sangband 0.9.9, beta 15b Character Dump]

       Momar III         Age    :             16  STR!  18/200
   the Shadowstrike      Height :     5 ft, 9 in  INT!  18/160
                         Weight :         143 lb  WIS!  18/130
Gender : Male                                     DEX!  18/160
Race   : Human                  Slayer of         CON!  18/190
                            Hoarmurath of Dir     CHR!  18/200

Max Hit Points      905  Power                93  Max Mana            0
Cur Hit Points      905  Score               153  Cur Mana            0

       (Melee)           Unspent Exp        3747         (Missile)
Blows/Round           5  Gold            1822264  Shots/Round       3.5
+ to Skill           13                           + to Skill         22
Deadliness (%)      169  Max Depth        Lev 70  Deadliness (%)    137

                          (Character Abilities)
Melee     : Superb     Saving Throw: Legendary  Magic Device: Excellent
Shooting  : Heroic     Stealth     : Excellent  Dodging     : Fair
Throwing  : Fair       Perception  : Good       Fame        : Immortal
Digging   : Excellent  Disarming   : Superb     Infra-Vision: 40 feet

   Speed       : +21
   Armour      : 152
   Kills       : 8644
   Time Elapsed: 27 days, 0 hours, 7 minutes   (2700555 turns)

  [Character Attributes]

      abcdefghijkl@        Stat Intrnl abcdefghijkl@ Adjust
Stlth:..1...23.....        STR! 18/100 .21.......2.5 18/200
Invis:.............        INT! 18/100 ..1......2.3. 18/160
Aware:.............        WIS! 18/100 ..1.....s2... 18/130
Disar:.............        DEX! 18/100 .21.........3 18/160
Devic:.............        CON! 18/100 ..1.2.2...2.2 18/190
Speed:...7....4..*.        CHR! 18/100 .61........3. 18/200

      abcdefghijkl@                           abcdefghijkl@
Infra:.4...........                     NFuel:.....+.......
Tunnl:............3                     Steal:.............
Save :.4....2......                     NoMag:.............
Mana :.............                     Telep:.............
Light:.....3.......                     Aggra:.............


      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
Acid :........+.... Light:.+.........+. Food :......+....+.
Elec :......+.+.... Dark :......+....+. Feath:.............
Fire :........+..+. Sound:...........+. Shine:.+...........
Cold :........+.... Shard:............. Regen:......+....+.
Pois :..+.......... Nexus:......++..... ESP  :.........+...
Fear :............. Nethr:......+...... SeeIn:......+......
Blind:.........+... Chaos:............. FrAct:.+...........
Confu:......+...... Disen:............. HLife:.............


Swordsmanship     : 100%
Clubbing          :  38%
Jousting          :  78%
Archery - Xbows   :  51%
Archery - Bows    :  96%
Wrestling         :  88%
Magical Device    :  50%
Burglary          :  77%
Perception        :  33%
Stealth           :  36%
Disarming         :  59%
Dodging           :  31%
Spell Resistance  :  93%
Armor Forging     :  93%

You have taken the Oath of Iron.

  [Character Equipment]

the Glaive of Pain (6d7) (+5,+28) [8,+0] {BDragPit69}
the Long Bow of Tinuri (x5) (+14,+15) (+2, +4, +6) {Marilith51}
the Ring of Barahir (+1) {Lokkak, the Ogre Chieftain}
a Steel Ring of Speed (+7) {GSW59}
the Amulet of Carlammas (+2)
the Phial of Galadriel [3] {@A1 25Bolg, son of Azog}
Mithril Chain Mail (mithril) (-1) [28,+14] (+2 to stealth)
the Cloak 'Colannon' [1,+15] (+3 to stealth) {Trolls33}
a Wicker Shield (iron) [2,+13] (+4 to speed)
the Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+10] (+2)
the Set of Leather Gloves 'Cambeleg' (+8,+8) [1,+12] (+2) {PersonPit41}
a Pair of Dwarven Boots (mithril) [5,+13] (+10, +3)
3 Arrows of Frost (1d8) (+11,+10) {Baphomet the Minotaur Lord}
10 Arrows of Acid (1d4) (+5,+8)
3 Seeker Arrows of Hurt Animal (1d9) (+10,+10)
20 Seeker Arrows (1d9) (+1,+6) {Thuringwethil}
18 Seeker Arrows of Frost (1d9) (+8,+11)
19 Seeker Arrows of Poison (1d9) (+7,+11)
20 Seeker Arrows of Acid (1d9) (+9,+9)

  [Character Inventory]

10 Metallic Purple Potions of Healing
9 Scrolls titled "oxyerg hydta" of Teleportation
2 Iron Rods of Perception {@z7}
4 Sapphire Rods of Recall {@z0!z}
4 Zinc-plated Rods of Sense Surroundings {@z9}
an Aluminum Rod of Restoration {@z8!z}
a Steel Rod of Teleport Away {@z1}
5 Rusty Rods of Blinking {@z4}
9 Chromium Wands of Teleport Away (9 charges) {@a0!a}
a Locust Staff of Cure Medium Wounds (7 charges) {@u3}
a Sequoia Staff of Healing (7 charges)
an Ivory Staff of Speed (8 charges)
a Dragon's Claw Amulet of Sustenance (charging)
the Dagger of Rilia (2d4) (+8,+12) {AWD62}

  [Home Inventory]

17 Red Mushrooms of Restoring {Ulfang the Black}
33 Slimy Mushrooms of Heroism
17 Sprigs of Athelas {25% off}
86 Greenish Potions of Speed
8 Metallic Purple Potions of Healing
4 Tangerine Potions of *Healing* {Itangast the Fire Drake}
14 Light Green Potions of Restore Experience
5 Red Speckled Potions of Enlightenment
a Scroll titled "wergblu ab" of Questing
24 Scrolls titled "srival doeplu" of Genocide {Draebor, the Imp, 25% off
5 Scrolls titled "eep so vivdoe" of Mass Genocide
a Locust Staff of Cure Medium Wounds (17 charges)
a Scarab Amulet of the Magi [+7] (+5 to awareness) {Muar, the Balrog}
the Amulet of Ingwe (+3) {GSW69}
the Brigandine Armour of the Rohirrim (-2) [18,+15] (+2) {ABD +FA}
the Chain Mail of Arvedui (-3) [14,+15] (+2) {BlackDragonPit48}
the Full Plate Armour of Isildur [25,+25] (+2) {Solar62}
a Robe of Permanence [2,+21] {RegenBlind}
the Small Leather Shield of the Elements [3,+15] {PersonVault41}
a Dragon Helm (runegold) [8,+18] (+6, +2)
a Dragon Helm (runegold) [8,+10] (+6, +4, +1)
a Bluesteel Blade (2d11) (+8,+7)
the Pike of the Eorlingas (2d13) (+3,+21) (+2) {GSW49 +Con+Regen}
the Whip of Gothmog (3d10) (+13,+15) (-3, +2) {GWP68, cursed}

  [Special advantages and disadvantages]

Posted on 11.7.2005 04:24
Last updated on 15.7.2005 19:03

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On 11.7.2005 04:24 wrote:
I'm trying to 6.5 skills only. Of course, I'm being cheap by including burglary, but hey, I've got to try somewhere.
Swords, Wrestling, Bows, Burglary, Spell Resistance, Armor Forging, and Magic Device (capped at 50 due to Oath). Others are trying the "4 skill challenge", but I'm trying something a tad easier first. Also note that you don't quite reach power 100 overall with at least some set of 4 skills. It's also possible (through !oGainSkill and strategic increases of Burglary/Swords) to exceed the normal ratios for maximums in Clubs, Spears, Dodging, Percep, etc. I have not done so yet, but may, depending on how I'm doing.

Just crafted the chain mail. Was hoping for basic4 plus a bit more. I more or less got what I was looking for, but res_fire would be nice. See_Invis, however, is wonderful. Nether is wasted this shallow, but dark may come in handy.

I should trap more often, but wrestling is dealing so much damage. I spent most of the game with the 1d10 shortsword, but I switched over to wrestling late, and it's paid off. Of course it pays off midgame and early. Bolg was nice enough to drop the phial about 15 levels before I normally see it.

On 11.7.2005 23:20 wrote:
I've been waddling along slowly through the dungeon, and I figured it was time for an update. Killed a Eldrak 15 lvls out of depth, but I should probably be deeper.

I currently have 66666 gold (just noticed). On second thought, I decided to wear that ring of str +3 as I have con and dex sustained already. Of course this will mean I'll find a pit of eyrines, but meh, I'll live.

Oh hey, I jsut bought 5 more scrolls of genocide, so I guess my money level isn't as interesting now.

I could use some artifacts, or possibly some steel. That'd be nice.

On 12.7.2005 02:08 wrote:
Hmmm... that was a crappy questing level. First is was the kind with circular rooms and 'p's and 'h's in it, which is kinda low on treasure, then I found a trap door.

This BrDSM is nice, but the damage on it is kinda low. I'll probably build my kit around it for now though.

I'll probably see about eating some mushrooms of metamorphasis. Human is so boring.

These 6.5 skills seem to be sufficient for now. I'm not sure how the end game'll be.

On 14.7.2005 01:22 wrote:
I'm down to lvl46, and I've only found 4 artifacts, the phial, Bloodspike, Collanon, and 'Stenador', a 3d9 axe. I'm wielding it now in lieu of wrestling, because I think the damage is comparable or better, and I won't have to swap to fight ghosts.

I forged this shield with +4 speed and basic 4 resists and sustwis, and it's pretty nice. Sure, I could use the resists, but I'll take my +4 speed.

This hard leather cap has telep and regen and shards res, so it beats my crown of telep.

I've almost finished stat-gain, and I'm still looking for another race. I'll probably be able to finish it as human, but it'd be nice to get dwarf or half-orc or half-troll, I suspect. Of course, I'm not sure they reroll hp, which would be half the point of it. Of course, I might end up as hobbit or elf, which would make things troublesome.

I hope telep will suffice for SeeInvis, as the latest equipment swaparound leaves me short that. I suppose there's always teleporting and recalling if it is.

On 14.7.2005 19:03 wrote:
I was a bit worried I woudn't find a good bow without crafting it myself, but that turned out not to be the case. I really appreciate the light resistance, as it's hard to find in S in my experience.

I'd really like a source of poison resist and some speed, and Tulkas would be nice too...

The executioner's sword is the result of a *enchant weapon*. I approve. Stilll no artifact sword though. Ringil or Anduril or Angrist would be nice :) Or Gilletar...

Attempts to change race have failed.

On 15.7.2005 04:41 wrote:
Boots of Speedishness! +10 even. With RLight, Dark, and Sound to boot!

I could really go for some BalDSM right about now. Luckily I've been able to stay away from too many chaos breathers/gnomish wizards, but I expect that'll change.

After I drop below 65, I'll start wielding the bluesteel blade again, in hopes of finding a *EW* again. Perhaps I'll get something fun! I think helms and shields are up next on my crafting list. Somehting good with ESP would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps I could just hold out for the palantir, and let my stealth suck.

SWM iso Rings of Power for slaying of GLOP Morgoth.

I've never found either ringil or feanor, or Cubragol (when it grants +10 speed), but boy do the elven rings rule in Sang.

On 15.7.2005 19:03 wrote:
Ok, make that 7.5 skills. I found the glaive of pain (6d7 (+0, +28)), which makes itself a no-brainer for the time being, so I figure I might as well *hit* with it. So now I'm pumping Jousting too.

My attempts at a dragon helm with ESP have failed so far, but I'll probably continue. I think it's probably time to go questing as soon as I fail my quest for black reavers at 70. Tunnelling Quest Monsters? No thanks. I will have failed Reavers, 2 quests for legendary hobbit rogues (not worth the pain as I have no ball spells and they hit to blind), and something earlier which I don't recall.

Other than that, cruising along. Dealing a *ton* of damage. Could use a ring of power or tulkas. Would be quite handy.

On 15.7.2005 23:46 wrote:
Dead to Storm Wyrms breathing on me. I was being stupid. Blinked when I should have telep, and sensed surroundings when I *really* should have teleported. Lost like 600hp, probably 3 breaths. Stupid. Nuff said.

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