The Angband Ladder: Zephyrus, Human no-class by <>

                 [Sangband 0.9.9, beta 20 Character Dump]

                            ,,,  $$$  ,,,
                        ,,=$   "$$$$$"   $=,,
                      ,$$        $$$        $$,
                      *>         <*>         <*
                      $$         $$$         $$
                      "$$        $$$        $$"
                       "$$       $$$       $$"

       Zephyrus          Age    :             24  STR!  18/***
  "Lord of Wizardry"     Height :    5 ft, 11 in  INT!  18/***
                         Weight :         156 lb  WIS!  18/150
Gender : Male                                     DEX!  18/***
Race   : Human                  Slayer of         CON!  18/***
Realm  : Sorcery            Morgoth, Lord of      CHR!  18/200
Max Hitpoints       882  Power               100  Max Mana          457
Cur Hitpoints       882  Score              4850  Cur Mana          102

       (Melee)           Unspent Exp     3065930         (Missile)
Blows per round       4  Gold           10171128  Shots per round   2.5
+ to Skill            8                           + to Skill         20
Deadliness (%)      174  Max Depth       5000 ft  Deadliness (%)    167

                          (Character Abilities)
Melee     : Superb     Saving Throw: Legendary  Magic Device: Heroic
Shooting  : Superb     Stealth     : Aggravate  Dodging     : Superb
Throwing  : Superb     Perception  : Legendary  Fame        : Immortal
Digging   : Good       Disarming   : Legendary  Infra-Vision: 30 feet

   Speed       : +32
   Armour      : 164
   Kills       : 9524
   Time Elapsed: 33 days, 13 hours, 48 minutes   (3357550 turns)

  [Character Attributes]

      abcdefghijkl@        Stat Intrnl abcdefghijkl@ Adjust
Stlth:43...5.......        STR! 18/100 ..523.s.4.... 18/***
Invis:..52.........        INT! 18/100 ..52.2s..3..4 18/***
Aware:.....2.......        WIS! 18/100 4.52.2s...... 18/150
Disar:.............        DEX! 18/100 .352..s..34.. 18/***
Devic:.............        CON! 18/100 ..523.s.4.... 18/***
Speed:..**.......7.        CHR! 18/100 ..52..s..3... 18/200

      abcdefghijkl@                           abcdefghijkl@
Infra:....3........                     NFuel:.....+.......
Tunnl:.............                     Steal:.............
Save :.............                     NoMag:.............
Mana :.............                     Telep:.............
Light:.....2.......                     Aggra:..+..........


      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
Acid :..*...++*.+.. Light:+........+... Food :.............
Elec :..*...++..... Dark :+............ Feath:...+.........
Fire :..*...++..... Sound:........++... Shine:....+........
Cold :..**..++..... Shard:.........+... Regen:..+++.+......
Pois :.......+..... Nexus:......+...... ESP  :.....+.......
Fear :............. Nethr:+............ SeeIn:..++++.......
Blind:+....+....... Chaos:........+.... FrAct:...++...+....
Confu:.........+... Disen:.+..........+ HLife:...+..+......

  [Last Messages]

On the ground: a Heavy Crossbow (x4) (+6,+9).
You have found an essence of Life.
You see a Potion of Self Knowledge.
You see a Wand of Dragon's Breath (7 charges).
You have found an essence of Nexus.
You have found an essence of Darkness.
You see 2 Scrolls of *Destruction*.
You have picked the lock.
You see a Staff of Speed (9 charges).
You see 3 Mushrooms of Armouring.
You see an Amulet of the Magi.
Do you want to retire?  y
Do you want to quit?  n
Replace existing file ./lib/user/Zephyrus.txt?  y


Swordsmanship     :  50%
Clubbing          :  20%
Jousting          :  50%
Spellcasting      : 100%
Magical Power     : 100%
Wizardry          : 100%
Magical Device    : 100%
Perception        : 100%
Disarming         : 100%
Dodging           : 100%
Spell Resistance  : 100%
Alchemy           :  82%
Magical Infusion  : 100%

You have taken the Oath of Sorcery.


             You have slain Morgoth, Lord of Darkness!            

Defeated 6 piles of Creeping copper coins at 150 feet
Defeated 9 Baby black dragons at 300 feet
Defeated 11 Ochre jellies at 450 feet
Defeated 12 Cold vortices at 600 feet
Defeated 11 Mummified trolls at 700 feet
Defeated 16 Mimics (scroll) at 850 feet
Defeated 22 Carrion crawlers at 950 feet
Defeated 17 Spectral anacondas at 1100 feet
Defeated 20 Ice trolls at 1200 feet
Defeated 11 Minotaurs at 1350 feet
Defeated 18 Mature blue dragons at 1450 feet
Defeated 11 Mature black dragons at 1550 feet
Defeated 12 Mature bronze dragons at 1650 feet
Defeated 19 Berserkers at 1800 feet
Defeated 20 Earth elementals at 1950 feet
Defeated 12 Mature multi-hued dragons at 2050 feet
Defeated 13 Eldraks at 2200 feet
Defeated 16 Erinyeses at 2350 feet
Defeated 42 Vrocks at 2450 feet
Defeated 18 Astral devas at 2600 feet
Defeated 20 Ancient red dragons at 2700 feet
Defeated 23 Nalfeshnee at 2800 feet
Defeated 27 Ancient gold dragons at 2900 feet
Defeated 25 Planetars at 3000 feet
Defeated 16 Patriarches at 3100 feet
Defeated 24 Great ice wyrms at 3200 feet
Defeated 17 Great wyrms of Venom at 3350 feet
Defeated 26 Eye drujs at 3500 feet
Defeated 24 Sorcerers at 3600 feet
Defeated 30 Hammers of the Underworld at 3700 feet
Defeated 34 Aether hounds at 3850 feet
Defeated 54 Aether hounds at 3950 feet
Defeated 25 Mimics (large jeweled chest) at 4050 feet
Defeated 24 Nightwalkers at 4200 feet

  [Character Equipment]

the Spear of Melkor (4d6) (+8,+25) (-4 to stealth)
     Activates for lance of darkness (damage 220) every 50 turns.  [0% fail]
     -4 WIS, Stealth.  Brand Venom.
     Resist Light, Dark, Nether, Blindness.  Drains Exp.
the Long Bow 'Belthronding' (x3) (+20,+22) (+3)
     +3 DEX, Stealth, Shots.  Resist Disenchantment.
The One Ring (+5, +10) {cursed}
     Activates for bizarre things every 250-500 turns.  [22% fail]
     +5 all stats; +10 Speed; +5 Invisibility.
     Sustain all stats.
     Immunity to Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold.
     Regeneration; See Invisible; Aggravates; Drains Exp;  Permanently Cursed.
the Ring of Power 'Nenya' (+2, +10)
     Activates for large frost ball (250) every 125-150 turns.  [0% fail]
     +2 all stats; +10 Speed; +2 Invisibility.
     Sustain INT, WIS.  Immunity to Cold.
     Feather Falling; Regeneration; See Invisible; Free Action
     Hold Life.
the Necklace of the Dwarves (+3) {Glaurung}
     +3 STR, CON, Infravision.
     Permanent Light; Regeneration; See Invisible; Free Action.
the Palantir of Westernesse (lit) [2] (+2, -5)
     Activates for full clairvoyance - at grave risk - every 175-350 turns.  [0%
     +2 INT, WIS, Awareness; -5 Stealth.  Resist Blindness.
     ESP; See Invisible; Drains Exp.
     Does 10d10 thrown damage;  Permanent Light (radius 2)
a Robe of Permanence [2,+21] {Ancalagon}
     Sustain all stats.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Nexus.
     Regeneration; Hold Life.
the Cloak 'Colluin' [1,+15]
     Activates for resistance (duration 20-40) every 160 turns.  [0% fail]
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison.
the Small Metal Shield of Thorin [5,+21] (+4)
     +4 STR, CON.  Immunity to Acid.
     Resist Sound, Chaos.  Free Action.
the Jewel Encrusted Crown of Numenor [0,+15] (+3)
     +3 INT, DEX, CHR.
     Resist Light, Sound, Shards, Confusion.
the Set of Cesti of Fingolfin (+10,+10) [4,+15] (+4) {Gyrus}
     Activates for vorpal blows every 100-200 turns.  [0% fail]
     +4 DEX.  Resist Acid.
a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Speed [2,+12] (+7)
a Pouch (holding 830 essences of 19 types)

  [Character Inventory]

4 Books of Magic Spells [Apprentice Magic]
4 Books of Magic Spells [Lesser Conjury]
     Does 3d7 thrown damage
4 Books of Magic Spells [Elemental Sorcery] {25% off}
     Does 5d11 thrown damage
a Book of Magic Spells [Phantasms and Illusions] {Draebor}
     Does 7d14 thrown damage
a Book of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes]
     Does 8d19 thrown damage
a Book of Magic Spells [Grimoire of Wizardry]
     Does 9d28 thrown damage
a Book of Magic Spells [Raal's Tome of Destruction]
     Does 10d47 thrown damage
50 Potions of Healing
8 Potions of *Healing*
a Potion of Enlightenment
41 Scrolls of Recharging
15 Scrolls of Satisfy Hunger {Gabriel}
a Rod of Lightning Strike
a Rod of Dragonfire
2 Wands of Stone to Mud (8 charges)
10 Wands of Doomblasts (31 charges)
a Staff of Healing (3 charges)
     Unusually durable
a Staff of Power (3 charges)
     Unusually durable
a Staff of Holiness (3 charges)
     Unusually durable
a Staff of Doomspells (2 charges)
     Unusually durable
the Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth [0,+0] (+125) {cursed}
     +125 all stats; +125 Infravision.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, Light, Dark, Nexus,
     Permanent Light; ESP; See Invisible;  Permanently Cursed.
the Mighty Hammer 'Grond' (9d9) (+5,+25) [+10]
     Slay Animal, Evil, Undead, Demon, Orc, Troll, Dragon.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold.
     ESP; See Invisible; Impact; Aggravates.

  [Home Inventory]

the Ring of Barahir (+1)
     +1 all stats; +1 Stealth.  Resist Poison.
the Ring of Power 'Narya' (+1, +10) {Azriel}
     Activates for large fire ball (225) every 125-150 turns.  [0% fail]
     +1 all stats; +10 Speed; +1 Invisibility.
     Sustain STR, DEX.  Immunity to Fire.
     Slow Digestion; Regeneration; See Invisible; Free Action.
the Amulet of Carlammas (+2)
     Activates for banishment and protection from evil (duration 50-100) every
225-450 turns.  [0% fail]
     +2 CON.  Resist Fire.
the Augmented Chain Mail of Caspanion (-2) [16,+20] (+3) {Smaug}
     Activates for door destruction every turn.  [0% fail]
     +3 INT, WIS, CON.  Resist Acid, Poison, Confusion.
a Robe of Permanence [2,+22]
     Sustain all stats.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Shards.  Hold Life.
the Leather Scale Mail 'Thalkettoth' [10,+25] (+3)
     +3 DEX.  Resist Acid, Lightning, Shards, Confusion.
the Cloak 'Colannon' [1,+15] (+3 to stealth)
     Activates for teleport (100) every 45 turns.  [0% fail]
     +3 Stealth.  Resist Nexus.
a Cloak of Aman [1,+19] (+3 to stealth) {Saruman}
     +3 Stealth.  Resist Nether.  See Invisible.
the Small Leather Shield of the Elements [3,+15]
     Activates for opposition to the elements (duration 20-40) every 160 turns. 
[0% fail]
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold.
the Large Leather Shield of Celegorm [6,+20] {Maeglin}
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Light, Dark.
the Large Metal Shield of Anarion [8,+18]
     Sustain all stats.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold.
the Shield of Deflection of Gil-Galad [14,+16] (+3)
     Activates for blinding light (75) every 50 turns.  [0% fail]
     +3 CHR.  Sustain WIS, CHR.  Resist Acid, Lightning.
     Permanent Light.
the Golden Crown of Gondor [0,+18] (+3)
     Activates for heal (500) every 500 turns.  [0% fail]
     +3 STR, WIS, CON.  Resist Fire, Cold, Light, Blindness.
     Regeneration; See Invisible.
     Permanent Light (radius 1)
the Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+10] (+2)
     +2 INT, WIS.  Resist Blindness.  ESP.
the Steel Helm of Hammerhand [6,+20] (+3)
     +3 STR, DEX, CON.  Resist Acid, Nexus.
the Pair of Leather Sandals of Ollomen [1,+14] (+5, +1)
     Activates for healing (about 10) every 45 turns.  [0% fail]
     +5 CON; +1 INT.  Resist Sound, Confusion.  Regeneration.
the Dagger 'Narthanc' (1d4) (+8,+8)
     Brand Fire.  Well-Balanced.  Resist Fire.
     Permanent Light (radius 1)
the Bastard Sword 'Calris' (3d7) (-18,+20) (+5) {Gyrus}
     +5 CON.  Slay Evil, Demon, Troll, Dragon.
     Resist Disenchantment.  Must be Fed.
the Two-Handed Sword 'Gurthang' (3d10) (+13,+17) (+4) {Gyrus}
     +4 STR.  Slay XDragon.
     Slow Digestion; Regeneration; Free Action.
the Pike of the Eorlingas (2d13) (+3,+21) (+2)
     +2 STR, DEX.  Slay Animal, Evil, Orc, Troll.
     See Invisible.
the Broad Axe of Theoden (2d6) (+10,+10) (+3)
     Activates for drain life (damage 120) every 10 turns.  [0% fail]
     +3 WIS, CON.  Slay Dragon.  Slow Digestion; ESP.
the Great Axe of Eonwe (4d6) (+15,+18) [+8] (+2)
     Activates for mass genocide every 1000 turns.  [0% fail]
     +2 all stats.  Slay Evil, Undead.  Brand Frost.
     Immunity to Cold.
     See Invisible; Free Action; Blessed Blade.
the Great Axe of Durin (4d4) (+10,+20) [+15] (+3)
     +3 CON.  Slay Demon, Troll, Dragon.
     Resist Acid, Fire, Light, Dark, Chaos.  Free Action.
the Sling of Buckland (x4) (+19,+15) (+2) {Ungoliant}
     +2 Speed, Shots, Might.
     Resist Blindness, Confusion.

Posted on 1.11.2005 08:39
Last updated on 3.11.2005 00:32

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On 1.11.2005 08:39 wrote:
Thanks to a certain Wilma, I've had an abundance of time on my hands the past few days. And I'm gloriously happy after not having power for five days. So why not squander it with another Sang character?

Zephyrus is around 2800', currently he has a quest for a ridiculous number of planetars. Hopefully their holy light attacks don't wipe him out in one shot.

Been really using the Recharge talent a lot, though it has a bug or two that I've already mentioned to Leon. I had the *ultimate* wand (wand of doomblasts!) for a short while, and then a mistype of a key when I was recharging other wands lead me to blow it up. Without it, a quest for 24 or so ancient gold dragons was considerably harder.

The most interesting thing to happen to this character happened far earlier, when in search for bonus experience for wielding new items, he put on an amulet of woe (-2 to all stats). Didn't realize this amulet was available as low as it was, nor that it came with a heavy curse. No *remove curse* scrolls were anywhere to be found. The +4 amulet of int I had recently found was going to have to wait. So, with a third of the spell points I had before (down to around 50 some odd from around 150), I frantically searched levels hoping to find a *RC* scroll. Eventually all my scrounging lead to a little cash, which I kept dumping into both the Temple and the Potion/Scroll shop, not sure which might end up carrying it if I beefed their inventory high enough (the newest versions of Sang allow you to invest money directly into the shop, leading to the shopkeeper to start stocking good stuff, however, just how much money and how much time isn't readily obvious without source diving. It's neat though, the shopkeeper greetings to you change as you get more in their graces.).

Oh. And to compound things, I had recently eaten a mania mushroom, which if you've played Sang at all you're probably intimately familiar with it--thousands of turns of variable speed (-10 to +10). A quest for mature confusion breathing dragons led to a hairy moment where I really should have died: 3 of them converging on me, I'm at under 100 hits, at -6 speed thanks to the mushroom, and probably one good breath away from death. I can't just teleport away because I've got no staff of teleport, and I'm confused. So I drink a CCW potion, expecting to the see the tombstone when one of them breaths again, and I think I had to do that a few times just to get the confusion to stop happening, and then I finally got away, knowing that I was *extremely* lucky. Haven't had any close calls to that magnitude since.

Best moment so far: pouring out a ton of uses of a Staff of Holiness after digging into the side of a demon pit. Netted about 86 thousand experience from them all, hence my high spellcasting and wizardry lore levels.

Got the 2nd highest book from a quest reward, and it has some neat spells in it: a couple auras (frost/fire) that enhance their respective element's spell damage if they are being used. Pretty neat. Wish I could find a good damage spell somewhere, but until then my main arsenal is the wand of drain life and staff of holiness, if I can't just kill it outright with Orcrist or weaker spells.

If I survive that Planetar quest, given their drops, I should have some better kit to report for the next dump. Wish me luck.

On 1.11.2005 14:58 wrote:
Umm, between holy lances and light balls, you may find yourself wanting a new quest. When I tried a planetoar quest, I returned to town twice to get res light (first kit didn't work well). I eventually cheesed it with anitsummoning corridors and ignite blaze (when it was broken). I'd highly recommend avoiding or at least taking thie quest *very* carefully.

On 1.11.2005 22:19 wrote:
Survived the Planetar quest without too much difficulty. Holy smite isn't as nasty if you aren't a necromancer--does around 200, maybe 250 or so max. With a necro it was 400 or maybe more. I think it is related to your Blood Dominion skill.

Ice wyrm quest next--my first where all the drops will be good. I was thinking planetars were like that, but no such luck.

Found Thorin and swapped my eq around to give me more hits. New weapon doesn't do as much damage as Orcrist, but +3 con and ESP seemed worthwhile trades.

Maxed my spellcasting skill... just wish I could find that last book to see what goodies are in store.

Inventory slots are definitely a preminum in this variant--wish I had more to keep all the interesting magic devices I keep finding--had to leave a Rod of the Northwinds lying on the floor because I couldn't spare the room, those ball spell wands are a little too helpful.
If I ever get a nice area effect blast spell that damages most monsters, I may clean up all this extra gear I keep toting. I keep hoping to find another doomblast wand, but no such luck. Power/holiness allowed me to clear a graveyard. Low on recharge right now--probably worth resting a few thousand turns to stock up before Ice Wyrms deplete my potion store.

On 2.11.2005 05:10 wrote:
It's true; holy lance damage is based upon blood dominion skill. You may just be higher level than I was at the time also.

ESP and +3 con? Any day of the week. I imagine you mostly get by with the magic devices, from what I read.

Doesn't Skullcleaver have NO_MAGIC? If so, you probably don't need to keep it around.

On 2.11.2005 06:53 wrote:
Well, had a few tasty dragon quests (Ice, Venom) which netted some decent items. Still kind of stuck with very few options to maximize my resistances though. I really got spoiled with that last character who had the PDSM.

Experience is really easy to get now. I probably shouldn't have finished maximizing a few of my skills--could have potentially won with a lower power level, but really this game was more about trying a new class than setting any special challenges.

I'm quite hungrily awaiting that last book, but it hasn't turned up yet. Nearly got the book shop to give me the happiest message through donation, hopefully that'll make that book turn up if it doesn't get randomly dropped. A nice chest in a vault yielded every high book EXCEPT the one I needed. ...argh. And quests are getting annoying--they take awhile (that eye druj quest, for example) and the reward has rarely been useful. My last quest for Hammers of the Underworld was extremely easy (doom wands and they don't have any ranged attacks). Aether hounds ought to be fairly simple too. Hopefully the quests are coming to an end soon (I seem to remember getting the "I have no more quests for you" message somewhere in the low 4000s).

I streamlined my wands a bit, deciding to just stack up the doom ones and maybe carry a few back-up ball ones for mana or a tight pinch.

Fundin was a little nasty, with his penchant for holy lances. Those seemed to do a little more damage, or maybe it was just my imagination.

Wish the home had multiple pages for inventory storing like Hengband. What a lovely feature. Next update will hopefully be near the end.

On 2.11.2005 09:14 wrote:
Brief update before bed... made power level 100, I had it with the last update but forgot to spend my experience. Just cleared a huge vault on an Aether Hound quest level, and also took out Gyrus (sorry, guy), Murazor, Khamal, and that Jaws of Thirst guy. Murazor was scary as I was pretty much depleted, resource wise, and he just kept coming, summoning an army of undead wherever he went. Oh. Forgot about Ungoliant who was also there, and whom I literally had to melee to death as I was just about empty of resourcs at that point too. Scary moment when a darkness storm magic attack paralyzed(!) me in addition to doing about 400 damage. Somehow survived.

Got to sort through all this loot and restock my equipment, but I'm too tired. In the center of that huge vault there were two final spellbooks--of course, the wizard one was completely absent. ...sigh.

On 3.11.2005 00:32 wrote:
Done, da-done done! Morgoth goes down to a hail of mana storms, doom bolts, and the occasional stunning effect from a doomstaff.
He summoned the Qlzzlyup guy, who I left
for killing after the final battle was over.

I got Raal's by pumping enough money into
the magic book store that it sold it. Took
a long time. But I was quite happy with
mana storm, which, unlike in some other
variants, doesn't wipe the floor clean every
time you use it. So it's very useful. Damage-
wise, it wasn't fantastic, but it was fairly
cost effective (27 pts, out of 450 or so max).

Had a great equipment haul at 4950', where
Sauron was generated in a greater checkerboard vault. I had to drop just
about every ordinary item I was carrying
to haul out all the loot. For awhile I was
fighting with Eowne, which did fantastic
damage as opposed to Theodon, which
I had been using for most of the game.
It was nice to slaughter monsters with melee.
Then I needed to plug in darkness resistance,
as having that hole is especially dangerous
in this game--Darkness Storms can paralyze
you, which can lead to all sorts of nastiness.
So while I was carrying a ring of Darkness
for awhile, I decided to juggle my equipment
around so I could wear the One Ring,
Nenya, and that left my weapon as Melkor's
spear. Only got 4 attacks with it, I believe,
which was too bad given that my stats
were max. But it was servicable. I didn't
try to melee Morgoth, because of his charge
draining attacks. Overall, magic devices
really helped this guy get somewhere, which
is I believe how Leon intended the mage to
behave, at least to some degree.

Enjoyed this variant. Looking forward to
returning to it again sometime in the near
future to try on more of Leon's changes.
I really like all the descriptions given to
all the items--Leon really seemed to put
some work into making items special by
more than just their statistics.

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