The Angband Ladder: Lucky Hobserk Mk2, Hobbit Berserker by Matthias

  [Entroband 1.7.1 Character Dump]

                          Name  : Lucky Hobserk Mk2

 Sex      : Male             Age                29   Str :  18/163 18/***
 Race     : Hobbit           Height             36   Int :       3      3
 Class    : Berserker        Weight             61   Wis :       3      3
                             Social Class        1   Dex :  18/115 18/164
                             Align          Lawful   Con :  18/*** 18/***
                                                     Chr :   18/80 18/119

 Right hand      (+31,+68)   Hit point     -1/1754   Fighting   : Legendary[77]
 Left hand       (+32,+71)   SP (Mana)      0/   0   Bows/Throw : Very Bad
 Blows/Round           8+7                           SavingThrow: Legendary[5]
 AverageDmg/Rnd    712+584   Level              47   Stealth    : Very Bad
                             Experience    5670575
 Shooting        (+62,+13)   Max Exp       6278199   Perception : Very Bad
 Multiplier          x3.36   Exp to Adv    5950000   Searching  : Very Bad
 Shots/Round          1.66   Gold           399527   Disarming  : Very Bad
                                                     MagicDevice: Very Bad
 AC              [29,+101]   Time      Day 8  8:50
 Speed               (+20)   Play time    13:13:58   Infra-Vision: 40 feet

                         (Character Background)
          You are the first step in the Mad Chemist's plan to revive
          dead heroes into mindless slaves. The mindles slave thing
          doesn't seem to work yet, but the revive worked well. You
          now must stop the M.C. before your evil twins are born.

          ...You were killed by Vlad Dracula, Prince of Darkness on
          level 77 of Angband.

 Sex   : Male          Stat    BaseRacClaPerMod ActualCurrent  abcdefghijkl@
 Race  : Hobbit        Str : 18/124 -2  8 -2  6 18/*** 18/163  2......2..2.s
 Class : Berserker     Int :  18/25  1-20 -2  3      3         .....2...1...
 Level : 47            Wis :  18/50  1-20 -2  1      3         .....23..1...
 Hits  : -1/1754       Dex :  18/94  3  4 -2  2 18/164 18/115  ........2...s
 Mana  : 0/0           Con :  18/77  2  4 -2 15 18/*** 18/***  24..5...2.2.s
                       Chr : 18/109  1 -5  2  3 18/119  18/80  .....232.....

         abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@                abcdefghijkl@
 Acid  : ..+....+.+..#    Sound : .......+.....    Speed     : ...........++
 Elec  : ..*....+....#    Nether: +....+.......    FreeAction: +........++.+
 Fire  : .......++...#    Nexus : .......+...+.    SeeInvisi.: .....+...+...
 Cold  : .......+.+..#    Chaos : +............    Hold Life : +...........+
 Poison: ..+......+..#    Disnch: .........+...    Warning   : .+...........
 Light : ........++...    Fear  : .........+..#    SlowDigest: .+...........
 Dark  : .....+..+....    Reflct: ............+    Regene.   : ............+
 Shard : .......+.....    AuFire: .............    Levitation: .............
 Blind : ..+..........    AuElec: .............    Perm Lite : ........+....
 Conf  : +............    AuCold: .............    Cursed    : ........+.+..

             ab@                abcdefghijkl@                  abcdefghijkl@
 Slay Evil : ...    Telepathy : ......+......    Add Blows   : ...+.........
 Slay Und. : ...    ESP Evil  : .............    Add Tunnel  : .............
 Slay Demon: ...    ESP Noliv.: .............    Add Infra   : .............
 Slay Drag.: ...    ESP Good  : .............    Add Device  : .............
 Slay Human: +..    ESP Undead: .....+.......    Add Stealth : ..+..+..+....
 Slay Anim.: ...    ESP Demon : .............    Add Search  : .+.......+...
 Slay Orc  : ...    ESP Dragon: .............
 Slay Troll: ...    ESP Human : .........+...    Riding      : .............
 Slay Giant: ...    ESP Animal: .............    Throw       : .............
 Acid Brand: ...    ESP Orc   : .............    Blessed     : .............
 Elec Brand: ...    ESP Troll : .............    No Teleport : .............
 Fire Brand: ...    ESP Giant : .............    Anti Magic  : .........+...
 Cold Brand: .+.                                 Econom. Mana: .............
 Poison Brd: ...    Sust Str  : ............+
 Sharpness : ...    Sust Int  : .............    Drain Exp   : .............
 Quake     : ...    Sust Wis  : .............    Rnd.Teleport: .........+...
 Vampiric  : +..    Sust Dex  : ............+    Aggravate   : +....+.......
 Chaotic   : ...    Sust Con  : ............+    TY Curse    : .............
 Force Wep.: ...    Sust Chr  : .............

  [Last Messages]

> The Monastic lich casts a spell to revive corpses.
> You have a Metallic Green Potion of Healing {!k}.
> You feel very good.
> The Nazgul breathes nether.
> The Witch-King of Angmar is immune.
> The Deep one resists somewhat.
> Cantoras, the Skeletal Lord is immune.
> The Keeper of Secrets resists somewhat.
> The Hound of Tindalos resists.
> The Demilich is immune.
> Vlad Dracula, Prince of Darkness is immune.
> The Algroth dies.
> The Monastic lich is immune.
> The Fire hound dies.
> The Air hound dies.
> The Nazgul breathes nether.
> The Witch-King of Angmar is immune.
> The Deep one is destroyed.
> Cantoras, the Skeletal Lord is immune.
> The Keeper of Secrets resists somewhat.
> The Hound of Tindalos resists.
> The Demilich is immune.
> Vlad Dracula, Prince of Darkness is immune.
> The Monastic lich is immune.
> The Air hound dies.
> Vlad Dracula, Prince of Darkness bites you.
> New blood joins this earth...
> Goodbye, Hobserk Mk2!

  [Option Settings]

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Small Levels:       ENABLED
 Arena Levels:       ENABLED

  [Recall Depth]

    Angband         : level  77
    Yeek cave       : level   6
    Orc cave        : level  10
    Dragon's lair   : level  30
   !Castle          : level  65
    Glass castle    : level  47

  [Quest Information]

< Completed Quest >
  Thieves Hideout                          (Danger  level:   5) - level  3
  Warg problem                             (Danger  level:   5) - level 11
  Orc Camp                                 (Danger  level:  15) - level 21
  The Mimic's Treasure                     (Danger  level:  25) - level 21
  Old Man Willow Quest                     (Danger  level:  22) - level 33
  Dark Elven Lords Quest                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 33
  The Sewer                                (Danger  level:  15) - level 34
  Logrus Master                            (Danger  level:  25) - level 34
  The Vault                                (Danger  level:  30) - level 34
  The Cloning Pits                         (Danger  level:  45) - level 34
  The Borshin                              (Dungeon level:   6) - level 43
  Ufthak of Cirith Ungol                   (Dungeon level:  12) - level 43
  Lord Borel of Hendrake                   (Dungeon level:  24) - level 43
  Tengu and Death Swords                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 43
  Rinaldo, Son of Brand                    (Dungeon level:  38) - level 43
  The Old Castle                           (Danger  level:  50) - level 43
  Hoarmurath of Dir                        (Dungeon level:  44) - level 44
  The Lernean Hydra                        (Dungeon level:  50) - level 44
  Brand, Mad Visionary of Amber            (Dungeon level:  56) - level 45
  Jisisl of Ice                            (Dungeon level:  62) - level 46
  Cyaegha                                  (Dungeon level:  76) - level 48

< Failed Quest >

 Arena: 26 Victories

  [Defeated Monsters]

You have defeated 8924 enemies including 143 unique monsters in total.

< Unique monsters top 10 >
  Cyaegha                                  (level  80)
  Azriel, Angel of Death                   (level  80)
  Atlach-Nacha, the Spider God             (level  75)
  Ungoliant, the Unlight                   (level  75)
  Gerard, Strongman of Amber               (level  74)
  Tsathoggua, the Sleeper of N'kai         (level  74)
  Caine, the Conspirator                   (level  71)
  Banor=Rupart                             (level  71)
  Rupart the General                       (level  71)
  Banor the Prince Regent                  (level  71)


Your alighnment : Lawful

You have strayed from the path of Valour.
You are an enemy of Individualism.
You are the living embodiment of Temperance.
You are a great champion of Justice.
You are the living embodiment of Honour.
You have sinned against Compassion.
You are somewhat virtuous in Patience.
You are a bitter enemy of Sacrifice.


 You have an extra pair of eyes (+15 search).
 There is a white aura surrounding you.

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Blade of Chaos 'Stormbringer' (6d6) (+16,+16) (+2)
b) The No-dachi of Liquid Helium (5d4) (+18,+20) (+4 to searching)
c) The Light Crossbow of Light Speed (x3) (+17,+13) (+3 to stealth)
d) a Topaz Ring of Extra Attacks (+1 attack)
e) an Opal Ring of Constitution (+5)
f) The Collar Harness of the Hell (+15,+15) [-5] (-2) {InWiChSl;DkNt;SiAg~L}
g) The Palantir of Westernesse (+3) {WiCh~Tele}
h) The Chain Mail of Arvedui (-2) [14,+15] (+2) {StCh;AcElFiCoShSoNx}
i) The Shadow Cloak 'Fan' [6,+16] (+2 to stealth) {cursed, DxCnSl;FiLiDk;Lu}
j) The Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' (+18,+18) [5,+10] (-1)
{InWiSr;AcCoPoLiDiFe;FaSiTe[M~p, .}
k) The Set of Leather Gloves 'Cambeleg' (+8,+8) [1,+15] (+2) {cursed, StCn;Fa}
l) The Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Feanor [3,+20] (+15 to speed) {Sp;Nx}

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Slimy Mushroom of Restoring
b) 8 Rations of Food
c) 10 Pungent Potions of Speed {!k}
d) 54 Orange Speckled Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {@q1}
e) a Metallic Green Potion of Healing {!k}
f) 6 Cloudy Potions of Enlightenment
g) a Silver Potion of Self Knowledge
h) 9 Shimmering Potions of Resistance {!k}
i) an Agate Amulet of the Magi [+5] (+4 to searching)
j) an Agate Amulet of the Magi [+3] (+7 to searching)
k) Blue Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+20]
l) The Metal Scale Mail of Julian (-2) [15,+40] (+4)
m) The Elven Cloak 'of Daisy' [4,+20] (+4)
n) a Dragon Helm [8,+18]
o) a Set of Cesti [5,+7]
p) The Dagger of Fiona (2d4) (+6,+9) (+2)
q) The Corpse of Fiona the Sorceress {Wanted}

  [Home Inventory]

 ( page 1 )
a) 2 Books of Kendo [Gorinnosho] {3}
b) 6 Song Books [Harps of Rivendell] {3}
c) 7 Crusade Spellbooks [Exorcism and Dispelling] {3}
d) 3 Daemon Spellbooks [Demonthoughts] {3}
e) 6 Craft Spellbooks [Note of Acting Master] {3}
f) 3 Trump Spellbooks [Trumps of Doom] {3}
g) 8 Death Spellbooks [Black Channels] {3}
h) 6 Chaos Spellbooks [Chaos Channels] {3}
i) 3 Nature Spellbooks [Nature's Gifts] {3}
j) 5 Sorcery Spellbooks [Pattern Sorcery] {3}
k) 6 Life Spellbooks [Book of the Unicorn] {3}
l) 10 Slimy Mushrooms of Restoring

 ( page 2 )
a) 6 Pungent Potions of Speed {!k}
b) a Dark Green Potion of Resist Heat
c) 2 Metallic Green Potions of Healing {!k}
d) 8 Dark Red Potions of *Healing* {!k!q!q}
e) 14 Silver Potions of Self Knowledge
f) 5 Shimmering Potions of Resistance {!k}
g) 5 Metallic Purple Potions of Curing
h) 5 Cyan Potions of New Life
i) 2 Tiger Eye Rings of Poison Resistance
j) 2 Opal Rings of Constitution (+4)
k) a Zircon Ring of Speed (+8)
l) a Dilithium Ring of Light and Darkness Resistance and Light

 ( page 3 )
a) 3 Scarab Rings of Nether Resistance
b) 2 Tortoise Shell Rings of Nexus Resistance
c) a Mithril Ring of Sound Resistance and Regeneration
d) 2 Quartz Rings of Confusion Resistance
e) 3 Serpent Rings of Shard Resistance
f) an Azurite Ring of Chaos Resistance and Slaying (+3,+3)
g) an Azurite Ring of Chaos Resistance and Aggravate {cursed}
h) an Alexandrite Ring of Blindness Resistance and Fire bolt
i) 2 Topaz Rings of Extra Attacks (+1 attack)
j) a Jet Ring of Extra Shots
k) a Garnet Ring of Sustaining
l) a Rusty Ring of Warning

 ( page 4 )
a) The Amulet of Ingwe (+3) {InWiChIf;AcElCo;FaSi}
b) 3 Garnet Amulets of Anti-Magic
c) a Copper Amulet of Anti-Teleportation
d) a Bone Amulet of Resistance {AcElFiCoPo}
e) a Bone Amulet of Resistance and See Invisible {AcElFiCoPo;Si}
f) an Emerald Amulet of Telepathy {~Tele}
g) The Amulet of Faramir (+24,+0) (+3) {Sl;BlCf(Dx}
h) The Torque of Boromir (+0,+16) {Fe(St}
i) The Bead 'Yasaka-no-Magatama' (+3) {InDxChSr;ElFiCo;FaSi}
j) The Inro of Mito Koumon (+2) {InWiChSrIf;Si}
k) The Amulet of Sacred Knights [+10] (+2) {SpStWi;CfCa;FaSiHlRgBs}
l) The Charmed Pendant [+5] (+2) {InChSrIf;FaSiSdRgLuWr[FEC}

 ( page 5 )
a) The Pendant of Gogo (+4) {InWiDx;SiLu, art}
b) The Incandescent Light of Yeduson (+3 to infravision) {If[FE}
c) The Phial of Galadriel (+1 to searching) {Sr;Dk}
d) The Star of Elendil (+1 to speed) {Sp;SiHl}
e) The Stone of Lore
f) Bronze Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+17]
g) Gold Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+18]
h) The Rusty Chain Mail 'Kiss of Saccubus' (-5) [14,+20] (+4) {DxCnCh;Ca}
i) Ring Mail of Elvenkind (-2) [12,+12] (+2 to stealth) {Sl;AcElFiCoSh}
j) The Ring Mail of Barahir (-2) [12,+18] {CfNx;Lv}
k) The Double Ring Mail 'Hound' (-2) [15,+17] (+2 to searching) {StDxCnSr;Hl}
l) The Augmented Chain Mail of Eden (-2) [16,+16] (+4 to stealth) {WiSl;CoCaDi}

 ( page 6 )
a) The Augmented Chain Mail 'Gospel' (-2) [16,+17] (+3 to searching)
b) The Augmented Chain Mail 'Fire Extinguisher' (-2) [16,+8] (+4 to stealth)
c) The Double Chain Mail 'Iilarcam' (-2) [16,+20] (+2 to searching)
d) The Double Chain Mail 'Llasehodcomp' (-2) [16,+5] (+4) {St;ElBl}
e) Bar Chain Mail (Dwarven) (-2) [23,+18] (+3) {StCn}
f) The Metal Brigandine Armour 'Rengoku-Kaen' (-3) [19,+13] (+3 to speed)
g) The Metal Brigandine Armour of the Rohirrim [19,+15] (+2)
h) The Metal Lamellar Armour 'Eeldormenel' (-3) [23,+20] (+4)
i) The Metal Lamellar Armour of The Padre (+5,+5) [23,+17] (+2) {Ch;FiCa;RfLu}
j) The Full Plate Armour of Isildur [25,+25] (+3) {Cn;AcElFiCoCfSoNx}
k) The Soft Leather Armour 'Hithlomir' [4,+20] (+4 to stealth)
l) The Hard Leather Armour of Himring [6,+15] {PoNtCa[C}

 ( page 7 )
a) The Rhino Hide Armour 'Phantom' (-1) [8,+7] (+3 to stealth) {SlSr;LiCa;Rg[F}
b) The Leather Scale Mail 'Thalkettoth' (-1) [11,+25] (+3) {Dx;AcShNx}
c) Black Clothes of Elvenkind [4,+29] (+4 to stealth) {Sl;AcElFiCoSh}
d) The Cloak of Jack of Shadows [1,+19] (+7 to stealth) {SlSr;FaSiHl~Tele}
e) The Fur Cloak of Mook [3,+20] {AcCoCa;Lv}
f) a Small Metal Shield of Reflection [5,+15]
g) The Large Leather Shield of Celegorm [6,+20] {AcElFiCoLiDkBl}
h) a Large Metal Shield of Resistance [8,+8]
i) The Large Metal Shield of Anarion [8,+18] {AcElFiCoCa(StInWiDxCnCh}
j) The Mirror 'Yata-no-Kagami' [0,+18] (+3) {InWiIf;RfSiHlLu~Tele}
k) an Iron Crown of the Magi [0,+9] (+3) {In;AcElFiCoCf;Fa(In}
l) an Iron Crown of Lordliness [0,+7] (+3) {WiCh;Bl(WiCh}

 ( page 8 )
a) an Iron Crown of Lordliness [0,+8] (+2) {WiCh;Po(WiCh}
b) a Jewel Encrusted Crown of Lordliness [0,+10] (+1) {WiCh;Li(WiCh}
c) The Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+10] (+2) {InWi;ShBl~Tele}
d) The Metal Cap 'Crypt Creep' [3,+11] (+4 to stealth) {DxCnSl;NtNxCa;Te}
e) a Jingasa of Seeing [4,+4] (+3 to searching) {Sr;Bl;Si}
f) The Iron Helm 'Holhenneth' [5,+10] (+2) {InWiSr;Bl;Si}
g) The Steel Helm of Hammerhand [6,+20] (+3) {StDxCn;AcNx}
h) a Dragon Helm [8,+16] {Po}
i) The Set of Gauntlets 'Refrigerator' [2,+10] (+3 to searching) {ChSr;Co}
j) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+17] {AcDkNx}
k) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+13] {PoNx}
l) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+18] {Fi}

 ( page 9 )
a) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+3] {Sh}
b) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+15] {Co}
c) a Set of Cesti of Power (+4,+0) [5,+6] (+1) {St;Fe}
d) The Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Shiva's Avatar (+5,+5) [4,+16] (+4 to
speed) {SpDx;Nx;FaLv(Dx}
e) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Levitation [3,+4] {Ca;Lv}
f) The Pair of Metal Shod Boots of Thror [6,+20] (+3) {SpStCn;Ca}
g) The Broken Sword 'Narsil' (2d2) (+6,+10) (+1) {AtSt;Fi/oT}
h) The Dagger of Caine (2d4) (+10,+15) [+5] (+4) {DxSlSr;Dk;ThFaSi|P/*poT(Dx}
i) a Main Gauche (Holy Avenger) (1d5) (+14,+13) [+2] (+1)
j) The Main Gauche 'Littlethorn' (1d5) (+18,+6) (+3) {InCh;Nx;FaSiRg/*}
k) The Small Sword 'Sting' (1d6) (+7,+8) (+2 attacks)
l) a Broad Sword of *Slay* Human (2d5) (+9,+9) (+1)

 ( page 10 )
a) The Broad Sword 'Aranruth' (3d5) (+20,+12) (+4) {Dx;Co;FaSdLv/oU~oTPU}
b) The Broad Sword 'Orcrist' (3d5) (+10,+15) (+3 to stealth)
c) The Broad Sword 'Glamdring' (3d5) (+10,+15) (+1 to searching)
d) a Long Sword of Westernesse (2d5) (+8,+8) (+1)
e) The Katana 'Kusanagi-no-tsurugi' (4d4) (+15,+15) (+3 to stealth)
f) The Katana 'Zantetsuken' (10d4) (+17,+21) (+2) {StDxDg|S}
g) The Bastard Sword 'Calris' (5d4) (+8,+20) (+5) {Cn;Di;Ag/XD/*pTU}
h) a Falchion of Westernesse (4d5) (+5,+12) (+2)
i) an Espadon of Westernesse (2d9) (+10,+9) (+1) {StDxCn;FaSi/oTP~oTP}
j) a Two-Handed Sword (3d6) (+5,+6)
k) a Two-Handed Sword (Defender) (4d6) (+9,+15) [+1] (+3 to stealth)
l) The Two-Handed Sword 'Edge of Execution' (5d6) (+19,+9) (+2 attacks)

 ( page 11 )
a) a No-dachi of Slay Human (5d4) (+7,+7)
b) a Blade of Chaos of Extra Attacks (6d5) (+14,+11) (+2 attacks) {At;Ca}
c) a Blade of Chaos (Defender) (6d5) (+10,+8) [+7] (+4 to stealth)
d) a Blade of Chaos of Force (6d5) (+9,+16) (+2) {InWi;Ca;Si|M}
e) a Blade of Chaos (Vampiric) (6d5) (+6,+9) {Ca;Hl|V/p}
f) a Blade of Chaos (Trump Weapon) (6d5) (+9,+16) (+1 to searching)
g) a Blade of Chaos (Chaotic) (6d5) (+5,+8) {DkCa|Ca}
h) a Blade of Chaos of Burning (6d5) (+13,+9)
i) a Blade of Chaos of Slay Orc (6d5) (+6,+14)
j) The Spear of Hagen (1d6) (+11,+13) (+3 to speed) {SpSlIf;CoDk;ThSi|Co/L}
k) The Awl-Pike 'Ama-no-NumaHoko' (2d8) (+16,+20) (+4)
l) The Glaive of Pain (9d6) (+8,+30)

 ( page 12 )
a) a Lajatang of Slaying (4d8) (+12,+9)
b) a Lajatang of Slaying (4d7) (+7,+11)
c) The Battle Axe 'faikaang' (2d8) (+12,+12) (+2 attacks) {AtWiSr;FiPo;Bs|AP/o}
d) The Battle Axe of Balli Stonehand (3d8) (+8,+11) [+5] (+3)
e) The Whip of Gothmog (3d6) (+13,+15) (-2) {cursed,
f) The War Hammer 'Aegis Fang' (3d3) (+11,+22) (+2)
g) The Flail 'Winblows' (8d6) (+0,+30) (-4 to speed) {cursed, SpInWiSl;Ag|CaQ}
h) a Bo Staff of Slaying (3d12) (+8,+8)
i) The Lead-Filled Mace 'Kkgwathdur' (3d4) (+7,+14) (+4 to stealth) {Sl;Ac}
j) The Two-Handed Flail 'Thunderfist' (4d6) (+5,+18) (+4) {St;ElFiDk;Lu|EF/oTZ}
k) The Mattock of Nain (3d8) (+12,+18) (+6 to searching)
l) The Long Bow 'Acidic detergent' (x3) (+12,+15) {AcNt;Xs}

 ( page 13 )
a) The Light Crossbow of Brand (x4) (+10,+14) (+10 to speed) {Sp;Fi;Xm~U}
b) a Heavy Crossbow of Extra Might (x5) (+7,+15) {Fi;Xm}
c) The Corpse of The Yamata-no-Orochi {Wanted}
d) The Corpse of Gerard, Strongman of Amber {Wanted}


 ( page 1 )
a) a Feanorian Lamp of Darkness
b) The Haramakido of Gorlim (-2) [17,-20] {cursed, Fi;SdAg}
c) The Hard Studded Leather of Mortality (-1) [7,-6] {cursed, RgTeTy~Tele}
d) The Set of Cesti 'Freefall' [5,+6] (-6 to stealth) {cursed, SlSr;TeAgTy}
e) The Guisarme 'Stormbrinker' (2d5) (-17,-15) (-6) {cursed, Cn;Nt;Te}
f) a Wooden Statue of a Warp demon
g) a Clay Statue of The Mouth of Sauron
h) a Stone Statue of a Sky Drake
i) an Iron Statue of Rogrog the Black Troll
j) a Copper Statue of a Spectral Wyrm
k) a Silver Statue of Hypnos, Lord of Sleep
l) a Golden Statue of a Hill giant

 ( page 2 )
a) a Golden Statue of a Metal Babble

  [Check Sum: "07d98b188b784e05ec"]

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On 24.11.2005 00:46 Matthias wrote:
Nice start this time. Goemon didn't hide his Katana, Arvedui from Mimic quest that I usually don't bother with, Boromir from something random in the dungeon.

Oh and I just found terrible gauntlets on the floor in vapour quest. They're still unid. I know the chance to find Spec THAT early is really low, but I don't even know if I wanted Spec again. Basicly the game became that easy with them last time, that careless mode was on all the time, killing me in the end...

On 24.11.2005 23:32 Matthias wrote:
Gauntles of course wasn't Spec and I was just killed in the cloning pits. After a long fight on the right i was sure I had it down, until i scanned the left side. Fafner and Garm, and the second first summoned hounds then breathed me down in two turns...

On 24.11.2005 23:37 wrote:
That's a tough draw for the Cloning Pits ... Enough to give any character trouble let alone one that can't teleport!

Good Luck on HobserkIII!

On 25.11.2005 13:41 wrote:
Ooh, Garm in the Cloning Pits is pretty ugly. That's a really tough draw.

On 25.11.2005 15:46 Matthias wrote:
Yeah kinda, but I still did several mistakes... I didn't scan through the right side of the map for a restock of potions, and I didn't take the two *healing* from the south part of the map. I also didn't switch in Soulsword for res Nether mainly because I also didn't check a monster spoiler, and while my Heng memory was almost complete, I have almost no data in Entro yet. I also could have left when I noticed him. Overconfidence you name it :)

Anyway something else I noticed: While my game time seems to be low or at least average to other dumps I look at, my real time is always way higher than comparable dumps.I tried to do better on this one. I rushed to Zantetsuken as fast as possible this time doing Thiefs, Warg, Ang6, Ang12, OrcQuest, Castle->33. Needed 2.53 hours excactly. Much of this is wasted in Angband, where I noticed a lack of stairs that was as bad as one stair beside the one I came down on the entire map. Also Angband maps seem to be max size all the time. I hate wasting 10 minutes on 50'

I also think I did too much micro management in my earlier characters. This time when I got Zantetsuken, I autokilled every unid common weapon, saving a lot of time. May I ask how long others keep picking up, let's say Armors? Until you found first Elvenkind or similar Armor? Or for the entire game? I've once seen an Ego armor of *resist lightning* in bm but those things seem to be really rare, so I don't think it is worth the time. Same for rings/amus. I think I read the have a 1/50 chance to become ego, but from what I've seen this only seems intresting if the item itself is usefull. So there's no hope waiting for that uber ring of sustain int and resist all is there?

Anyway, I'll retry the Zerker next monday. I'll skip the Angband part, hoping to get Zantetsuken in under 2 hours.

On 25.11.2005 19:15 wrote:
Well, I don't player 'zerkers, so I can't give you an exact comparable time, but you're roughly as fast as I am. Getting to the Cloning Pits in 5 hours might be slow compared to Victor, but compared to most normal folks, its a quite decent pace. A lot of it depends on the race/class combo. A lazy, yeek tourist would need an exceptional run of luck to be ready for the cloning pits in 5 hours, while a Combat Klackon Samurai would probably be on at least that fast a pace.

When it comes to picking stuff up, for me it depends on the character, especially how good his ID skills are. With a Bard, its pretty trivial to ID everything, so he'll only load his pack with the best items at his depth. With someone with lesser ID, once the basics are covered, I try to keep his pack full for the pseudo-IDing, but otherwise everything gets destroyed to check for (special), until just before the recall, at which point I just make sure his pack is full when he goes back to town, even if its of stuff with marginal value, just in case.

On 30.11.2005 00:25 Matthias wrote:
Didn't find Zantetsuken in 2 hours. Instead I reached dlvl40 in 90 minutes. Berserkers defenitly are good for a fast game. Just cleared cloning pits, nothing bad inside this time. The last item that got pseudoe's was hard leather boots. Special :) Could it be... could it... yes *YES* feanor in the house. First time in Heng/Entro, second time all Variants. Kinda makes the reward for the pits pointless but i won't complain :)

Also had another nice attempt running on monday. RoS +9 on dlvl30 I think. Down at 40 I got mutated into a Beastman by a radiation ball... Now wtf.. Hobserk the Beastman... Lucky enough he died soon after

On 1.12.2005 00:04 Antiguard wrote:
Gotta cover those resistances or you DIEEEE :).

On 1.12.2005 02:44 Matthias wrote:
Everything's going really fine. Came across a fallen Angel pit. I really like those one monster pits, and this one was by far the best of all my characters. 95 dead angels all dropping up to 10 good gave some nice items :)

I finished Castle without touching Angband yet.... The guardian is new in Entro isn't she? Don't remember a castle guardian in 1.60...

On 1.12.2005 02:49 Matthias wrote:
I have them covered now, couldn't do it before. I had the one or other scary moment with great crystal drakes though :)

On 1.12.2005 20:00 Matthias wrote:
Another combination of overconfidence and too much playing without pause killed me once again...

On 2.12.2005 14:09 wrote:
Ouch. You were taking on Cantoras, the Witchking, AND Vlad Dracula all a the same time? Yikes. And those unnamed Nazgul are surprisingly nasty with their nether breath.

On 2.12.2005 14:19 wrote:
No, I remember fighting Layzark (Guardian of Castle) in Heng 1.6.2. She seems to decent the Katana "Kusanagi no Tsurugi" fairly often.

On 2.12.2005 18:45 Matthias wrote:
Nope... they way taking on me actually. I wouldn't even consider going into such a battle given a choice :) It all started with Fiona, who teleed away during the battle, and I followed via Terror Mask. After she fell I was blood cursed down to 47. But as I had noticed the Defiler during the battle and wanted to kill it. Bad idea as the level was one of those open ones. The Defiler killed the wall next to me, and the next turn I was surrended by greater undead. The reason was Klingsor, maybe 15 fields of open level away from me. I didn't see him, or thought he was an Elder Vampire or something. Basicly, with no real walls around, I would have died no matter how many potions I would have carried...
But as mentioned I blame the long time without break for the death, and not some unlucky summons. Guess with both eyes open I wouldn't have stayed on that open level longer than necessary, or would have noticed Klingsor, or would have thrown Quakes into his LOS after his first attack or would have died anyway lol..
Anyway, to work against to overtime playing that was imo reponsible for both my deep deaths, I decided to force in a break after two hours from now. Lesson learned: No matter how you speed it up in the beginning, dieing wastes a lot more time...

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