The Angband Ladder: Freddika, Giant no-class by <>

                 [Sangband 0.9.9, beta 20d Character Dump]

                            ,,,  $$$  ,,,
                        ,,=$   "$$$$$"   $=,,
                      ,$$        $$$        $$,
                      *>         <*>         <*
                      $$         $$$         $$
                      "$$        $$$        $$"
                       "$$       $$$       $$"

You were rolled up 51920 times before being accepted.
       Freddika          Age    :             25  STR!  18/***
     the Sorceress       Height :     8 ft, 8 in  INT!  18/***
                         Weight :         375 lb  WIS!   18/80
Gender : Female                                   DEX!  18/130
Race   : Giant                  Slayer of         CON!  18/***
Realm  : Sorcery            Morgoth, Lord of      CHR:  18/132
Max Hitpoints       977  Power                97  Max Mana          427
Cur Hitpoints       977  Score              6503  Cur Mana          253

       (Melee)           Unspent Exp       25815         (Missile)
Blows per round       4  Gold             753697  Shots per round   2.5
+ to Skill           10  Time       899479 turns  + to Skill         18
Deadliness (%)      162  Max Depth       Lev 100  Deadliness (%)    162

                          (Character Abilities)
Melee     : Fair       Saving Throw: Heroic     Magic Device: Heroic
Shooting  : Excellent  Stealth     : Very Good  Dodging     : Iffy
Throwing  : Very Good  Perception  : Awful      Fame        : Immortal
Digging   : Legendary  Disarming   : Very Good  Infra-Vision: 0 feet

   Speed       : +31
   Armour      : 159
   Kills       : 3396
   Time Elapsed: 8 days, 23 hours, 52 minutes   (899479 turns)

  [Character Attributes]

      abcdefghijkl@        Stat Intrnl abcdefghijkl@ Adjust
Stlth:......43.....        STR! 18/100 ..34...3.22.5 18/***
Invis:.............        INT! 18/100 .1..5....2..4 18/***
Aware:.1...........        WIS! 18/100 .......s....2  18/80
Disar:..........4..        DEX! 18/100 ...4......s.1 18/130
Devic:.........2...        CON! 18/100 3.34.....s2.2 18/***
Speed:..*6.......*.        CHR:  18/92 ..3.....2...1 18/132

      abcdefghijkl@                           abcdefghijkl@
Infra:.............                     NFuel:.....+.......
Tunnl:........2...8                     Steal:.............
Save :.....2.......                     NoMag:.............
Mana :........7....                     Telep:.............
Light:.....3..2....                     Aggra:.............


      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
Acid :......+.++... Light:........++... Food :..+..........
Elec :.+....++.++.. Dark :........++... Feath:........++...
Fire :..*...+.+++.. Sound:.......+..+.. Shine:.......++....
Cold :......+..+... Shard:........+.... Regen:..+....+...+.
Pois :......+...... Nexus:............. ESP  :.........+...
Fear :............. Nethr:............. SeeIn:.....+....+.+
Blind:.......+..... Chaos:............. FrAct:..+......++..
Confu:.......+..... Disen:............+ HLife:.............

  [Last Messages]

You have no room for a Clear Blue Potion of Charisma.
You have no room for a Pike (foully corroded) (1d13) (-25,-17) [5,+0] (-2 to
saving throw (x5)) {cur.
You have no room for any of the items on the floor.
You drop a Rosewood Staff of Healing (0 charges) {@u4} (v).
You have no more Rosewood Staffs of Healing (0 charges) {@u4} (v).
You have no room for any of the items on the floor.
You have no room for an Ethereal Cloak of Protection [0,+29] {Morgoth}.
Target Aborted.
You drop 14 Eldritch Wands of Lightning Balls (43 charges) (r).
You have no more Eldritch Wands of Lightning Balls (43 charges) (r).
You have no room for a Dagger of Slay Undead (1d4) (+15,+16) {Morgoth}.
You have no room for 14 Eldritch Wands of Lightning Balls (43 charges).
You have no room for a Morning Star of Slay Demon (2d6) (+14,+9) {Morgoth}.
You have no room for a Sling of Stalking (x2) (+15,+20) (+1 to stealth)
Replace existing file C:\Games\Angband\sang099b20d\lib\user\Freddika.txt?  y


Wrestling         :  95%    (max 97%)
Spellcasting      :  96%
Magical Power     :  70%    (max 73%)
Wizardry          :  89%    (max 92%)
Magical Device    :  99%    (max 100%)
Dodging           :  50%    (max 51%)
Spell Resistance  :  74%    (max 77%)
Armor Forging     :  96%    (max 98%)

You have taken the Oath of Sorcery.


             You have slain Morgoth, Lord of Darkness!            

You have finished no quests yet.

  [Character Equipment]

the Great Axe of Durin (4d4) (+10,+20) [+15] (+3) {Cantoras}
     +3 CON.
the Long Bow of Ithilen (x3) (+18,+20) (+3, +1)
     +3 Shots; +1 INT, Awareness.  Resist Lightning.
the Ring of Power 'Narya' (+3, +10) {GWoMC87}
     Activates for large fire ball (225) every 125-150 turns.  [0% fail]
     +10 Speed; +3 STR, CON, CHR.  Sustain CON.
     Immunity to Fire.
     Slow Digestion; Regeneration; Free Action.
the Ring of Tulkas (+4, +6)
     Activates for haste self (duration 1-20 extra turns) every 150-300 turns. 
[0% fail]
     +6 Speed; +4 STR, DEX, CON.
a Horn Amulet of Intelligence (+5)
the Star of Elendil (lit) [3] (+2 to saving throw (x5)) {Questing83}
     Activates for magic mapping every 30-60 turns.  [0% fail]
     +10 Save.  See Invisible.  Permanent Light (radius 3)
the Mithril Chain Mail 'Belegennon' (-1) [28,+19] (+4 to stealth) {Ren}
     Activates for phase door every 2 turns.  [0% fail]
     +4 Stealth.  Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison.
the Cloak 'Hero's Oath' [1,+15] (+3 to stealth)
     Activates for sleep monsters every 150 turns.  [0% fail]
     +3 STR, Stealth.  Sustain WIS.
     Resist Lightning, Sound, Blindness, Confusion.
     Permanent Light; Regeneration.
a Wicker Shield (adamant) [2,+18] (+2, +7)
     +105 Mana; +2 CHR, Tunneling.
     Resist Acid, Fire, Light, Dark, Shards.
     Feather Falling; Permanent Light.
     Permanent Light (radius 2)
a Dragon Helm (adamant) [8,+14] (+2 to devices)
     +10 Device; +2 STR, INT.  Sustain STR, CON.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Light, Dark.
     Feather Falling; ESP; Free Action.
a Set of Leather Gloves (mithril) (+10,+10) [1,+14] (+4, +2)
     +40 Disarm; +2 STR, CON.  Sustain STR, DEX.
     Resist Lightning, Fire, Sound.
     See Invisible; Free Action.
a Pair of Dwarven Boots of Speed [5,+10] (+10) {GCV87}

  [Character Inventory]

4 Books of Magic Spells [Apprentice Magic]
4 Books of Magic Spells [Lesser Conjury]
     Does 3d7 thrown damage
3 Books of Magic Spells [Elemental Sorcery]
     Does 5d11 thrown damage
2 Books of Magic Spells [Phantasms and Illusions] {Uvatha}
     Does 7d14 thrown damage
3 Books of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes] {Morgoth}
     Does 8d19 thrown damage
3 Books of Magic Spells [Grimoire of Wizardry] {Glaurung}
     Does 9d28 thrown damage
2 Books of Magic Spells [Raal's Tome of Destruction] {Khamul}
     Does 10d47 thrown damage
9 Muddy Potions of Healing
6 Rosy Potions of *Healing*
a Chocolate-brown Potion of Life
15 Scrolls titled "oth odud mudmud" of Teleportation
24 Scrolls titled "kalgat" of Recharging {25% off}
5 Scrolls titled "dukrast mell" of *Recharging*
7 Runed Rods of Sense Surroundings (1 charging)
a Damascened Rod of Healing {@z0!z Itangast}
6 Eldritch Rods of Dragonfire {@z3}
3 Silver Wands of Teleport Away (5 charges) {@a0}
5 Shining Wands of Annihilation (4 charges) {Feagwath}
11 Steel Wands of Doomblasts (18 charges) {Ji Indur Dawndeath}
a Rosewood Staff of Healing (6 charges)
     Unusually durable
a Cypress Staff of Banish Evil (2 charges)
     Unusually durable
the Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth [0,+0] (+125) {cursed}
     +125 all stats; +125 Infravision.   Cursed.
the Mighty Hammer 'Grond' (9d9) (+5,+25) [+10]

  [Home Inventory]

8 Books of Magic Spells [Phantasms and Illusions] {Uvatha}
     Does 7d14 thrown damage
12 Books of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes]
     Does 8d19 thrown damage
6 Books of Magic Spells [Grimoire of Wizardry] {Glaurung}
     Does 9d28 thrown damage
a Sprig of Athelas
11 Magenta Potions of Restore Experience
the Ring of Barahir (+1)
     +1 all stats; +1 Stealth.  Resist Poison.
a Gold Amulet of Mana (+6)
Mithril Chain Mail (mithril) [0,-24] (+1, +4) {cursed}
     Activates for teleport (30) every 5-10 turns.  [0% fail]
     +4 INT, Tunneling; +1 Stealth, Awareness.
     Sustain STR, INT, WIS.
     Resist Acid, Fire, Cold, Light, Dark, Chaos, Blindness, Confusion.
     Feather Falling; See Invisible; Free Action;  Cursed.
the Robe of Ereneva [2,+16] (+3 to stealth)
     Activates for blessing (duration 24-48) every 120 turns.  [0% fail]
     +3 INT, CON, Stealth.  Sustain INT, DEX, CON.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Dark, Sound, Confusion.
     Feather Falling; See Invisible.
a Robe (mithril) [2,+24]
     Activates for restore skills every 650 turns.  [0% fail]
     Sustain DEX, CHR.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Nexus, Nether, Disenchantment,
     Fear.  Slow Digestion; Feather Falling; Hold Life.
the Shadow Cloak of Tuor [4,+15] (+3) {Lungorthin}
     +3 Stealth, Invisibility.  Immunity to Acid.
     See Invisible; Free Action.
the Knight's Shield of Earendil [10,+15] {Cantoras}
     Activates for curing every 100 turns.  [0% fail]
the Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+10] (+2) {GCacoph83}
     +2 INT, WIS.  Resist Blindness.  ESP.
a Hard Leather Cap (runegold) [2,+10] (+3 to invisibility)
     Activates for identify every 20 turns.  [0% fail]
     +30 Disarm; +3 Invisibility.
     Resist Lightning, Dark, Chaos, Confusion.
     Slow Digestion; Feather Falling.
     Permanent Light (radius 1)
the Pair of Leather Sandals of Rhorimlad [1,+12] (+2)
     +2 STR, INT.
a Pair of Leather Sandals (adamant) [0,-20] (+10 to speed) {cursed}
     +10 Speed.  Resist Sound.
     Permanent Light;  Cursed.
the Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Nevrast [3,+12] (+3) {GWoMC82}
     +3 CON, Stealth, Speed.
the Dagger 'Angrist' (2d7) (+18,+16) (+4) {Cantoras}
     +4 INT, DEX.
the Sacrificial Dagger 'Stenador' (4d5) (+18,+19) (+1) {Vecna}
     +1 all stats.  Blessed Blade.
the Fellblade 'Whispering Death' (2d7) (+26,+30) (+4)
     +4 Stealth, Invisibility.
the Blade of Chaos 'Doomcaller' (2d16) (+18,+28) [-30] (+3, -5)
     Activates for go berserk (duration 40-60) every 250 turns.  [0% fail]
     +3 STR, DEX; -5 Stealth.
     Slay Animal, Evil, Demon, Troll, Dragon.  Brand Frost.
     Resist Fear.  Free Action.
the Throwing Hammer 'Mjollnir' (2d7) (+6,+24) (+3) {Ancalagon}
     +3 STR, DEX, CON.  Slay Evil, Giant.
     Brand Lightning.  Well-Balanced.  Immunity to Lightning.
the War Hammer of Aule (5d5) (+19,+21) [+5] (+5)
     +5 WIS.

Posted on 7.4.2006 22:12
Last updated on 10.4.2006 04:52

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On 7.4.2006 22:12 wrote:
[power 57, dlevel 42, 0.41 Mturns]

Well, we're rapidly approaching the point where I slow down massively. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Maybe I'll ask rgra if they have any thoughts.

On 8.4.2006 06:36 wrote:
[power 78, dlevel 69, 0.66 Mturns]

Well, this time I bit the bullet, and just dove. Lots of stair creation to get to speed depth, and Scatha rewarded me with an amulet of the magi, Hammerhand (my 4th artifact), and A Ring Of Speed! This was around dlevel 64. I kept descending, and found myself with an amazing level on dlevel 69 -- a "pit par excellence", kind of like a pit, but with GCV style monsters (and drops). Armed with 3 wands of teleport other and the spell at 0% fail, I decided to tackle it.

I was teleporting things away like mad, and noticed that 2 rings were untouched (and unided). There was a lesser titan in there trying to take everything. After teleporting away half the nasties, I got drugged by a chaos vortex and had to telport out. After a near death, I managed to stay alive. At some point along this, I killed the Phoenix -- cakewalk.

Upon returning, I teleported away a bunch of other stuff, but got drugged again, this time by a n aether vortex (who kept coming back and getting teleported away...), Nothign nasty was around any more, so, needless to say, I "emptied the vault", which basically netted Barahir and Tulkas, improvements over my ring of resist poison and RoS+6.

In the vault were:

and the Phoenix was elsewhere on the level.

A lot of those would have been killable, but not on that level. I'll wait til there a tad more alone to kill them. Now it's bedtime

On 8.4.2006 17:09 wrote:
[power 79, dlevel 69, 0.67 Mturns]

A diagonal vault nets Glaurung, who goes down after a long fight. He dropped Gorlim, my 8th artifact this game, and the Grimoire, which puts me a Raa'ls Tome away from a complete set.

In case there's interest, the 8 artifact thusfar are mormegil, phial, Celegorm, hammerhand, Aeglin, barahir, tulkas, gorlim.

I'm hoping a tad more (or perhaps a lot of mithril/adamant). Of course, I'm still in need of a cloak. Desperately.

On 9.4.2006 23:11 wrote:
[power 93, dlevel 83, 0.84 Mturns]

Yes, it looks like I'm falling behind, but I'm really clost to diving. Just offed Ancalagon, so he's not to worry again. He dropped Mjollnir, so I'll give up fighitng for IM_Elec, at least some of the time. It also grants +3 con/str/dex, so con is now maxxed out, and I could switch something else if need be. I've got a good kit ready in the house for final battle, but it aggravates. Not sure if I like that. THe wands of lightning balls are mostly there to suck mana for me using tap mana -- having a source of fast mana regeneration is way important every now and then.

I'd love a different source of res_chaos -- this helm just isn't that good. Luthein or Thorin would solve this in a instant. A really good source of poison resist would also be nice. I suppose I could get Rilia back from the store at this point, but I imagine I'll prefer Mjollnir. I could, of course be wrong.

There are a lof of Ringwraiths left. They are rather bothersome, as is Omarax. At least I have wizardly enhancement (which gives res_disen, keep_mana, and also ups my saving throw). Maybe I'll craft something *really* good, and it'll make everything work. Of course, I could also wish for PDSM.

Raided a vault, and got Raal's and some more wands of doomblasts, so I'm mostly ready for the final plunge.

On 10.4.2006 01:30 wrote:
[power 96, dlevel 87, 0.88 Mturns]

So, I recalled down to right near a diagonal vault. It was uninspiring, so I teleported ... next to a GCV!

I've never run into a GCV in S, before. I was wondering if they really existed. I made swift plans to teleport clear it -- sucessful ones. Noteable uniques include the Mouth, Gabriel (Not until I have light resist), and the Tarrasque. Pretty much everthing was teleported away. However, I killed GWoMC (or several), and one of them dropped Narya! Narya's a bit different in this version, as I tweaked them (and posted about such tweaks on rgra). This is the first time I've found one of the new versions. Narya is pretty awesome. It replaced a ring of speed +9. Also, found BoS+10, so I'm cool on speed.

Found a host of artifacts -- Doomcaller, Aule, Eorlingas. It's really too bad Doomcaller doesn't grant Chaos resist (unless it inherits it).

Also, Rhorimlad and Ereneva which might be useful. Also, Whispering death. With Whispering death and Mjollnir, I'm in a throwers heaven. Well, I'm just hoping some *ID* shows up soon. Maybe I'lll buy out the Alchemist.

I almost forgot -- some randart bow with +3 shots and +1 int/awr. Don't know what else it has.

On 10.4.2006 02:28 wrote:
[power 96, dlevel 87, 0.88 Mturns]

Ok, I know I just posted, but I dropped down to 95 (to kill uniques), and cantoras dropped Durin and Agnrist and maybe something else. Anyhoo, I rekitted majorly. From now on, it's no wrestling, as Durin is providing Chaos resist, spell is providing disen, which just leaves nexus and nether undefended. I'm cool with that. As soon as I kill off a couple of uniques, Sauron and Morgy are going down to wand combat, I hope.

On 10.4.2006 04:52 wrote:

Ok, it's all over folks. the big 'P' is dead. Banish Evil + wands of annihilation/doomblasts and staves of healing.

0.9 Mturns. Yeah!

On 10.4.2006 11:16 Bandobras wrote:

Nice crafting.

Is it the first ever < 1 Mturns win in S?

On 10.4.2006 15:10 wrote:
No, there are at least two others, Hazelnut and Eolion.

Actually, most of my crafting was useless. I couldn't get poison on *anything*, which relegated me to belegennon.

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