The Angband Ladder: Puck, the Pyromancer, Gnome Pyromancer by <>

  [Unangband 0.6.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Puck, the Pyromancer                     Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Sex    Male              Age        63   STR:     17  -1  -5  +0     11
 Race   Gnome             Height     42   INT:  18/26  +2  +3  +3 18/106
 Class  Pyromancer        Weight     81   Wis:     13  +0  +0  +0     13     12
 Title  Trickster         Status     79   DEX:     18  +2  +1  +0  18/30
 HP     -21/73            Maximize    Y   Con:     13  +1  -2  +0     12     11
 SP     41/57             Preserve    Y   CHR:  18/34  -2  +1  +0  18/24

 Level           15       Armor      [9,+34]     Saving Throw     Superb
 Cur Exp       2624       Fight      (+3,+0)     Stealth       Very Good
 Max Exp       2624       Melee S1H  (+7,+9)     Fighting           Good
 Adv Exp       2790       Shoot B    (+8,+8)     Shooting      Very Good
                          Blows       1/turn     Disarming     Excellent
 Gold         30872       Shots       1/turn     Magic Device     Superb
                                                 Perception         Good
 Burden    68.7 lbs       Infra        40 ft     Searching          Fair

 You are one of several children of a Gnome Mage.  You are a credit to
 the family.  You have blue eyes, curly blond hair, and an average

  [Last Messages]

> The Novice ranger blinks.
> You have found 34 gold pieces worth of copper.
> You have killed it.
> It tries to cast a spell, but fails.
> The Wood elf warrior slashes you!
> The Wood elf warrior misses you.
> You hit the Wood elf warrior.
> The Wood elf warrior gouges you!
> The Wood elf warrior misses you.
> You hit the Wood elf warrior.
> The Wood elf warrior slashes you!
> Low hitpoint warning!
> The Wood elf warrior slashes you!
> You die.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Dagger of Lightning (1d4) (+4,+9) <4 Storms>
   It provides resistance to electricity.  It is not damaged by 
b) a Long Bow (x3) (+5,+8)
c) a Blue Ring of Protection [+10]
d) a Blue Ring of Protection [+8] {25% off}
e) (nothing)
f) a Brass Lantern (with 10570 turns of light) {lite}
   It gives its wielder brighter light.  
g) a Robe [2,+5]
h) a Cloak [1,+0] <Star>
i) (nothing)
j) a Metal Cap of Brilliance [3,+4] (+3)
k) (nothing)
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+5]

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Magic Book of Cantrips
b) a Magic Book of Conjuring
c) a Magic Book of Incantations
d) 2 Yellow Mushrooms of Paranoia
e) 4 Pieces of Elvish Waybread
f) 3 Grey Mushrooms of Confusion
g) a Light Blue Mushroom of Hallucination
h) 6 Flasks of oil
i) 13 Curdled Potions of Speed {25% off}
j) 10 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
k) 9 Green Speckled Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
l) 15 Scrolls titled "stanej snikmur" of Phase Door
m) 8 Scrolls titled "zuner toxmon" of Teleportation
n) a Scroll titled "rea ishdoe" of Word of Recall {10% off}
o) 2 Scrolls of Identify
p) a Scroll titled "mur el sehtrol" of Analyze Magic
q) 30 Arrows (1d6) (+0,+0) {@f1=g}

  [Home Inventory]

a) a Cross Rune stone
b) a Mouth Rune stone
c) a Magic Book of Sorcery
d) a Magic Book of Glamours
e) 9 Potions of Heroism {25% off}
f) a Spear (1d8) (+3,+5) <Blood>


Adult: Allow purchase of stats using points  : no  (adult_point_based)
Adult: Allow specification of minimal stats  : yes (adult_auto_roller)
Adult: Maximize effect of race/class bonuses : yes (adult_maximize)
Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize all of the artifacts        : no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Adult: Play in Lord of the Rings campaign    : yes (adult_campaign)
Adult: Don't stack objects on the floor      : no  (adult_no_stacking)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)
Score: Know complete artifact/ego info       : no  (score_lore)
Score: Auto-inscribe items as if known       : no  (score_auto)

Posted on 16.5.2006 05:04
Last updated on 17.5.2006 05:21

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On 16.5.2006 05:04 wrote:
My best attempt at Ungband so far. The variant is great but still has a lot of bugs including some which cause the game to crash so I have to save quite frequently.
I easily passed through Farmer Maggot's farm and offed the agent of the nazgul. Killing old man willow was quite easy as well.
After getting the gifts in Tom Bombadil's home I attempted to kill Tom Bombadil but discovered I was not up to the task. I am currently exploring the Barrow Downs while trying to avoid the nazgul in Bree.

On 16.5.2006 10:46 wrote:
I'm working on the bug fixes...
unfortunately, I'm also working on introducing plenty of new bugs.

I'd expect beta 1 of Unangband 0.6.1 out this weekend, which should stabilise things somewhat.

On 17.5.2006 05:21 wrote:
Puck foolishly died at the hands of a wood elf warrior in the 1st level of the Barrow Downs. Will try again...

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