The Angband Ladder: Ahab, the Exorcist (Ordo Necros), Human Exorcist by <>

  [Unangband 0.6.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Ahab, the Exorcist (Ordo Necros)         Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Sex    Male              Age        16   STR:  18/39  +0  -1  +0  18/29
 Race   Human             Height     70   INT:     15  +0  -3  +0     12
 Class  Exorcist          Weight    239   WIS:  18/54  +0  +3  +0  18/84
 Title  Priest            Status     41   DEX:     16  +0  -1  +0     15
 HP     -38/215           Maximize    Y   CON:  18/50  +0  +0  +0  18/50
 SP     28/76             Preserve    Y   CHR:  18/18  +0  +2  +0  18/38

 Level           25       Armor     [15,+37]     Saving Throw  Excellent
 Cur Exp      17734       Fight      (+1,+3)     Stealth            Fair
 Max Exp      17734       Melee SWS (+9,+11)     Fighting         Superb
 Adv Exp      19250       Shoot B    (+9,+8)     Shooting         Superb
                          Blows       2/turn     Disarming          Good
 Gold         42345       Shots       1/turn     Magic Device     Superb
                                                 Perception    Very Good
 Burden   138.0 lbs       Infra         0 ft     Searching     Very Good

 You are one of several children of a Townsman.  You are a credit to
 the family.  You have brown eyes, straight brown hair, and a dark

  [Last Messages]

> You have 52 Steel-tipped Arrows (2d6) (+0,+0) {@f1=g} (v).
> The Steel-tipped Arrow (2d6) (+0,+0) {@f1=g} hits the Energy hound.
> The Energy hound howls in pain.
> The Energy hound flees in terror!
> Target Aborted.
> You feel yourself moving faster!
> You have 5 Slushy Potions of Speed (g).
> You have gorged yourself!
> You have a Light Blue Mushroom of Mana (f).
> You have no more Light Blue Mushrooms of Mana (f).
> The Black Rider at Weathertop points at your and curses.
> You feel cursed!
> The Black Rider at Weathertop throws a fiery sphere at you.
> You are enveloped in flames!
> You die.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Sacrificial Dagger (2d4) (+8,+8) <Acid>
   It is not damaged by acid.  
b) a Long Bow (x3) (+8,+8) <Frost>
   It is not damaged by cold.  
c) a Tortoise Shell Ring of Speed (+4)
d) a Beryl Ring of Free Action
e) a Dragon Tooth Amulet of Resist Lightning <Earth>
f) The Phial of Galadriel
g) The Soft Studded Leather of Anwente [5,+13]
h) a Cloak of Sustain Wisdom [1,+7]
   It sustains wisdom.  
i) a Small Leather Shield of Hold Life [2,+8]
   It provides resistance to losing experience.  
j) a Metal Cap of Seeing [3,+9] (+4 to searching)
k) a Set of Gauntlets [2,+9] <3 Bloods>
   It gives its wielder regeneration.  
l) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Feather Falling [2,+7]
   It gives its wielder feather falling.  

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Prayer Book of Mantras
b) a Prayer Book of Chants
c) a Prayer Book of Exorcisms
d) a Star Rune stone
e) 5 Slushy Potions of Speed
f) 12 Potions of Heroism
g) 12 Coagulated Crimson Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {40% off}
h) an Azure Potion of Healing
i) 2 Black Potions of Cure Mortal Wounds
j) 6 Scrolls titled "lech rogan rog" of Phase Door
k) 5 Scrolls titled "wedan daning" of Word of Recall
l) 3 Scrolls titled "micla snikgop" of Gauge Magic
m) 11 Scrolls titled "doe stapo gre" of Legend Lore
n) 9 Scrolls titled "ivwex batcos" of Shielding
o) a Molybdenum Rod of Door/Stair Location
p) an Iron Helm of Resist Electricity [5,+4]
   It provides resistance to electricity.  It is not damaged by 
q) 10 Daggers of Intelligence (1d4) (+4,+4) (+1)
   It modifies intelligence.  It sustains intelligence.  
r) a Long Sword of Execute Demon (2d5) (+1,+5)
   It is a great bane of demons.  
s) 5 Javelins (1d6) (+0,+0)
t) 49 Steel-tipped Arrows (2d6) (+0,+0) {@f1=g}

  [Home Inventory]

a) an Engraved Ring of Searching (+2) <2 Storms>
   It provides resistance to electricity.  It is not damaged by 


Adult: Allow purchase of stats using points  : no  (adult_point_based)
Adult: Allow specification of minimal stats  : yes (adult_auto_roller)
Adult: Maximize effect of race/class bonuses : yes (adult_maximize)
Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize all of the artifacts        : no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Adult: Play in Lord of the Rings campaign    : yes (adult_campaign)
Adult: Don't stack objects on the floor      : no  (adult_no_stacking)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)
Score: Know complete artifact/ego info       : no  (score_lore)
Score: Auto-inscribe items as if known       : no  (score_auto)

Posted on 18.5.2006 14:12
Last updated on 20.5.2006 16:05

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88. on the Unangband Ladder (of 187)
10. for this player (out of 14)


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On 18.5.2006 14:12 wrote:
First artifact I've found in Unangband except for the phial.
This character is doing great so far. I was struggling at the start because I had to bless myself in order to use the weapon without penalty. Things got better once I bought the sacrificial dagger. Currently exploring the barrow downs.

On 18.5.2006 15:09 Bandobras wrote:
Where are you, currently?

What class is it, actually?

On 18.5.2006 18:43 wrote:
I can tell I'm going to have to update the character dumps for you Bandobras.

Exorcist (Ordo Necros) is a priest with slay undead speciality.

On 18.5.2006 21:25 Bandobras wrote:

And what about the location?

On 18.5.2006 21:26 Bandobras wrote:
BTW, the current class names are cool. Just some more information would also be nice.

On 18.5.2006 23:55 wrote:
I'm currently in Bree, taking advantage of the daytime to sell my loot while the nazgul is away.

On 19.5.2006 02:09 Bandobras wrote:
The nazgul is not _that_ difficult. ;)

Will you attempt the Midge Marshes?

On 19.5.2006 06:56 wrote:
So far my journey through the barrow downs has been very fruitful. I found a ring of speed +4 in level 5 and also found the shield of hold life which should be helpful against the king of carn dum.

On 20.5.2006 14:45 wrote:
Killing the emperor wight of carn dum was easier than I thought. He managed to curse me before he died although I'm not sure what effect that had.
Currently exploring weathertop.

On 20.5.2006 14:55 Bandobras wrote:
Congratulations! What about Midgewater Marshes? What about the Nazgul at Bree?

On 20.5.2006 15:23 wrote:
Killing the emperor wight of carn dum was easier than I thought. He managed to curse me before he died although I'm not sure what effect that had.
Currently exploring weathertop.

On 20.5.2006 16:05 wrote:
Completed the Midge Marshes successfully and ended up in weathertop. Tried my luck against the black rider, but he easily destroyed me with one flaming sphere. Is the only way to continue through weathertop is to kill the black rider? It seems too hard. Last time I encountered him he erased my memory and I couldn't cast any spells. I nearly died from hunger because I rely on my spells for sustenance.

On 20.5.2006 16:28 Bandobras wrote:
Sorry to hear that. You should at last have a chance to escape and then revert to the (easier) Hobbit plot. Or the dungeon under Weathertop should be longer and more difficult so that, if you survive, you should get enough XP and loot to have a chance against the guardian at the bottom. Or perhaps Midge Marshes (and Barrow Downs?) should be more difficult for the same effect.

Looking at dungeon.txt I see no way around Weathertop and its guardian. I guess this is historically right, since the hobbits managed to avoid the riders at Bree, but not so at Weathertop...

On 20.5.2006 22:20 wrote:
The 'way around' is to go to Bree via the East Road and then onto the Misty Mountains. I hope I put enough warning messages to say 'don't go this way if you aren't confident of better out of depth monsters' on the Brandywine Bridge, but maybe not...

On 21.5.2006 03:07 Bandobras wrote:
If you put the Raider on the bridge itself this would suffice, I guess. :D Otherwise you are only taunting people and then enjoying their death screems. :>

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