The Angband Ladder: Cuddle Fu II, Beorning Warrior by <>

  [FAangband 0.2.0 Character Dump]

 Name    : Cuddle Fu II    Age                  20   STR:     18/60            
 Sex     : Male            Height               69   Int:         6        7   
 Race    : Beorning        Weight              211   WIS:        11            
 Class   : Warrior         Social Class          1   Dex:         5       14   
                                                     CON:     18/10            
                                                     CHR:        11            
 Max Hit Points      193   Level                16   Max SP (Mana)         0   
 Cur Hit Points      139   Experience         2274   Cur SP (Mana)         0   
                           Max Exp            2274                             
        (Fighting)         Exp to Adv.        3000          (Shooting)         
 Blows/Round           2   Gold               7490   Shots/Round         1.0   
 + to Skill            1                             + to Skill            9   
 Deadliness (%)       48   Base AC/+ To AC  27/  7   Deadliness (%)       75   
                            (Character Abilities)                              
 Fighting    : Very Good   Stealth     : Good        Disarming   : Fair        
 Bows/Throw  : Poor        Perception  : Mediocre    Magic Device: Bad         
 Saving Throw: Good        Searching   : Poor        Infra-Vision: 0 feet      
                            (Character Background)                             
          You are the illegitimate but acknowledged child of a                 
          Villager.  You are the black sheep of the family.  You have          
          brown eyes, straight brown hair, and a fair complexion.              

  [Recent locations]

Current Location : Amon Rudh Level 17
Previous Location: Amon Rudh Level 15
Recall Point 1   : West Beleriand Level 11
Recall Point 4   : Ossiriand Level 0

  [Resistances and Powers]

      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
 Acid:............. Blind:.............
 Elec:............. Confu:.............
 Fire:..+.......... Sound:.............
 Cold:............. Shard:.............
 Pois:............. Nexus:.............
 Fear:............. Nethr:.............
 Lite:............. Chaos:.............
 Dark:............. Disen:.............

      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
S.Dig:............. M-Mas:............X
Feath:...+......... Stea.:...........+.
PLite:............. Sear.:.............
Regen:............. Infra:.............
Telep:............. Tunn.:.............
Invis:............. Speed:.............
FrAct:............. Might:.............
HLife:............. Shots:.............

  [Specialty Abilities]

Martial Arts 

  [Character Equipment]

b) a Long Bow of Velocity (x3) (+8,+9)
c) an Agate Ring of Resist Fire
d) a Zircon Ring of Feather Falling
f) a Lamp {Ossirand 10 floor}
g) Chain Mail (-2) [14,+0]
h) a Cloak [1] {average}
i) a Small Metal Shield [5,+0]
j) a Metal Cap [3] {SQUELCH, average}
k) a Set of Leather Gloves [1] {SQUELCH, average}
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Stealth [3,+4] (+2 to stealth)

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Magic Spells [Conjurings and Tricks]
b) 3 Rations of Food
c) a Green Potion of Cure Light Wounds
d) 4 Metallic Purple Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
e) a Pungent Potion {tried}
f) 10 Scrolls titled "toxmi ulking" of Phase Door {25% off}
g) 9 Scrolls titled "canyp mikcan" of Teleport Level
h) 8 Scrolls titled "org i theresh" of Word of Recall {25% off}
i) 3 Scrolls titled "nelg ti snonih" of Blessing {25% off}
j) a Scroll titled "murfid fadok"
k) an Antimony Rod of Illumination
l) an Aluminum Wand of Wonder
m) a Copper Wand
n) a Walnut Staff of Treasure Location
o) a Locust Staff of Trap Location (18 charges)
p) a Cypress Staff
q) a Cypress Staff
r) an Agate Ring of Resist Fire
s) a Tortoise Shell Ring
t) a Tortoise Shell Ring
u) a Short Sword of the Noldor (1d7) (+5,+4) (+1)
v) a Sabre (1d7) {SQUELCH, average}
w) a Short Bow (x2) {SQUELCH, cursed}

Cuddle Fu II the Beorning Warrior
Began the quest to kill Morgoth on 06/04/2006 at 08:46 AM
|   TURN  |      LOCATION        |LEVEL| EVENT
|     1093|  Gladden Fields Town |  1  | Killed The Complainer
|     7608|      Hithaeglir   2  |  4  | Killed Pongo the Devious
|     8493|      Hithaeglir   2  |  5  | Reached level 5
|    38233|         Eriador  10  | 10  | Reached level 10
|    79124|  East Beleriand   6  | 12  | Destroyed Ben Harrison, the 
|  continued...                  |     |  Skeleton 
|    87152|          Andram   8  | 13  | Killed The Ickiness
|    87936|          Andram   9  | 13  | Killed Mughash the Kobold Lord
|    90341|          Andram  10  | 14  | Killed Balcmeg the Cave Orc
|    90775|          Andram  10  | 14  | Killed Ulfast, son of Ulfang
|    91593|          Andram  10  | 14  | Killed Lug, the Hill Orc
|    93714|  West Beleriand  11  | 15  | Reached level 15

  [Birth and Cheat Options]

Adult: Use point based character generation      : no  (adult_point_based)
Adult: Use Autoroller if rolling for stats       : yes (adult_auto_roller)
Adult: Have notes written to a file              : yes (adult_take_notes)
Adult: Artifacts preserved & no special feelings : yes (adult_preserve)
Score: Peek into object creation                 : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation                : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation                : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else                  : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info                : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death               : no  (score_live)

Posted on 4.6.2006 23:02

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On 4.6.2006 23:02 wrote:
Kung Fu fighting! (cue silly music...)

From the bear, he learns tenacity and power. From the... bear, (sort of) gracefulness. And the... dragon teaches him to don lots of jewelry. It could take a lifetime to master just one of the many Kung Fu disciplines. So Cuddle Fu just knows one. He was educated in a Shaolin monastery by the Beorning monks. Against all forms of violence he faces his ultimate challenge when his preferred master was killed by the hands of the minions of Morgoth. After avenging the death of his teacher, he comes from the east and helps people defending the weak and fighting against the evil while being pursed by Morgoth's bounty hunters.

Oh, and .20 rocks
Level 16, Amon Rudh 17, 8 uniques eaten.

On 4.6.2006 23:33 Bandobras wrote:
An interesting one. Does shield bashing work with bare-handed melee? How often you confuse, etc. by bare-handed attacs? Why not a druid?

On 5.6.2006 00:09 wrote:
Hi Barndobras.

This is the second iteration of Martial Arts Werebears. Why? Well I find the idea of a big bear doing Kung Fu to be just too funny...

Why a fighter instead of a druid? HP. I can't imagine getting this close to monsters with druid HP. Plus, the point is to kick @@@, not commune with nature.

Shield bashing do work with martial arts (though they do not get any special bonuses. Confusion happens reasonably frequently, especially once one accumulates extra blows. I expect uniques that are not resistant to confusion to get confused with half-a-dozen attacks (though I am a bit of an optimist :)). Without that, martial arts would honestly be just inferior to normal weapon combat.


On 5.6.2006 14:10 wrote:
Excellent - I want to see how far Martial Arts can take you.

0.2.0 is more bugridden than I'd hoped, so 0.2.1 will probably be only weeks away. I'm hoping to have mouse support in it, but I may chicken out.

You'll have to try another mage some time and see if the new spells improve it - Beorning mage might be fun, but no more shapechange exploit.

On 5.6.2006 14:11 wrote:
Excellent - I want to see how far Martial Arts can take you.

0.2.0 is more bugridden than I'd hoped, so 0.2.1 will probably be only weeks away. I'm hoping to have mouse support in it, but I may chicken out.

You'll have to try another mage some time and see if the new spells improve it - Beorning mage might be fun, but no more shapechange exploit.

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