The Angband Ladder: Sir Djabanete, Werewolf Warrior by <>

  [Hellband 0.8.4 Character Dump]

 Name   : Sir Djabanete         Birthday      15th Aug       STR:   40+        
 Race   : Werewolf              Age                101       INT:   29         
 Sign   : Free                  Height              82       WIS:   11         
 Class  : Warrior               Weight             137       DEX:   40+        
                                Social Class         2       CON:   37         
                                                             CHA:   29         
 + To Hit           88      Level             43    Max Hit Points       925   
 + To Damage        90      Experience   4046679    Cur Hit Points       925   
 + To AC           135      Max Exp      4046679    Max SP (Mana)          0   
   Base AC          41      Exp to Adv.  4200000    Cur SP (Mana)          0   
                            Exp Factor       200    Gold              239510   
 Fighting    : Godlike [72] Perception  : Bad          Blows/Round:  8         
 Bows/Throw  : Godlike [70] Searching   : Bad          Shots/Round:  3         
 Saving Throw: Supernatural Disarming   : Superb       Wpn.dmg/Rnd:  48d6+720  
 Stealth     : Godlike [2]  Magic Device: Superb       Infra-Vision: 50 feet   

 Fire : ....+........ Shard    : .............    Aura of Elec : ............. 
 Cold : ....+....*... Sound    : ........+....    Aura of Fire : ............. 
 Light: ............. Nether   : +............    Reflection   : ............. 
 Dark : .......+..... Nexus    : +.....+......    Hold Life    : +....+....... 
 Poisn: .....+...+... Chaos    : +.....+.++...    Slow Digest  : .........+... 
 Elec : ....+........ Disnch   : .+......++...    Regeneration : ............. 
 Acid : ....+..+*+... See Invis: .....+...+...    Levitation   : ..........++. 
 Blind: ............. Telepathy: ......+......    Perm Lite    : ............. 
 Conf : +..........+. Speed    : .....++......    Stealth      : .+....++..... 
 Fear : .........+..+ Shots    : .+...........    Infra        : ............. 
 Hold : ++......+++.. Blows    : .............    Search       : .........+... 
  [Miscellaneous information]

 Ironman Shops:     OFF
 Maximize Mode:      ON
 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           ON
 Small Levels:       ON
 Arena Levels:       ON
 Long Stairs:       OFF
 Recall Depth:       Level 48 (2400')


 You have defeated 3004 enemies.

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Blade of Chaos 'Stormbringer' (6d6) (+16,+16) (+2)
b) The Assassin's Bow (x4) (+20,+22) (+3)
c) a Ring of Slaying
d) a Ring of Damage (+13)
e) an Amulet of Resistance
f) The Gem of Eos (+2 to movement speed)
g) The Robe of Saint Gabriel (-1) [28,+45] (+7 to movement speed)
h) The Cloak of Draebor [1,+12] (+2)
i) The Shield of Saint Michael [3,+25] (+4)
j) The Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' (+25,+25) [5,+11] (-2)
k) The Set of Leather Gloves of Malphas (+8,+8) [1,+15] (+2)
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots (Winged) [3,+11]
m) a Potion of Berserk Strength
n) a Potion of *Healing*
o) a Potion of Berserk Strength
p) a Potion of Berserk Strength
q) a Potion of *Healing*
r) a Potion of *Healing*

  [Character Inventory]

a) 30 Pieces of Ambrosia
b) 7 Potions of Speed {25% off}
c) a Potion of Resist Cold
d) 23 Potions of Heroism
e) 14 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
f) 7 Potions of Healing
g) 2 Potions of Enlightenment
h) 10 Potions of Resistance
i) 33 Scrolls of Teleportation {25% off}
j) 70 Scrolls of Identify
k) 3 Scrolls of *Destruction*
l) a Rod of Recall
m) 3 Rods of Illumination
n) a Rod of Detection
o) 2 Rods of Teleport Other
p) 4 Rods of Disarming
q) a Staff of Healing (3 charges)
r) The Broad Sword of Sitri, Demon Prince (11d5) (-9,+10) (+2)
s) The Bastard Sword of the Wailing Tree (5d4) (-13,+20) (+5)
t) (nothing)
u) (nothing)
v) (nothing)
w) (nothing)

  [Last Ten Messages]

Your Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' glows brightly!
The enchantment failed.
You have 2 Scrolls of Enchant Armor.
Your Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' glows brightly!
The enchantment failed.
You have a Scroll of Enchant Armor.
Your Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' glows brightly!
The enchantment failed.
You have no more Scrolls of Enchant Armor.
Examining The Robe of Saint Gabriel (-1) [28,+45] (+7 to movement speed)...

Posted on 16.12.2006 21:34
Last updated on 17.1.2007 02:43

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On 16.12.2006 21:39 wrote:
[clvl 31]

Well this has been really, really easy so far. I had about 8 artifacts by level 25, including Thorin (St. Michael in this game). I don't know if I'm just super lucky, or if uniques in this variant just give awesome drops all the time. Also, Holy Avengers with +4 attacks rock.

I'm diving as fast as I can because I want to reach depths where things are a little harder. One problem: I have no idea what dungeon level I'm at because they're not labeled numerically =D Right now I'm getting robbed blind at the Thievery level by Grand Master Thieves (which is fine by me since they drop up to 10 good items).

On 16.12.2006 22:23 wrote:
[clvl 32]

Correction: Holy Avenger with +4 attacks AND Terror Mask rocks. I've reached the upper tiers of Hell, and I still haven't a clue what dungeon level that corresponds to. I've stopped seeing sinners and started seeing more interesting quarry such as Vampires. The only thing that's posed any threat at all to Djabanete was a unique that stood still and cast ice bolts: he was dispatched with Bolts of Slaying, and he dropped Bolts of Holy Might as a reward. Yay.

On 17.12.2006 04:11 wrote:
[clvl 36][dlvl 34]

Well, I got my wish - things are definitely getting harder. I ran into a "p" pit: black knights, death knights, sorcerers, ipsissimi, cult high priests, and cult leaders. And I killed everything in there, but halfway through the loot, I was waylaid by a horde of Grigori... perhaps the escort of a unique which I never saw. They kept coming and coming and beating me down, and sometimes when they died they'd do Amberite-style blood curses which gave me amnesia and drained all my stats and hasted monsters and summoned monsters... I think I killed about 15 or 20 of them, but there were still plenty left when breeders took over the level (exceedingly fast-moving, door-bashing, object-picker-upper breeders). Not much a warrior can do about that sort of thing, so I recalled out.

Konijn: Nalfeshnees give too many XP. On the order of 50K. I believe Elliott mentioned something like this for Mariliths. I killed two Nalfeshnees in a row and they both leveled me up.

On 17.12.2006 23:32 wrote:
[clvl 41][dlvl 44]

Rather large Lesser Vault contained The Stormbringer, a Greater Titan, and some other nasties. First thing to come out with the unique Sword, which I killed easily. I picked it up and debated whether or not I'd wield it, knowing that it was heavily cursed and that I had no handy means of uncursing it. I ended succumbing to the Dark Side and wielded it. Then came the Greater Titan, which smacked me down in no time flat. ~200hp, I realized I needed to teleport. A mysterious force prevents you from teleporting. SURPRISE!! 0K, so I'm wielding a cursed weapon that won't let me teleport, at ***5 hit points***, staring up at a Greater Titan. Potions of Healing, gulp gulp, the "P" summons some "D"s, things are looking very grim as I am hemmed in on 4 or 5 sides by ugly monsters that chew through walls. Well it turns out that Stormbringer is Vampiric, meaning that I regain 50 or 70 hp per blow... meaning I'm basically invulnerable as long as I'm not attacking undead. Dragons and Giants are fair game, so I turned the tables and slaughtered everything. (I was actually gaining HP faster than my enemies were damaging me.) The story probably loses a lot in the telling, but I was definitely on the edge of my chair for much of that fight. Spoils include The Stormbringer, the Gem of Eos, and an Amulet of the Magi (useless to me but looks cool).

I'll keep the Holy Avenger as a swap for when I need to fight undead. I have a feeling that it will get burned up though if it sits in my inventory.

On 18.12.2006 00:02 wrote:
Nice progress. Pity the xp thing isn't fixed yet. I ended up abandoning HolyMutant because it made leveling far too easy and he was quite a bit weaker than you are.

On 18.12.2006 00:53 wrote:
Mariliths and Headless Ghosts appear to have been fixed. As for Nalfeshnees, 50K isn't really that big of a deal. I need much larger sums than that to level up now. I don't have detection spells (or even telepathy) so I can't abuse the bug very effectively.

You might enjoy downloading 0.8.4. and playing HolyMutant again =)

Then again, maybe not. It's annoying when you have to run away from everything.

On 18.12.2006 05:53 wrote:
Oh, he's gone, but I've downloaded 0.8.4 and am working on a mummy mystic.

HolyMutant's big score was running into a demon marquis with an escort of 12 mariliths. Bang. 1.8M xp.

On 17.1.2007 02:55 wrote:
[clvl 43][dlvl 48]

Going around killing stuff... no surprises there... Pit Spiders are *so* scummable right now. What happens is this: they summon each other, so I can never kill them all by accident. Vampirism from Stormbringer keeps me at maximum health all the time. They pick up items and drop like mad. Every so often they fail to pick up an item, and I just hack my way over and if it doesn't squelch, I have myself a new artifact. 15 minutes of this yielded five artifacts, including The Robe of Saint Gabriel (!) and the Broad Sword of Sitri, Demon Prince (!). Sitri's sword looks amazing but I'd lose several resists if I were to use it. I am torn between Stormbringer, Calris (Wailing Tree in this variant), and Sitri. The only things that could seriously boost my kit would be Rings of Power (assuming they exist in Hell?) or really nice boots (squelch won't let me get speed boots, but... the tedium of sorting through stuff is just impossible for a warrior at this depth, so I'll have to pray for Feanor or Thror.)

On 17.1.2007 02:58 wrote:
Oh right... rings of speed would be good too... knew I was missing something


On 16.9.2007 21:43 wrote:
Killed by deletion of everything from my old computer.

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