The Angband Ladder: Aegea, Giant no-class by camlost

                 [Sangband 1.0.0 Character Dump]

                            ,,,  $$$  ,,,
                        ,,=$   "$$$$$"   $=,,
                      ,$$        $$$        $$,
                      *>         <*>         <*
                      $$         $$$         $$
                      "$$        $$$        $$"
                       "$$       $$$       $$"

You were rolled up 11432 times before being accepted.
         Aegea           Age    :             25  STR!  18/***
 "Lady of Enchantment"   Height :     8 ft, 5 in  INT!  18/200
                         Weight :         396 lb  WIS!  18/180
Gender : Female                                   DEX!  18/180
Race   : Giant                  Slayer of         CON!  18/***
Realm  : Sorcery            Morgoth, Lord of      CHR!  18/130
Max Hitpoints      1009  Power               100  Max Mana          486
Cur Hitpoints      1009  Score              7824  Cur Mana          103

       (Melee)           Unspent Exp       51669         (Missile)
Blows per round       2  Gold            1486858  Shots per round     1
Average Damage      111                           + to Skill         13
     (Wrestling)         Max Depth       Lev 100  Deadliness (%)    137

                          (Character Abilities)
Melee     : Legendary  Saving Throw: Legendary  Magic Device: Bad
Shooting  : Excellent  Stealth     : Awful      Dodging     : Poor
Throwing  : Very Good  Perception  : Very Bad   Fame        : Immortal
Digging   : Legendary  Disarming   : Poor       Infra-Vision: 90 feet

   Speed       : +31
   Armor      : 128
   Kills       : 4581
   Time Elapsed: 12 days, 3 hours, 13 minutes   (1213405 turns)

  [Character Attributes]

      abcdefghijkl@        Stat Intrnl abcdefghijkl@ Adjust
Stlth:.....5....3..        STR! 18/100 .2423.s..3..5 18/***
Invis:...2.........        INT! 18/100 ...2.2s2....4 18/200
Aware:.....2....1..        WIS! 18/100 ...2.2s24...2 18/180
Disar:.............        DEX! 18/100 ..42..s..3..1 18/180
Devic:.............        CON! 18/100 ..423.s..31.2 18/***
Speed:..6*.......5.        CHR! 18/100 ...2..s2s...1 18/130

      abcdefghijkl@                           abcdefghijkl@
Infra:....3...6....                     NFuel:.....+.......
Tunnl:..........3.9                     Steal:.............
Save :........2....                     NoMag:.............
Mana :........4....                     Telep:.............
Light:.....2.......                     Aggra:.............


      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
Acid :......+.++... Light:........+.... Food :.............
Elec :......+.+.... Dark :.......+..... Feath:...+......+..
Fire :......+.+.+.. Sound:........+.+.+ Shine:....+.+......
Cold :...*..+++.... Shard:........+.... Regen:...++...+....
Pois :......+...... Nexus:.........+... ESP  :.....+.......
Fear :............. Nethr:.......+..... SeeIn:...+++......+
Blind:.....+....+.. Chaos:.......+..... FrAct:...++.....+.+
Confu:............+ Disen:............+ HLife:...+..+......

  [Last Messages]

You cast Tap Magical Energy.
That staff had no useable energy.
You read a Scroll titled "smatgav dudulun" of Recharging.
You have 33 Scrolls titled "smatgav dudulun" of Recharging {25% off} (p).
You cast Tap Magical Energy.
You feel your head clear a little.
You cast Cure Light Wounds.
You feel a little better.
You cast Plasma Vortex.
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness grunts with pain.
You cast Plasma Vortex.
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness grunts with pain.
You cast Plasma Vortex.
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness cries out in pain.
You cast Plasma Vortex.
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness cries out in pain.
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness gestures imperiously ... and looks puzzled for a
You cast Plasma Vortex.
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness screams in pain.
You cast Plasma Vortex.
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness cries out feebly.
You grab Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
You have slain Morgoth, Lord of Darkness!
You feel something roll beneath your feet.
A magical staircase appears...
Saving game...
Replace existing file C:\games\Angband\sangband100\lib\user\Aegea.txt?  
Character dump failed!
Replace existing file C:\games\Angband\sangband100\lib\user\Aegea.txt?  y


Wrestling         : 100%
Spellcasting      : 100%
Magical Power     : 100%
Wizardry          : 100%
Spell Resistance  : 100%
Armor Forging     :  98%

You have taken the Oath of Sorcery.


                You have slain Morgoth, Lord of Darkness!             
   Defeated 18 Novice warriors on level 5
   Defeated 7 Giant gold dragon flies on level 8
   Defeated 8 Driders on level 10
   Defeated 11 Imperial cobras on level 13
   Defeated 9 Energy vortices on level 15
   Defeated 15 Troll priests on level 18
   Defeated 13 Gorgimeras on level 20
   Defeated 24 Mountain ogres on level 23
   Defeated 17 Spectral anacondas on level 26
   Defeated 25 Cave trolls on level 28
   Defeated 13 Grey wraiths on level 30
   Defeated 15 Mature white dragons on level 32
   Defeated 14 Thunder giants on level 35
   Defeated 19 Manticores on level 37
   Defeated 23 Mature gold dragons on level 40
   Defeated 28 M�maks on level 45
   Defeated 19 Death knights on level 48
   Defeated 15 Dark elven sorcerers on level 52
   Defeated 22 Glabrezu on level 54
   Defeated 20 Nalfeshnee on level 56
   Defeated 30 Stone serpents on level 58
   Defeated 34 Time hounds on level 60
   Defeated 25 Barbazu on level 62
   Failed to defeat 25 Chaos vortices on level 64
   Defeated 22 Great cacophony wyrms on level 66
   Failed to defeat 19 Sky drakes on level 69
   Defeated 22 Hammers of the Underworld on level 73
   Defeated 15 Great wyrms of Many Colours on level 75
   Defeated 17 Great wyrms of Law on level 78
   Defeated Sauron, the Sorcerer on level 99
   Defeated Morgoth, Lord of Darkness on level 100

  [Character Equipment]

A Long Bow of Velocity (x3) (+13,+20) (+2)
     Activates for an especially damaging shot every 20-40 turns.  [82% fail]
     +2 STR.
The Ring of Tulkas (+4, +6) {GCacWyrm66}
     Activates for haste self (duration 1-20 extra turns) every 150-300 turns. 
[100% fail]
     +6 Speed; +4 STR, DEX, CON.
The Ring of Power 'Nenya' (+2, +10) (charging) {Dwar}
     Activates for large frost ball (250) every 125-150 turns.  [100% fail]
     +2 all stats; +10 Speed; +2 Invisibility.
     Sustain INT, WIS.  Immunity to Cold.
     Feather Falling; Regeneration; See Invisible; Free Action
     Hold Life.
The Necklace of the Dwarves (+3)
     +3 STR, CON, Infravision.
     Permanent Light; Regeneration; See Invisible; Free Action.
The Palant�r of Westernesse (lit) [2] (+2, -5) (charging)
     Activates for full clairvoyance - at grave risk - every 175-350 turns. 
[100% fail]
     +2 INT, WIS, Awareness; -5 Stealth.  Resist Blindness.
     ESP; See Invisible; Drains Exp.
     Does 10d10 thrown damage;  Permanent Light (radius 2)
A Robe of Permanence [2,+23] {Shine}
     Sustain all stats.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison.
     Permanent Light; Hold Life.
The Shadow Cloak of L�thien [4,+20] (+2) (charging)
     Activates for restore skills every 450 turns.  [100% fail]
     +2 INT, WIS, CHR.  Resist Cold, Dark, Nether, Chaos.
A Wicker Shield (adamant) [8,+21] (+4, +6, +2)
     +60 Mana; +10 Save; +6 Infravision; +4 WIS.
     Sustain WIS, CHR.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Light, Sound, Shards.
The Steel Helm of Hammerhand [6,+20] (+3)
     +3 STR, DEX, CON.  Resist Acid, Nexus.
A Set of Leather Gloves (runegold) [1,+6] (+3, +1)
     +3 Stealth, Tunneling; +1 CON, Awareness.
     Resist Fire, Sound, Blindness.
     Feather Falling; Free Action.
A Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Speed [2,+2] (+5) {QR56}

  [Character Inventory]

3 Books of Magic Spells [Apprentice Magic]
3 Books of Magic Spells [Lesser Conjury]
     Does 3d7 thrown damage
3 Books of Magic Spells [Elemental Sorcery]
     Does 5d11 thrown damage
3 Books of Magic Spells [Phantasms and Illusions] {Hoarmurath}
     Does 7d14 thrown damage
4 Books of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes] {Baphomet}
     Does 8d19 thrown damage
3 Books of Magic Spells [Grimoire of Wizardry] {Lungorthin}
     Does 9d28 thrown damage
3 Books of Magic Spells [Raal's Tome of Destruction] {Cantoras}
     Does 10d47 thrown damage
29 Dark Red Mushrooms of Heroism
5 Pieces of Elvish Waybread
3 Sprigs of Athelas
23 Cobalt Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
7 Smoky Potions of Healing
4 Magenta Potions of *Healing*
an Ashen Potion of Life
an Amber Potion of Enlightenment
33 Scrolls titled "smatgav dudulun" of Recharging {25% off}
6 Scrolls titled "mudud na wergrog" of Holy Chant
a Scroll titled "nontrog" of *Destruction*
9 Scrolls titled "lun runtbro gafdar" of Genocide
7 Mithril Rods of Dragonfire (6 charging) {Gyrus}
an Oak Staff of Detect Evil {unknown}

  [Home Inventory]

49 Scrolls titled "smatgav dudulun" of Recharging {25% off}
a Dragon's Claw Amulet of the Magi [+11] (+5 to awareness) {Smaug}
     +5 Awareness.  Resist Blindness, Confusion.
     See Invisible; Free Action.
a Jade Amulet of Intelligence (+5)
the Star of Elendil (lit) [3] (+2 to saving throw (x5)) {GWoMC75}
     Activates for magic mapping every 30-60 turns.  [97% fail]
     +10 Save.  Light source (radius 3)
Balance Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [30,+17]
     Activates for breathe sound, shards, chaos, or disenchantment (damage 270)
every 120-160 turns.  [0% fail]
     Resist Sound, Shards, Chaos, Disenchantment.
Mithril Chain Mail (runegold) [31,+22] (+5, +3)
     +5 Speed; +3 Infravision.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Cold.
the Cloak of Thingol [1,+18] (+3) {Harowen}
     Activates for recharge magical device every 70 turns.  [92% fail]
     +3 DEX, CHR.
the Elven Cloak 'Taranzor' [2,+14] (+2 to stealth) {Gothmog}
     +2 STR, CON, Stealth, Awareness.  Sustain INT, CON.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Sound, Blindness, Confusion.
a Wicker Shield (adamant) [9,+24] (+2)
     +2 STR, WIS, DEX.  Sustain WIS, DEX, CON.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Dark, Shards, Nexus.
     See Invisible.  Permanent Light (radius 2)
a Wicker Shield (adamant) [2,+14] (+4)
     +4 CHR.  Sustain STR, CHR.
     Resist Fire, Cold, Dark, Sound, Shards, Disenchantment.
     Free Action.
a Wicker Shield (steel) [2,+15] (+1 to stealth)
     +1 CON, Stealth.  Resist Fire, Light, Dark, Nexus.
     Permanent Light.
the Large Metal Shield of An�rion [8,+18] {Tselakus}
the Knight's Shield of Earendil [10,+15] {Sauron}
     Activates for curing every 100 turns.  [100% fail]
     Resist Lightning, Fire, Dark, Nether, Blindness.
     Permanent Light.
a Golden Crown of the Magi [0,+15] (+2)
     +2 INT.  Sustain INT.
     Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold.  Slow Digestion.
a Hard Leather Cap (runegold) [2,+10] (+5 to speed)
     +5 Speed.  Resist Lightning, Sound, Shards.
     Slow Digestion; Free Action; Aggravates.
the Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+10] (+2)
     +2 INT, WIS.
a Hard Leather Cap (runegold) [2,+16] (+1 to awareness)
     +1 STR, INT, CHR, Awareness.  Sustain INT, CHR.
     Resist Cold, Sound, Shards.  ESP.
the Set of Leather Gloves 'Cammithrim' [1,+15] {Azog}
     Activates for bolt of light (5d40) every 4 turns.  [85% fail]
     Sustain CON.  Resist Light.  Free Action.
     Permanent Light (radius 1)
the Set of Mail Gauntlets 'Wardian' [2,+18] (+5 to mana (x15)) {The Mout
     +75 Mana.  Resist Acid, Fire, Cold, Dark.
the Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Nevrast [3,+13] (+3) {Sauron}
     +3 CON, Stealth, Speed.
the Sacrificial Dagger of Ar-Pharazon (2d7) (+7,+17) [-25] (+1) {The Pho
     Activates for dispel animals (damage 77) every 17 turns.  [95% fail]
     +1 Blows.  Blessed Blade;  Cursed.
the Battle Axe of Belegost (3d8) (+11,+14) [+5] (+3) {Gyrus}
     +3 STR, CON, Stealth.
the Battle Axe of Edirras (2d8) (+16,+15) (+3 attacks) {Gothmog}
     +3 Blows.  Slay Undead, Orc.  Brand Lightning.
     Resist Lightning.  See Invisible.

Posted on 19.6.2007 19:24
Last updated on 20.6.2007 00:08

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On 19.6.2007 19:24 camlost wrote:
[power 93, dlevel 75, 1.1Mturns]

This questing stuff is really slow going, though I think it's mostly slowgoing in the real time spent playing. I'd been really hoping for a RoP from those GWoMC.

As for failed quests, the Sky Drakes were basically done, but I didn't realize I recalled to 3500' instead of 3450', so I failed it with like 5 or so to go (needed to go back for food). The chaos vortices were abandoned really quickly. There's just no way to deal with them without res_chaos as a wrestler/caster...

Last quest reward was Raal's so I'm finally cooking. Might just have to make this quest my last. In all seriousness, if I can find a RoP, I think it's time to try to win the game. That'll put me above +20 unhasted, and I've got a pretty decent con score, and most of the resistances covered.

On 19.6.2007 23:01 camlost wrote:
[power 100 (that's strange :), dlevel 98, 1.2Mturns]

I decided to do a bunch of questing, which I think slowed me down a little toward the end (but the source of mage books was amazing).

Store still *suck*. 1M in the temple, no potions of healing. Maybe something is wrong?

Anyhoo, I've offed pretty much all the high uniques. Just the 'Q's, Ancalagon, and Omarax pretty much, so it's time to take the plunge. I'll remember to call destruction on Ancalagon instead of teleporting him away if I can manage it. I'm not sure if I'll try to magic Morgoth up, or take him out with wrestling. I'll see.

Also, the real reason I have Armor Forging is that I got turned into a half-orc, and in my attempt to return to Giantdom, I ended up as a dark elf for a little while, which made me pessimistic, and decide to increase armor forging. Luckily it turned out to be short lived.

Also, check out this cloak Gothmog was wearing -- _Taranzor_ is amazing. If I didn't need Luthein so much, I'd wear it in a heartbeat.

I think this is my first Nenya. I'm a little sad that it isn't the new and improved Nenya that I designed, but hopefully Leon will put that in the next version.

On 20.6.2007 00:08 camlost wrote:
Ok, all done now. Morgoth took a little while to start his summoning, so I was fine. A lot of distance-based spell combat followed by me teleporting him away, and in the meantime, I genocided his summons (&, W mostly). Then he summoned unique opponents (Q, f), which was all bad, so I teleported. After he caught up again, he decided that summoning was the thing, so he grabbed demons (genocided) then dragons (Ancalagon), so I teleported twice (once back to a 'Q'), and finished him off with plasma vortex.

I needed a lot of mana, thank goodness for scrolls of recharging and tap magic device. Detect evil is a pretty good bet for what to buy in the shop if you want mana.

On 20.6.2007 22:17 Bandobras wrote:
I see you've actually finished Morgoth sumo-style. ;D

On 20.6.2007 22:53 camlost wrote:
Yeah, one blow with wrestling...

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