The Angband Ladder: Xorzac, Hobbit Ranger by quaxocal

  [ZAngband 2.7.4b Character Dump]

Name     : Xorzac               Age             23     STR:   29.0
Sex      : Male                 Height          37     INT:   37.0
Race     : Hobbit               Weight          61     WIS:   33.0
Class    : Ranger               Social Class    87     DEX:   40+
Magic    : Nature                                      Con:   33.2   34.0
           Chaos                                       CHR:   30.0

+ Skill         64     Level                34     Max Hit Points     443
% Deadliness   420     Experience       421355     Cur Hit Points     443
+ To AC         76     Max Exp          421355     Max SP (Mana)      209
  Base AC       32     Exp to Adv.       68645     Cur SP (Mana)      209
                       Gold              28607

                         (Miscellaneous Abilities)
Fighting    : Superb         Perception  : Amber [2]      Blows/Round : 5
Bows/Throw  : Superb         Sensing     : Amber [5]      Shots/Round : 1.66
Saving Throw: Chaos Rank     Disarming   : Superb         Avg.Dam./Rnd: 432
Stealth     : Chaos Rank     Magic Device: Chaos Rank     Infra-Vision: 40'

  [Miscellaneous information]

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Small Levels:       ON
 Recall Depth:       Level 60 (3000')

Stat Intrnl Rce Cls Mod Actual Currnt  abcdefghijkl@
Str:   28.0  -2   2   1   29.0         .1...........
Int:   28.0   2   2   5   37.0         .1....3..1...
Wis:   28.0   1   0   4   33.0         .1....3..1..1
Dex:   27.6   3   1  12   40+          ......3..18.s
Con:   28.0   2   1   3   34.0   33.2  .1....3......
Chr:   28.0   1   1   0   30.0         .........1..1

Skill     abcdefghijkl@ 
BonusSP:  .........1... 
Stealth:  .......4.1..1 
Search :  ....7134.1... 
Infra  :  ............. 
Tunnel :  ............. 
Speed  :  ...........*. 
Blows  :  .1........... 

Acid  : .+......++...
Elec  : ........++...
Fire  : ........++...
Cold  : .+....+.+....
Poison: ........++...
Fear  : .+.......+...
Light : .............
Dark  : .............
Shard : .........+...
Blind : .........+...
Conf  : ........+....
Sound : .........+...
Nether: ......+..+...
Nexus : .............
Chaos : .............
Disnch: ......+..+...

Reflect  : .............
Aura Acid: .............
Aura Fire: .........+...
Aura Elec: .............
Aura Cold: .............
No Magic : .............
Free Actn: ....+.......+
SeeInvis.: ....+....+...
Hold Life: .+....+......
Telepathy: ............+
SlwDigstn: .............
Regen.   : .+....+......
Levitate : ......+..+...
PermLite : .....+.......
Mutate   : .............
Patron   : .............
Good Luck: .............
WeirdLuck: .............
Pass Wall: .............
GhulTouch: .............

Pr Animal: .+...........
Pr Evil  : .+...........
Pr Undead: .........+...
Pr Demon : .+.......+...
Pr Orc   : .............
Pr Troll : .............
Pr Giant : .+...........
Pr Dragon: .............
Cursed   : .............
AutoCurse: .............
Teleport : ......+......
NoTeleprt: .............
Aggravate: .............
DrainStat: .............
Drain Exp: .............
Slow Heal: .............
Can't Eat: .............
EvilCurse: .............

 You have defeated 10693 enemies.

  [Top 10 deepest kills]

 1 Judge Fire                           Level 66 (3300')
 1 Judge Death                          Level 63 (3150')
 1 Judge Fear                           Level 63 (3150')
 1 Death quasit                         Level 63 (3150')
13 Clubber demon                        Level 61 (3050')
 1 Mother Hydra                         Level 60 (3000')
19 Shadow demon                         Level 60 (3000')
 1 Strygalldwir                         Level 56 (2800')
11 Mezzodaemon                          Level 54 (2700')
 1 Grey wraith                          Level 54 (2700')


You can turn ordinary items to gold (-1 WIS, -1 CHR).
You are telepathic (-1 CON).
Your movements are precise and forceful (+1 stealth).

  [Character Equipment]

a) a No-dachi of Slaying (5d8) (+10,+40%)
b) The Light Crossbow 'Rampage' (x5) (+12,+65%) (+1 attack)
c) a Ring of Slaying (+15,+70%)
d) a Ring of Slaying (+10,+70%) {25% off}
e) an Amulet of the Magi [+4] (+7)
f) The Phial of Galadriel (+1)
g) The Bar Chain Mail of Kevlar (-2) [18,+13] (+3) {.$R}
h) an Elven Cloak of Protection [4,+11] (+4)
i) a Small Metal Shield of Resistance [5,+8]
j) The Golden Crown 'Quenbrag' (+11,+75%) [0,+12] (+1)
k) a Set of Gauntlets of Clumsiness [2,+6] (+8)
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Speed [3,+6] (+10) {$55,000 au in shop.$R}

  [Character Inventory]

a) 2 Nature Spellbooks [Call of the Wild]
b) 5 Nature Spellbooks [Nature Mastery]
c) a Nature Spellbook [Nature's Gifts]
d) a Nature Spellbook [Nature's Wrath]
e) a Chaos Spellbook [Sign of Chaos]
f) 2 Chaos Spellbooks [Chaos Mastery]
g) 2 Chaos Spellbooks [Chaos Channels]
h) an Arcane Spellbook [Major Arcana]
i) 2 Vermilion Potions of Healing
j) a Layered Potion of Enlightenment
k) a Rusty Rod of Perception
l) an Ivory Rod of Recall
m) a Nickel-Plated Rod of Detection
n) an Azure Amulet of Protection from Undead
o) a Ring Mail [12] {worthless$R}
p) a Blade of Chaos (6d5) {average$R}
q) a Quarterstaff (1d18) {good$R}
r) a Three Piece Rod of Freezing (3d3) (+7,+35%) {cursed}
s) The Morning Star 'Firestar' (2d6) (+5,+35%) [+2]
t) a Gnomish Shovel (1d2) (+0,+0%) (+2)
u) 18 Steel Bolts of Hurt Evil (1d15) (+9,+55%) (190/316)
v) 26 Arrows of Slaying (1d14) (+17,+80%)

  [Home Inventory - Ulkbuton]

a) 2 Chaos Spellbooks [Chaos Mastery]
b) a Chaos Spellbook [Chaos Mastery] {75% off}
c) 12 Dried Mushrooms of Restore Constitution
d) a Brown Potion of Restore Mana
e) a Misty Potion of Restore Life Levels
f) a Scroll titled "nis oxbin" of *Identify*
g) an Aluminium Rod of Enlightenment
h) a Runed Wand of Annihilation (3 charges)
i) a Thorned Staff of Curing (7 charges)
j) a Ring of Protection [+18]
k) a Copper Amulet of Destruction (-5,-25%) [-6] (-7) {cursed}
l) a Brass Lantern of Vision (with 7500 turns of light) (+6)
m) The Iron Crown 'Fapet' (+8,+60%) [0,+24] (+4)
n) The Golden Crown 'Worfskin' [0,+14] (+2 to speed)
o) a Metal Cap of Sickliness [3,+7] (+5)
p) The Iron Helm 'Laddraug' [5,+21] (+1)
q) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Stealth [3,+5] (+7)
r) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Noise [3,+3]
s) a Lance (Holy Avenger) (1d17) (+13,+65%) [+4] (+2)
t) a Hammer of Returning (3d4) (+4,+25%)
u) 20 Steel Bolts of Slaying (1d27) (+15,+75%) (353/589)

  [Home Inventory - Alkal]

a) 2 Dried Mushrooms of Restore Constitution
b) a Morganite Ring of Light and Darkness Resistance
c) Pseudo Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [30,+10]
d) a Hagaromo [2,+27]
e) a Small Metal Shield of Resistance [5,+14]
f) a Steel Helm of Ugliness [6,-12] (+5)
g) a Pair of Metal Shod Boots of Slowness [6,+9] (+5 to speed)

  [Message Log (last 50 messages)]

The Blue horror claws you.
You stand your ground!
The Blue horror misses you. <4x>
The Dilithium Ring of Skill is destroyed!
The Blue horror is destroyed.
The Blue horror gasps.
The Blue horror is destroyed.
The Blue horror snarls feebly.
The Blue horror is destroyed.
The Blue horror roars with pain.
The Bloodletter of Khorne flinches.
The Blue horror snarls with pain.
The Lesser hell-beast ignores the attack.
The Bodak hisses in pain.
The Bodak magically summons a demon from the Courts of Chaos! <2x>
The Fleshhound of Khorne misses you. <4x>
You hit the Quasit.
You have destroyed the Quasit.
The Blue horror misses you. <2x>
The Fleshhound of Khorne misses you.
The Fleshhound of Khorne is repelled.
The Fleshhound of Khorne misses you.
The Fleshhound of Khorne bites you.
You have a Small Metal Shield [5] (p).
You have no room for a Trump Spellbook [Deck of Many Things].
The Fleshhound of Khorne claws you.
The Fleshhound of Khorne misses you. <2x>
The Fleshhound of Khorne is repelled.
You hit the Fleshhound of Khorne.
You have destroyed the Fleshhound of Khorne.
The air about you becomes charged...
You have no room for an Uridium Rod of Light.
You have no room for a Paper Armour [4].
You feel the Small Metal Shield (p) in your pack is excellent...
In your pack: a Small Metal Shield of Resist Lightning [5,+4] (p).
You turn a Small Metal Shield of Resist Lightning [5,+4] to 243 coins worth of
There are no more Small Metal Shields of Resist Lightning [5,+4].
You feel yourself yanked upwards!
You hit the Woodsman.
You have slain the Woodsman.
You feel the Quarterstaff (q) in your pack is good...
You miss the Snotling.
You hack at the Snotling.
You have slain the Snotling.
You hit the Snotling.
You have slain the Snotling.
You have found 31 gold pieces worth of copper.
You hit the Snotling.
You have slain the Snotling.
The door is unlocked.

Posted on 5.7.2007 08:02
Last updated on 5.7.2007 19:36

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On 5.7.2007 08:02 quaxocal wrote:
This is my first really successful character in probably 50+ attempts. I had another ranger who made it down to level 60 (starting at the level 30 dungeon and he was geared toward fighting the undead dungeon), who tanked when I switched him to an "breathing" level 40 dungeon.

I made him a hobbit cause I wanted a character who excelled in everything (melee can be more than made up for).

The Phail of Galadriel I just found like 10 minutes ago so decided to do my dump now, since its my first artifact found in the dungeon with this guy! Definitely had bad luck in that regard.

The Nature's Gifts spellbook I found in the dungeon on level 36 I think? Could not believe it. I also found the Life Holy Grail one somewhere in the mid 30's as well. The Chaos Channels I found in a bookstore (and had to sell all my excess to get it), and the Nature's Wrath I also found in a bookstore (recently, which is why my home is almost empty and almost broke, I sold my scroll of Acquirement I found as well). I have seen most of the other rare spellbooks in the bookstore as well (though not the Necrominion).

My next task is to improve my resists through my cloak, helmet, shield, and armor. I feel I need at least Chaos and Blindness if I'm going to survive in the 40's dungeon. I think my offense is really good (bought that Nodachi a long time ago and haven't found anything comparable since) so just need resists.

On 5.7.2007 10:21 AR_chie wrote:
your weapon is awesome:) - I wander only why did you havent any teleport staf, when you become blinded (or maybe randart gives you that)

On 5.7.2007 17:27 quaxocal wrote:
I've actually only been blinded like once I think. For awhile I was using a Brass Lantern of Vision which covered Blindness.

The weapon I don't remember when I found it in the shop, but I remember it was soon enough to where I sold practically everything I owned just to buy it (and it was like 6,000 maybe?). I looked through alot of the other ladder dumps, and my weapon is superior in damage to some level 50's.

Updating this dump in a bit.

On 5.7.2007 19:36 quaxocal wrote:
Well I found several good artifact helmets at the shop, and kept the one I have now cause of the ridiculous amount of resists it has (not to mention its skill and deadliness bonuses). I'm only lacking 4 resists now and I have a psuedo dragon mail to cover two of them if needed. Chaos being the main one now that I lack.

I tried out the level 60 dungeon as I HATE the level 40 ones (all those elemental one shot annoying things). I think the top 10 kills speaks for itself. But wow is there ALOT of monsters in there. How in the world did ANYONE beat this game killing LESS monsters than me??? I must have seen at least 500 monsters just on the small section of the level I explored.

Going back to my level 30 dungeon (recall level 45) and going to continue to dive there and feast on the Undeads for better equipment. I figure I'll give the level 60 dungeon another try when I hit level 36 or 37 (when my spell selection improves).

On 20.7.2007 19:12 wrote:
Look out of a ring of light/dark. They are fairly common. You are already doing a lot of damage for your level so losing a slaying ring won't be too bad. Sacrifice the gloves for chaos resistance. Constitution is the only stat you don't want to trade resists for, maximize this ASAP. You can leave nexus and light if you have to. The other resists are critical.

You can swap out the magi amulet for berserk if you find a good one when you are standing outside a pit/vault and want the nasties to come to you. It is always better to wait outside and kill them 1 at a time then walk into the pit/vault.
I think an amulet of brilliance +5 is a good trade as well since you are also a caster.

Good luck!

On 20.7.2007 20:05 wrote:
Well I haven't updated the dump yet, but I now have ALL of my resists covered (without sacrificing a ring or my gloves). All sustains too (its annoying having con drained). The amulet is now an amulet of brilliance (+4). I haven't found any useful gloves or I'd be wearing them (certainly nothing with chaos resistance).

Its interesting that no one has posted on here a level 50 ranger, let alone one which has beat this game. I think my hobbit, though handicapped in fighting and hit die (I should have gone for high elf, though I absolutely love the hobbit's extremely high disarm ability), is doing quite well.

And no way right now I'd give up one of those rings of slaying, I lose over 100 damage AND a round of attack as well. Not to mention the +10 skill which is cruicial right now for making up for the hobbit's pitiful melee ability. I'm waiting for a ring of speed. :)

I actually have a light/dark ring in my home on the currently posted dump.

Will update this dump in a bit. :)

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