The Angband Ladder: Kerenth, Red Dragon Priest by <>

  [DrAngband 2.9.9 Character Dump]

 Sex    Male              Age       257   STR:     18  +4  -1  +4  18/70
 Race   Red Dragon        Height    143   INT:     10  +1  -3  +0      8
 Class  Priest            Weight    255   WIS:     17  +3  +3  +3  18/80
 Title  Canon             Status      1   DEX:     16  +1  -1  +0     16
 HP     291/291           Maximise    Y   CON:     16  +4  +0  +3  18/50
 SP     76/76             Preserve    Y   CHR:      9  -2  +2  +0      9

 Level           25       Armor      [1,+48]     Saving Throw  Excellent
 Cur Exp      21696       Fight    (+5,+45%)     Stealth        Very Bad
 Max Exp      21696       Melee    (+5,+45%)     Fighting      Very Good
 Adv Exp      23625       Shoot     (+5,+0%)     Shooting           Poor
                          Blows       2/turn     Disarming          Fair
 Gold         91801       Shots       0/turn     Magic Device  Very Good
                                                 Perception          Bad
 Burden    48.1 lbs       Infra        80 ft     Searching           Bad

     You are a red dragon from the fortress of Angband.  After
     being thrown out of home you were captured and trained by a
     company of gnomes.  You have glittering black eyes and
     dull, weathered scales.

  [Character Equipment]

a) Your teeth (6d4)
b) Your claws (3d8)
c) a Cloak [1,+6]
d) an Iron Crown [0,+6]
e) a Bone Amulet of Wisdom (+3)
f) The Phial of Galadriel
g) a Tortoise Shell Ring of Sustaining
h) a Jade Ring of See Invisible
i) an Obsidian Ring of Constitution (+3)
j) an Adamantite Ring of Slaying (+1,+6)
k) a Moonstone Ring of Strength (+4)
l) a Topaz Ring of Confusion Resistance

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Holy Books of Prayers [Beginners Handbook] {@p1@b1@G1!d!v!k}
b) 2 Holy Books of Prayers [Words of Wisdom] {@p2@b2@G2!d!v!k}
c) 2 Holy Books of Prayers [Chants and Blessings] {@p3@b3@G3!d!v!k}
d) 2 Holy Books of Prayers [Exorcism and Dispelling] {@p4@b4@G4!d!v!k}
e) a Holy Book of Prayers [Godly Insights] {@p5@b5@G5!d!v!k}
f) 2 Light Blue Mushrooms of Cure Blindness
g) a Dark Blue Potion of Speed
h) 10 Purple Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
i) 3 Scrolls titled "derzun wahden" of Identify
j) a Silver Rod of Recall
k) a Dogwood Staff of Cure Critical Wounds (9 charges)
l) (nothing)
m) (nothing)
n) (nothing)
o) (nothing)
p) (nothing)
q) (nothing)
r) (nothing)
s) (nothing)
t) (nothing)
u) (nothing)
v) (nothing)
w) (nothing)

  [Home Inventory (page 1)]

a) an Amethyst Ring of Dexterity (+3)
b) an Obsidian Amulet of Invisibility
c) The Metal Cap of Thengel [3,+12] (+3)
d) (nothing)
e) (nothing)
f) (nothing)
g) (nothing)
h) (nothing)
i) (nothing)
j) (nothing)
k) (nothing)
l) (nothing)

  [Home Inventory (page 2)]

a) (nothing)
b) (nothing)
c) (nothing)
d) (nothing)
e) (nothing)
f) (nothing)
g) (nothing)
h) (nothing)
i) (nothing)
j) (nothing)
k) (nothing)
l) (nothing)

Posted on 24.2.2002 10:10

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On 24.2.2002 10:10 wrote:
my best priest ever in drangband... actually in any *band.

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