The Angband Ladder: Abi II, Gnome Rogue by <>

  [Angband 3.0.9b Character Dump]

 Name   Abi II                                   Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Sex    Female            Age        79   STR:     11  -1  +2  +0     12
 Race   Gnome             Height     38   INT:     14  +2  +1  +0     17
 Class  Rogue             Weight     80   Wis:     16  +0  -2  +0     14      9
 Title  Filcher           Status      1   DEX:     17  +2  +3  +0  18/40
 HP     236/236           Maximize    Y   Con:     11  +1  +1  +0     13     12
 SP     31/31                             CHR:     17  -2  -1  +0     14

 Level           26       Armor    [10,+29]     Saving Throw      Superb
 Cur Exp      28515       Fight     (+3,+0)     Stealth           Superb
 Max Exp      28515       Melee    (+12,+9)     Fighting          Superb
 Adv Exp      37500       Shoot    (+12,+9)     Shooting          Superb
 MaxDepth    Lev 31       Blows      1/turn     Disarming         Superb
 Turns       585644       Shots      1/turn     Magic Device      Superb
 Gold         14904       Infra       40 ft     Perception     Very Good
 Burden    80.2 lbs       Speed      Normal     Searching      Very Good

 You are one of several children of a Gnome Beggar.  You are the black
 sheep of the family.  You have brown eyes, straight brown hair, and a
 very fair complexion.

      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
 Acid:....+........ Blind:.............
 Elec:............. Confu:.............
 Fire:............. Sound:.............
 Cold:...+......... Shard:.............
 Pois:+............ Nexus:.............
 Fear:............. Nethr:.............
 Lite:............. Chaos:.............
 Dark:............. Disen:+............

      abcdefghijkl@       abcdefghijkl@
S.Dig:............. Stea.:.............
Feath:............. Sear.:.............
PLite:.....+....... Infra:.............
Regen:............. Tunn.:.............
Telep:............. Speed:.............
Invis:..+.......... Blows:.............
FrAct:............+ Shots:.............
HLife:............. Might:.............

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Dagger of Rilia (2d4) (+9,+9) {Acquirement lvl 24}
   It slays orcs.  It is branded with poison.  It provides resistance
   to poison and disenchantment.  It activates for stinking cloud (12)
   every 4+d4 turns.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
b) a Light Crossbow (x3) (+9,+9)
c) a Sapphire Ring of See Invisible
   It grants you the ability to see invisible things.  
d) a Jasper Ring of Resist Cold
   It provides resistance to cold.  It cannot be harmed by cold.  
e) a Bronze Amulet of Resist Acid
   It provides resistance to acid.  It cannot be harmed by acid.  
f) a Lantern of Brightness (10007 turns)
   It usually provides light of radius 3.  It cannot be harmed by fire.
g) Soft Leather Armour [4,+7]
h) a Cloak [1,+7] {Ufthak, lvl 24}
i) (nothing)
j) a Hard Leather Cap [2,+6]
k) (nothing)
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+7] {Ulfast lvl 22}

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Magic Spells [Magic for Beginners]
b) a Book of Magic Spells [Incantations and Illusions]
c) a Dark Red Mushroom of Restore Strength
d) a Flask of oil
e) 9 Pink Speckled Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
f) a Clotted Red Potion of Restore Life Levels
g) 11 Scrolls titled "queus neo" of Teleportation
h) a Scroll titled "cum erfectus" of Word of Recall
i) a Scroll titled "polo crum" of Holy Chant
j) 2 Platinum Wands of Teleport Other (12 charges)
k) a Balsa Staff of Perception
l) a Birch Staff of Speed (1 charge)
m) a Jet Ring of Resist Fire
   It provides resistance to fire.  It cannot be harmed by fire.  
n) 4 Bolts (1d5) (+2,+3)
o) 56 Bolts (1d5) (+0,+0)

  [Home Inventory]

a) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Conjurings and Tricks]
b) 15 Scrolls titled "ilvalium" of Teleport Level
c) 5 Scrolls titled "que pror coer" of Identify
d) 3 Scrolls titled "hunum impervo" of *Identify*
e) 14 Scrolls titled "agens arum" of Recharging
f) a Bronze Rod of Fire Bolts
g) 2 Magnesium Wands of Sleep Monster (34 charges)
h) 2 Gold-Plated Wands of Slow Monster (28 charges)
i) a Silver Staff of Teleportation (7 charges)
j) a Balsa Staff of Perception
k) an Ashen Staff of Door/Stair Location (10 charges)
l) a Cedar Staff of Sleep Monsters (9 charges)
m) a Gnarled Staff of Slow Monsters (10 charges)
n) a Tortoise Shell Amulet of Resist Lightning
   It provides resistance to lightning.  It cannot be harmed by 
o) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+6]
p) a Main Gauche (1d5) (+4,+3) {Bullroarer lvl 12}
q) a Short Sword (1d7) (+2,+5)
r) a Tulwar (2d4) (+9,+9)
s) a Broad Sword (2d5) (+4,+3)
t) a Long Sword of Slay Evil (2d5) (+9,+9) {Bullroarer lvl 12}
   It slays all evil creatures.  
u) a Scimitar (2d5) (+2,+4) {Bullroarer lvl 12}
v) a Pike of Slay Undead (2d5) (+2,+5)
   It slays undead.  
w) a Sling of Extra Might (x2) (+7,+12) (+1)
   It increases your shooting power by 1.  
x) a Short Bow (x2) (+3,+3) {Brodda lvl 15}


Adult: Maximize effect of race/class bonuses : yes (adult_maximize)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts (beta): no  (adult_randarts)
Adult: Auto-scum for good levels             : no  (adult_autoscum)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Don't stack objects on the floor      : no  (adult_no_stacking)
Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : no  (adult_no_preserve)
Adult: Don't generate connected stairs       : no  (adult_no_stairs)
Adult: Monsters chase current location       : yes (adult_ai_sound)
Adult: Monsters chase recent locations       : yes (adult_ai_smell)
Adult: Monsters act smarter in groups        : yes (adult_ai_packs)
Adult: Monsters learn from their mistakes    : no  (adult_ai_learn)
Adult: Monsters exploit players weaknesses   : no  (adult_ai_cheat)
Adult: Monsters behave more intelligently (broken): no  (adult_ai_smart)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 15.10.2008 00:01
Last updated on 21.10.2008 16:53

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On 15.10.2008 00:01 wrote:
New character generated randomly (started twice, because it was another warrior, and I'm sick of warriors). Only dominant stat was maxed in autoroller, the other set to 3. Attempt to kill all uniques with this character. Good luck, ABI II!

On 15.10.2008 00:20 wrote:
01. Farmer Maggot slain! Ha, my first unique...

On 15.10.2008 00:27 wrote:
02. Fang, Farmer Maggot's dog disposed of; have to tell I was very near being killed by Fang, but in the middle of fight the dog run away allowing me to heal myself and kill him later. Oh, God of Good Luck, don't leave me!

On 15.10.2008 21:51 wrote:
03. Grip, Farmer Maggot's dog dead on lvl 3; this time it was quite easy. Going deeper...

On 16.10.2008 01:14 Pete Mack wrote:
you are really hurting yourself with such lousy starting stats. There's no reason not to use points-based stats and start with good STR/CON/DEX and adequate INT. You really want to start with 2 or 3 blows as a rogue, depending on race.

On 17.10.2008 22:08 wrote:
04. Smeagol, lvl 7. Easy kill with my crossbow. However, as Pete Mack noticed, it's quite a challenge to keep my character alive, especially when a bunch of snagas or large kobolds is chasing me. But thanx to some hint I hot, when Abi died, I always go to deeper levels with few Potions of Speed found on lvl 1 and I always have a WoR Scroll to evacuate when things go nasty. So far, Abi II is alive and kicking and hope she will progress eventually. If not, I'll heed your advice, Pete, and Abi III will have stats maxed.

On 17.10.2008 22:27 awldune wrote:
WoR is not a good escape -- if you can survive long enough, then you can probably make it to stairs. Watch for Teleport Level and Teleport scrolls at the black market, even from the very beginning of the game. Not too expensive. Also be on the lookout for Teleport Other wands.

With such poor STR, consider switching to a longbow to save some weight.

On 17.10.2008 23:20 PowerDiver wrote:
As I mentioned for the previous Abi, if your goal is to manage an actual winner in the shortest amount of real time, you'd be better off suiciding and restarting with decent stats. You can get better stats and more starting money if you use the auto-roller rather than point-based.

On 18.10.2008 22:49 wrote:
05. Mughash the Kobold Lord killed. Thanx for hints, guys, but I decided this time not to power dive and slowly role play this character. How often in real life do you find super hero? No often. So my character is average or mediocre in most stats excelling only in dexterity -- real life. But know something? Now, on my 3rd attempt Mughash stood no chance -- my properly enchanted crossbow + Potion of Speed was no match for him and his 30 or more strong band of followers. Ha! My character is not so bad as it seems.

On 19.10.2008 03:51 wrote:
06. Grishnakh dead on lvl 12; however, having killed half of his escort had to escape -- too much of them; bought Ring of See Invisible on Black Market; handy, so I'll try dive carefully down to level 30 to get some stat potions

On 19.10.2008 04:10 Pete Mack wrote:
if you need to kill a mob; CCW is much easier to come by. !speed is more useful for escapes until you have an excess. (save it for MIm and Smaug). And -3 speed will definitely kill you after 1000'.

On 19.10.2008 13:44 wrote:
07. Bullroarer the Hobbit killed; chance encounter; two bolts and he was dead

On 19.10.2008 15:41 wrote:
Pete, you were right. I've been almost hacked to death by a band of uruks with my speed of -5. Having only +2 life points I've been sucked up to town. That taught me much. I've decided to give up scumming of all items, even good ones, preserve my speed, and dive quickly up to level 30. Anyway, I'd have plenty of gold later in the game. ;-) And I've digged up my precious Staff of Speed to help myself in bad luck.

On 20.10.2008 15:34 wrote:
08. Brodda The Easterling quickly killed with volley of bolts; still going down and down...

On 20.10.2008 16:51 wrote:
09. Orfax Son of Boldor and his retinue died under a volley of my bolts. It was really nice to see them falling one by one. Ah, I should not brag about so much.

On 20.10.2008 18:08 wrote:
10. Ulfast Son of Ulfang dead; descended to lvl 24 but have trouble wearing useful stuff; my speed is -3; hope that won't kill me ;-)

On 20.10.2008 18:31 Pete Mack wrote:
drop the shield. With such a weak character the extra weight is not worth the AC without at least adding a resist. Also, you might start enchanting a longbow - that will drop 10lbs in weapon and ammo.

On 20.10.2008 18:40 wrote:
11. Ufthak of Cirith Ungol disposed of; on level 24 with superb feeling found Scroll of Acquirement, which gave me Dagger of Rilia! Poison Resist is nice!

On 20.10.2008 19:08 wrote:
12. Angamaite of Umbar attacked me on that superb feeling level too. He's dead now. I've got dilemma to leave that level right now or explore it entirely? Have more and more difficulties to stay alive with many tough monsters there...

On 20.10.2008 20:43 wrote:
13. Ugluk the Uruk killed on dungeon level 30. I'll stay on that level for awhile, or at least I wont be diving voluntarily. It's time to find some stat potions. So far 2 Potions of Charisma. Pretty useless, but anyway...

On 21.10.2008 00:37 Pete Mack wrote:
why not use the sling? It doesore damage than your show and weighs less...

On 21.10.2008 01:04 Pete Mack wrote:
you really should carry more ?recall, like 5. Just one fire or acid attack and you could be marrooned.

On 21.10.2008 05:25 Cardinal Rob wrote:
You're doing well.

Just keep playing paranoid.

On 21.10.2008 16:29 wrote:
14. Ibun Son of Mim dead on lvl 31; dropped junk :-( In the next room Mim waited for me. Teleported away -- had not been ready for him yet. Meanwhile I did NOT found any stat potions. Blindness and confusion is real pain right now, beside my mediocre strength of course.

On 21.10.2008 16:53 wrote:
15. Sangahyando of Umbar killed on lvl 31; drops Potion of Charisma instead of ..... Argh!

On 21.10.2008 17:35 awldune wrote:
Descending just a couple of levels would increase the number of stat potions you find by a lot.

You could really use an armor of resistance/elvenkind or a defender weapon. Watch out for any out of depth D's!

On 22.10.2008 07:46 Pete Mack wrote:
go find some nexus breathers-just about any stat swap would be an improvement. Only DEX for INT or WIS would be a loss, and only a minimal one at that. A nexus vortex would be ideal...

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