The Angband Ladder: Ryax, High-Elf Ranger by <>

  [Angband 2.8.3 Character Dump]

 Name   Ryax                                     Self  RB  CB  EB   Best
 Sex    Male              Age       113   STR:     17  +1  +2  +0  18/20
 Race   High-Elf          Height     91   INT:     13  +3  +2  +0     18
 Class  Ranger            Weight    163   WIS:     10  -1  +0  +0      9
 Title  Courser           Status     74   Dex:     15  +3  +1  +0  18/10     18
 HP     -1/145            Maximize    Y   CON:     17  +1  +1  +0  18/10
 SP     18/22             Preserve    Y   CHR:     10  +5  +1  +0     16

 Level           16       Armor     [27,+10]     Saving Throw     Superb
 Cur Exp       4995       Fight      (+2,+3)     Stealth       Excellent
 Max Exp       4995       Melee     (+7,+10)     Fighting         Superb
 Adv Exp       5290       Shoot      (+2,+8)     Shooting         Heroic
                          Blows       2/turn     Disarming     Very Good
 Gold           101       Shots       1/turn     Magic Device     Superb
                                                 Perception    Very Good
 Burden   104.9 lbs       Infra        40 ft     Searching     Very Good

     You are one of several children of a Vanyar Warrior.  You
     have light grey eyes, straight black hair, and a fair

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Main Gauche of Slay Orc (1d5) (+5,+7)
b) a Long Bow (x3) (+0,+8)
c) a Corundum Ring of Resist Fire
d) an Alexandrite Ring of Searching (+2)
e) (nothing)
f) a Brass Lantern (with 7425 turns of light) {25% off}
g) Bar Chain Mail (-2) [18,+6]
h) a Cloak [1,+0]
i) a Small Leather Shield [2,+0]
j) a Metal Cap [3,+2]
k) (nothing)
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+0]

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Magic Spells [Magic for Beginners]
b) a Book of Magic Spells [Conjurings and Tricks]
c) a Book of Magic Spells [Incantations and Illusions] {25% off}
d) a Holy Book of Prayers [Words of Wisdom]
e) a Ration of Food
f) 19 Pieces of Elvish Waybread
g) 3 Flasks of oil
h) a Blue Speckled Potion of Slow Poison
i) a Dark Blue Potion of Resist Heat
j) 2 Magenta Potions of Heroism
k) 7 Scrolls titled "odfid vomviv" of Phase Door
l) a Scroll titled "evsyp snikflit" of Word of Recall
m) 2 Scrolls titled "nis sne ulk" of Identify
n) a Zirconium Wand of Confuse Monster (17 charges)
o) a Lead Wand of Stinking Cloud (11 charges)
p) a Main Gauche (1d5) (+0,+0)
q) a Short Sword (1d7) (+0,+0)
r) 16 Arrows (1d4) (+6,+5)
s) 40 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0)
t) (nothing)
u) (nothing)
v) (nothing)
w) (nothing)

  [Home Inventory (page 1)]

a) a Dark Red Potion of Speed
b) a Dark Blue Potion of Resist Heat
c) a Silver Speckled Potion of Resist Cold
d) a Yellow Speckled Potion of Restore Intelligence
e) 7 Scrolls titled "wexklis mila" of Enchant Armor
f) 3 Scrolls titled "dalf crenis" of Enchant Weapon To-Hit
g) 4 Scrolls titled "toxnelg bluple" of Enchant Weapon To-Dam
h) a Runed Wand of Wonder (21 charges)
i) a Turquoise Ring of Resist Cold
j) a Main Gauche of Slay Dragon (1d5) (+4,+10)
k) a Sabre of Burning (1d7) (+5,+8)
l) a Scimitar of Slay Troll (2d5) (+7,+5)

  [Home Inventory (page 2)]

a) a Trident of *Slay* Evil (1d8) (+3,+1) (+2)
b) 79 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0)
c) (nothing)
d) (nothing)
e) (nothing)
f) (nothing)
g) (nothing)
h) (nothing)
i) (nothing)
j) (nothing)
k) (nothing)
l) (nothing)

Posted on 5.4.2009 19:46
Last updated on 20.4.2009 22:07

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5809. on the Angband Ladder (of 6350)
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On 5.4.2009 19:46 wrote:
Playing a older version :) Only down to level 2 so far.

On 10.4.2009 20:38 wrote:
Character is comming along. Starting to go deeper.

On 18.4.2009 17:42 wrote:
Still alive, very fun game.

On 20.4.2009 22:07 wrote:
Game over :(

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