The Angband Ladder: Adwireseth, RohanKnight Demonologist by <>

  [ToME 2.1.0 Character Dump]

 Name  : Adwireseth             Age                 23       STR:  18/20       
 Sex   : Male                   Height              66       INT:     11       
 Race  : RohanKnight            Weight              77       WIS:     13       
 Class : Demonologist           Social Class         1       DEX:  18/10       
 Body  : Player                                              CON:  18/30       
 God   : Tulkas                                              CHR:     13       
 + To Melee Hit          18 Level             18    Max Hit Points       244   
 + To Melee Damage       15 Experience      6927    Cur Hit Points       -13   
 + To Ranged Hit          6 Max Exp         6927    Max SP (Mana)         59   
 + To Ranged Damage       4 Exp to Adv.     7920    Cur SP (Mana)         32   
   AC                  31+5 Gold           11797    Piety                561   
                         (Miscellaneous Abilities)                             
 Fighting    : Superb       Perception  : Bad          Blows/Round:  2         
 Bows/Throw  : Excellent    Searching   : Poor         Shots/Round:  1         
 Saving Throw: Fair         Disarming   : Good         Mel.dmg/Rnd:  8d6+30    
 Stealth     : Bad          Magic Device: Fair         Infra-Vision: 0 feet    
                                                       Tactic:       confident 
                                                       Explor:       normal    
                         (Character Background)                                
          You are one of several children of a Serf.  You have brown           
          eyes, wavy black hair, and a very fair complexion.                   

  [Miscellaneous information]

 Cth monsters:       OFF
 Zlike monsters:     OFF
 Joke monsters:      OFF
 Maximize mode:      ON
 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           ON
 Small Levels:       ON
 Arena Levels:       ON
 Persistent Dungeons:       OFF
 Recall Depth:
        Barrow-Downs: Level 10 (500')

 Your body was a Player.

 You started your adventure the 43rd Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 You ended your adventure the 46th Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 It now is 3 days that you are adventuring.

     Your Attributes:
You are dead, killed by an Elder aranea(?).
You can use rohir powers.
You are poisoned.
You are hallucinating.
You can fly.
You have free action.
You are lucky.
You are resistant to acid.
You are completely fearless.
Your digging ability is affected by your equipment.
Your ability to score critical hits is affected by your equipment.
Your weapon strikes at demons with holy wrath.

 Corruption list:

Skills (points left: 0)
 - Combat                                        15.153 [0.750]
	  - Weaponmastery                               06.223 [0.950]
	 	  . Sword-mastery                             13.200 [0.600]
	  . Archery                                     02.000 [0.400]
 - Sneakiness                                    02.360 [1.800]
	  . Disarming                                   05.600 [1.800]
 - Magic                                         15.790 [0.700]
	  . Magic-Device                                01.000 [1.150]
	  . Demonology                                  15.000 [1.000]
 - Spirituality                                  05.010 [0.700]
	  . Prayer                                      01.500 [0.500]
 . Monster-lore                                  03.000 [0.500]

 One of your companion(s) has been killed.
 You saved 5 princesses.

 You have defeated 798 enemies.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Demonblade (4d6) (+1,+1)
    It strikes at demons with holy wrath.  
d) a Long Bow (x3) (+2,+4)
e) a Ring of Fear Resistance
    It makes you completely fearless.  
f) a Ring of Levitation
k) an Amulet of Acid Resistance
m) a Brass Lantern (with 7088 turns of light)
    It provides light (radius 2) when fueled.  It cannot be harmed by 
n) Bar Chain Mail (-2) [18,+1]
o) (nothing)
p) a Large Leather Shield [4,+4]
s) an Iron Helm [5,-1]
u) a Set of Leather Gloves of Free Action [1,+1]
x) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+0]
z) (nothing)
{) (nothing)
|) a Shovel (1d2) (+0,+0) (+1)
    It increases your ability to tunnel by 1.  

  [Character Inventory]

a) 12 Mushrooms of Cure Serious Wounds {100% off}
b) 51 Rations of Food
c) 33 Flasks of oil
d) a Potion of Speed
e) 18 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
f) 6 Scrolls of Phase Door
g) a Fireproof Scroll of Teleportation
h) 3 Scrolls of Teleportation
i) a Scroll of Word of Recall
j) 3 Scrolls of Identify {25% off}
k) a Scroll of Light
l) a Scroll of Detect Invisible
m) a Staff of Remove Curses[1|16] (8 charges)
n) a Ring of Slow Digestion
o) an Indestructible Ring of Invisibility
p) an Amulet of Adornment
q) a Parchment - Adventurer's guide to Middle Earth
r) (nothing)
s) (nothing)
t) (nothing)
u) (nothing)
v) (nothing)
w) (nothing)

  [Home Inventory - Bree ]

a) a Mushroom of Confusion
b) 3 Potions of Restore Life Levels
c) 4 Potions of Restore Intelligence
d) 4 Potions of Restore Wisdom
e) a Potion of Restore Dexterity
f) The Cleaver 'Tungwe' (2d4) (+5,-8)
    It does extra damage from acid.  It produces chaotic effects.  It 
    is especially deadly against orcs.  It strikes at undead with holy
    wrath.  It has been blessed by the gods.  It cannot be harmed by acid,
    cold, lightning or fire.  
    It was given to you as a reward.
g) The Sling of Farmer Maggot (x2) (+20,+0) (+2) {100% off}

Posted on 12.1.2003 19:44

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On 12.1.2003 19:44 wrote:
Killed by my own stupidity. I'm enjoying demonlogists, haven't figured out what the Rohan knight powers are for yet though. Eventually i'll pull off something that doesn't die off the bat.

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