The Angband Ladder: Mighty Shopping Spree, Vampire Ninja by chris

  [Hengband 1.7.2 Character Dump]

                          Name  : Mighty Shopping Spree

 Sex      : Male             Age               110   STR!:  18/180
 Race     : Vampire          Height             65   INT :  18/174
 Class    : Ninja            Weight            162   WIS!:  18/120
                             Social Class        2   DEX!:  18/210
                             Align         Neutral   CON!:  18/***
                                                     CHR!:  18/140

 Right hand      (+30,+32)   Hit point   1011/1011   Fighting   : Legendary[25]
 Left hand       (+19,+35)   SP (Mana)      0/   0   Bows/Throw : Legendary[22]
 Blows/Round           7+6                           SavingThrow: Superb
 AverageDmg/Rnd    252+231   Level              50   Stealth    : Legendary[27]
                             Experience   13262536
 Shooting        (+35,+20)   Max Exp      13262536   Perception : Superb
 Multiplier          x0.00   Exp to Adv      *****   Searching  : Superb
 Shots/Round          1.00   Gold         10177343   Disarming  : Heroic
                                                     MagicDevice: Heroic
 AC              [49,+165]   Time     Day 13  1:37
 Speed            (+33+10)   Play time    16:06:24   Infra-Vision: 50 feet

                         (Character Background)
          Ooops ... why are all the shops closed?  I brought my
          credit cards!

          ...You retired from the adventure after the winning.

 Sex   : Male          Stat    BaseRacClaPerMod ActualCurrent  abcdefghijkl@
 Race  : Vampire       STR!:  18/80  3  0  2  5 18/180         ...2.....3...
 Class : Ninja         INT : 18/114  3 -1 -2  6 18/174         ...2...4.....
 Level : 50            WIS!: 18/100 -1 -1 -1  5 18/120         ...2.....3...
 Hits  : 1011/1011     DEX!: 18/100 -1  3  0  9 18/210         3..2.......4s
 Mana  : 0/0           CON!: 18/130  1  2  1  7 18/***         ...2.....32..
                       CHR!:  18/70  2 -1  0  6 18/140         ...2...4.....
           }                        }                            }
         abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@                abcdefghijkl@
 Acid  : .......+..*.#    Sound : .......+.....    Speed     : ..+++....+.+#
 Elec  : .........++.#    Nether: ..+.........+    FreeAction: +..+......+++
 Fire  : .........+..#    Nexus : ...........+.    SeeInvisi.: +..+.....+..+
 Cold  : ...*.....+..#    Chaos : +......+.+...    Hold Life : ...+...+....+
 Poison: ..+.........#    Disnch: +......+..+..    Warning   : ...+.........
 Light : .........+...v   Fear  : .+..........+    SlowDigest: ............+
 Dark  : ............*    Reflct: .............    Regene.   : ...+.....+...
 Shard : .......++....    AuFire: .............    Levitation: .+.+.......+.
 Blind : .........+...    AuElec: .............    Perm Lite : .........+...
 Conf  : .........++..    AuCold: .............    Cursed    : .............

                                  }                              }
             ab@                abcdefghijkl@                  abcdefghijkl@
 Slay Evil : ...    Telepathy : .....+.......    Add Blows   : ++...........
 Slay Und. : ...    ESP Evil  : .............    Add Tunnel  : .............
 Slay Demon: +..    ESP Noliv.: .............    Add Infra   : .............
 Slay Drag.: ...    ESP Good  : .............    Add Device  : .............
 Slay Human: ...    ESP Undead: .............    Add Stealth : .++.....+....
 Slay Anim.: ...    ESP Demon : .............    Add Search  : .+......+....
 Slay Orc  : ...    ESP Dragon: .............
 Slay Troll: ...    ESP Human : .............    Riding      : +............
 Slay Giant: ...    ESP Animal: .............    Throw       : .............
 Acid Brand: ...    ESP Orc   : ..+..........    Blessed     : .............
 Elec Brand: ...    ESP Troll : .............    No Teleport : .............
 Fire Brand: ...    ESP Giant : .............    Anti Magic  : .............
 Cold Brand: ...                                 Econom. Mana: .............
 Poison Brd: .+.    Sust Str  : .............
 Sharpness : ...    Sust Int  : ...+.........    Drain Exp   : .............
 Quake     : ...    Sust Wis  : ...+.........    Rnd.Teleport: .............
 Vampiric  : ...    Sust Dex  : ...........++    Aggravate   : .............
 Chaotic   : ...    Sust Con  : .............    TY Curse    : .............
 Force Wep.: ...    Sust Chr  : .......+.....

  [*Winning* Message]

  Da da da Da da! Charge It!

  [Option Settings]

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Small Levels:       OFF
 No Shops:           ON
 Arena Levels:       OFF

  [Recall Depth]

    Angband         : level 100
   !Yeek cave       : level  13
   !Orc cave        : level  23
   !Labyrinth       : level  18
    Dragon's lair   : level  60
   !Castle          : level  65

  [Quest Information]

< Completed Quest >
  Thieves Hideout                          (Danger  level:   5) - level  3
  Warg problem                             (Danger  level:   5) - level 10
  Meng You, the Brother of Meng Huo        (Dungeon level:   6) - level 15
  Orc Camp                                 (Danger  level:  15) - level 16
  Wutugu, the Chief of Southerings         (Dungeon level:  12) - level 19
  Old Man Willow Quest                     (Danger  level:  22) - level 21
  The Ultimate Dungeon Cleaner             (Dungeon level:  24) - level 23
  Dark Elven Lords Quest                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 31
  M. Bison                                 (Dungeon level:  38) - level 31
  The Sewer                                (Danger  level:  15) - level 32
  Logrus Master                            (Danger  level:  25) - level 32
  The Vault                                (Danger  level:  30) - level 32
  Ulik the Troll                           (Dungeon level:  44) - level 34
  The Cloning Pits                         (Danger  level:  45) - level 34
  Petshop                                  (Dungeon level:  50) - level 35
  Habu the Champion of Chaos               (Dungeon level:  56) - level 35
  Glaaki                                   (Dungeon level:  62) - level 36
  The Tarrasque                            (Dungeon level:  76) - level 42
  Sauron, the Sorcerer                     (Dungeon level:  88) - level 46
  Oberon                                   (Danger  level:  99) - level 50
  Serpent of Chaos                         (Danger  level: 100) - level 50

< Failed Quest >

 Arena: Defeated by Shambler in the 35th fight

  [Defeated Monsters]

You have defeated 8042 enemies including 243 unique monsters in total.

< Unique monsters top 10 >
  The Serpent of Chaos                     (level 100)
  Oberon, King of Amber                    (level  99)
  Sauron, the Sorcerer                     (level  98)
  Gothmog, the High Captain of Balrogs     (level  95)
  The Destroyer                            (level  94)
  Cerberus, Guardian of Hades              (level  94)
  Azathoth, Seething Nuclear Chaos         (level  93)
  Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos         (level  93)
  Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst           (level  92)
  Qlzqqlzuup, the Lord of Flesh            (level  92)


Your alighnment : Neutral

You are a bitter enemy of Patience.
You are a great champion of Knowledge.
You are the living embodiment of Faith.
You are the living embodiment of Unlife.
You are the polar opposite of Compassion.
You are the polar opposite of Honour.
You are somewhat virtuous in Sacrifice.
You are a great champion of Justice.

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Rapier 'Quickthorn' (1d7) (+27,+10) (+3 attacks)
b) The Falcon Sword 'Last Chance to Save Save Save!!' (1d6) (+20,+20) (+2
attacks) {SlSr;Fe;Lv|P}
c) The Gun 'Crimson' (x0) (+20,+20) (+4 to speed) {Po~o, !d}
d) The Ring of Power (Nenya) (+11,+11) (+2) {Wr, $}
e) a Ring of Speed and Dragon's Frost (+12)
f) an Amulet of Telepathy {!k!d}
g) a Brass Lantern of Darkness (with 0 turns of light) {!*!*}
h) The Balance Dragon Scale Mail 'Shop Till You Drop' (-2) [40,+31] (+4)
i) an Elven Cloak of Aman [4,+42] (+5 to stealth) {Sh, !k}
j) The Golden Crown of Amber [0,+15] (+3)
k) The Set of Leather Gloves of the Everlasting [1,+16] (+2) {Cn;*Ac;ElCfDi;Fa}
l) The Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Shiva's Avatar (+5,+5) [4,+16] (+4 to

  [Character Inventory]

a) 17 Mushrooms of Restoring {!E}
b) 38 Potions of Speed {!k!q}
c) 17 Potions of Healing {!k!q}
d) 59 Potions of *Healing* {!k!q}
e) 11 Potions of Life {!k!q}
f) 10 Potions of Restore Life Levels {!q}
g) 52 Potions of Resistance {!k!q}
h) 12 Scrolls of *Destruction* {!r}
i) 3 Scrolls of Mass Genocide {!r}
j) 4 Rods of Recall {!d!k!!}
k) 6 Rods of Healing (1 charging) {!s!d!k!!}
l) 9 Rods of Teleport Other {!s!d!k}
m) 12 Rods of Stone to Mud {@z6!s!d!k!!}
n) The Amulet of Sacred Knights [+10] (+2) {!d!k}
o) The Massive Iron Crown of Chaos [0,+0] (+125) {cursed}

  [Check Sum: "07aa1b1849421ce8ec"]

Posted on 24.1.2010 17:07
Last updated on 26.1.2010 02:39

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On 24.1.2010 17:07 chris wrote:
[CL12:DL11] 00:18
A quick start, even by ninja standards. Especially once smeagol dropped armor of elvenkind! Now, I just need a pattern dagger ...

Let's see. I can eat. I can see (Ninja and Vampire both see in the dark). I can teleport. I can blink. I can identify. I can't heal. I can't remove confusion. I can't *identify*. I assume services are open in the town, like restoration. I'll need those. I'd like more suriken, but I can live without, especially as I already have 4 attacks. I'd like stat potions ... I guess I have to find those myself. Restore Life? Should be OK as a vampire.

I know I'm missing something obvious ...

On 24.1.2010 17:27 chris wrote:
[CL15:Master of the Yeek Cave!!] 00:32
OK, since when is my home a shop? That's gonna hurt ... but it is not like I could stockpile anything anyway. I tried to donate the useless trump weapon to the museum, but they are closed as well! Fortunately, restoration and *identify* services are available. I assume I'll be able to clear mutations as well in Zul. That's all I'm asking for ... Just a little bit of love from the towns!

So, I think I'll play totally the opposite of how I usually do, and go clear the orc caves. Then, perhaps the forest, though it has probably been 6 or 7 years since I set foot in there :)

On 24.1.2010 18:13 chris wrote:
[CL21:Master of the Orc Cave] 01:09
A daemonette of slaanesh taught me a tough lesson: I better cover up confusion resistance pretty darn quick. 2 !CSW is not something to be lightly tossed away!

Lucky finds of a _Speed and !Constituion in the orc caves! Yay! Plus, wormy dropped a trump dagger and 8lb boots of levitation. I had to scrap the boots due to weight issues ... plus they did not have any extra resist. The staff of speed allowed me to get the ring of confusion resistance, but even at +15 speed with quick walk, I could not melee Azog ... but I had enough shuriken to easily bring him down, once I separated him from his escort.

Quest rewards have sucked. I don't dare attempt DL24, do I? I'd like to head to stat potion depth, so perhaps I'll just head on over to the castle ... I'll need darkness before going for Sting, and I can't be lugging stuff around in my inventory waiting for darkness to show up. It can take a looooong time to do so.

On 24.1.2010 18:46 chris wrote:
Other options for this build:
[1] Berserkers ... Vampire to see and eat. Any race that eats charges can probably survive. I don't think light is a huge issue provided you can do the Sewer.

[2] Mindcrafter. Wonderful utility without any spellbooks. Again, I think light is not a huge issue, but food is. Actually, I've never tried it, so maybe there is enough food lying around the dungeon? I doubt it, though ... so perhaps a charge draining race, though they all have crappy Wis bonuses.

[3] Beastman. Scum for the Eat Wall mutation :)

[4] Balrog. It is probably easier to get corpses than to find food in the dungeon. You can always massacre townsfolk ...

On 24.1.2010 19:13 Djabanete wrote:
So the restriction is closed shops? Any others?

On 24.1.2010 19:41 chris wrote:
That's the only restriction I am following ... You should be good at this challenge with all of your Vanilla Town practice :D

[CL30:DL34] 02:03
Holy freakin' carp! Is that Fiona? I'm not sure who dropped it, but wow! That is an end game ninja weapon!

On 24.1.2010 20:15 chris wrote:
[CL31:DL38] 02:27
M. Bison was pretty tough ... It was a 1x1 level, and Mother Hydra was generated with horde filling all of one quadrant. Stupid hallucination, too. I tried to kill her, but I must not even be in the same league 'cause I could not even manage a single star before taking close to 300hp damage. Sigh. So, Mother Hydra in the NW. Grendel and entourage in the NE, blocking in the quest monster. I cleared the SW then SE quadrants, but not before some heavy strength drain. Then, on to M. Bison!

I must say, Kawarimi and quick walk is insanely powerful. My damage avoidance technique only failed once, and the mana bolt took me all the way down to 120hp, costing me a healing. I probably blocked 8 additional mana bolts, so needless to say, without this ability I would be dead five times over.

He dropped Galadriel and Giles and stuff that just got auto destroyed. I went and did the Elven Lords and arena for 2 ?acquirement, getting a digger and "telepathy" ... Hey, I'll take that telepathy, but I'd prefer a simple helm of darkness!

On 24.1.2010 22:29 wrote:
What!? Home counts as a shop!? That's not good. That means Immunity or Double Resistance to Cold and Fire is a must (so Potions of Healing and spellbooks don't go boom). Also need high STR to carry swaps.

I think Light management without Vampire/Ninja should be possible.. you just need to unwield lights whenever in Wilderness, until you get Phial or Lamp.

On 24.1.2010 23:00 chris wrote:
[CL33:DL41] 03:31
The game gets rather hard at this depth ... But first, I found a lantern of darkness, and rolled thru the Vault for Sting. Easy going, and Sting even has Disenchantment resistance! I can see hounds and vortices coming, so I'll use nexus as a swap, figuring the 150hp from my +6 con ring is more important.

Now, why is the game hard? Well, staple monsters include AMHD, Zephyr Lords, and Greater Basilisks. And don't forget uniques like Fanghorn, who was I think, just a bit out of depth, but scary to see none the less. I've killed 2 AMHD, but they are about the limit of my power at the moment. My hp do not seem to hold up for very long ...

I want chaos resistance for the cloning pits, but maybe I'll just go as is with all my curing ... I think I might be powerful enough.

On 24.1.2010 23:23 chris wrote:
[CL34:Master of the Cloning Pits] 03:49
Pretty quick for *no* scumming :) Gotta love lucky ninjas ...

Check out my fancy dragon boots:
q) a Pair of Dragon Boots of Speed [5,+22] (+1) {AcElLiNtFe}

Not enough to consider ditching shiva's boots for, but interesting none the less. I'm having to make tough equipment calls. Rohirrim stayed behind in the Cloning Pits, as did my shards resistance gloves of power. That one was a tough call, but I figured without heroism or holy chant, I would need the Genji.

Now, can I really hope to carry these *healing* with me all the way down to the Serpent?

On 25.1.2010 00:06 chris wrote:
[CL35:DL50] 04:26
If you think Grendel is a tough quest monster, then you will love Ulik the Troll. Oh ... My ... God! He is a beast. And I had just destroyed all my Shuriken so my way to handle him was no more. No, sir. It was melee with a gigantic ... *huge* ... freakin' troll. So, Kawarimi and quick walk, no? Yes. Although he did sneak in 400+hp of melee damage when I failed to evade. He's so darn huge :) You should have seen the 20+ statues of a ninja laying strewn all about a severely quaked up dungeon!

So nothing for my reward. Next level had a big vault with the Phoenix and Dwar inside duking it out. I let them fight until the Phoenix popped out, and then cleaned up. Stupid force hounds destroyed a !healing ... I guess it isn't "Use it or lose it". It is "Use it before you lose it". So, with that in mind, I dove for the DL50 quest of ... Petshop. He's like 1/3 as hard as Ulik, and I just annihilated that stupid bird.

I'm surrendering my "telepathy" for a crown of the magi with Sound resistance. I'll try to stop those potions from shattering!

On 25.1.2010 00:32 chris wrote:
[CL35:DL56] 04:36
Power Dive! I figured, I'll just use all my resources now until somebody stops me. Habu is a scary draw ... I did not resist chaos, and he also has mana storms and psycho spears. Plus, his drain life is permanent as I have yet to find an uber rare !RestoreLife. At least I hold life, so the damage is not so bad (25k xp). But somehow, I got him. It was passwall with anti summoning tactics to lead, until he was 50% damaged and began his teleportation spree. Then, I left my hiding and hunted him with my full power, which is using superstealth and quick walk in the wide open. No Kawarimi this time because unlike Ulik, Habu can not kill me in a single move. He died quickly this way and I didn't even need any potions of healing, though I used 3 charges from my staff.

The take: Sacred Knights. I think this will replace Faramir all game, although I love the +3 stealth and +12 to hit. But chaos resistance? Dispel Curse? These are huge. Actually, there is no other way to remove curses other than finding scrolls, and those are rare. Plus, the +2 strength and regeneration are nice. And I have Genji, so I can still hit things.

Now, I'm not so sure about DL62. I'm only CL35 after all ...

On 25.1.2010 01:12 chris wrote:
[CL37:DL62] 05:04
Another easy quest draw with Glaaki, dispatched quite a while back. Now, I am done diving, and will hover until I have a better chance of spotting insta-death. I really really want Jack's cloak. And with *Dk, I think I am going to hunt him down. But I've had such bad luck with him in the past ... I did some source diving and discovered that he only drops 15% of the time! No wonder. But Brand only drops his crossbow 1 in 6, so it is still possible, I think. I seem to have gotten Brands crossbow way more often, though ...

So, I'm heading to DL42 of the Castle to let Jack pound me with quadruple darkness storms. Muhahahahah! Try something else, sucker!

On 25.1.2010 02:32 chris wrote:
[CL40:DL48] 05:56
Well, that was interesting. I'm looking for Jack and I found a pit of D's instead. Storm, Hell, Venom, Ethereal, Ice, Stone, Steel, Crystal. They were all in there ... in force. Finally, I just put down all my destroyable resources and battled them with passwall and LoS control. It took a while, but the XP was worth it. I even scored some BDSM! Now, where am I going to put all this loot?

On 25.1.2010 02:47 Djabanete wrote:
How do you *ID* --- store service? That's gotta be rough when you have huge hauls. Does "Ancient Knowledge" start *ID*ing at some point? I forget.

On 25.1.2010 03:17 chris wrote:
@Dave: I just now caught your comment ... Yup, no home storage and that is probably the most difficult aspect of this challenge. You are forced to guess what to hang on to for end game. Should I ditch that shooter with Shards resistance? Who knows how things will end up, but you only have your 23 inventory slots! Your right on the light ... but food will be a real problem! I was paying attention early on and I only found like 4 rations over a loooong stretch. With wilderness walking and such, that is about 40 fewer than I would have needed to avoid starvation! Of course, regeneration really hurts in that respect ...

@Djabanete: The town service is available. Really, that is how most of my character *id* anyway ... You can guess what the uber powerful rand-arts might be by their names, and the standard artifacts are all well known. No *id* on ancient knowledge I am sad to say ...

On 25.1.2010 03:57 chris wrote:
[CL42:DL64] 07:12
Still looking for Jack ... but Fundin had the magic cloak, so I guess I can call off the search at last. Man, where is that guy? He must be hiding from me ...

My read on the game is as follows:
[1] Genji will be required for the end game. Currently, it adds 25% accuracy at the high end ... but that is a boost from 20% -> 45%!! I can't win with 20% accuracy, that's for sure, and there is no heroism or blessing.

[2] BDSM is problematic. I only get 30lbs and the 4lb Genji mean I might not be able to every wear this. Plus, I'm covering all those resistances anyway. Should I stop carrying this? I already dumped dragon gloves with Acid, Sound, Shards, Blindness and Fear ...

[3] Sting is end game. Its got that light resistance, after all. And the +2 fighting stats is sweet.

[4] Fiona is transitional. Gimme Quickthorn or Silver Chariot and I'll perma-swap.

[5] Destroying my lone +4 speed ring for a ring of ice might have been a mistake. But double cold resistance is important if you are going to be lugging a couple hundred healing potions about.

[6] Can I ever lose this +6 con ring? Ever?!

On 25.1.2010 04:26 chris wrote:
[CL42:DL77] 07:33
Accuracy is actually bit better with Fiona then with that Ninjato I was using. Still, I think the Genji might be required ... we'll see.

Now here is something you don't see every day. If not for being such low AC, the Sumo Wrestler's Loincloth is a nice fit for me. +4 Str and Con. Sustain Str and Con. Activate for heroism! Maybe I can beat the serpent with it? Probably I need higher AC. And I destroyed that BDSM I was carrying, so I will just have to find another ...

The Tarrasque was a pushover. Actually, I followed up the 'R' with the Yamat-no-orochi who was more difficult, despite being 30 levels lower in depth. I think my shadow was lucky vs. the Tarrasque, though ...

On 25.1.2010 05:32 wrote:
Wow! Nice! You're doing really well! How are you dealing with Liches and other charge drainers? Also, how come you're not stocking ?oRecharging-- are those too rare?

(I, on the other hand, just suicided a lvl 14 ranger who quaffed an un-IDed Potion of Ruination and ate a 2 point penalty to every stat.)

On 25.1.2010 14:24 chris wrote:
Charge Drainers: I have passwall, so I stone to mud a little cubby hole for my goodies, and place them on the ground. Then I kill. Then I gather. Its rather tedious ...

Recharging: I'm just ignoring scrolls and relying on town services. Eventually, I won't use staves at all. Or maybe I'll keep a big pile of staves of *destruction* ... I haven't decided yet.

I'm having a lot of trouble managing equipment slots, especially with piles of staves that unstack to consume more equipment slots as you use them. Plus, I'm not sure what artifacts I should hold on to for the end game.

This is hard :D

On 25.1.2010 16:15 chris wrote:
[CL45:DL80] 08:54
CL45 at last ... phew. No I can enlighten the dungeon and gather goodies. My AC is waaaaay too low, as I found out vs Atlas. At the time, I was 16 points higer due to my ring of Ice, so I am even worse off now. Atlas took 5 !healing to kill, even with Bunshin. For big levels, Kawarimi is not so effective, so maybe I should make levels small? Dunno ... I hate crowds.

Tulkas and an OK ring of speed are nice. When I destroyed my +6 con ring, I thought I might have locked myself into Sumo Wrestling for the end game, but I'm not sure a ninja can make it with so low an AC. I've never tried this before, but maybe fight the Serpent on a small (but not too small) level and use Kawarimi? Would that work well? Rush attack too, of course, cause even with quickwalk and superstealth, the big J will spot and force evasion. You need to be able to damage faster then he regenerates, and that seems doubtful with Kawarimi.

Goals: Fingolfin or Cambeleg. Crimson. BDSM. Some light resistance to swap out Sting ... its just not accurate enough without Genji. Quickthorn or Silver Chariot instead.

There is a lot of !healing in the game ... Atlas took me from 19 potions down to 14, but now I am back up to 23. What is lacking is !RestoreLife which needs to be conserver for Richard Wong and Amberite blood curses. Stay away from undead. Even with hold life I come out 30k xp in the hole! Also lacking is resistance. Come on, I think I have seen a total of 3 !ResistCold all game, and I've been wasting a precious equipment slot for them (and another for a ring of ice)!

On 25.1.2010 17:47 chris wrote:
[CL47:DL91] 09:58
After destroying 2 +2 attack rings, I felt like I just had to keep this +3 variety. They are so rare for ... maybe this is only the third or fourth time I've ever found one? Don't know, but it is definitely more rare than say, the One Ring or Feanor or PDSM, so I feel I have to use it.

Sauron for DL88 quest. He's not too bad, but annoying when he gets low on hp. At one point he summoned Tiamat and horde. For a ninja, it is hard to separate monsters for destruction with superstealth, but eventually I cleared out the dragon's (I really want to kill Tiamat, but need my staves of healing to do so comfortably). So, Sauron and I fought for about 10 minutes while he was in the 2 to 3 star range. Annoying.

Combat is extremely tough for a ninja. Maybe 300 rounds of melee before I could get him, as he kept healing faster than I could hit him. I tried just single wielding for a while with no noticeable difference. Eventually, it is just a matter of waiting for luck. He dropped his gun (50% chance!) but it has useless resistances. Still, I might use it later for +4 speed and stealth, but I doubt it. I'd prefer Brand at this point.

Yog was a beast. !resistance mandatory to stem the bleeding of >200hp/round against his auras. Even so, it took 8 charges of healing from my staves, and 1 from my rod. No potions, though, and that is what counts.

Do I hang on to Tulkas? To Crimson?

On 25.1.2010 18:17 wrote:
Really? I've found RoExtraAttacks +3 twice, but I've NEVER found PDSM in Heng. Come to think of it, I've only found Feanor once, and that was in Entro.

On 25.1.2010 18:30 chris wrote:
Yeah, I'll back down from that statement. I've found PDSM maybe 5 or 6 times, Bladeturner 3 times not counting Unusual Rooms. I'm guessing of course ... So maybe they are on par with each other? Feanor, I've found at least a dozen times. Ringil, probably 40 times. Its pretty common :) The One Ring is only reasonably common because Sauron will drop it 1 in 10. Still, I've found it on the ground before in Angband. Finding it on the ground or from a dragon drop in heaven is somewhat common.

I tried to source dive on the Extra Attacks and got hung up interpreting a call to m_bonus(2, level). Best I can tell, this attempts to normally distribute +1 and +2 based on your current level, but its hard to guess what the percentage distributions might be. Then, when that routine returns, you have a 1 in 15 chance of boosting the pval by 1. So, some of the +2 rings you find might be 1 in 15 boosts to +1 rings ... you don't know. But I'd guess when all is said and done that you have something like a 1% chance of getting a +3 attack ring. Given that most characters only find a handful of extra attack rings all game, they are rare.

Now, PDSM is depth 110 rarity 64. I don't know what that translates into probabilistically, but that does indeed seem more rare then the +3 attack ring. I must just be lucky with this :)

On 25.1.2010 19:05 chris wrote:
[CL47:DL94] 10:28
The Destroyer is down. 20 charges of _Healing. 1 charge from -Healing. 10 !Healing. Bunshin cuts the healing requirements in half, so many characters can figure on requiring 60+ !healing for this guy. Wow! I had a !Invulnerability that I stupidly forgot the use ... No sense carrying that around any more. Other than for the Destroyer, its not that useful.

Lots and lots of rings of speed at this depth. I'm wandering around from DL90 to 98 looking for goodies.

On 25.1.2010 21:57 chris wrote:
[CL50:DL95] 12:19
CL50 at last. I've made some mistakes, I am sure. Probably, going with Lohengrin, Numenor, Crimson is a mistake, but I could hardly resist. With Legendary[32] stealth, monsters are mostly sleeping, save for hounds and vortices. I gain 32 AC with the same resistance coverage. I gain an alternate source of Light resistance. I lose +7 Str, +3 Dex, +4 Con, Sustain Str, Sustain Con. To compensate, I ditched my +10 speed ring for Tulkas, but that is only temporary. I may need to lose my attack ring for that Speed +17 I am about to find. 22 speed is waaay too low for a ninja.

On 25.1.2010 22:32 chris wrote:
[CL50:DL93] 12:47
Ugggh ... Where are all the mushrooms of restoring?? Wait, there is one over there. Yup. Why doesn't it show up in map mode? I've seen this bug before ... for some reason, I always need to list the auto pickup line for mushrooms of restoring early in the file.

So 9 mushrooms all freakin' game. But now that I repaired my pickuppref, I have 2 more. Probably I want at least 20 for the Serpent, so more building is required.

Tulkas adds 60 damage per round due to strength bonuses (+5 damage to 12 attacks). +3 attacks adds 90 damage ... but that doesn't count criticals of course, and neither analysis accounts for my 50% accuracy. So, no ring of attacks +3 for the time being. Let's watch it get destroyed :)

On 25.1.2010 23:31 chris wrote:
[CL50:DL94] 13:35
p) The Balance Dragon Scale Mail 'Attention Holiday Shoppers!' (-2) [40,+19] (+4) {Wi;Cf;LvLuTe}

Well, that's my justice artifact. Oberon dropped Amber in addition to BDSM, but I cannot handle triple light up (More than 15 excellent feanorian lamps so far, but no darkness!) Probably, I will drop this suit and hope for another. Also, I need acid resistance from somewhere other than Lohengrin ...

Actually, I'm waiting to boost my con as my 2nd New Life gave me an 18/130 intrinsic con (101% life). It may take a while to find !Con but I'm willing to wait. Then, I'm going for the Serpent!

Oberon was tough. It was attack once, take 500hp damage. Then hit and away and pray not to fail! Then quaff a couple !Healing (or use my staves of healing if I could get to them in time). Repeat. He almost took as much healing as the Destroyer! Well, I am only dishing out about 200hp damage per round ...

On 25.1.2010 23:32 chris wrote:
Also, I am officially out of gold. I could not pay to recharge my _Healing any more, so they had to go. I am digging out gold to keep my _*Destruction* from meeting a similar fate!

On 26.1.2010 00:25 chris wrote:
[CL50:DL99] 14:19
p) The Balance Dragon Scale Mail 'Blue Light Special' (-2) [40,+18] (+3 to stealth) {SlSr;FiCoPoDkBlNt}

Artifact #2. Its OK, except CoPoDkNt are redundant with my race. So really, just SlSr;FiBl. Next one is going on a Falcon Sword ...

On 26.1.2010 00:38 chris wrote:
q) an Elven Cloak of Aman [4,+42] (+5 to stealth) {Sh, !k}
OK, that's a record!

On 26.1.2010 01:18 chris wrote:
Oh ... My ... God! Bubble Vault on DL99. But first:
a) The Falcon Sword 'Going Out of Business Sale' (2d6) (+11,+13) (+3 attacks) {SlSr|PM/p}
Not spectacular for Art #3, but its got +13 damage and +3 attacks.

Then, the vault action: Nenya. BDSM [40,+30]. Holy Cow! "Telepathy means my [4,+42] cloak comes on. That's right folks, we're talking AC 213. Then, there's the Acid resistance issue. I messed up and left Fingolfin behind in the last GCV on DL99, but this time I get .... drumroll ....

k) The Set of Leather Gloves of the Everlasting [1,+16] (+2) {Cn;*Ac;ElCfDi;Fa}

Yo! Now Amber comes on. Wow!

Oh, and Quickthorn was in the vault too :) On a down note, I net -40 to hit losing the Genji ... but both of my weapons are "Unskilled" so I think I can improve that a bit. I still want one more go (maybe 2?) at artifacts. Definitely another Falcon Sword, and maybe I risk shining up this amazing suit of BDSM. Not long ago I only had AC 120 ... Sheez.

I'm shoppin' the dungeons this time around :)

On 26.1.2010 02:02 chris wrote:
h) The Balance Dragon Scale Mail 'Shop Till You Drop' (-2) [40,+31] (+4) {InCh;Ac;Hl(Ch}

That's #4, right? Since it picked up acid resistance, I want my Genji back ... Doh! :)

On 26.1.2010 02:21 chris wrote:
[CL50:DL99] 15:49
OK, enough of this. The last two ?Artifact Creations have cost a ?Mass Genocide each (50+ Chaos and Plasma Hounds in wide open vaults!)

So, here is #5, my last hoorah:
b) The Falcon Sword 'Last Chance to Save Save Save!!' (1d6) (+20,+20) (+2 attacks) {SlSr;Fe;Lv|P}
It is only +2 attacks, and 1d6 rather than 2d6. Yet, I think I will use it just for the (+20, +20). Not a single artifact boosted one of my fighting stats ... Pretty Lame. Worse was the Shambler in the Arena breathing me down when I only got 3 moves (one to cast Bunshin and two to wonder how I could ever hope to survive). I think I am +12 speed faster them him too, no? Oh well ...

C'mon Serpent, let's get it on!

On 26.1.2010 02:43 chris wrote:
a) 25 Mushrooms of Restoring {!E}
b) 45 Potions of Speed {!k!q}
c) 63 Potions of Healing {!k!q}
d) 61 Potions of *Healing* {!k!q}
e) 10 Potions of Life {!k!q}
f) 10 Potions of Restore Life Levels {!q}
g) 60 Potions of Resistance {!k!q}
h) 20 Scrolls of *Destruction* {!r}
i) 6 Scrolls of Mass Genocide {!r}

a) 17 Mushrooms of Restoring {!E}
b) 38 Potions of Speed {!k!q}
c) 17 Potions of Healing {!k!q}
d) 59 Potions of *Healing* {!k!q}
e) 11 Potions of Life {!k!q}
f) 10 Potions of Restore Life Levels {!q}
g) 52 Potions of Resistance {!k!q}
h) 12 Scrolls of *Destruction* {!r}
i) 3 Scrolls of Mass Genocide {!r}

Strategy: Hide in Mud. Double Resist. Quick walk. Nyusin to rush attack. Back off 1 square with quick walk if damage received is under 400. Then quaff !Healing and repeat until summons. Once summons or more then 400 damage in a single move, then hit and away. Quaff. Quaff. *Destruct*. Reengage. Of course, you are just biding your time for lucky criticals, and he dropped from 6 stars to 3 in a blink of an eye, so something ninja-esque must have occurred.

Now, I want my home back :D

On 26.1.2010 03:19 wrote:
Goodness, you won already!? Congrats!

(It seems like any challenge I propose never goes more than 3 days without you beating it ^^)

On 26.1.2010 14:40 chris wrote:
Well, I do have some compulsive tendencies ... But ninjas are always good fun and you gave me an excuse to play one! Now, if you suggest I play a sexy scroll-less, potion-less magic eater, it may take me awhile!

On 26.1.2010 21:53 wrote:
Wow that's amazing. I've always liked ninja's. My first heng character was a ninja because of their cool abilities. Anyway congrats on an amazing win

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