The Angband Ladder: Sir Drostan, Leprechaun Mystic by myshkin

  [Hellband 0.8.7 Character Dump]

 Name   : Sir Drostan                                        STR:   32         
 Race   : Leprechaun            Age                 15       int:   13     35  
 Sign   : Free                  Height              43       WIS!:  40         
 Class  : Mystic                Weight              90       DEX:   40+        
 Magic  : Somatic               Social Class        15       CON:   40+        
                                                             cha:   11     30  
 + To Hit           69      Level             50    Max Hit Points      1056   
 + To Damage        32      Experience  11157051    Cur Hit Points       923   
 + To AC           192      Max Exp     11157051    Max SP (Mana)        451   
   Base AC          40      Exp to Adv.    *****    Cur SP (Mana)        223   
   Turn          41157      Exp Factor       140    Gold             1905479   
 Fighting    : Godlike [52] Perception  : Superb       Blows/Round:  11+1      
 Bows/Throw  : Godlike [47] Searching   : Excellent    Shots/Round:  1         
 Saving Throw: Supernatural Disarming   : Supernatural Wpn.dmg/Rnd:  352       
 Stealth     : Godlike [32] Magic Device: Supernatural Infra-Vision: 20 feet   
     You are the only child of a shoemaker. You are the black sheep of the     
     family. You were born in Scotland. You have the reputation of a           
     prankster, spiked red hair, blue eyes, and a very fair                    

 Fire : .+.......+..+ Shard    : .............    Aura of Elec : ............. 
 Cold : .........+*++ Sound    : ...........+.    Aura of Fire : ............. 
 Light: .........+.++ Nether   : .............    Reflection   : ............. 
 Dark : .....+.+..... Nexus    : ......+......    Hold Life    : .....+....... 
 Poisn: .........+... Chaos    : .....++..+.+.    Slow Digest  : ............. 
 Elec : .........+..+ Disnch   : .............    Regeneration : .........+... 
 Acid : .......+..+++ See Invis: .....+...+...    Levitation   : ............+ 
 Blind: .........+... Telepathy: ......+......    Perm Lite    : .........++.. 
 Conf : ....++....... Speed    : .+.++.+..+..+    Stealth      : ......++...+. 
 Fear : .+..........+ Shots    : .............    Infra        : ............. 
 Hold : ..........+++ Blows    : ....+........    Search       : ...........+. 
  [Miscellaneous information]

 Ironman Shops:     OFF
 Maximize Mode:      ON
 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           ON
 Small Levels:       ON
 Arena Levels:       ON
 Recall Depth:       Level 100 (5000')


 You have defeated 1456 enemies.


 You can smell nearby monsters.
 You can bring down the dungeon around your ears.
 You can emit confusing, blinding lights.
 You have razor sharp claws (dam. 2d6)..
 Your legs are short stubs (-3 speed).
 You have wings.

  [Character Equipment]

a) (nothing)
b) The Crossbow of Death (x4) (+10,+14)
    +10 to Speed
    Resist Fire, Fear
    Activates for fire branding of bolts every 999 turns
    Level 50, Rarity 25, 11.0 lbs, 50000 Gold

c) a Bone Ring of Constitution (+6)
d) a Swarovski Ring of Speed (+11)
e) The Amulet of Michael
    +3 to DEX, CON, Attacks, Speed
    Resist Confusion
    Activates for dispel evil (x5) and protection from evil every 450+d450 turns
    Level 65, Rarity 30, 0.3 lbs, 90000 Gold

f) The Gem of Austin
    +3 to INT, WIS
    Resist Dark, Confusion, Chaos
    Hold Life; See Invisible; Permanent Light(3)
    Activates for clairvoyance and cure
    Level 50, Rarity 50, 0.5 lbs, 70000 Gold

g) The Robe of Saint Gabriel (-1) [28,+45]
    +7 to DEX, Stealth, Speed
    Resist Nexus, Chaos
    Level 40, Rarity 3, 2.0 lbs, 333000 Gold

h) The Cloak of Draebor [1,+11]
    +2 to INT, WIS, Stealth
    Resist Acid, Dark
    Activates for confusion ball (200) radius 5 and blink
    Level 5, Rarity 45, 1.0 lbs, 13000 Gold

i) (nothing)
j) The Golden Crown of the Sun [0,+15]
    +3 to STR, WIS, CON, Speed
    Resist Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, Light, Blindness, Chaos
    See Invisible; Regeneration; Permanent Light(1)
    Activates for heal (700) every 250 turns
    Level 40, Rarity 40, 3.0 lbs, 125000 Gold

k) The Set of Cesti of the Grim Reaper (+8,+7) [5,+18]
    +4 to DEX
    Immunity to Cold
    Resist Acid
    Free Action; Permanent Light(1)
    Activates for a magical seeker bolt (450) every 90+d90 turns
    Level 40, Rarity 15, 4.0 lbs, 110000 Gold

l) The Pair of Metal Shod Boots of Olymbros the Elder Titan [6,+18]
    +3 to STR, INT, CON, Stealth, Searching
    Resist Acid, Cold, Light, Sound, Chaos
    Sustain STR, WIS, DEX
    Free Action
    Random Artefact

m) a Scroll titled "ri laorg erk" of Teleport Level {@r5!r}
n) (nothing)
o) a Scroll titled "ri laorg erk" of Teleport Level {@r5!r}
p) a Scroll titled "crebul nepshu" of Genocide
q) a Scroll titled "crebul nepshu" of Genocide
r) a Scroll titled "miankh vly aus" of Mass Genocide {!r!r}

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Books of Somatic Magic [Basic Chi Flow] {@G1@b1@m1!d!k!v}
b) 3 Books of Somatic Magic [Yogic Mastery] {25% off}
c) 3 Books of Somatic Magic [Temple of the Soul] {@G3@b3@m3!d!k!v}
d) 2 Books of Somatic Magic [Perfection of Body] {25% off}
e) 15 Brown Potions of Speed {@q3!q}
f) 13 Puce Potions of Healing {@q2!q}
g) 3 Violet Speckled Potions of *Healing* {@q4!q}
h) 7 Dark Red Potions of Restore Mana
i) a Scroll titled "ri laorg erk" of Teleport Level {!r}
j) 2 Scrolls titled "nep rokho" of *Identify*
k) a Scroll titled "rokglen tueso" of Recharging
l) 3 Scrolls titled "i bul ag gopit" of Holy Prayer
m) 6 Scrolls titled "aksala san" of *Destruction*
n) a Steel Rod of Recall {@z3!!}
o) a Tamarisk Staff of Perception (8 charges) {@u1}
p) a Poplar Staff of Healing (0 charges)
q) The Amulet of Fiery Doom (+5,+5) [+4]
    +5 to CON
    Immunity to Fire
    Resist Fire
    Activates for fireball(250) and protection from fire every 450+d50 turns
    Level 50, Rarity 10, 0.3 lbs, 60000 Gold

r) The Plate Mail of Gorson, Demon King (-4) [40,+20]
    +2 to WIS
    Immunity to Acid
    Resist Sound, Shards
    Sustain CON
    Reflection; Hold Life; Anti-Magic; Regeneration
    Activates for heal (1000) every 888 turns
    Level 75, Rarity 9, 42.0 lbs, 300000 Gold

s) The Dagger of Iscariot (2d4) (+10,+15) [+5]
    +4 to DEX, Stealth, Searching
    Slay Evil, Angel
    Resist Dark
    Sustain DEX
    Free Action; See Invisible; Heavily Cursed
    Level 20, Rarity 80, 1.2 lbs, 125000 Gold

t) The Scimitar 'Soulsword' (2d5) (+10,+11)
    +2 to INT, WIS, Attacks
    Slay Animal, Evil, Undead, Demon, Dragon
    Resist Blindness, Nether, Nexus, Chaos, Disenchantment
    Hold Life; See Invisible; Blessed Blade
    Level 20, Rarity 8, 13.0 lbs, 111111 Gold

u) The Executioner's Sword of Uriel (4d5) (+18,+19)
    Slay Evil, Undead, Demon, XAngel, Giant, Dragon
    Poisoned; Very sharp
    Fiery Aura; See Invisible
    Level 40, Rarity 15, 26.0 lbs, 111000 Gold

v) The Sling of Delphi (x2) (+9,+17) (+2)
w) 21 Bolts of Shocking (1d5) (+15,+12) {@f1}

  [Last Twenty Messages]

The Death quasit misses you.
Lucifer Morningstar misses you.
You feel very good.
Lucifer Morningstar misses you.
You hit Lucifer Morningstar with a flying kick.
You are suddenly very hot!
You get zapped!
You hit Lucifer Morningstar with a Crushing Blow.
Lucifer Morningstar discards this temporary mortal shell.
You have destroyed Lucifer Morningstar.
You feel something roll beneath your feet. <2x>
You have won the game!
You may retire (commit suicide) when you are ready.
The Death quasit misses you.
You have no more Scrolls titled "miankh vly aus" of Mass Genocide {!r!r}.
You have a Scroll titled "rokglen tueso" of Recharging.
Staff tries to pick up a Broad Axe (2d6), but fails.
Staff tries to pick up a Mighty Hammer (9d9), but fails.
Staff bites you.

Posted on 7.2.2010 05:19
Last updated on 18.2.2010 08:42

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3380. on the Ladder (of 17397)
10. on the Hellband Ladder (of 39)
Third best for this player (out of 8)


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On 7.2.2010 05:19 myshkin wrote:
Just killed Friar Gomita and Michel Zanche. The godlike stealth of leprechauns is very useful... It is probably time to dive a bit more.

On 7.2.2010 05:21 myshkin wrote:
This is actually HEAD from svn, by the way, not 0.8.7. I haven't updated the version field in the character dump. A mystic is not the best way to test the new XP weapons. :)

On 7.2.2010 16:00 konijn_ wrote:

I am so please by the 'Angelic Glaive' and 'Vampiric Halberd'. I should have code prefix ego's much much sooner.

Have fun ;]


On 7.2.2010 21:21 myshkin wrote:
Yeah, the prefixes are definitely an improvement.

These randart boots are quite nice for the level: +3 to str, int, con, stealth; sustain str, wis, dex; FA; rAcid, rCold, rLight, rSound, rChaos.

I'm collecting a list of bugs and anomalies. Do you want them as I go, or all at once after this character ends?

On 8.2.2010 02:26 konijn_ wrote:
Hmnmm, as you go actually ;)


On 8.2.2010 02:28 konijn_ wrote:
I am guessing that one of them is that randarts dont get spoilered in the dump ;)


On 8.2.2010 03:33 myshkin wrote:
* Taking off an item with full inventory sends it into the ether
* Class selection during birth looks ugly (too many classes for the box)
* Extra windows past spell list aren't working
* Examining many items doesn't display anything
* Gaining spells does not cause spell list to redraw
* XP award adjustments for first/second/third/common kills aren't reflected
in monster recall

On 8.2.2010 06:14 konijn_ wrote:

* Taking off no longer sends into ether
* Ugly box should look better now ( forgot to add file to svn earlier )
* Extra windows should work better now ( refactoring is dangerous )
* Examining armour indeed does not do much, I did not write the texts yet, anything else is an anomaly
* Gaining spells should redraw now


On 8.2.2010 07:06 myshkin wrote:
Excellent. I can verify that the windows work, at least. That increases my likelihood of avoiding YASD at least a little bit. Thanks!

A couple more:
* On first launch after a new build, the application announces that it is ignoring a lot of defective .raw files. This may be a Mac-specific issue.
* The spell list lettering is not correct. I have a patch for this, and it does seem to work with multi-realm characters.
* I got the following from a chest drop: You collect -7455 gold pieces worth of diamonds.
* The monster list may not be working quite right; after descending the stairs, I could only see a couple monsters on the screen (via ESP), but the monster list showed eighty.

On 8.2.2010 23:12 konijn_ wrote:
Cool, will soon be on the train coding.
So, if you can svn the patch or send it to me, either way would be good ;)
First launch thing I noticed as well, I'll ignore it for now ;)
-7455 is my square function going, well, squared ;) Maybe I will need to increase pval or count flag, which might inflate the save files a little, hmmmm.

Monster list is hard, will check it out.


On 14.2.2010 06:21 myshkin wrote:
Just looking for clvl 50 and a better source of rDis. I suspect there are problems with breathing; I rarely if ever get breathed upon, even when surrounded by hounds.

On 14.2.2010 16:16 konijn_ wrote:
Now that you say that, you might be right.

Monster list is fixed by the way in SVN, and I got some more bug reports which I will address today.

I think 0.8.8 is near the corner.


On 14.2.2010 21:22 myshkin wrote:
Fallen Archons do breathe light on me, and so it's not completely broken. I'm not sure what's going on, though.

Yeah, the monster list looks good.

I'm the one who submitted the new bug reports. :)

Black Reavers were surprisingly less dangerous. They have a ton of HP, but no significant attacks.

On 14.2.2010 21:23 myshkin wrote:
Also, should fallen angels be able to open doors? Most of them don't, it seems.

On 17.2.2010 20:18 myshkin wrote:
I should have saved a screenshot... I don't think Lucifer is supposed to get *that* many turns in a row when my speed is +46. :) Just before the displayed messages, I'd meleed, and he hit me with an earthquake, and I was stunned. After I quaffed !*Healing*, he got another five turns or so. I teleported away. Once I came back, things seemed to be back to normal.

On 18.2.2010 01:28 konijn_ wrote:

I gues you died ?
I did not change anything with regards to speed or blows for Lucifer...


On 18.2.2010 01:46 myshkin wrote:
No, I haven't died yet, though 8 hp is awfully close. I got tired of pounding on Lucifer and put it away for another day; he's down to three stars or so. I don't think it's a speed or blows issue. It might just be some random corner case where the player loses lots of energy.

On 18.2.2010 08:42 myshkin wrote:
Despite that 8 hp scare, I did finally do in Lucifer. The final battle was basically martial arts, heal, and dimensional gate. Lucifer mostly meleed. Perfect save helps a lot against Mark of Cain, and he very rarely cast mana storm. This dump shows the equipment I used.

Last wand identified, after Lucifer died: Magic Missile. :)

I never found a good shield, nor really any of the big artifacts unless you count the Executioner's Sword of Uriel, the Cesti of the Grim Reaper or the Amulet of Michael. I did end up using Uriel against a lot of angels, and Soulsword against the late uniques with disenchanting attacks. Fortunately, mystics aren't bad with weapons.

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