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The Jabberwock (Vanilla, Ey, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Un, Z)
Jack of Shadows (Heng, ToME, Z)
The Jackal (Vanilla, Ey, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Un, Z)
The Jade monk (Heng, ToME, Z)
Jagreen Lern, Theocrat of Pan Tang (Gum)
Jaian, the Boss of the Kids (Heng)
Jasra, Brand's Mistress (Heng, Z)
Jaws (Heng, ToME, Z)
Jenny Greenteeth (Ey)
Ji Indur Dawndeath (Vanilla, Ey, NPP, O, ToME)
The Jibaku ghost (Heng)
Jisisl of Ice (Heng)
Jizmak, the Gusher (Gum)
Jormungand the Midgard Serpent (Heng, ToME, Z)
The Jubjub bird (Heng, Z)
Judge Death (Heng, ToME, Z)
Judge Fear (Heng, ToME, Z)
Judge Fire (Heng, ToME, Z)
Judge Mortis (Heng, ToME, Z)
The Juggernaut of Khorne (Heng, ToME, Z)
Julian, Master of Arden Forest (Heng, Z)
The Jumping fireball (Heng, ToME, Z)
Jurt the Living Trump (Heng, Z)

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