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Oberon, King of Amber (Heng, Z)
Oberon, the Faery King (Ey)
The Ocean Ghoul (Gum)
The Ochre jelly (Vanilla, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Un, Z)
The Ochre ooze (Ey)
The Octopus (ToME)
The Octopus of Kshitigarbha (Heng)
Ocypete (Ey)
Oderus Urungus (Gum)
The Ogre (Vanilla, Ey, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Un, Z)
The Ogre captain (Un)
The Ogre champion (Ey)
The Ogre chieftain (Vanilla, Ey, NPP, Un)
The Ogre enforcer (Gum)
The Ogre leader (Un)
The Ogre mage (Vanilla, Ey, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, Un, Z)
The Ogre priest (Un)
The Ogre sergeant (Un)
The Ogre shaman (Vanilla, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, Un, Z)
The Ogre warrior (Heng)
The Ogrillon (Heng, ToME)
The Ohmu (Heng)
Oikeroi, Bodyguard of Tevildo (Un)
Old Man Willow (Heng, ToME, Un, Z)
The Old possessor (ToME)
The Old sorcerer (Heng, ToME)
The Olog (Vanilla, Ey, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Un, Z)
Omarax the Eye Tyrant (Gum, Heng, O, ToME, Z)
Omarax, the Eye Tyrant (Vanilla, Ey, NPP)
One of the Nine (Un, Un)
The Ooze elemental (Vanilla, Gum, Heng, NPP, ToME, Un, Z)
The Ooze spirit (Un)
The Orange icky thing (Ey, Un)
The Orangutan (Un)
The Orc captain (Vanilla, Ey, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, Un, Z)
The Orc chieftain (Un)
The Orc king (Un)
The Orc mage (Un)
The Orc priest (Un)
The Orc sergeant (Un)
The Orc shaman (Vanilla, Ey, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, Z)
The Orc skeleton (Ey)
The Orcish Artillery (Heng)
Oremorj the Cyberdemon Lord (Heng, Z)
Oremorj, the Cyberdemon Lord (ToME)
Orfax, Son of Boldor (Vanilla, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Z)
Orgof the Elf (Un)
The Oriental vampire (Gum, Heng, ToME, Z)
The Ornithopter (Gum)
The Osyluth (Vanilla, Ey, NPP, ToME, Un)
The Owlbear (Ey, Heng, ToME, Z)

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