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The Zephyr Lord (Heng, ToME, Z)
Zhar the Twin Obscenity (Heng, Z)
The Zog (Heng, ToME, Z)
The Zombie (Ey)
Zombie (NPP, O)
The Zombified dwarf (Un)
The Zombified goblin (Un)
The Zombified human (Vanilla, Gum, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Un, Z)
The Zombified kobold (Vanilla, Ey, Heng, NPP, O, ToME, Z)
The Zombified lion (Un)
The Zombified ogre (Ey)
The Zombified orc (Vanilla, Ey, Heng, NPP, ToME, Un, Z)
The Zombified Serpent of Chaos (Heng)
The Zombified troll (O)
Zoth-Ommog (Heng, ToME, Z)

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