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[U] Alatar the Blue (L.Blue 'M')
=== Num:510 Lev:91 Rar:8 Spd:+20 Hp:6000 Ac:170 Exp:72000
Sent by Orome as one of the five Istari sent to Middle-earth by the Valar. A powerful wizard, he traveled to the East with Saruman the White and his companion Pallando the Blue. There he was ensnared by Sauron and became one of his servants, never returning to the West again. This elf mage is normally found on dungeon level 91, and moves very quickly. Killing this creature is worth 6552000.00 points for a 1st level character. He is over powered at his native depth. He is magical, casting spells intelligently which produce nether balls, produce nether bolts, produce mana bolts, haste-self, heal-self, teleport-self, teleport to, teleport away, create traps, cause mind blasting, cause wounds, create a shield, summon similar monsters, summon monsters of the same class, cause amnesia, terrify, blind or confuse powerfully enough to overcome your resistance; 1 time in 1. He can open doors, bash down doors and pick up objects. He is immune to acid, lightning, fire, cold and poison. He resists blunt weapons. He is fairly observant of intruders, which he may notice from 400 feet. He may carry up to 14 good weapons, armours or written items. He can touch to lower experience (by 80d6+), hit to blind with damage 10d5, hit to attack with damage 10d10, and hit to attack with damage 10d10. (UnAngband 0.6.2)

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