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[U] Loki, the Trickster (L.Dark 'P')
=== Num:835 Lev:85 Rar:2 Spd:+20 Hp:11000 Ac:160 Exp:75000
Loki, the god of mischief, is a nasty person. He will use every dirty trick in the book, and then some. In the end, his half-giant heritage is bound to show, as he will defect to the side of the giants and fight against the other gods of Asgard. This evil giant moves normally. He is always created sluggish. He is surrounded by flames. He may shriek for help. He is magical, casting spells which produce mana storms, produce darkness storms, invoke the Hand of Doom, drain mana, haste-self, heal-self, teleport-self, teleport to, teleport away, teleport level, cause amnesia, raise dead, summon greater undead, summon ancient dragons, summon greater demons or summon unique monsters; 1 time in 5. He can open doors, bash down doors, push past weaker monsters, pick up objects and illuminate the dungeon. He regenerates quickly. He is hurt by cold. He resists fire and poison. He resists nether, plasma and teleportation. He cannot be confused or slept. He takes a while to see intruders, which he may notice from 500 feet. He will carry up to 8 exceptional objects. He can hit to blind with damage 6d11, hit to disenchant with damage 6d11, and hit to drain charges with damage 6d11. (T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)

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