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[U] Melkor, Lord of Darkness (Violet 'G')
=== Num:1044 Lev:150 Rar:1 Spd:+40 Hp:90000 Ac:150 Exp:60000
He was the most powerful of the Valar, the equal of Manwe. You banned him here, in the Void, and now you must destroy him forever. However here in the Void, his spirit gained much power for he is closer to the Flame Imperishable. He is coming to you in pure madness, which makes him even more dangerous. You are on the verge of dying! This evil creature moves normally. He is surrounded by flames. He may shriek for help. He may breathe nether or disintegration powerfully, and is also magical, casting spells intelligently which produce nether balls, produce mana storms, produce darkness storms, invoke raw Chaos, invoke the Hand of Doom, drain mana, cause brain smashing, produce mana bolts, heal-self, teleport to, create darkness, raise dead, summon monsters, summon aid, summon greater undead, summon ancient dragons, summon greater demons, summon Ringwraith or summon unique monsters; 1 time in 4. He can bore through walls and push past weaker monsters. He regenerates quickly. He resists acid, lightning, fire, cold and poison. He resists nether and teleportation. He cannot be stunned, frightened, confused or slept. He is ever vigilant for intruders, which he may notice from 1000 feet. He will carry up to 20 exceptional objects, in addition to chosen objects. He can hit to ??? with damage 3d10, hit to time with damage 24d10, hit to make insane with damage 24d10, and hit to reduce all stats with damage 24d10. (T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)

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