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[U] Pazuzu, Lord of the Skies (Blue 'U')
=== Num:645/92 Lev:79 Rar:2 Spd:+30 Hp:4444 Ac:125 Exp:1100000
A winged humanoid from the Planes of Hell, Pazuzu grins inhumanely at you as he decides your fate. He is normally found on dungeon level 79, and moves incredibly quickly. Killing this evil demon is worth 1100000 experience points for a 1st level character. He is magical, casting spells which produce lightning balls, cause mind blasting, produce lightning bolts, produce mana bolts or summon greater demons; 1 time in 3. He has an armor rating of 125 and a life rating of 4444. He can open doors and bash down doors. He is invisible. He cannot be put to sleep, blinded, pacified, confused or poisoned. He resists acid, electricity, fire, cold, poison and disease. He is fairly observant of intruders, which he may notice from 400 feet. He may carry up to 8 good objects. He can hit to electrify with damage 12d12, hit to electrify with damage 12d12, hit to electrify with damage 12d12, and hit to electrify with damage 12d12. (EyAngband 0.5.2)

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