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The Brown Thunderlord (Umber 'B')
=== Num:957 Lev:50 Rar:4 Spd:+20 Hp:70d70 Ac:100 Exp:20000
A Thunderlord. Beware its flame. This Thunderlord moves normally. He may breathe fire, and is also magical, casting spells intelligently which blink-self or teleport-self; 1 time in 4. He can open doors, bash down doors and illuminate the dungeon. He regenerates quickly. He resists fire. He resists teleportation. He cannot be confused or slept. He tends to overlook intruders, which he may notice from 300 feet. He will carry up to 4 good objects. He can hit to attack with damage 8d9, and hit to attack with damage 8d9. (T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)

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