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The Commanding spirit (L.Slate 'G')
=== Num:864 Lev:30 Rar:4 Spd:+10 Hp:10d8 Ac:20 Exp:280
A ghostly apparition that commands horribly. This evil undead creature is normally found on dungeon level 30, and moves a bit erratically, and quickly. Destruction of this creature is worth 8400.00 points for a 1st level character. It is dangerous at its native depth. It is magical, casting spells which teleport-self or teleport to; 1 time in 6. It can pass through walls and fly over obstacles. It is invisible. It is cold blooded. It is immune to cold and blunt weapons. It cannot be stunned, confused, charmed, slept or cut. It is fairly observant of intruders, which it may notice from 140 feet. It may carry one or two garments, tools, musical items, junk items or treasures. It can touch to reduce strength with damage 1d6, and touch to reduce strength with damage 1d6. (UnAngband 0.6.2)

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