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The Dark quylthulg (Slate 'Q')
=== Num:607 Lev:63 Rar:3 Spd:+10 Hp:666 Ac:1 Exp:400000
A massive mound of black, oozing flesh, throbbing and pulsating. It is normally found on dungeon level 63, and moves quickly, but does not deign to chase intruders. A kill of this chaotic evil creature is worth 400000 experience points for a 1st level character. It is magical, casting spells without chance of failure which blink randomly, teleport-self or summon a nameless horror; 1 time in 2. It has an armor rating of 1 and a average life rating of 666. It is invisible. It is not detected by telepathy. It cannot be frightened, put to sleep, blinded, pacified or confused. It resists darkness. It is ever vigilant for intruders, which it may notice from 200 feet. It has no physical attacks. (EyAngband 0.5.2)

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