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The Elder tree (L.Green '&')
=== Num:511 Lev:47 Rar:1 Spd:+30 Hp:100d20 Ac:60 Exp:1500
It looks like an ordinary tree, but not for long as its green, throbbing leaves start to drift purposefully towards you... Wherever the leaves touch, you can feel your soul starting to draining away. This chaotic evil creature moves normally, but does not deign to chase intruders. It is hurt by fire. It resists acid, lightning, cold and poison. It cannot be frightened, confused or slept. It is ever vigilant for intruders, which it may notice from 2000 feet. It can hit to drain life with damage 7d7, hit to drain life with damage 7d7, hit to drain life with damage 7d7, and hit to drain life with damage 7d7. (Gumband 2.2.3)

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