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The Elementalist (L.Red 'p')
=== Num:394 Lev:35 Rar:2 Spd:+0 Hp:35d10 Ac:50 Exp:500
A master of those four forces that make up the fabric of the world. This creature moves normally. He is surrounded by flames and electricity. He is magical, casting spells intelligently which produce acid bolts, produce lightning bolts, produce fire bolts, produce frost bolts or summon elementals; 1 time in 3. He can open doors and pick up objects. He resists acid, lightning, fire and cold. He resists water. He is ever vigilant for intruders, which he may notice from 200 feet. He will carry up to 5 objects or treasures. He can hit to shoot acid with damage 2d3, hit to electrocute with damage 2d3, hit to burn with damage 2d4, and hit to freeze with damage 2d4. (Gumband 2.2.3)

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