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The Great Chromatic Wyrm (Violet 'D')
=== Num:626 Lev:79 Rar:2 Spd:+15 Hp:5000 Ac:170 Exp:29500
A gigantic dragon whose scales shimmer in myriad hues. This flying evil dragon is normally found on dungeon level 79, and moves exceedingly quickly. It may breathe acid, lightning, fire, frost, or poison powerfully, and is also magical, casting spells intelligently which terrify, blind, or confuse, or summon a dragon or Ancient Dragons about 30 percent of the time. It can bash down doors. It is surrounded by an ever-changing cloud of elements. It resists acid, lightning, fire, cold and poison. It cannot be confused or slept. It pays very little attention to intruders, which it may notice from 400 feet. It may carry up to 18 good objects. It can claw to freeze with damage 5d12, (NPPangband 0.5.0-WIP8a)

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