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The Hairy horror (Umber 'H')
=== Num:887 Lev:19 Rar:4 Spd:+5 Hp:21d20 Ac:45 Exp:110
A ghastly hybrid of all things that walk, crawl and swim, but mostly those with fur and hair. This animal is normally found on dungeon level 19, and moves quickly, but is larger, faster or more powerful deeper in the dungeon. A kill of this creature is worth 2090.00 points for a 1st level character. It is dangerous at its native depth. It can bash down doors, can eat bodies to regain strength, swim under water and track you over land, but not through water. It is fairly observant of intruders, which it may notice from 120 feet. It can claw to attack with damage 1d7, bite to attack with damage 1d5, sting to attack with damage 1d5, and crush to attack with damage 2d3. (UnAngband 0.6.2)

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